Be a Christ in Córdoba

Be a Christ in Córdoba

Soliel/Dr. Robert — October 4, 2022


Thirteen Spiritual Temples

On March 30, 2011, St. Germain/Dr. Hannibal channeled the following via Phillel: “With assistance of complementary forces of Jontel, and under guidance from Lord Uriel, through amplification of hieronics aboard my master sister ship #1236, we have successfully brought through this focus of light at I Am Nation headquarters a linkup with the Earth logos to a new level at this time, to avert serious planetary crisis. . . .

“[We] have been able to establish a further downlink from the solar logos, master coordinating focal point for all sons of God within this solar system. . . . These elements from the solar logos have, with this impregnation, been implanted in and through the thirteen focal points on Earth which represent the temples of sacred light of the twelve planets of this solar system and the sun.” (See photo to right of Sun and Earth. Click here to read the above entire message.)

At the time of this communication, Phillel, my ex-wife MariLyn and I only knew of three such spiritual temples, power centers or vortices of sacred light whose natures and locations had been given to Nada-Yolanda in 1966-67: 1) the Sun Temple, formerly in Atlantis near Miami, FL, now relocated to northeastern Tennessee; 2) the Earth Temple that in Atlantis was located on central Long Island, NY, now relocated to southcentral Vermont; and 3) the Temple of Venus that is positioned in the Teton Range-Yellowstone area of northwestern Wyoming; all in the USA that serves as the New JerUSAlem. We had no idea whatsoever at this time that MariLyn and I would be visiting two other such temples, one in the northern half and one in the southern section of South America; even as Phillel held the fort at HQ.

South America Mission

Prior to going on the South America Mission from October 13 to November 13, 2011, Lord Michael, Hilarion, Sananda, Sol-O-Man, Hilarion and Dr. Hannibal had guided MariLyn and me to visit five major sites or cities throughout the 12 countries of South America; one site of which was located in and around Manaus, Brazil and another was in the area of Córdoba, Argentina; both of which turned out to be the locations of particular spiritual temples: the Temple of Uranus at Manaus, and the Temple of Planet X at Córdoba.

Over each of these two areas, plus the other three key locations (Lima, Peru;  Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; and Brasilia, Brazil), our goal was to anchor a pentagonal-shaped canopy of light to stimulate and awaken further the light workers in these regions, as well as those who were not yet spiritually opened. (See image to right.)

At the end of the mission, we were to link all five centers together under one huge pentagonal canopy; and then unite South America, Central America and North America as one Western Hemisphere.

Two Divine Dreams

Nearly six years previously, in a dream on December 20, 2006, Nada-Yolanda commissioned me to give a seminar in a major city in Argentina, which turned out to be Córdoba in the central part of this country. At first in the dream, I hesitated because of my feeling unprepared and not trained to do so. But in the following scene, people had gathered in a meeting hall in Córdoba. Two Australian Mark-Age Family members were there, their country being at about the same latitude as Argentina, halfway around the Southern Hemisphere; thereby linking the southern parts of the Western and Eastern Hemispheres. I began to set up my computer and projector, but was uncertain they would work. Behind me, El Morya/Mark and Nada-Yolanda stood a few feet away; they were poised to inspire and speak through me. With and above them, in the higher planes, was Hilarion, Chohan of the Fifth Ray of Unity, Integration and Healing.

Two years later, in a dream on May 28, 2008, I hovered in my light body over the middle of the Amazon Rainforest in Brazil. I looked down on a large Native meeting hall with a green metal roof. No roads were nearby. The intense green color of the surrounding rainforest was particularly striking. Invisible overhead, but clearly perceived, were angels who worked with devas and elementals. Although no humans were visible on the ground, they also were working behind the scenes to restore and maintain the harmony of the whole region.

Years later, reviewing this dream, I saw that its prominent green images, including the green-metal-roofed-meeting hall, signified the location of the Fifth Ray Temple of Uranus, with green being the color of this ray. In the dream, I was viewing the etheric-astral envelope over and around this area, hence there were no people on the ground; but the area was prepared and preserved by higher astral plane guides, including former Amerindians, as well as by angels and devas, prior to our visit there in 2011.

Mary Heralds the Mission

In the months leading up to the South America Mission, my master teacher Sol-O-Man/ Mary/Yasodhara/Zolanda transfigured me numerous times. On several occassions, she telepathically told me that she would be with MariLyn and me every step of the way during the upcoming travels. She also conveyed that she would overshadow me in common places such as restaurants, airport lounges, aboard airplanes, churches, in cars or buses and/or when walking around an area with a group of people. She said that this would initiate her Second Coming, along with that of Christ Jesus. MariLyn and I were to think of her as always being with us, right here on Earth, which is just what happened during the mission.

She also conveyed that she especially was venerated in South America, whereas Sananda/Jesus was more so beloved in North America. Sol-O-Man’s best known light-body appearance in the Western Hemisphere had been in Mexico City, Mexico in 1531 AD as the Virgin of Guadalupe.

(See picture to right of the Virgin of Guadalupe appearing four times to the Aztec Amerindian who had been converted to Christianity, whose new name was Juan Diego (John James); note that she is standing on a crescent moon; just as in her appearance in Revelation as the lady bathed in the sun she stood on the moon, hence the soul or subconscious.)

Moreover, during the following centuries she had been sighted numerous times throughout South America. Sol-O-Man said we would see evidence of South American love of her when we were there — indeed, we saw scores of statues devoted to her, numerous paintings of the Virgin of Guadalupe, as well as multiple churches named after her everywhere we traveled. For example, when we were in the center of the Amazon Rain Forest, in north-central Brazil, we linked with her as Mary of Manaus.

Triangulated Team

On September 7, 2011, about one month before MariLyn and I left for the South American Mission on October 13th, Sol-O-Man/Mary channeled the following via Phillel: “My beloved team of light workers, you know me as Sol-O-Man/Mary, Mother of the Americas. I come at this opportune time because I have been tied in effectually in these new hieronic measures in preparation for the travels we shall undertake soon. (See picture to right of Sol-O-Man/Mary in her space functions aboard her sister ship, by Hartmut Jager.)

