Re-Open the Earth Temple

Today, Thursday, the 7th day of the 7th month of July, we begin our joyous work to re-open the Seventh Ray Earth Temple that is located in southcentral Vermont, in the northeastern section of the United States that serves as the New JerUSAlem. (See map to the right.)

Our primary mentors, leaders and co-workers in the higher planes are the Elohim of the Seventh Ray of Peace, Love and Rest; feminine Archangel Uriel of the Seventh Ray and her masculine angelic co-worker Ariel; Lord Maitreya, co-titular head with Lord Michael of the Hierarchy, with his twin soul Maya: Sananda/Jesus, Chohan of the Seventh Ray with his twin soul, Sol-O-Man/Zolanda/Mary, my beloved master teacher; higher astral plane Seventh Ray guides, including my twin soul, Serena, who was my mother Aleta in her last lifetime; and space visitors from throughout the solar system who have come in their etheric spacecraft to help us to rebirth the Earth Temple.

The Earth Temple is especially dear to my heart, for I have served there multiple times down through the ages under the tutelage of Sol-O-Man, who as Zolanda was the high priestess of the Earth Temple in Atlantis. So, friends and fellow lovers of Earth, take my hand and let me lead you home to our one heart; to Seventh Ray heaven on Earth; to the beloved Seventh Ray Earth Temple, within and without; and to the heart of Sol-O-Man, Zolanda/Mary, our cosmic Earth mother extraordinaire.

Take the letter “h” at the end of the word Earth and put it in the front of this word. Earth becomes Heart. Earth is the Seventh Ray heart or love center for the solar system. The Heart or Earth Temple is the primary focus on Earth-Heart for Seventh Ray love, whose corresponding colors are white and gold.

6th & 7th Ray Overlap

First, before we focus on the Seventh Ray, let’s finish our work on the Sixth Ray of Transmutation and the Temple of Saturn. In my last blog titled Serve St. Germain (click here), I shared my deeply moving, near overwhelming contact on June 25, 2022 with the seven Elohim of the Seven Rays.  All seven Elohim radiated their combined light, love and life through me to the Temple of Saturn in Alaska, and from there to the whole world.

Elohim are one or more of the seven Elohim in the Godhead, heading the Seven Rays or Flames of Life. They are the original creators of manifestation for Spirit. Under the Elohim are the seven archangels of the seven rays who with the Elohim co-create, maintain and dissolve forms. Under the angels in the spiritual chain of command is mankind who oversees and guides animals, vegetables and minerals.

Feeling and radiating the combined vibrations of the seven Elohim was the peak of all spiritual influxes that I have experienced this lifetime. It took me three days to begin to absorb and adjust to its extraordinary vibration. Before this, in regard to the Elohim, I only had had three contacts with the Elohim of Peace and Love during the 2014 Mission to Shasta-Alaska.

Sixth Ray Purification

On June 28, 2022, Lord Zadkiel, Archangel of the Sixth Ray of Cleansing, Transmutation and Purification, overshadowed me. On my third-eye screen, he showed me an image of a violet-colored, capital letter Z enclosed within a gold circle. The circle represented wholeness, completion, Seventh Ray peace and love. The Z symbolized the remaining transmutation that I was to undergo in order to move fully into Seventh Ray Peace,  Love and Rest. The two rays overlap and interexchange.

The top, horizontal line of the Z represents the fourth-dimensional, etheric, ascended mastery level. The diagonal line going leftward down to the bottom horizontal line represents the descent through the 7 astral planes and the astral-soul body to the earth planes and physical body. The bottom horizontal line indicates the full grounding and expression of Sixth Ray transmutation on Earth and in our physical, third-dimensional form. Zadkiel especially directed me to focus  on the bottom line, to make sure I kept my feet on the ground and did not fly away in my imagination. I was to firmly anchor and manifest the Sixth Ray in my mind, soul and body, down into the very elements of my physical form and the Earth itself.

(To access Phillel’s blog entries regarding Zadkiel: click here. Of these, most are meditation contacts. But there are two channelings from Zadkiel (with podcasts), as follows — click on titles: Fusion with Angelic Guardians on 3/16/11 and Great Fire of Light on 8/29/12 — with Uriel.)

