The Courage To Love

Here’s our deeply moving and uplifting song, written by Garth Brooks especially for Michael Ketterer: The Courage to Love on America’s Got Talent 2018. I posted a previous song by Michael on May 24th: To Love Somebody, which is worth watching again, as he talks about his incredible family (click here).

There are several other songs by Michael on YouTube that are equally excellent, passionate and inspiring. Just go to YouTube and put in The Courage to Love by Michael Ketterer and it will bring up and list the other ones. Or just put in Michael Ketterer. For the current post, click the link below.

It’s amazing that repeatedly, at some point I begin to think there are no more good songs for me to post, nothing that is original and inspiring spiritually, that touches my heart. And then, some song like this comes to my attention, usually by seeming accident. Thank You, Spirit.

And yes, surely, all of us can have more Christ courage to love, as guided from Above. Amen!

DJ Doc K