“I am aboard Dr. Hannibal’s mother ship #1235, having been positioned in synchronization through Dr. Hannibal’s [hieronic] equipment with this I Am Nation triangulated team for a new level of infusion of light enfoldment. [Thus, MariLyn and I as one pair traveling to South America were one bottom apex of a triangle pointing upward; Phillel at Mark-Age HQ was the second point of the triangle, with him likewise being on Earth; and Dr. Hannibal with Sol-O-Man about ship 1235 in the etheric realms were the third or top apex of this triangulated team.]

I shall be with my travelers [MariLyn and Dr. Robert] every step of the way [my bold] during the South America Mission, boosted through these hieronic implementations so that I may reach out from the etheric realms through all astral kingdoms and unto the Earth, where my light workers await my herald for the Second Coming. [This confirmed what Sol-O-Man repeatedly had told me, as noted above; and what I had received confirmed what Phillel now had channeled.]

Anchor the Higher Frequencies

Continuing this same channeling, Sol-O-Man conveyed: “Through devic-elemental kingdoms I also am able to implant these special frequencies to assist in this transfer of light and love and unification. For I draw upon my talents and responsibilities from olden times, in the Earth Temple in Atlantis as the high priestess Zolanda, wherein I commissioned all Native tribes for the right use of third dimensional elements to incorporate the Christ light. And these hardy workers [Amerindians] spread forth this message, eventually having infiltrated all sectors of this Western Hemisphere, north, [central] and south.

“You my beloved charges, will carry this thought and this encapsulated consciousness with you wherever you land and set foot within these realms of my responsibilities. All of this will continually be reinforced through Dr. Hannibal’s hieronic teams so that we can make the highest use of your effectiveness as light workers incarnated on the physical plane, carrying out these works. (See picture to right of Christopher Columbus, who was an incarnation of St. Germain of the Sixth Ray; artist unknown.)

“All who tune in with me may be incorporated in this grounding as we pinpoint our projections primarily through my beloved disciple [Soliel]/Zan-Landa/Robert and his loving teammate and partner, MariLyn. . . .

“In parting, I give you my grace, which comes through me from Holy Father-Mother God. Amen. Sol-O-Man/Mary, symbolizing the Divine Mother energy within you and within all mankind. Go in peace. Amen.” Click here2 to read this whole channeling and to listen to a podcast of it that is at the end of this blog.

Córdoba, Argentina

On October 23, 2011, MariLyn and I flew from Lima, Peru to Santiago (Saint James), Chile, its capital. The next morning, October 24th, our plane flight took us over the Andes Mountains to Córdoba, Argentina, which was the first capital of Argentina. It was established in 1573 AD by the Spaniard Jerónimo Luis de Cabrera. He named it after the city of Córdoba in south-central Spain, which had been a thriving center of education, commerce and religion in the 700s and later, when Muslims controlled the lower part of present-day Spain. Catholics, Jews and Muslims got along peacefully with one another, even though the city and surrounding area were governed by the Muslims. The specific origin and meaning of the name Córdoba has been lost in antiquity.

In pronouncing Córdoba in Spanish, the accent is on the first syllable of “Cor.” Thus, in this blog, I have written it as Córdoba, with an accent mark over the ó. I have done so because that is how it is pronounced in Argentina, whose primary language is Spanish. In English, Cordoba is pronounced with the accent on the second syllable of “do,” or with more or less equal emphasis on each of its three syllables; hence it is spelled Cordoba.

The name “Argentina” means silver. The new Spanish government of this country was more concerned about finding silver in Argentina’s alleged abundant silver mines, than it was in helping its people spiritually and economically.

Jesuits in Argentina

However, in the early 1600s, the Jesuits came to Argentina. They had been founded in 1534 by Ignatius of Loyola, Francis Xavier and others, with a prime purpose of doing missionary work. They formed the Society of Jesus, whose members and followers were called Jesuits.

Their three major purposes were education, spreading the Gospel to the people, and combating the Reformation. Even today, the University of Cordoba that the Jesuits built and in which they taught is the most highly regarded university in Argentina.

In Cordoba and about 31 miles north in the nearby town of Jesús María, as well as in thirty or more sites around Argentina, the Jesuits established farms that are called estancias in Spanish; where they lived, planted and harvested crops, raised cattle, and grew grapes to make wine for use in their ceremonies like in taking communion, and for personal consumption. Each estancia also had a thriving church where locals could and did attend services and receive religious training. These estancias were the Centers of Light of these days; those where two or more are gathered in love and light.

(Picture above/right is of the Jesús María Estancia central building/church. Inside this entire compound is a museum, adjoining living corners for the priests, a basement in which wine was made, and rooms to sort out the various produce as well as to prepare cow meant for consumption. 

However, the Jesuits were disbanded by Pope Clement XIV in 1773 after political pressure in Europe and restored in 1814 by Pope Pius VII. They were disbanded because they were thought to be too political and preached against the various monarchies. After their restoration, the Jesuits returned to Argentina. In the meantime, however, the estancias had fallen into ruin and private ownership. They were not fully rebuilt and remodeled physically until 2000 AD, when they were designated as World Heritage Sites.

Amerindians & African Slaves

The Jesuits had not overtly denigrated or enslaved the local Amerindians, but rather sought to educate and uplift them, even though the Amerindians basically were treated like second class citizens, just like in the United States. (See picture of modern-day Amerindians in Argentina. Note the solar cross on the two drums, with 4 stars and 4 suns.)

Moreover, the Jesuits did bring 300 African slaves from Buenos Aires to Jesús María. Today, Argentina is primarily white/European, with Afro-Argentinians comprising only about 0.4 percent of the total population. The theory is that when the Jesuits were removed from Argentina by the Catholic Church, most of the African slaves migrated or were taken north to other South American countries. As to Amerindians, they currently make up about 1-2 percent of Argentinians and have been fighting for their rights as equal citizens.

Day 1 in Córdoba

(Note that what follows is a short synopsis of MariLyn’s and my seven days in Cordoba in 2011, which form the groundwork on which I will later share my current, week-long experiences with the next octave of opening the Tenth Temple in the Cordoba area, now in September-October 2021, ten years later. To read details about the prior 2011 Mission to southern South America, click here7. Once you have read this first blog, go back to the title of it at the top of the blog, click on the two arrows » to the right of the title that will take you to the next blog; and repeat this process until you have seen and read all the blogs pertaining to our 2011 seven-day stay in Córdoba.)

