Walk on Golden Ground

On 11/11/22, I (Dr. Robert) went to bed early at about 5 PM, since I usually get up at about midnight or 1 AM. About five hours later, however, I dreamt that a woman or a group of three women lowered the apex of a large V or a cone into the top of my head, then slowly into my third eye and down my spine. This was mostly violet in color but had other hues as well, including gold.

In this lowering process, the cone first moved down two chakras and then back up one chakra, then down two more chakras, then back up one chakra, etc. I did not understand why this was happening in this fashion. Why didn’t the V or cone just flow right down to my sacral and regenerative chakras? Why did it change colors at times? And who were these three women that were engineering its movement?

Slow Redescent

Finally, after about 6 such episodes of two steps down, one step back up, the apex of the V reached my sacral chakra. It even seemed to anchor somewhat into my lowest or regenerative chakra at the bottom tip or coccyx area at the base of my spinal column. Upon awakening and pondering this, it came clearly that the main woman engineering this descent was Lady Violet, twin soul of St. Germain; who is the Chohan or Director of the Sixth Ray of Cleansing and Transmutation, whose color is violet.

The other two female masters were Vertex, the feminine co-leader of the 12th Planet, currently known as Vulcan, whose Temple on Earth is located in South Vietnam, which we will start concentrating on about a week from now; and Sol-O-Man, who as my master teacher oversees every new spiritual re-birth within me. That is partly why the V changed colors at time, with gold being the color of the Seventh Ray.

The descent of the V was a series of two chakras down and then one chakra back up because it takes time for us to receive, assimilate and anchor each downward flow. Each new two steps down exposes old, outworn, imbalanced, selfish, fearful memories and feelings in our soul, which until now had not been fully recognized, and thereby require additional cleansing and transmutation. In the one step back up, one cleanses and transmute these newly revealed soul imbalances. Then, the next downward flow into the next two chakras can take place.

Confirmation & Verification

These dream episodes also confirmed for me that it has been Lady Violet who has been working with me in the last few weeks on my soul transmutation and that of souls the world over. Previously, during the day, she had revealed to me that she with Sol-O-Man were the ones who had given me the dream of about five weeks ago in which I was in my ascended body above the Earth, looking down upon my physical/conscious self walking steadily and confidently forward, and then seeing a man who was jealous of, and felt superior to, me; coming up behind me with the intent to kill me.

This man had no awareness or trepidation whatsoever about his upcoming, planned destruction of me. He blithely and self-righteously thought he was doing what was right and necessary. He was like Cain killing Abel, like the Pharisees plotting to have Jesus crucified, like the Greeks who gave hemlock to Socrates. I woke up in a sweat, thoroughly appalled by my nasty, selfish, despicable stalker and his misjudgment, willfulness and blindness. Then, I gave thanks to Violet who had been there all along, standing behind me, having my back and protecting me. Thank you!

This dream portrayed the drama of modern-day Cains and Abels that is playing out all around the planet, including in Afrika, but also especially in Russia, China, North Korea and Iran. Lady Violet said that she was in charge of the transmutation and cleansing of this past, ancient, soul pattern on Earth and in its astral planes, which has been continuing for millions of years.

Walk the Walk

She telepathically conveyed that the man in my dream (and thus all other souls still in some degree of Cain consciousness) would do best to call upon her and her associates to help him in his transmutation, since she is the most highly evolved female master of the Sixth Ray in the entire solar system. She knows his soul history, including his many positive attributes as well as his darkened subconscious areas that he still has yet to see, understand or cleanse. She is here in the etheric planes of Earth to support all Sixth Ray soul transmutation that will make Earth sacred once again, which will lead to global, Seventh Ray Peace, Love and Rest.

I, too, will continue to link with Lady Violet, as well as with St. Germain, in radiating Sixth Ray, violet cleansing and transmutation to those who resist change, to those that would even try to kill others rather than face up to, and take responsibility for, their residual Cain arrogance, superiority, self-power and selfishness. I will no longer feel unprotected or unable to deal with such individuals, but will rightly and lovingly wield the sword of truth with them, as guided by Spirit. I will be First Ray will and power, Third Ray personal love, and Seventh Ray peace, divine love and forgiveness in action!