Heart Transmutation

Upon envisioning the passageway of the diagonal, downward pointing line on three occassions, when it traveled through the center of me, in my heart chakra and physical heart, the downward flow of the violet light got stuck. Moreover, I felt a deep, soul-searing pain in my heart. In time, it dawned on me that it was not just the remnant of my own soul-astral shortcomings, but also it was the pain in the heart of the whole planet. My pain was the Earth’s pain; the Earth’s pain was my pain. Until the Earth was fully transmuted of its eons of selfishness and self-power, the Afib of my heart would not be healed. So, I surrounded my heart center in violet light, even as I radiated violet light to the Temple of Saturn and the whole world, and to the very center of the Earth logos.

After going to sleep the night of June 29th, I woke up two hours later with my entire body seemingly aflame with burning light. My feet especially felt like they were on fire and they itched like crazy. My hands and arms likewise were notably filled with hot, prickly heat. The skin of my limbs, but also my entire body, was covered with numerous, red, inflamed bumps, like nasty bug bites. Several of these itchy lesions were on my skin over the center of my chest in my heart center.

Deeply disturbed, wondering what in the world was going on, and asking Spirit for Its explanation, I felt a strong spacebeam on my head, locked especially into my two temples. Due at least in part to the hieronic input of electromagnetic energies, my legs twitched and jumped, I could not lay still, my breathing was accelerated as was my heart. I couldn’t relax or sleep so I got up, took a shower, ingested a bunch of vitamins (especially B vitamins), had a few bites to eat, and put some skin lotion especially on my hands and feet; all of which helped only a little bit. I asked the folks operating the hieronics, probably those of the Conrad group above our property, to please cut back the input of the electromagnetic energies into my four lower bodies.

Multiple Causes

Meanwhile, I wondered if the red bumps or sores were caused by my working out the last few days in what is going to be my 8′ by 32′ wildflower Garden of Eden that will be located in front of my porch here at Hilarion House. I had removed lots of weeds, bushes and other overgrowth, much of which had poison ivy in it. (See photo of garden area to the right.)

Before doing so, I had worn gloves on my hands and clothing that covered my whole body. But the area around my wrists got somewhat unprotected at times, so maybe the poison ivy did touch them, especially my right wrist that now had the worse skin eruptions and itched the most.

However, as noted above, I also had reddish bumps and irritations everywhere — on my legs, groin, back, neck and head, which could not have been due to contact with poison ivy. Moreover, I remembered that back in 1975, when Nada-Yolanda’s white light was being lifted to the 1000 level as measured radionically, prior to her going with Mark on the First European Mission, that at times she had itched all over and her legs and arms had twitched; plus she had broken out in skin rashes for no discernable, outer, physical reason.

The next morning, Phillel dreamt that I needed his help to work with the aftereffects of the hieronic input that was contributing to my symptoms. This dream was particularly significant because I had not told him about my contact with the seven Elohim, nor my difficulties in adjusting to their extraordinary, powerful, combined forcefield. Nor had I shared that I was having lots of hieronic, spacebeam contact.

That day, Phillel did some excellent hands-on and auric healing of me to release and smooth out the overload of hieronic energies in my aura and physical body. During this healing exchange, he felt communion with Lord Zadkiel and my body deva, whose presence I also felt. Devas are intelligent entities of the etheric planes who control the patterns for manifested form in the etheric, astral and Earth planes, under the direction of the angelic kingdom. Everyone has a body deva. As a result of Phillel’s healing work, I felt much better afterwards.

A hour or so later, Phillel gave me a printout from his spiritual diary about his 2009 experience with hieronic conditioning that had caused welts on his body for four or five nights, during which Conrad had explained to him that these skin disturbances were due to the purification and realignment of his four lower bodies: mental, emotional, astral and physical. (To read this fascinating, informative account, click here.)

Compacted Elohim Energies

Before Phillel did his auric balancing work with me, clairvoyantly, I saw about a six-inch layer of compacted higher, etheric energies all around my body. This seemed to be primarily due to the prior communion with the seven Elohim. It was this overload of etheric energies that was the primary cause of my skin lesions.