In my morning meditation on October 25th, 2011, MariLyn’s and my first full day in Córdoba, Sol-O-Man and Sananda appeared one after the other and helped MariLyn and me to adjust to our new settings, to align ourselves with this spiritual power center; although we did not call it as such. Both of us had respiratory symptoms and low back pain that began to dissipate after this visitation by the two Masters.

The low back pain was indicative of Córdoba being like unto the regenerative chakra at the base of our spines; Argentina and its surrounding countries symbolically are the regenerative chakra/center of the entire Western Hemisphere. (Back in 2011, I arbitrarily had designated this area as the sacral chakra, but rightly seen it is the symbolic regenerative chakra/center.) Thus, we were there to do the will of God (respiratory symptoms), which was to re-open, re-generate and re-open the Temple of Planet Ten, although that was unknown at this time.

That afternoon, Dr. Hannibal aboard his ship #1235 clamped a powerful spacebeam on my head. He showed me an image of scores of spacecraft positioned all around Argentina (see artistic image to right of 3 such ships), down to its southern most tip, as well as in parts of neighboring countries of Uruguay, Paraguay, southeastern Brazil, Bolivia and Chile. His ship was the largest one, but there was another unidentified, large mother ship nearby.

Dr. Hannibal then instructed me to put what appeared to be a circular, dome-like, canopy of etheric energies over this whole region. This surprised me, because I had expected that this canopy would be pentagonal in shape, as had been envisioned before coming here.

This more so circular Christ forcefield extended east to Buenos Aires and into the Atlantic Ocean; north to the northern border of Argentina and into Uruguay, southeastern Brazil, Paraguay and Bolivia; west to Chile and the Pacific Ocean; and south to below the tip of Argentina. 

(See image to right/above of green, outlined, circular forcefield over the southern half of South America.)

Linkup with Ship #1235

The next morning, October 26, 2011, the agents of Spirit opened my crown chakra to a new and higher degree. I rose through my crown chakra and via a Christ column of light into the etheric and celestial planes, merging into my ascended light body. Shortly thereafter, back down I came, descending fully into and around my astral and physical bodies. The portal or doorway between dimensions now was open and clear.

In my second ascension via the protective, Christ pillar of light, I entered Dr. Hannibal’s mothership (see artistic image to right), where I met with him and we discussed his plans for the day. I also linked in consciousness with all the large number of other spacecraft that were interconnected with his ship #1235. Then, it was back down to Earth.

In the third vision/experience, in an upward spiralling fashion, I climbed the stairs of what looked like the Statue of Liberty in NYC, NY; eventually rising into the crown of the statue’s head and looking out its windows in all directions. This statue became Sol-O-Man/Mary, who was peering down on the whole area of the Argentinian and surrounding forcefield; just as she had when she was Zolanda, high priestess of the Earth Temple in Atlantis. She and I were as one as we viewed the spiritual temple or power center whose central location is at Córdoba.

(See image to right/above of the head of the Statue of Liberty in NYC, with the multiple windows in its top section, hence the crown chakra/cerebrum; with rays of light around her head radiating in all directions; and right arm raised and holding a torch to shine light and peace into this past Earth Temple focus of Atlantis.)

Disperse the Darkness

One with Dr. Hannibal and Sol-O-Man, I asked them for their instructions about how to proceed. They showed me an immense, black, nasty-looking cloud over Córboda and the whole area of the canopy that I had seen earlier, which encompassed parts of five South American states, and covered all the way down to the southern tip of Argentina.

The thick, black fog or cloud symbolically portrayed the negative thoughts and feelings of those in the lower astral planes connected with this whole region; the willfulness and self-power of those in these dark astral areas. It also represented and incorporated the selfish, negative thoughts, feelings and actions that had occurred in this area, going back to when the Spaniards first settled it; as well as the residue of this in people currently living in and governing Argentina and the surrounding five states.

Dark Deeds

As Argentina’s northeast neighbor, Paraguay to this day is considered to be the most backward, corrupt country of South America.

During the late 1940s and early 1950s, Argentina allowed and supported at higher governmental levels the immigration of former German Nazi criminals. Juan Perón of Argentina, who was its President from 1946 to 1955, was either a Nazi supporter, as his opponents claimed, or more likely thought that by allowing the German Nazis to settle in Argentina he would be given the military/technical secrets that they harbored, which had led to Germany’s powerful war machine. But, these Nazis outfoxed him, because had they shared this information with Perón, he could have put them in prisons or killed them. Much of this history however, is shrouded in mystery, as most governmental papers from around this time have been shredded.

Years later, in Argentina, from 1976 to 1983, its dictator had from 10,000 to 30,0000 antimilitary and antigovernment protesters arrested, tortured and murdered–later termed disappeared.

All of this dark history shook and dismayed me. I felt “slimed” in its pervasive negativity. Later that day, Phillel sent the communication he had received earlier this day from Dr. Hannibal. The message described the worldwide resistance to the implantation of the higher energies, and especially pinpointed the lower astral planes as its nexus. Only later would I realize that after every implantation of higher energies into a particular place or worldwide, I would encounter negative “blowback” from those who resisted the new and higher consciousness being implanted on the planet.

Be Like A Little Child

The next morning, full day #3 in Córdoba, October 27, 2011, in my predawn meditation while I was sitting alongside the hotel’s swimming pool, Hilarion overshadowed me and directed me to be like a little child in order to enter heavenly consciousness while still on Earth. He pointed to his own example, in which he as Saul had been arrogant, was corrected by Sananda/Jesus (“Saul, why do you persecute me?”), and had made himself little, as represented by his name Paul, which means “one who has been made small.” Herein was the antidote to the arrogance, self-power, self-will and selfishness of various Argentinians in the past, which had created its dark, dank, nasty-looking cloud that had blocked out the sun/Son; and still to some degree expressed on Earth.

When Hilarion/Paul receded, Sol-O-Man came down to me via a Christ column of light, reinforced and protected by a space beam. She stood before me, such that I could see the outline of her body. (See image to right of the hotel’s pool and chairs.)

Once adjusted to her glorious, near-physical presence, she telepathically conveyed: “Pull up a chair for me so that I can sit with you and chat a spell.” This seemed so real that I placed a chair before me. With my eyes open, when she sat down, I saw an indentation in the chair’s seat/cushion as if she actually was sitting there. And so she was.