May all light workers do the same to bring forth Seventh Ray peace, love, cooperation and coordination on Earth; in Africa and all around the world with its twelve planetary spiritual temples and its Sun Temple.


Currently, I tried to go back to sleep, but I was filled to the brim with higher, etheric energies. My legs twitched, I could not get comfortable even after rolling over a couple times, my mind would not calm down, my breathing was accelerated, and my head was buzzing, with a space beam on my temples that now hurt. Finally, I got up, had some food and vitamins, and began to meditate.

I sat in my chair and vibrated for thirty-to-forty minutes, wondering when things would finally settle down. I asked the space visitors to please back off with their hieronic space beams, but all that came back was that I was to be still and do my best to stay centered and balanced, to not react or rebel or resist what was occurring.

Then, finally, to my immense relief, it was like someone turned off the switch and everything calmed down. Basking in this new peace, I became aware of Sol-O-Man above and behind me. She was in brilliant white and gold light that especially emanated from her sacred heart. She slowly used her arms and hands to lower about a seven-inch-in-diameter, Christ column or pillar of golden light along and around the entire length of my spine, from my crown chakra/cerebrum all the way down to my regenerative chakra/reproductive organs.

As a result, I felt more centered, more stable, more peaceful and loving than at any previous time during this incarnation. I was definitely in Temple 11 heaven on Earth. Temple 11 was anchored in my regenerative chakra, down my two legs, and down into the Earth itself. I was re-born in Temple 11 consciousness.

Male & Female God Created Them

As Sol-O-Man had worked with me, she felt both feminine and masculine, which at first baffled me, as she almost always feels feminine and motherly to me. Then it dawned on me that she was drawing upon her past incarnation as King Solomon, the wisest judge in the land of Israel, under whose leadership the Temple in Jerusalem was constructed. This was analogous to her now helping and guiding me (and others) in my re-building and re-birthing of the Eleventh Temple in my mind, body and soul on Earth; and assisting the re-birthing of Temple 11 in east-central Afrika.

As light beings of etheric origin, in and through our regenerative center, we are both masculine and feminine at a soul level, having had incarnations as men and women. In this lifetime, we are expressing as one gender or the other, but we are to combine the best of both our masculine and feminine experiences over eons of time.

Moreover, we have a twin soul on our home Ray, with my ray being the Seventh Ray. Thus, my twin soul is Serena, who in my past life was my mother, Aleta. She is now in the seventh astral plane, doing the same soul healing work as I am doing on Earth. Together, under Sananda and Sol-O-Man, Lord Ariel and Lord Uriel, and Maitreya and Maya, we are uniting and integrating the etheric, astral and earth planes of consciousness and expression.

Sol-O-Man Heals

Sol-O-Man now brought before me Ken Collins, M.D., formerly of Perth, Australia. He had made his transition several months ago, and I had not had much communion with him since then. Soulwise, I long since have felt and experienced a deep connection with him going back lifetimes, mostly as fellow healers on the Fifth Ray.

Prior to his passing, I had linked with him several times in my ascended light body, basically as it turned out to help him with his transition, although I still had hoped that his healing would take place on Earth. However, it is not for me or anyone to know when and how someone will be healed, for that is in Spirit’s hands alone. We see the healing; Father-Mother God does the healing in and through us.

This time, Sol-O-Man and I worked together to implant a golden column of light down and around Ken’s spinal cord, just like the one that had been implanted in me. Slowly, it came down until it reached his regenerative chakra and the base of his spine, then down his legs and feet.

Prior to this, he had spent his time in the higher astral planes reviewing his soul record of this and past lives, transmuting those aspects in him that were not in alignment with his I Am or high Self. That being done, the new golden spine could flow smoothly down through him. He was now rightly aligned with Sananda and Sol-O-Man, and Hilarion and Meta, in his ongoing mission to heal humanity. He serves primarily in the East as I serve primarily in the West. The two of us are one in the One.