Wherever there was any weakness in any part of my body, such that it could not absorb the higher energies, red bumps appeared. Wherever there was blockages and imperfections in my astral body, due to past soul errors and imbalances, the corresponding part of my body broke out in a skin rash. The hieronic input also had contributed to my skin eruptions, but I have had numerous times in the past wherein hieronics was involved; but never before had such widespread skin irritations had occurred. So, I concluded that it was the communion with the Elohim that had been the major cause of my skin symptoms.

Therefore, to work with smoothing out, releasing and absorbing the compacted Elohim energies, I surrounded myself in the violet flame of cleansing and transmutation for purifying my mind, body and soul. I pictured myself as a violet letter Z inside a golden circle or globe.

By the next morning, thankfully, my skin bumps with their intense itching had diminished by half. However, in my meditation, the realization came that it might take about a week for my soul and skin to fully heal, for my astral and physical bodies to reach a new state of healthy, vibrant balance and harmony, one with my light body.

Moreover, I felt totally connected with the Earth itself and its auric field which was filled with memories and negative thoughts forms of past and present violence, domination by one group of another, killing and mayhem, greed, selfishness and feelings of separation from God, going back eons of time. The world’s devic kingdom and earth elements had been suffused with these negative thought forms, which now radiated into my own aura and physical body. Violet light was needed to transform not only my soul and body but also the planet itself, with which I was one.

Purify the Whole Person

Moreover, from the time I was born until now at age seventy-six, my physical body has been somewhat polluted by the multiple toxic substances that mankind has spewed forth into the air, the waters and the solid, physical elements of Earth. Toxic metals and chemicals, insecticides and pesticides, food additives (some 2500 of which are now found in the food we eat), and numerous other toxic substances have gotten deposited in our physical bodies, especially in our fat cells. Even though since my spiritual awakening, I have tried to drink purified water and to eat only healthy food, including as many organically grown foods as possible, still there are some such toxic items in my body, as well in the bodies of people worldwide.

Therefore, when we are surrounded and suffused by higher energies, these toxic residues get released from the liver, spleen, other organs and fat cells, which then cause skin rashes and eruptions. Therefore, during my time of adjustment, I drank lots of water and paid special attention to my diet. I even lost a few pounds.

Thus, as with all physical and soul disorders, I took a holistic approach in diagnosing my skin symptoms; and I utilized the best of all conventional and alternative methods to heal my whole self, to heal the whole planet. To treat my skin, for example, I applied a solution containing potassium iodine, which accelerates the healing of all skin disorders. But I also applied a steroid cream to my worst skin eruptions.

Sol-O-Man Clothed with the Sun 

Even as this purification process was proceeding, on July 1, 2022, in a vivid dream/night vision, Sol-O-Man/Mary appeared above and in front of me, surrounded in a clear globe of light in which she had descended to Earth. She was standing with her arms reaching down to me, her hands palm forward. I could see all the features of her face, her robe and her limbs, even though she was filled with, and radiated, brilliant light.

Her appearance reminded me of the description of the woman in the Book of Revelation 12:1-2 who was clothed with the sun, with a crown of twelve stars around her head, who was about to give birth. This was a symbolic depiction of Mary descending to Earth, which was to occur about 2,000 years later. (See to right.)

In my vision, Sol-O-Man/Mary likewise was stunning with a brilliant halo or crown around her head. It is perhaps the clearest image I ever have seen of her in her etheric light body, and the most immediate and intimate one.

Her vibration was Seventh Ray peace and love itself, in its Divine Feminine manifestation. She smiled and lifted me into her motherly love. Her dazzling presence indicated that all was well, that all that I had been focusing upon in the last few days of transmutation was in good order. Little did I know then that her glorious visitation signaled the start of our work together to re-open the Seventh Ray Earth Temple in southcentral Vermont. The seventh step of fulfillment and completion was starting even as my sixth step of purification was being finalized. Transmutation was moving into, and making possible, the seventh step of ascension and redescent.

Elohim of Peace and Love

Two days later, on July 3rd, I awoke after only a couple hours of sleep, with itching in the multiple skin bumps around my body. These lesions were noticeably smaller and did not itch nearly as much as when they had erupted the first time. Moreover, a strong space beam was on my head, whose energies accelerated my whole body, such that I could not sleep. I got up, had a one-hour meditation to get centered and to release the excess energies from throughout my four lower bodies. Then, I went back to bed and slept deeply for three hours. I awoke mostly refreshed and balanced.