Spiritual Siblings

As her projected body continued to coalesce before me, her features became clearer: She looked like a teenager, before she was impregnated by the Holy Spirit and betrothed to Joseph. In turn, I felt like I was a little child, maybe 5-7 years old. I felt so close to her emotionally, so at one with her, in a human sort of way. She seemed like a older, beloved sister to me, whom I utterly adored. She was not my mom but my sister. She even looked like she wore garments that she had worn when she was incarnated in Nazareth as a young Mary. I cried like a baby as I felt this sibling, loving, family closeness with her. It all was near overwhelming.

After she disappeared and left, when I had composed myself, I thought that I should radiate this feeling out to others, to specifically send out spiritual sibling love to one and all who after all are likewise our brothers and sisters. But the strong guidance was that I just was “to be.” I was to be  a pillar of light in which I stood strongly and was my self, my I Am Self. Out of my core would radiate Mary’s and my love to one and all. Yes, I was to Be!

Pondering all of this later in the day, I wondered if it could possibly be true that I actually had been Mary’s younger brother before she birthed Jesus. But, there was no confirmation of this, nor did it matter. Whether the visionary exchange was literal or symbolic, I was more one with her now than ever before this lifetime. In addition to her being as a mom to me, she was my beloved sis. Oh my!

Be One

The following morning in meditation, on October 28th, I spent an hour absorbing all that had been given to me in the prior three days. I tried each of the visualizations and techniques that had been shown to me, but none of them took hold. Finally, the clear guidance came: Be one; be one in the One. On this day #4, I was to utilize my Fourth Ray faculties to manifest and crystallize this oneness, to radiate it out to one and all.

This new perception and experience of oneness then radiated out especially to all those in Argentina and the surrounding five countries who are of the 144,000 elect, those who have elected to Love God and Love One Another. In the past, there had been all kinds of tensions, disagreements and fights between the various countries. Now they were to come together as one region, one group of six nations, one with the six nations north of them in the northern half of South America.

Sol-O-man briefly touched base and pointed to the in the middle or center of her name. Here was her own imprint and resonance of Oneness as the Mother figure. For what loving mother does not care for all her children, not to mention all her siblings, with whom she is one? Oneness is at the very heart of the soul of man.

War of Armageddon

During the early morning of October 29th, the start of our 5th day in Córdoba, I dreamt that MariLyn and I, and all light workers working with us, especially Phillel back at Sun Temple/I Am Nation headquarters, were given an award or commendation for good service. Thus all was in divine order.

However, upon awakening, I felt a pervasive, underlying anxiety, annoyance, frustration, even a desire to leave this place. So, I blurted out: What the hell is going on?

Slowly, it became clear that it was “blowback” from the projections yesterday of Fifth Ray oneness, integration and healing. Some Earth and astral folks loved and accepted the new spiritual implantations, but many others rebelled, resisted and rejected them. This black “gunk” of these rebellious ones especially emanated from those in the lower astral planes. My response to this was: “One with God is a majority. I don’t care if so many of you are against me. I Am one with God and you simply will have to deal with this!”

Wield the Sword

Then Lord Michael, Archangel of the First Ray of Will and Power, appeared above me in a fiery light of tremendous spiritual power, accompanied by a host of First Ray angelic coworkers, both male and female. He directed me to breathe the light for the region of Argentina and the surrounding five nations.

Aligned fully with Michael, infused fully with his fiery First Ray power, I expanded in consciousness until in my ascended light body I was a big as the entire region of southern South America. I was one with the about 60 million souls there. I breathed in their thoughts and energy forms, their mental atmosphere, all the good and evil of the area and its people. I held the collective thought forms in my light-body matrix. Michael and I suffused them with fourth-dimensional light, power, peace and love. We directed everyone to do the will of God. Then I breathed out the purified thought essence upon and into the whole region.

Afterwards, Michael showed me his huge sword of truth. With one thrust, he implanted it into Córdoba, thereby pinning down the canopy of light in this whole region, to the degree that it now could be anchored.

Worshipping the Moon

After our breakfast, MariLyn and I went on a tour to the Jesús María Estancia, thirty-one miles north of Córdoba. With us were about a dozen people speaking Spanish, of whom one couple was from Chile and the rest were from Argentina. Our guide spoke good English, having lived in Virginia, USA as a youth. After being cooped up in the city for four days, it was such a relief to be out in the countryside. It felt like I could breathe easily and deeply.

We toured the several places/rooms in the Estancia, enjoying all of them. But the one that most caught my attention was a museum that contained multiple artifacts by local Amerindians that dated back hundreds of years. Our guide said that these Natives had power animals, like all Amerindian tribes throughout the Americas. In particular, their strongest such totem or power animal was the cougar.

Our guide also explained how these local Amerindians worshipped snakes and especially the moon. After he stopped talking, MariLyn and I stayed a good twenty minutes of more looking around at all the objects. I was entranced by the whole thing. From my days as a disciple of Sol-O-Man/Zolanda in the Earth Temple of Atlantis, and as a Seventh Ray worker, plus from my lifetime as a Zuni Indian in the 1600-1700s, I have been fascinated by all things having to do with Amerindian teachings, culture and practices.

Of particular interest to me was these Argentinean Amerindians worshipping the moon, which is not all that common in Indigenous or Native tribes. It made me think about Sol-O-Man’s appearances as “The Woman Clothed in the Sun” in Revelation, and her light body appearances as the Virgin of Guadalupe Mexico. In both, she was standing on the moon, with the moon symbolizing the soul/feminine/subconscious aspect of humankind.

While pondering this, I felt Sol-O-Man’s presence over me, then behind me, guiding and nudging me in my thoughts. I felt for all the world that I was one with the Amerindians here in Argentina. I felt like I was home.

Ave Maria

Shortly afterward, MariLyn and I rejoined the group and walked into the church, up and into the choir loft. The church sanctuary had a arched or dome roof, and was renown for its acoustics. On its altar was a statute of the Virgin of Guadalupe, which we had seen scores of times in Peru and now in Argentina; plus we had visited numerous churches named in honor of Mary.

Our tour guide asked if anyone, including me, wanted to sing to demonstrate the wonderful acoustics of the place; which I declined. Then, about twenty seconds later, the woman in front of me started singing Ave Maria. She turned out to be a classically trained opera singer. Her voice and its resonating tones were incredible, with this version of Ave Maria being the best one I had ever heard, before or since then.