Now, it may be that he will have more overt communion with his former wife, Di Collins, who is still on Earth, and with his daughters and other former family members on Earth. But that will be in Spirit’s good time and way. All I know for sure is that he is now ready to move forward in new ways. The first part of his adjustment to being in the astral planes is now complete. My heart glows with love for him, even as I feel his brotherly love for me; with us being two docs who are one with the One Doc.

Golden Dog

I had something to eat, then went back to bed, thinking that I would finally sleep some more. It already had been a full night. And sleep I did, but not very long. Upon awakening, in the inbetween state between sleep and being fully awake, another dream/vision unfolded before me. This time, a man clothed in light came walking to me with a young, adorable, golden-colored puppy on a leash; this doggie was maybe 3-4 months old. The light being turned the leash over to me and seemed to indicate that I was to work with and love this sweet puppy. As I awoke, I knew the name of this dog: It was DOG, with capital letters. The three letters were for Divine Of God. I also slowly realized that having this DOG on a leash would not be appropriate, proper or necessary.

Marveling at the dream, I remembered that I had had a similar dream/vision 11 months ago, when I was focusing on the Sun and the Sun Temple, with Helios and Vesta being the two co-leaders of the Sun. At that time, Helios had appeared to me as my teacher, my older brother and my friend, all wrapped up into one. He wore a white T-shirt with the number 13 on it in the area before his heart chakra, with 13 representing the Sun and the 12 Planets. Then brilliant white-and-gold light came out of his heart chakra, dissolving his T-shirt there, and filling me with the most glorious love I had ever felt. After that is when I had the initial dream/vision of a golden puppy.

Thus, Helios, being light filled like the Sun, had brought him or her to me (I didn’t know the golden doggie’s gender). I was in my Healing Haven Headquarters here at our Sun Temple property. Phillel came in and put a leash on the dog, but I felt uncomfortable with this. I did not like the idea of leashing any animal, for our proper role as spiritual beings is to assist and love animals. But, on the other hand, Phillel had dogs when he was growing up, and had two dogs here at I Am Nation headquarters. So, he knew about physically training dogs and I did not. And he was a loving owner of all his dogs. So, I deferred to his advice and action.

Unleash Them

Now, in my current dream, I realized that the light-and-love filled man who brought me the dog on a leash was saying: Look what you and mankind have done; you fell into matter, took on animal bodies, and “leashed” yourself to the animal kingdom. You became “top dog” in the animal kingdom, but still were partly an animal yourself. It is now time to correct that past mistake, to make all things new in your work with, and treatment of, the animal kingdom. It is time to be the fourth-dimensional being of light that you are, who loves all lower kingdoms: animals, vegetables and minerals.

Therefore, I took the leash off this special DOG and worked with him/her with Christ Mind Power to uplift and “train” him. The person who brought the dog to me nodded his loving approval. This masculine spiritual master in this dream was some combination or symbol of Helios of the Sun, Kil-I-Man of the 11th Planet, and Sananda, co-leader of Earth with Sol-O-Man; all of whom are filled with Seventh Ray gold-and-white light.

Upon awakening further, I knew this dream signified the way I was to work with all animals on Earth: To see and treat them as the divine animal beings that they are; not to take advantage of them or to “leash” them to man’s mortal/soul way of thinking; not to raise and them kill them for food; not to hunt them for the sport of it; not to confine them to us as pets that we “own.” All of this relates directly to the vast variety of animals in the Serengeti Plains and throughout all of Africa. Loving all animals, suffusing them with gold-and-white light, is part and parcel of completing the physical re-birthing of Temple 11 in and around Mt. Kilimanjaro.

Sitting in Serenity

After another hour or two of sleep, and doing some computer work, I drove forty miles west to the small town of Oneida, where I planned to eat at its Chinese restaurant. I always have loved traveling there, because the scenery is marvelous and the area is sparsely populated. In fact, it is my favorite local place to go for a Sunday drive, or one on any other day of the week.

Upon getting there, however, and doing some shopping at Wal-Mart, I discovered that on Sundays the Chinese place opened a half-hour later than during the week. That, plus the fact that I gotten there earlier than expected, meant that I would have to wait one hour to get my meal. Therefore, instead, I went to the local Subway and had a sub sandwich, which was delicious. The place was deserted so I had it to myself.