After breakfast, in my morning meditation, the seven Elohim once again radiated their combined light into my astral and physical bodies. This time, I was much more comfortable in their presence and reasonably sure it was them. Then from their midst came forward the Seventh Ray Elohim of Peace and Love.

He showed me a new image of a golden circle/globe in which was the number 7. It meant that I was to focus now on the Seventh Ray. I was not to focus on my past lives and soul karma in the Earth Temple in the days of Lemuria and Atlantis. The past was over and it had been purified. So now I was to focus entirely on the present, with an eye to the future. I was to begin anew, as Christ Jesus has instructed to do. I was to lead the way in re-opening and renewing the Earth Temple in Vermont. I was to be love in action, which is the Mark-Age motto.

Eight years earlier, from June 12 to 24, 2014, my ex-wife and I had visited Lake Placid, NY, located centrally in the Adirondack Park in the northeast section of the state. It was revealed that this was the approximate location of the Earth Temple during Lemurian times. Both my soul credits and debits from these ancient days were shown to me in dreams and visions, such that I began their purification to another whole degree and level.

From there, we traveled eastward, took a ferry across Lake Champaign to Burlington Vermont, and then drove to Stove, Vermont in the northern section of the state, which is close to Mt. Mansfield, the tallest mountain in Vermont; the chief devas of this area are located there (see previous map). While there for several days, I recalled and reviewed once more my past lives in Atlantis when the Earth Temple was located on central Long Island, New York, USA. I had incarnated there numerous times, serving directly under Sol-O-Man, who as Zolanda was the high priestess of this temple. This soul information had first had been revealed to me by Nada-Yolanda in 1975 and in my numerous following dreams and visions over the years, during which I had worked diligently to transmute and heal my Atlantean Earth Temple karma.

Begin Anew

My Atlantean tendency had been to get overexcited, ungrounded and go off on my own to do what I thought was best, without consulting or rightly following Zolanda or Yolanda, who in those days was the high priestess of the Sun Temple near present day Miami, FL. Although I was highly developed spiritually, I still did not follow the Hierarchal chain of command. In essence, I was arrogant. Therefore, this lifetime, my soul name is Zan-Landa, with “Zan” meaning devotion to the Hierarchy, “land” referring to my longtime soul work with the elements of Earth as a spiritual scientist and physician, and “a” referring to Atlantis as well as Abel conscious.

Before and during the June 2014 Earth Temple Mission, in dreams and visions, Sol-O-Man and other masters had revealed that the Atlantean Earth Temple was to be moved north two hundred miles to the southcentral section of Vermont (see map to right). This is because earthquakes will devastate Long Island and New York City, as well as much of the whole northeastern coast of the USA, decrystallizing the encrusted selfishness and greed of this area that has been carried over to the present time; as Yolanda has dreamed and received consciously in her soul intunements.

Southern Vermont is about 1,000 feet above sea level, and thereby will not be destroyed or flooded by the future earth changes. Rather, the epicenter of the Earth Temple will be crystallized anew there on Earth. Seventh Ray peace and love will descend from heaven to this reborn temple, just as John the Beloved in his revelation was shown the descent of the new Jerusalem to Earth. 

Thus, just as the Sun Temple has been moved from southeastern Florida to northeastern Tennessee, so has the Earth Temple already begun to be relocated to south central Vermont, about 50 miles or so north of its border with Massachusetts. Near the end of my ex-wife’s and my stay in Stove, Vermont, we drove about two hours to its southern section. In the small town of Proctorville there, we came across the Holy Name of Mary Catholic Church. Sol-O-Man in her Mary aspect transfigured me and said that this was the approximate center of the new Earth Temple forcefield.

A day before leaving Vermont, in my vision, Lord Uriel took me above a high mountain where I looked down on southcentral Vermont. To my amazement, a dazzling, brilliant city of light, many miles in circumference, which symbolized the new Earth Temple, was located there. Uriel explained that it would take 2000 years for this to fully manifest, but the seed thoughts, images and energies of it were now in place. The new Earth Temple in southcentral Vermont was now open. In time, its radiation would reach all throughout the northeastern section of the United States and north into Canada.