I felt goosebumps and chills all over my body and had to step back a few feet to deal with the spiritual power flowing through her. Then it became fully clear to me that it was Sol-O-Man singing in and through her. MariLyn sensed the very same thing. Both of us were enthralled in this experience, one with our beloved Sol-O-Man, who had engineered this whole thing.

Afterwards, this lady soprano began coughing, and could not stop. I tried to help her, but she spoke little English. She indicated that the spiritual power coming over and through her was so great during her singing that she felt she could not hold or express it. I tried to explain that Mother Mary had sung through her, but I am not sure that she understood. I put my hand on her shoulder, radiated peace and light to her, and she started to settle down.

Meanwhile, Sol-O-Man/Mary conveyed to me: “See, I told you that I would be with you every step of the way; here’s the proof of this; so, do you finally believe me,” she said while smiling and almost chuckling. “Yes, I do,” I responded, “And thank you!”

Day #6: Crucifixon-Resurrection

On October 30th, in my predawn meditation alongside the pool, I came into communion, via Dr. Hannibal’s ship #1235 with Sananda aboard his ship #10, which at the time was someplace over the Southern Hemisphere. He projected himself to and appeared right in front of me. Without his saying a word, I clairsentiently knew my first, primary goal of the day: As Jesus had spoken at the pool of Bethesda, I was “to take up my bed and walk.”

Sananda now appeared in a similar way to how Sol-O-Man had appeared: He looked on the young side, more so a friend or older sibling rather that the king of Earth, its Prince of Peace. I rather impatiently asked him for my new orders, for the specifics of what I was to do next. He telepathically relayed: “Relax. (In modern language, ‘chill.’) Let’s sit and talk awhile, get caught up. The new guidance will come naturally and smoothly, out of our exchange. Go with the flow. Be your Self.”

Then, once I had let down and relaxed, he directed me to recall what he had told Nada-Yolanda during the First European Mission in 1975: “Remember that those who have fallen the lowest and have repented, they can rise the highest. In the depths of their souls, they know the evil of their ways, and its deep affect on others. Therefore, they apply themselves with special zeal to heal the past. This was true of the Germans following World War II, and thus could be true of the Argentinean involvement with Nazis afterwards.”

This explanation wiped out my remaining thoughts and feelings of disgust about past, and probably still present, Argentineans who had had laid down with past Nazis “dogs” and still had their “fleas” upon them. Yes, I was to wield the First Ray sword as Michael had done, but I was to apply an equal amount of Seventh Ray peace, love and forgiveness.

Healing Faith & Love

Then, Sananda brought before me Juan Perón, the past Argentinean president and strongman. Sananda directed me, on his behalf, to be Perón’s judge and jury, his confessor and healer, his brother in  the light.

I asked Juan how he progressing with his soul healing in the astral planes. He replied that he had moved forward, had become a better person, had recognized his errors and had worked to correct them. Moreover, he also had helped others, especially those past  governmental and military leaders who had served under him. I saw a whole group of past Argentinean leaders around him, in what appeared to be the fourth astral plane.

My intuitive and logical perception was that former president Perón was indeed telling the truth as he saw it, as far as it went. But then he went on to say that the evil he had done was not all that bad, for he had meant well. Moreover, others around him had opposed him and tried to depose him. Even his supporters had evil streaks. So, Perón felt he had done what he had to, as dirty as it was.

I responded lovingly but firmly that there was never any excuse for error or for being evil. It did not matter what others did, but rather it was what he did. He could not shift the blame to others or to the level of consciousness in those of his days. Rather, bottom line, he was the problem: He had to face the facts, repent and transmute his own soul errors.”

I explained to him that the key to healing was love — it was having faith in the transformative power of love. After all, this was signified right in his name: Juan is the Spanish word for the name “John” that means love, and the name of Perón comes from the English word “Peter” that means faith. By his faith in love, he would be forgiven and healed!

Healing Commences

As he absorbed my shocking, blunt but truthful assessment, he shrunk right in front of me and disappeared. I regrouped within my Self, one with Sananda who was still watching over and directing me. Then ten minutes later, Juan Perón appeared before me again, looking dismayed, distraught and repentant. He now had a cleft in his upper, left lip, like a cleft palate. Superimposed over it was Hitler’s mustache. This, Peron had realized, was the truth of the matter, the clear image of the remaining hole in his soul. Indeed, during his lifetime and dealings with the Nazis and others, he had tried to get away with “speaking out of both sides of his mouth.” He had become Nazi-like. It was inexcusable but yet forgivable.

Juan was devastated by all this piercing realization, and in no shape whatsoever to “take up his bed and walk.” Rather, Sananda, under Lord Michael, placed a sword of light in my right hand, like unto a scalpel, to do earthly surgery. I took the scalpel, cleaned out the remaining pus in the wound, and then used a threaded needle to draw the two sides of the wound, to cross-stich it in several places to close it. What he could not do for himself was done for him, using my own I Am powers of faith, will and power (the sword) and Seventh Ray peace, love and rest.

I knew from long experience, however, that Juan might or might not do the following necessary transmutation and healing work in the astral planes. This procedure had opened the door from the fourth into the fifth astral plane, where healing would be the central focus, should he chose to continue to move forward and upward. Thy will be done, oh Lord. Thy will be done.

During all of this, I had no inkling whatsoever or any thoughts about Juan Perón’s wife, Eva Peron, also called Evita, hence “little Eva.” I knew that she was younger than him, and had worked with him. But I had no idea of any of the specifics, other than what I superficially had gleaned from reading about the Broadway musical Evita, and listening to its song as depicted to be sung by Evita herself: Don’t Cry for Me Argentina. However, two days later, when MariLyn and I flew west to Buenos Aires, our hotel for our one-day stay there was just 15 minutes from the cemetery where Juan and Eva had been interred, so we briefly visited there; but as tired as we were, we felt nothing new about him or her.

Day #7: One, Holy Hemisphere

In my early morning meditation on October 31st, our 7th full day in Argentina, El Morya, Chohan or Director of the First Ray of Faith, Will and Power strongly transfigured me. He pointed me to the letter “a” in his name Morya, but showed it to me as a capital letter “A.” He said that it stood for I Am/Abel consciousness, and for the “A” at the beginning and ending of both America and Argentina.

