Temple of Venus Is Open

Dear friends and fellow Venusians at heart, here is my wonderful news: The Temple of Venus is now open! Here’s how this happened:

Venus Revisited

As I shared in my last blog, the first recent outer indication of the definitive opening of the Temple of Venus came in my light-body communion with Astrid-Jeanene on March 25, 2022. In that communion, more of the veil over my heart chakra was removed by Anna and Lady Chamuel. Astrid shared that she had recently had a breakthrough in healing her jealousy and betrayal of Yolanda, which originated on Venus 30,000 years ago.

I felt such a deep love for Astrid, so happy that she finally has turned things around in her soul. It warmed my heart, even as I maintained a certain detachment about it all. After all, who knows how it will all work out?

What I know for sure is that my own heart is more open now then it was before, and that I am totally committed to its ongoing pink, Third Ray flowering. I feel ever more solidly connected with Anna. I will continue to bathe Astrid in pink light.

By my helping, forgiving and loving Astrid, by serving her I Am, Astara Self, my own heart opens. As I selflessly have given to Astrid, so shall it be given unto me. Serve others and you will be served. Your individual Temple of Third Ray love will open, and concomitantly so will the Temple of Venus in the Grand Tetons and Yellowstone area.

So, who are you loving and serving? How does it feel? What can you do even better in laying down your life for a friend? When you do so, you enter more so into the Third-Ray Temple of Love that you are. You become one with the Temple of Venus in  northwestern Wyoming. As you give, so do you receive.

Four Protectors

Two days later, on March 27, 2022, the guidance came to commune with Lanto, Anna, Lord Chamuel and Lady Chamuel. Before this, I never had actual contact with Lady Chamuel, and so I never knew her name (I still don’t). In my write-up of the Teton Mission in 2013, I made no mention whatsoever of Lady Chamuel, as if she did not exist. Meanwhile, Nada-Yolanda never had received anything about Lady Chamuel, nor had Phillel; nor was she referred to by any of the ascended master groups.

In my current March 27th morning meditation, I first envisioned myself within a large pink heart that enclosed and protected my aura and physical body. Despite this, I did not feel fully protected, but rather felt somewhat vulnerable to the negativity that was being projected to me from others. To reinforce my spiritual security, the intuitive guidance came to visualize myself and my pink heart in a Christ column of pure Third Ray pink light and love, which was about 12-14 feet in diameter.

Then, I envisioned Lanto descending in his light body and standing about six feet away from the right, conscious side of my physical form. His vibration and energy signature was readily apparent and identified, as he has overshadowed me many times in the past, especially when MariLyn and I visited the Temple of Venus at the Tetons in 2013.

To the left of me appeared Anna, again maybe six feet away from me, and highly recognizable and felt. Already, her and Lanto’s presences reinforced my light body, especially my heart. Their love was/is a mantle of protection.

Next came Lord Chamuel, Archangel of the Third Ray, who was felt in front of me. As is typical in my communions with angels, I didn’t see an image of him, like I did with Lanto and Anna, but he was more so a forcefield that had an extraordinary pinkness in it, an angelic presence.

She Has My Back

Finally, I called upon and affirmed that Lady Chamuel was solidly positioned behind me. Since I did not know her specific name, I just called her Lady Chamuel to indicate that she is the feminine leader of the Third Ray angels who work in conjunction with Lord Chamuel.

And for the first time ever, her unique angelic presence was palpable, with her so-called wings wrapped lovingly around me, like a mother supporting and loving her cherished son. Oh my, I cannot really describe how good, how comforting, how uplifting, how incredibly powerful this was. Immediately, the intuitive thought struck me: Her presence, or at least my consciously knowing of it, is what I have been missing my entire life until right now! She is the key, with the key being divine feminine love.

She is my Third Ray angelic Mama. She has my back. Nobody is going to mess with me, her son. No one is ever again going to creep up behind me in the darkness and try to harm me mentally, emotionally, soulwise (psychically) or physically. She will warn me if someone tries to do so, and Lord Chamuel, Lanto, Anna and she will surround me with their impenetrable Third Ray love. No one who is selfish, who is of lower evolution than me, will be allowed to worm their way into my forcefield or heart, unless of course I foolishly allow them to do so.

Take a few moments now to envision Lanto and Anna to your right and left, Lord Chamuel and Lady to the front and behind you. Be especially focused upon and aware of Lady Chamuel, who has your back. She is your Third Ray angelic Mama, and you are her beloved son or daughter. Feel her pink, angelic wings wrapped lovingly around you. Know that you are one with her and all other Third Ray feminine angels.

Put On Your Pink Robe

Two days later, on March 29, 2022, in my early morning meditation, in my third-eye vision, an open door appeared before and somewhat to the left of me. I never before had seen this door and did not know who had opened it.