Completion of Sixth Ray Purification

On July 5th, in my early morning quiet time, both Lord Zadkiel with Lady Zadkiel contacted me and showed me a new image. This time there were two overlapping violet Z’s inside the golden circle, each a mirror image of the other. One Z represented Lord Zadkiel and the transmutation of my conscious, masculine, physical body. The other one symbolized Lady Zadkiel and the purification of my subconscious, feminine,  soul-astral body.

The two were fully aligned and balanced. My current Sixth transmutation cycle was complete. My skin eruptions and irritations were now about 95% healed. The remaining transmutation and healing would take place as I focused fully on Seventh Ray peace and love.

Yolanda’s First Contact with the Elohim of Peace

Later that morning, I re-read Yolanda’s two diary entries in 1960 wherein she had communed with the Seventh Ray Elohim. It had been years since I last had perused them, and I found that I forgotten several key portions of these two experiences, which served to confirm what I had been receiving recently.

On September 17, 1960, Yolanda recorded: “While I was meditating a tremendous hand descended and I stepped onto it. Raising me until I was level to its face, its owner boomed: ‘I am the Elohim of Peace. This is the step in patience, waiting. It has been ordered that you know your work, and so your role is revealed. All is working in divine order and harmony for it to manifest. This is the time for waiting, knowing it shall be. Do not waver.’ Then he swallowed me as I was, a full-grown person; when he had digested and ejected me I was a full blown, lovely, petaled flower. The personage I had been was but the seed of the flower to come.”

Communion with the Elohim of Love

About three months later, on December 28, 1960, Yolanda wrote: “Mark’s aura changed and he became a three-pronged flame, blending into one, similar to the fleur-de-lis pattern. At first it was difficult to distinguish any particular color, as his aura appeared to contain every imaginable one; but upon focusing, all colors combined to become pure white. (See picture to right of Yolanda and Mark, 1962.)

“The three white flames, blending at the base, grew in power and intensity, transmuting Mark into a higher, and still higher, consciousness. Above the flames was a golden circle of light which also defined itself more distinctly, until it manifested as a dazzling crown of solid gold. Mark’s master teacher, Katoomi [Lord Michael], overshadowed me and I became the instrument through which he placed the crown on Mark’s head, pronouncing, ‘Thus the prophecy is fulfilled!’ (Refer to the vision of April 10, 1959, eight months prior to my meeting Mark Age. Note that both are ten days.)

“An indescribably exquisite face came into focus. ‘I am the Elohim of Love. Step forward!’ Many light workers throughout the Earth, in their high Self identities, did so. Among them I recognized John F. Kennedy, who would begin to experience a greater, more divine feeling of love for this nation, its people and the world. Since his mortal ambitions and need for the power to serve were proven by his election to the presidency of the United States [in November 1960] he would be able to manifest something much more profound: a unique love donation to his country and to the world.

‘Also stepping up to the Elohim of Love were many ministers of various denominations. As each stepped forth a crown was placed upon his or her head, after which each stepped into a key position behind the Elohim, who then said: ‘These are the pinpoints of love, the lights in the Earth. The Earth is a body on which I concentrate to hold these individual forces of love. Each will do this work in his own particular place within the whole body or organism of Earth.

“It is as though your own body had certain points which were radiating health, peace and love, thereby purifying those points between which may not be wholesome. The radiant lights of love cleanse and dissolve all areas of error. My work as Elohim of Love is to sustain each point so the Earth itself will be raised through love, through my services.

“I knelt at his feet and dedicated myself. ‘I come to serve you.’ [The Elohim replied:] “‘Rise! Do not kneel before me. Those who come to serve, I will serve them. Through them I will serve the world.’

“Later, when I was able to reveal to Mark all that I had seen, he said: ‘In meditation we were joined by the same or similar experience. The sense of divine love welled up in me until I became so conscious of the Elohim of Love, so at one with him, that I actually even thought, ‘I am he!’ But the words came, ‘You are in tune with that degree of love and that is all that is necessary.'”

Receive Your Gold Crown

Please note that Yolanda’s two communions with the Elohim of Peace and Love occurred in fall and winter of 1960, when she was just starting her second major initiation of baptism with fire and water. It was only four years previously that she had her spiritual awakening and had begun her first initiation of birth.