Sitting in my booth, while reading my book that I had brought along with me, suddenly I felt deeply emotional, lonely, upset, and heartsick for having to go through what I was going through with the one who had planned to attack me in my dream; not to mention the many times in my life when similar things had happened.

Slowly, it dawned on me that Serena, my feminine twin soul, the woman I most love, was overshadowing me, which prompted my emotional response. She conveyed that her heart went out to me for what I was suffering, and that she in essence felt just as lonely and unloved at times as I did. She missed being with me. And that did it: Copious tears trickled down my face, even as I felt such a delicious bonding and love for her, and her love for me. For ten minutes or more, she sat in the booth right next to me on my left. Together, we were in another world of love that transcends and unites all dimensions. With her by my side, how could I possibly feel upset or lonely!? And when, in Spirit, is she not by my side?

Golden Heart Love

When I asked her why she did not contact me more frequently, she indicated that her focus had to be primarily on the astral planes and her work there, just as my focus was here on Earth. Moreover, she said that she was with me much more often than I consciously realized. I decided right then and there that I would link with her even more often in my meditations and quiet moments.

I remembered, too, that in one of her recent past lives, she had been Blue Buffalo Woman, who resided just to the west of our I Am Nation/Sun Temple property. In a series of communions with her years ago, she showed me that she had lived in the area of Buffalo Mountain that rose about 1200 or feet above the holler/valley in which Phillel and I live on our I Am Nation/Sun Temple 89-acre property.

One day after the above communions with her as Blue Buffalo Woman, I had climbed up Buffalo Mountain. On the way to the top, Serena had contacted me and told me that I would find her grave site at the top of the mountain. Indeed, when I got there, I saw to my amazement an old burial site surrounded by a circle of stones, with mounded dirt on it. Whether or not it was her actual burial site, it was amazing to me that I would find such a burial place, which I never had heard about before this. Sitting there in awe and wonder, Serena had overshadowed me and surrounded me in Seventh Ray peace and love. What a precious hug that was!

Back to the present, I drove back home, put away my groceries and went right to bed for a nap. Despite still being in the glow of what had transpired at Subway, I was deeply tired. It did not take long to go to sleep. Upon awakening maybe an hour later, I felt a constriction in and around my heart, a tightness, like the closing of a channelway. With my light-filled hands, I worked to remove the constriction, which was partly there because of my residual loneliness and partly due to the “blow back” from the day, coming from the astral planes and those on Earth who still did not love and support me.

Once my heart was opened, the most amazing flow of molten golden light, like unto lava, flowed into and through my golden heart. My oh my, it was glorious. After finally getting up and going out to my kitchen, I suddenly knew what had happened: Serena had showered me with her golden love, which had opened my heart. She and I were one in peace and love. She showed me the number 44 to represent this. 4 is the number of the Fourth Ray, whose characteristic feature is “as above, so below.” 4 is also the number of the heart chakra, with it being in the middle of the 7 chakras.

Thus, Serena was a “4” and I was a “4,” above and below. And we were manifesting and crystallizing our deep love for another, in part as a representation for all other souls in the astral and physical levels; particularly for the 144,000 elect. The astral level and the physical level were one within us. Serena and Soliel were/are one heart in the One Heart of God, one Heart in the Sacred Hearts of Sananda and Sol-O-Man. We are Seventh Ray love in manifestation.

May the same occur for all in Afrika and elsewhere! Thank You, Spirit!

Love One Another

Speaking of past lives and male-female relationships and those of people regardless of gender, age and location, way back on September 1, 2010, I dreamt that I was wrestling with an African homosexual man, who was my junior in age. I, too, was African. When I disengaged and refused to fight further, he tried to entice me into more fighting by saying that he would expose me for my homosexual tendencies and actions. I was not swayed by this and did not care. I was doing what was right and good.

Interpreting this dream, I deduced that I had been a homosexual in some past time in what is now Africa. Apparently back then, I had fought against this tendency and had become more balanced in my sexual exchanges with men and women. Down through history, homosexuality and lesbianism have been practiced to some degree throughout the world, in all places and cultures, but usually mostly amongst a minority of people.