Looking through the open door, I saw a large clothes closet. The only item of clothing hanging on the rack was a beautiful, brilliant, pink robe. (See image to left that approximates what I saw.) Somehow, although I never had seen it previously, at least not in my conscious awareness in this lifetime, I knew this magical, dazzling, vibrant, pink robe was mine.

I took out the robe, put it on, and felt entirely comfortable in it. It fit me perfectly and hung down from my neck to the floor. With it surrounding me, I was filled with pink love. It was my pink robe as a King or High Priest of the Third Ray.

Eventually it came to me: This was the pink robe I had worn way back in the days of the Cains and Abels when I had been an Abel in the Temple of Venus, serving Sananda. But then, for whatever reason, I had flinched and fallen from grace and become a Cain. Finally, I now was back where once again I could wear my I Am pink robe of personal love, feeling and dedication to Abel consciousness as expressed via Sananda, who would become Jesus the Christ.

Friends, take a moment or two now to envision an open door before, which has been opened for you by Lanto and Anna. See your pink robe of yesteryear hanging in there. Put it on. Remember that at some ancient time, you too wore such a pink robe, that you were clothed in Third Ray pink, personal love. See it. Feel it. Be it!

Cain Tempters

In my vision, I next looked back into the dark closet. To my total surprise and dismay, I slowly began to see about 12 dark figures in there — evil, nasty, selfish, self-righteous men and women who who scheming about how they would attack and try to destroy me. They were jealous of me. Moreover, they did not want me to expose their selfishness, pride, arrogance and Cain consciousness. They delusionally thought they were spiritually superior to me.

However, I knew that as long as I stayed robed in pink light-love consciousness, they could not touch me. My higher plane teachers and angels would protect me, as long as I protected myself by loving the Christ Self in one and all. Apparently I had allowed these evil ones to seduce me in the past with their negative thoughts and feelings; I had succumbed to their evil entreaties, due to my own weakness and selfishness. Their negative influence was part of why I had flinched. Of course, however, it was still my responsibility. I could not blame them for my downfall. I fell all by myself. I made the choice. No one else made it for me!

Love Your Enemies

After my above pink-robe vision, I was reminded of when Jesus was born and King Herod ordered the killing of all Jewish boys under the age of two. Joseph, Mary and Jesus had fled to Egypt to be safe, and only returned after Herod’s death.

In my case, with this new pink robe in place, dictatorial political leaders like President Putin of Russia, President Xi Jinping of China and Ali Khamenei of Iran were not pleased and were out to destroy me and all that I represent. They may not know of me specifically, but they are dead set against anyone who promotes freewill expression and love of one another.

In fact, in the area of the twelve spiritual temples around the world, there are those who feel threatened by your and my work with the opening of these power centers or foci, these twelve vortices of spiritual light. So, they are trying to destroy us, just as the Cains defeated Sananda as the leader of the Abels.

Therefore, when we put on our pink robe, we have to be aware that some others will be jealous of us, fearful of our pink power, and determined to undermine and destroy us. So, as always, protection is key. We employ First Ray will and power to wield the sword, to place an impenetrable shield around us. We stay centered in our I Am pink presence and love. We love the good in all our enemies, even as we continue to flower anew in Love One Another consciousness.

Putin’s Possible Cancer

In the last couple days, there has been a news report from a Russian group that President Putin of Russia has thyroid cancer that has been treated for several years by a prominent thyroid cancer specialist in Russia. Whether this report is true or not, it may make a certain amount of sense. He may be reaping what he has sown and continues to sow. Click on PutinCancer to read this report.

The thyroid gland comes under the power of wisdom-judgment-justice — Putin certainly has been judgmental and unjust in the way he has treated Ukraine. Thyroid hormone regulates the body’s metabolic rate, the rate at which oxygen brought into the body via the respiratory system combines with glucose to produce energy. The respiratory system manifests the power of will. In Putin’s case, he certainly is trying to impose his malicious will on Ukrainians.

The Russian government, speaking for Putin, deny this above report, as of course you would expect them to do. Like all other news reports these days, we will use wise judgment before we come to any conclusion about the validity of the report. Let’s wait and see if there is any follow-up to this report that is credible.

From Darkness to Light

My above dream about the various evil, negative ones in my closet, waiting to pounce on and attack me at a soul/subconscious level also sheds new light on why I got so depressed six years ago, why it took me so long to work through the dark night of my soul. It was partly because I was psychically being attacked by the dark forces from around the world.

In circling the globe three times from 2010-2015, I had been a channel for anchoring light and love into all the major temple areas in the world, for transmuting Cain selfishness in all its many forms. In every place MariLyn and I visited, my visions and dreams warned me of those in the lower astral planes and on Earth who were resistant to this input of the Hierarchal decrees. Time and again, they tried to shut me down. Mostly, however, I remained protected.