This signifies that if you had your spiritual awakening just 4-6 years ago, you, too, are capable of communing with the Seventh Ray Elohim. Anytime in your following initiations, you likewise may have contact with this Elohim of Peace and Love.

Now, ask and receive. Ask to come into communion with this Elohim, and then wait confidently and patiently until this takes place, in some unique way and time that proves to you that it is actually happening, that you are not just making it up. Know the contact by the extraordinary, out-of-this-world peace and love that you feel.

Perhaps you receive a crown of gold that the Elohim of Peace and Love places on your head, to make you a pinpoint of love and light. This gold crown has twelve stars around it, representing the twelve planets of this solar system, and your twelve I Am or Christ powers.

After your receive and adjust to wearing your crown, in later meditations put your arms and hands in front of you, at the level of your heart. Your two palms are about a foot apart, pointing to one another. See and feel a gold crown manifesting in between them that you hold securely.

Then visualize someone else standing or sitting in front of you. Place this gold crown of twelve star-lights on this person’s head. Speak the word: I now crown you as the golden child of light, the golden giant, that you are and always have been; go forth and love one another and all kingdoms on Earth. Be the glorious Earth Temple of Love that you are.

Be Clothed with the Sun

During other quiet times, become aware that you are becoming clothed with the sun, the light of the sun of this solar system, the light of the Sun Temple that holds and radiates this to all the other temples; the love-light that emanates from Mother God’s Heart. Especially, be aware that it is your feminine soul-astral body that is being suffused with light and love, with golden peace, with love for God and one another. Be as the woman clothed with the sun as seen by John the Beloved in his vision on the Isle of Patmos. That woman represents your soul, your record of your lifetimes going back eons.

Link especially with Sol-O-Man who represents the soul of every man, woman and child. Your soul-astral body is pregnant with your I Am Self, which you now are to birth anew. This is the re-opening of your individual Earth Temple.

Remember that initially you came from the Central Sun to the Sun of this solar system. When exploring and colonizing the twelve planets, you may have fallen somewhat from grace. You may not now have any recall of your past sojourns to other planets or have any remembrance of your past lifetimes on Earth. Still, from within, you know and experience anew that you are a beloved child of God. You feel the welling up of love in your heart. You are suffused with peace that surpasses all mortal understanding.

Let Your Light-Love Shine

Link with the Elohim of peace and love, Lord Uriel, Maya and Sol-O-Man. Radiate peace and love to further awaken and re-open the Earth Temple in southcentral Vermont. You very well may have served in or visited the Earth Temple in Lemuria and Atlantis. For if you have incarnated on and love Earth-Heart, you probably have trained in the Earth Temple, under Sol-O-Man’s tutelage, in Lemuria and/or in Atlantis when she was Zolanda, high priestess of this temple.

Sol-O-Man may now appear to you, wherever you live, in a crystal clear sphere of cosmic light, just as she did to me. Whether you psychically see her or not, bask in Sol-O-Man’s divine loving presence and power. She is your cosmic Mother with a heart of pure gold. She loves you unconditionally. No matter how you have flailed and failed in the past, right up this moment of now, her love will lift you higher and higher. Her love will transmute whatever negative residue of your soul that you have not been able to cleanse until now.

In your third-eye/imagination faculty, visualize a golden sphere of light descending from Sol-O-Man and other feminine Seventh Ray folks to and around the new Earth Temple site in southcentral Vermont. Do this in the Holy Name and Nature of Sol-O-Man/Mary. This sphere is about 25 miles in circumference. Within the sphere is the image of a huge city of dazzling light, which symbolizes the Earth Temple, which is to manifest in due time. Sufficient unto the day the ongoing descent of the etheric Earth Temple through the astral planes to Earth. Keep with it, keep at it. Glory be!

Then radiate this I Am love to the other eleven spiritual temples (power centers or sacred vortices) around the planet. Send your peace and love especially to the 144,000 elect. Transfer your love to and into the Earth itself. Love the Earth as the Heart center of the solar system that it is destined to be. Love heals every imbalance, every hurt, every fear, every feeling of loneliness, every conflict with others, every soul scar tissue. Then, Sananda and Sol-O-Man will redescend to Earth in the light bodies.

Love God and Love One Another. Put your love in action! Amen.