Prior to Africa’s colonization by Europeans, historical evidence shows that homosexual behavior in Africa was accepted and a normal part of life. However, some African leaders recently have claimed that homosexuality was a “disease” that was brought to Africa by white Europeans. Some African leaders have adopted and even strengthened European laws that criminalize, punish, enslave and jail, even kill, those who engage in homosexual or lesbian acts.

Thus, now in 2022, of the 72 countries worldwide who criminalize homosexuality, 32 of them are in Afrika. In some such countries, any homosexual act, even in the privacy of one’s home, is punishable by as much as 10 years in jail. Other African countries have either officially killed homosexuals or looked the other way when African citizens have killed them.

Five days later, on September 5, 2010, I dreamt that I was taken in light body high above Afrika where I looked down upon and had mercy upon homosexuals there. Upon awakening I did not remember the name or location of the country I was viewing.

Then in a second dream, I once again was over Africa, projecting peace, compassion, love and protection to the homosexuals there.

Past Lives

Pondering all of the above, the key information or insight that came to me was that given by Nada-Yolanda when she still was with us on Earth. She had done soul intunements for a number of homosexuals and lesbians. In nearly every case, in the person’s prior lifetime or lifetimes, he or she had been of the opposite gender. He or she had become overbalanced in that gender, and then had taken on a life here on Earth to balance it out by being on the other gender. But, the past memories and tendencies were so strong that the person who had been a male for several lifetimes, although now in a female body, still acted as a male in a lesbian relationship. Or vice versa. Not understanding past lives, homosexuals say that they were born as homosexuals. Yes, from a past-life perspective, they were re-birthing their prior experiences of the other gender.

Until this past life connection is understood and dealt with, there will be all kinds of misunderstandings, not only by homosexuals, but by heterosexuals who try to punish them and shame them into changing, which almost never works. One cannot change something unless one understands it and has past life recall; unless one feels loved and loving; unless one knows that he or she is a cherished child of God.

For now, we as light workers are to have compassion and love for people regardless of what their sexual orientation or problems may be. Is it not hypocritical to punish homosexuals and not punish men or women who have extramarital affairs? Does not Mosaic law say: Do not commit adultery? As Jesus said, those who lust in their heart already have committed adultery.

There is no mention by Jesus in the New Testament in which he condemns homosexuality. Rather, his command is to Love One Another, in other words to love the Christ in each and every person, regardless of race, gender, religion, nationality or sexual orientation. Love is what will lift each person back into his or her fourth dimensional light body.

After all, are not all people beloved creations of the Creator, brought forth in His-Her image? Does it not make more sense to love the good within people, whether they be homosexual or heterosexual, to judge them on their overall personality and actions, and not just on their sexuality in this one lifetime? Love is what heals. Love is what reveals the past. Love is what transmutes whatever imbalance we may have.

Make All Things New

This is part of what we can project to Afrika in the next three days or so. As we focus on the spiritual re-awakening and re-birth of the I Am Selves in all Africans, we see a re-birth of higher thoughts, insights, love and compassion for people of both genders and sexual expressions.

Mankind’s original error was falling into matter and taking on physical, animal, third-dimensional bodies. Every since then, mankind and womankind have explored and acted out all manner of sexual activity. Not until people are awakened spiritually will they come to a more balanced expression of their human sexuality. Maybe they will remember that they have been a homosexual or lesbian in a past lives or series of lives.

Not until souls are spiritually aware will they come to value and practice S.E.X. or Spiritual Energy Exchange. After all, in the light body, we do not have physical, sexual organs. The long-range goal is to rise above the physical and astral levels into the etheric or spiritual level of the light body. In the meantime, we do our best to deal in the most uplifting, positive, healthy, loving way with our human sexuality. And we have more compassion for all other souls on and about Earth.

Be One with Ship #10

In your meditations during the next three days or so, see and feel yourself being surrounded in a Christ pillar or column of light and love and power that protects your physical body and auric field, which extends from the Earth planes, up and through the astral planes, into the etheric and celestial planes.