After the tours were over, I still was connected via etheric lines of force to all the temples and to all parts of the world. Being so tired after the tours, I became more vulnerable to the negativity still being projected to me — my heart was one with the hearts in all the evil ones in the world. This darkness sent my way also stimulated the review of my own remaining soul doubts, fears and darkness. But it was the negative input from others, and my ongoing battle with it during my dark days of depression, that was a major cause of my illness.

It basically took me four years to win this stage of the War of Armageddon with the dark planetary forces and the darkness in my own soul. Then, I could do the tours again, this time staying at home and traveling to every place in my light body; as I am doing this year. Indeed, we all are doing it together. All is well!

Temple Rebirth

On March 30, 2022, I awoke from a deep, refreshing sleep, and immediately started thinking about the Temple of Venus in the Teton and Yellowstone area of northwestern Wyoming. In my morning meditation, I “went out” or lost conscious awareness as my central focus and energy was in my light body. When I came back to conscious functioning, a vivid vision appeared. Around and above me was a dazzling, clear column of light, maybe 15-20 feet in diameter, which extended upward into the etheric realms, high above my head.

Clairaudiently, I heard a booming, authoritative voice announce: the Temple of Venus is open! Only later, did I realize that the voice was that of Lord Michael in conjunction with Lord Maitreya, the co-titular heads of the Hierarchy.

Needless to say, I was a bit stunned by this glorious declaration, as I had not consciously been thinking about it at all, nor had any prior awareness that it was so. At first, my thought was that this announcement applied primarily to the opening of my own, individual Temple of Venus, given all the recent new experiences I had the last few days (as noted above).

However, shortly, it came clear to me that the major focus was that the Temple of Venus in the Tetons is now open. The crystal clear column of Christ light around me symbolized this opening, because this pole of light had no flaws, impediments or blockages in it.  At the top of the column, a vision of a huge concentration of etheric light appeared, with multiple shades of pink light in it, which symbolically represented the Venusian Temple of Personal Love.

Astral, Etheric, Angelic Visitors

Lanto and Anna descended from the Temple of Venus, down the crystal column of light, and anchored their energy in my upper chakras, especially my heart center. After this, Lord and Lady Chamuel slowly lowered themselves to just above my forcefield, surrounding me in their protective, guardian energy.

Next came War Cloud and Black Cloud, who had played prominent roles when MariLyn and I had gone to the Tetons for a week in 2013. War Cloud is the chief of the higher astral Amerindian forces. His station is in the highest or seventh astral plane. His name means that he serves Sananda in the War of Armageddon, in his perch in the seventh astral plane that symbolically is like unto a cloud in the sky. He helps to control the doorway between the etheric and physical realms.

Black Cloud is War Cloud’s chief petty officer, his second in command. When he was incarnated on Earth, he was renown for his ability to call forth black rain clouds.

More Visitors

Two Venusian space commanders, one male and one female, also descended via the pillar of pink light and quickened my heart and mind. Then other Venusian space visitors followed them, including those who had communed with me a few days before, and had told me they were my friends from my past sojourns on Venus.

Finally, this )( image appeared inside the column or pillar of clear light. It represents Lords Michael and Maitreya. They had inaugurated and were overseeing the streaming forth of the various Venusian representatives into my own Temple of Venus, using me as an anchoring and resonating point for the same thing occurring in the Temple of Venus in Wyoming. (See picture of Tetons to right.)

Yes, indeed, the Temple of Venus is open, in you, in me, in the general area of the Grand Teton Mountains and Yellowstone in northwestern Wyoming, USA.

Third Ray Love Rebirth in Russia

Once I felt comfortable with and grounded about the opening of the Temple of Venus, clairaudiently I heard a powerful masculine voice proclaim: The heart of Russia is open. Pondering this profound announcement, at first it seemed like it meant that the forcefield around Moscow had been rejuvenated and expanded. After all, we have spent much time recently projecting to President Putin and all political, military and religious leaders in Moscow.

However, upon further reflection, it came clearly that the heart of Russia referred even more so to its “heartlands,” hence the central portion of Russia, like unto and around Olkhon Island, Lake Baikal, Siberia, Russia where the Temple of Neptune is located. Thus, the Third Ray Temple of Venus is now strongly linked with the First Ray Temple of Neptune. This is the necessary antidote to Russia’s current abuse of First Ray Will and Power under its dictator, Vladimir Putin.

So, take some time now and in the days to come to see pink light throughout all of Russia, especially in the hearts of those who are most open to receiving it, many of whom attend Russian Orthodox Churches, including priests in these spiritual centers. They far outnumber the hard-heartened political and military leaders who currently hold sway in this great country of Russia. What a fabulous feeling it is to be connected heart-to-heart with so many Russians, those who have made themselves little so that they might be great in love. Thank You, Father-Mother God.