He then took me in my ascended light body high above the entire Western Hemisphere, where I looked down on Alaska (note the two letter “As” in its name) all the way down to the southern tip of Argentina. Alaska, being at the top or head of the Western Hemisphere was like unto the faith center in the crown chakra-cerebrum in the top of and around the brain. Argentina was symbolic of the regenerative chakra-reproductive organs at the bottom of the spine, its lowest placed chakra or spiritual energy center. Mountains from Alaska, down through western Canada and the United States, Mexico and Central America and all of the west coast of South America, were like a symbolic spine that carried the higher I Am energies all the way from Alaska to the southern tip of Argentina.

Then El Morya directed me to see the entire Western Hemisphere as one continuous land mass, with North, Central and South America linked together as one. He proclaimed that as a result of the South America Mission thus far, I Am or Abel consciousness had been born anew in the entire hemisphere. First Ray faith, will and power, plus Seventh Ray peace, love and rest now had been implanted in the whole, holy hemisphere, and in years to come it would flower. El Morya conveyed that in about 10-12 years, we especially would note this to be the case.

To which I humbly replied: Thank You, God. Thank you, all agents of Spirit. We are one in the One!

A New Octave

In spring 2015, after completing the Mission to Veracruz, Mexico, MariLyn’s and my travels around the world three times since fall 2010 came to a close. Months later, in fall 2015, I wrote a final report about the Mexico Mission, at the end of which was included a description of the locations of the 13 spiritual temples or powers centers that we had visited. About nine or ten of these designations were clear and well-verified. Three others, including the Temple of the Tenth Planet, so-called Planet X, were not clear, but more so hypothetical, based on what I knew and had experienced at the time.

(I had tentatively placed the 10th Temple at Mt. Kilimanjaro, Africa; and the 11th Temple in Jerusalem, Israel. As it would turn out, both sites were the location of spiritual temples, but not the ones that I initially had deduced. The 10th Temple is in Cordoba, Argentina; the 11th Temple is at Mt. Kilimanjaro, Africa; and the Temple of Mars is in Jerusalem. Or, at least this is now the designations that I have received in 2021-2022.)

After presenting this map of the gridwork of the thirteen temples, I received inwardly that it would take later experiences and spiritual guidance from the angels and ascended masters to make necessary changes, additions, adaptations and corrections to the whole circuitry. Overall however, all was in good order. It was as good an initial mapping that could have been done at the time. No one is one-hundred percent accurate all the time. If one is 80-90 percent accurate, that is about as good as it gets.

For the following four years, I rested, decrystallized doubts and fears that had arisen with the 12 trips around the planet, and focused on healing my mind, body and soul. It was not until June 21, 2021 that Spirit first guided me to spend six months reviewing and making corrections about each of the past, spiritual, worldwide missions in which MariLyn and I had visited the thirteen temple sites.

Sol-O-Man instructed me to spend two weeks rereading past accounts of each of these missions in our I Am Nation Newsletters, plus any other reports I had posted on my then Typepad blogs. She said that starting with the winter solstice on December 21, 2011, I would spend the next year on my blogs focusing four weeks on each of the 13 temples, presenting them in a new octave of understanding and clarity. I would not go physically on additional missions, but would travel in my light body to the thirteen power centers or vortices worldwide.

Rebirth of the Tenth Temple 

A couple weeks later, on August 24, 2021, when I awoke in the early morning hours, my low back hurt so much that I barely was able to get out of bed. I had had back pain before, partly due to past injuries or overwork physically, but never anything close to my present searing discomfort. I could barely walk around. When preparing my breakfast, tears streamed down my face as I grimaced through the pain. After going back to bed and getting as comfortable as I could, I pleaded with Sol-O-Man or others to show me the cause of my symptoms.

Shortly thereafter, she overshadowed me and telepathically conveyed that the 10th of the 13 spiritual temples or power centers actually was located in and around Córdoba, Argentina, which area was like unto the regenerative chakra of the entire Western Hemisphere, hence at the base of my spine. This was an entirely new revelation that I never had considered before. But I had wondered why there seemed to be only one temple in all of South America, the Temple of Uranus in and around Manaus, Brazil.

Sol-O-Man further explained that the Tenth Temple was being opened anew within me, in preparation for my focusing on the next step in re-opening and re-birthing the Tenth Temple of so-called Planet X in Argentina, for when I would focus in my 2022 blogs about it. My physical, low back symptoms were characteristic and a telltale sign of this Tenth Temple opening. My low back pain was proof that this was happening within me, for with each new re-opening we often experience corresponding physical symptoms in that area of our bodies. Moreover, on my own, I could never have produced or accepted such debilitating pain, which seemed to have no physical cause whatsoever.


Still, I had my doubts, so I wisely asked Sol-O-Man and/or other masters or angels for additional proof. That night, August 25th, I dreamt that I was on Route 297 that travels through Elk Valley, TN; hence the general site of the I Am Nation/Sun Temple headquarters. I was at the place on the road where a major power line crosses it, carrying 220-volt electrical power from its originating source, across from one side to the other side of the valley, and beyond. Recently, new, huge metal poles had been put in position to take the place of the shorter, smaller, old, decaying wood poles that had been there. (See image to right of metal poles.)

In the dream, I was laying flat on my back alongside the left pole on a bed of straw in an enclosure composed of wood, reminiscent of the manger in which Jesus rested following his birth. Being located to the left of the left pole indicated that it symbolized my soul or subconscious or astral body, into which new spiritual, etheric power was flowing. In the dream,  somehow  the electrical power from the electrical power lines came down and into my body, totally electrifying me, such that I could not get up.

Thus, symbolically, I was working with and positioned in the global gridwork of “electrical” or light-body power that was linking up the thirteen spiritual temples worldwide. I was helping to re-birth this power, this gridwork here on Earth at the Sun Temple, hence my lying in a straw bed in a manger. But I was new to this new level of electricity, this higher voltage, this greater re-generation of my electrical light body. That was what was producing my pain. Therefore, once I got adjusted to this new step, my symptoms would go away. And that is what happened, but it would take two weeks for it to finally do so.