Since our primary focus this week is on the Seventh Ray, affirm that you are one with Sananda-Jesus and Sol-O-Man/Mary. As I dreamt on September 4, 2022, Sananda’s ship #10 is located (unless it has moved in the last two months) in the etheric realms over the central, west coast of Africa, high above Equatorial Guinea and Gabon, two of Africa’s fifty-five countries. (We do not know where Sol-O-Man’s sister ship is positioned, but wherever it is, she and it is one with ship #10.)

Thus, ship #10 is above the center of Afrika, plus partly over the Atlantic Ocean that borders on Africa. Hence, ship #10’s projections also enter the ocean and travel in its waters around all of the borders of the Afrikan continent. (See map above/right.)

Commune, also, with Lord Uriel and Lady Uriel who is the feminine Archangel of the Seventh Ray, plus with all their masculine and feminine angelic co-workers who are stationed over all of Afrika.

Link also with Kil-I-Man and Afri-Ka, the co-leaders of Planet 11 that exemplifies and radiates the combined 1st, 3rd and 7th Rays to the whole solar system. These two co-leaders now are aboard their ship #137 that is stationed over Mt. Kilimanjaro, Lake Victoria and the Serengeti in east-central Afrika, which is the location of Temple Eleven on Earth.

Also, think about and be one with Summalt-Peter aboard his mother ship, spacecraft #7423 that is located in the etheric realms somewhere over the Eastern Hemisphere. Summalt is the etheric commander for the Eastern hemisphere in the hierarchal program. In his past life, he was Simon Peter, an Apostle of Christ Jesus.

Finally, unite in consciousness with Fish Eagle and Eagle Wings in the seventh astral plane, above Temple 11 at Kilimanjaro.

Golden Light & Love

Visualize gold-and-white light and love flowing down from the etheric realms, through the seven astral planes to the 2 earthly planes (which consist of those who are spiritually awakened and those who still are not spiritually aware of themselves as being children of God). This molten golden energy flows first into Temple 11 at Kilimanjaro, Lake Victoria (Afri-Ka) and the surrounding Serengeti Plains. It flows into all humans there, to all animals, to all vegetables and to all minerals and metals. See especially those of the 144,000 elect walking on the golden ground of all of Afrika.

See golden light anchoring into the vast gold deposits in many parts of Africa, especially in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and in South Africa. See the proceeds from the sales of this abundant gold being shared with all people in Africa, rather than greedily being hoarded by a few power-mongers. Know, too, that gold carries the highest of healing vibrations and in time will be found scientifically to do so, and will be used to treat multiple disease and to enhance everyone’s overall health and vitality.

If you have some white and/or gold-colored clothing, wear it for these 3 days of your projections. The 3 days are also for the Third Ray of Personal Love, Feeling and Dedication to a Higher Cause, that of the re-opening of Temple 11 (1-3-7) in east-central Africa. Therefore, maybe to accent your white-and-gold clothing, wear something blue for the First Ray and something pink for the Third Ray. Ah, what a glorious, colorful Christ child you will be with your clothes of many colors and your radiation of these colors to one and all.

One Nation, One Country, One People

You may be guided to focus especially on just one or two or three Afrikan nations. In my blogs these last four weeks, I have not shared much about the individual nations, and especially not those of northern Afrika. But you may feel connected in your soul to Egypt or Tunisia or Algiers; or to Sudan and South Sudan, which are waring with one another; or to Zambia or Zimbabwe. Let Spirit guide you to focus on one place for the three days or on one new place each day. See all Afrikan countries coming together as one continent, one grouping of 55 nations who cooperate and coordinate with one another, putting their love into actions to help one another create a New Africa on a New Earth.

Project also for the upliftment of African attitudes and actions in regard to the treatment of homosexuals, lesbians, bisexuals and transsexuals. See the Christ in all peoples of Afrika. Call forth compassion, forgiveness, remembrance of past lives, and loving actions regardless of gender, sexuality, nationality, religion, country or any other aspect.

See Temple 11 being fully reborn as the 1-3-7 power center or vortex of sacred light that it is.

See gold and white light over and suffusing all of Afrika.

Thank You, Father-Mother God for doing all things in and through us. 

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