Easter Rebirth & Resurrection

In a latter morning meditation and throughout the day, it dawned on me that it would take until about Easter, April 17th for this opening of the Temple of Venus to be solidified and fully anchored on Earth. It is as if the bottom of a huge pink heart has come down into the Temple of Venus, as well as into our crown and third eye chakras. But the pink heart now has to descend all the way down and into the Earth at the Tetons and Yellowstone area; and down and  into each of our remaining five chakras.

So, our task is to stay with it, to stay at it, to maintain our balance and equipoise even as the higher love energies continue to pour into us, into the Temple of Venus, and into the hearts of those of Russia and of all other countries. Pink, pink and more pink, one day at a time. And then, we will shift gears and focus on the opening of the Temple of Mars in JerUSAlem, Israel, with the descent there of the New JerUSAlem which symbolically in John the Beloved vision or revelation was depicted as a cube of Christ light.

The Past Revisited

After receiving the above announcements about the opening of the Temple of Venus and Russia’s heart, I decided to celebrate. So, off I went to the local Cracker Barrel Restaurant about twenty miles south of I Am/Sun Temple HQ to have its Old Timer’s yummy breakfast. While there, memories streamed back into my conscious awareness of when in November 1993 Yolanda and I had come to and stayed in a cabin at nearby Norris Dam State Park for what we thought was going to be a vacation. This park is just fifteen minutes away form Cracker Barrel. She and I ate at this restaurant several times.

After finishing my current meal, the inspiration came to drive to Norris Dam State Park to see the cabin where we had stayed and to reminisce about the past. For, while staying there, Yolanda and I had been guided to find and establish Healing Haven Retreat Center (HHRC) in Elk Valley, TN. It was the happiest I had been in my life to that point.

On my current drive to the park, my heart chakra swelled with love as Nada descended and sat in the right front seat of my car, and El Morya sat in the back seat. Oh my, we three were going to revisit our past, magical time in the Park in 1993. During our two-and-one-half weeks visit back then, Yolanda multiple times had psychically seen Mark sitting in the back seat of our rented car, wearing a sport jacket. (See picture of him above and to the right.) He was the primary one, plus Hilarion, who guided us in founding HHRC.

Celebrate Sonship

Just after entering the huge park, together Nada and El Morya telepathically and powerfully conveyed to me: You are our son in whom we are well pleased. Well, that did it. Tears streamed down my face and I had to pull off the road to compose myself. It was by far the most personally loving exchange I have had with them this lifetime. Indeed, they have been and still are my Earthly parents, my Mom and Dad. Their blessing of me reopened my individual Temple of Venus yet another degree.

It has been a long journey to get to this point. Mark had made his transition in 1981. After that, I had taken on many of his functions. As much as I loved and served Yolanda and she loved me, there were many times when she and I were in conflict over the following years. However, I had stayed with it, done my best, transmuted and cleansed my heart, and moved forward. Whatever she needed to transmute in her soul healing was done.

Now, here we were at the site where we had formerly had come to search for, and eventually establish, HHRC. Now, my various heartaches in regard to Yolanda had been healed. Previously, about three weeks ago, she had come to me in my meditation and lovingly told me that I was the son she had always wanted. (See picture of her to the left.) But, I was not fully sure I believed her — I wondered if I was just making this up and decided to wait for confirmation of her sharing.

Now, when she and Mark shared that I was their beloved son, it felt perfectly right and good. I was in healing heaven on Earth.

The two of them stayed connected with me for about forty-five minutes as we explored the whole park and generally reveled in all the amazing wonder of how things had gone in the last thirty years, how I had come full cycle with them. My God, how I love them!

What an incredible day this was. I noted later that it was the 30th day of the 3rd month of the year, an appropriate day for birthing greater 3rd Ray personal love and dedication to a higher cause.

See & Feel & Be

Beloved ones, take sufficient time over the next few days to celebrate the opening of the Temple of Venus in you and in the Teton and Yellowstone area. Be bathed and robed in pink light. Commune with and love Nada (subconscious) and El Morya (conscious) who with Sananda (superconscious) make up the Mark-Age trinity. These three have you in their glorious, love-filled hearts. Know this, feel this, see this, be this.

Be one with the Temple of Venus that radiates its pink light to all the other eleven temples, and from them out to all the peoples, animals, vegetable and minerals of Earth.

Link also with Helios and Vesta of the Sun, El Morya and Glo-Ria of Neptune, and Kut Humi and Ella of Mercury. For, we are completing and solidifying the linking of the four temples of the Sun, Neptune, Mercury and Venus.

Love God and Love One Another!






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