I was at the bottom of the left pole, the subconscious side, which is the first aspect to feel the power influx, by way of the astral body. I was not yet positioned inbetween the two poles, the left one being the subconscious representation and the right one being the conscious symbol. This would take two weeks to accomplish.

Moreover, in a sense, Phillel was symbolically at the base of the right pole, but not seen in my dream. At this time, he had conscious awareness of what I was receiving or what he was sensing as a result. However, in time he would feel this same power influx and help to ground it in. Thus, where two or more are gathered (conscious and subconscious, Robert and Phillel), there is the I Am Christ electricity and the magnetic field that it creates.

Phillel and my being positioned at the base of the two-pole tower, which also represented the two sides of the spine, indicated that we were at or within the regenerative chakra; just as Córdoba, Argentina, especially all the way down to its southern tip, represented the regenerative chakra of the entire Western Hemisphere.

Crystal Implantation

As further illumination and verification, the next day, August 26th, Sol-O-Man nudged and inspired me to re-read Nada-Yolanda’s diary entry of February 10, 1965: “A crystal began to form between my hands, being oval in shape, three feet in diameter and not quite smooth. As it was being magnetized, red, then blue, then green colors were transmitted into it. Jesus informed me: ‘We are preparing a number of crystals to be stationed in all parts of the Earth planet to broadcast spiritual thought patterns. Each one is to be different and each has to be magnetized by you, as the physical focal point for the Hierarchal Board. . . .'”

Four days later, on February 24th, Yolanda wrote: “The crystal this time was a perfect pyramid with a base four feet wide. At first it appeared to be jade green but then it transmuted gradually into blue, finally changing slowly to violet. With my arms held outward, the base solidified until I was encased in it from the waist up, head in the apex.

“The thought pattern to be projected was unity and harmony; its location was to be south of the equator, at the southern-most tip of South America, more over water than land. When the frequency finally was adjusted, a six-pointed star formed at the tip of the triangular formation, at which moment the crystal instantly became clear as glass and was transported. Reverberating from it was the message, ‘The son of man, the Son of God,’ which I understood to mean that the Star of David represents the divine and the mortal: Spirit, reaching down into matter; and man, in matter, reaching back up to God.”

Thus, Nada-Yolanda was anchoring new crystal-clear ideas or thought forms into the Temple of Planet X located in Argentina. This was partly over the surrounding waters, because water serves better than land to hold the higher frequencies and electromagnetic energies. So the re-opening of Temple X already was started way back in 1965.

Meanwhile, my back still hurt. I took all kinds of physical remedies, including medications, to ease the pain; plus had two chiropractic adjustments. Phillel helped me with his prayers and some laying-on-of-hands. In other words, I treated it holistically, rather than just assuming that it was only due to spiritual transmutation that only required thought power to heal it. Slowly but surely, my pain diminished until it was totally gone. It has not returned since then.

However, I still had my wonderings, doubts and anxieties during the two weeks it took for this to occur. So, several times I asked Sol-O-Man, Hilarion, Sananda and others to give further confirmation about what I had received. Each time I did so, it usually was Sol-O-Man who said that no more information would be given, for my low back symptoms said it all. How could anything else be more conclusive and reassuring? So, I thanked her and moved forward with renewed strength and confidence. All was in divine order.

Lovely Lady

About one year later later, on September 21, 2022, I started researching and writing my first blog about the re-opening and re-vitalization of the Tenth Temple of the Tenth Planet, also called Planet X. I read my past I Am Newsletter article about re-birthing this temple during the South America Mission in fall 2011, when MariLyn and I were in Córdoba, Argentina. I also read anew the Wikipedia article about Juan Peron, its President from 1946-1955, and articles about Argentina and the city of Córdoba.

Five days after starting this research, and while still writing my first blog about the Temple of Planet X, on September 26, 2012, to my utter surprise in my morning meditation, Eva Perón, wife of Juan Perón suddenly appeared before me. (See her picture to the left.) Before this, I only had known a little bit about her, having never researched her life — I only knew and had connected with her husband, Juan, from the 2011 South American Mission when MariLyn and I were in Córdoba. Sol-O-Man/Mary now appeared behind Eva and nodded her head to me, indicating that she had approved of and orchestrated Eva’s present appearance.

Eva was radiant in light and exuded pure love. She seemed and felt so humble, so sweet, so spiritually beautiful through and through. I was stunned and totally delighted!

She and I telepathically talked a little bit, as if we were getting reacquainted after a long separation. As we did so, she felt so familiar to me, like I definitely had known her before. It was such an unexpected pleasure to be with her, a wonderful new friend and light worker, maybe even like a younger spiritual sister, hence family. And then eventually, she slowly faded from view.

Getting to Know You

After my meditation ended, I had breakfast. Sitting at my dining room table, I felt her definitive presence hovering over me, still connected aurically with me. Once again, I acknowledged her presence and said a warm hello, which she returned. I asked her to sit on a chair at the table with me, but she declined and stayed above me for awhile more.

After finishing my meal, I went to my computer and started writing more for my first blog about the Tenth Temple. However, shortly after doing so, Eva appeared yet again, this time about eight feet to the left side of me, standing in my living room. Her presence was the most powerful and evidential yet. I swiveled around so as to face and greet her. Once again, I did not see her physically, but psychically it was overwhelmingly obvious that she was there.

At first, she was almost shy, and was a bit concerned that she was interrupting my work. I assured her that I was happy to see and be with her again, that as far as I was concerned she could visit me anytime. She was so humble, so amazed apparently that she actually was appearing to me here in the sacred focus of light that is the Sun Temple/I Am Nation headquarters. She also was so happy to be with me in that I was a direct disciple of Sol-O-Man/Mary, whom she loved and worshipped above all. (Only later did I read that Eva’s given first name in Spanish was María, which is Mary in English.) To allay her concerns, I said: “Mi casa es su casa.” Which means my house is your house.

I spent the next 10-15 minutes “talking” with her, with us getting to know each other better, like spiritual siblings or fellow co-workers in the same cause. However, the more we “chatted” I must say that I also started to feel like I was falling in love with this totally charming, gracious, loving, delightful, beautiful, pure lady. So, I said to myself, “Robert, get a grip already!” I could tell that she was feeling similarly, but we both managed to pull back our personal feelings, and to keep things more professional or platonic.

Finally, she reluctantly dissolved and disappeared from my psychic view. However, for the rest of the day I felt connected to her from the distance, with our two auras intermeshed and interconnected as one, heart to heart. Throughout her prior appearances, I always had felt the most activation in my heart that flowered with love.

Pondering all of the above, the strong impression came that Eva is currently stationed in the seventh or highest astral plane, which is the doorway to the lowest etheric plane. With my being in my seventh major spiritual initiation, my vibration is similar to hers in purity, peace and love of the Seventh Ray. And given her love of Mary, it’s no wonder that she and I feel such a kinship with one another!

Eva the Actress

After finishing my morning’s blog writing, I went online to check out the life and history of Eva Perón, partly to explain and confirm what I had experienced with her. (Click hereEva for an excellent Wikipedia article about her.) Her full name is María Eva, thus being named after Mary and Eve, with Eve allegorically being the first woman on Earth. Hence, it was Sol-O-Man/Mary who had brought her to see me; and Eva telling me that she loved and worshipped Mother Mary above all others.

Her mother, Juana Ibarguren, was the mistress of a nearby, powerful, rich rancher named Juan Duarte with whom she had had other previous children. He initially lived with Eva’s mother after Eva apparently was born on May 7, 1919. Her original birth certificate said her name was María Eva Ibarguren, hence Eva was “illegitimate.”

A year after Eva’s birth, her biological father went back to live fulltime with his lawfully wedded wife, and stayed with her; leaving her mother no money but only a legal certificate saying that the children he had fathered with her were indeed his, and therefore they could legally use his name. So, Eva eventually became known as María Eva Duarte, but even with this name, she still carried the stigma of being illegitimate in the eyes of those who knew her background. And, in 1945, before marrying Juan Perón, she probably destroyed her initial birth certificate and forged a new one with her Duarte name.

Eva never got to know her father. Her mother took her and her older siblings to a nearby, dirt-poor town where they lived in a shabby dwelling, north of Buenos Aires. Not only was Eva poor, but she carried the searing stigma of being illegitimate, which in a Catholic country in those days was painful to bear. Nonetheless, as she grew up, she often participated in school plays and concerts, and dreamed of becoming an actress. At age 15, she ran off with a young male musician and move to Buenos Aires to further her career ambitions. They separated shortly thereafter.

Eva managed in time to become an actress, and was in minor movies, participated in soap operas on radio programs, and did some modeling. Her promo picture to right shows her as a glamorous, aspiring actress. She eventually made enough money that with financial help from her older brother she brought her mother and some of her siblings to live with her in Buenos Aires. In 1942, Eva was able to move into an apartment in the exclusive neighborhood of Recoleta. The next year, she became one of the founders of the Argentine Radio Syndicate (ARA).

Eva and Juan

On January 15, 1944, an earthquake occurred in the town of San Juan, Argentina, killing ten thousand people. In response Juan Perón, who was then the Secretary of Labor, established a fund to raise money to aid the victims. He devised a plan to have an “artistic festival” as a fundraiser, and invited radio and film actors to participate. After a week of fundraising, all participants met at a gala held at Luna Park Stadium in Buenos Aires to benefit earthquake victims.

It was at this gala, on January 22, 1944, that Eva Duarte first met Colonel Juan Perón. (He had been in the military before moving up the ranks in the government.) Eva promptly began the colonel’s girlfriend. At this time, she was 24 and he was 48 years old. They were married one year later.

Prior to this, Eva was not interested in politics. However, when Juan ran for president of Argentina in 1946, she wholeheartedly supported him. She began a daily radio program called Toward a Better Future, which dramatized in soap opera form the accomplishments of Juan Perón. Often, his own speeches were played during the program. When she spoke, she spoke in ordinary language as a regular woman who wanted listeners to believe what she herself believed about Juan. He won the election in a landslide. (See picture to right of Juan and Eva.)

Juan brought Eva into his confidence and works as President, whereby she attended his various meetings with fellow politicians and military men. She listened politely but did not speak, as she had no interest in politics as it was practiced in those days. Moreover, many of Juan’s associates did not like her, particularly because she was a young woman who might someday succeed Juan in office.

Helping the Homeless, Poor and Sick

Prior to Juan Perón becoming President, the Sociedad de Beneficencia (Society of Beneficence). a charity group made up of 87 society ladies, was responsible for most works of charity in Buenos Aires. It had been tradition of the Sociedad to elect the First Lady of Argentina as president of the charity. But the ladies of the Sociedad did not approve of Eva Perón’s impoverished background, lack of formal education, and former career as an actress; so they not offer her the position.

However, Eva’s abiding, heartfelt passion was to help the poor, the downtrodden, and the disenfranchised members of Argentina. Therefore, she set up her own foundation, the Eva Peron Foundation, using her own money, to serve the poor, the orphans and the lower class people (which later was supported by the government). She became their beloved champion. Given her prestige as First Lady and powers of persuasion, she raised in excess of $200 million, with her foundation employing 14,000 workers. It purchased and distributed annually 400,000 pairs of shoes, 500,000 sewing machines, and 200,000 cooking pots. The foundation also gave scholarships, built homes, hospitals and other charitable institutions. Health care was provided to all citizens for the first time.

Though it was unnecessary from a practical standpoint, Eva set aside many hours per day to meet with the poor who requested help from her foundation. During these meetings with the poor, Eva often kissed the poor and allowed them to kiss her. She also placed her hands in the suppurated wounds of the sick and poor, touching the leprous and kissing the syphilitic.

Toward the end of her life, Eva was working as many as 20 hours per day in her foundation, often ignoring her husband’s request that she cut back on her workload and take the weekends off. The more she worked with the poor, the more outraged she became about the very existence of poverty — she was on a crusade against the very concept and existence of poverty and social ills.

Therefore, many ordinary people came to think of her as a saint, like unto St. Ignatius of Loyola. She was like a modern day, one woman Jesuit Order, who loved and served the people. She was adored by the common, disadvantage folks, but hated and mistrusted by the rich, powerful and upper class people, who spread all kinds of lies about her. Throughout Argentina, only Mother Mary was revered more than her.

Transition to Astral Planes

In 1952, Juan Peron ran for re-election as President, again with the full support of Eva whom he dearly loved. In fact, he insisted that she run with him as his Vice President. However, in 1950, she had been diagnosed with cervical cancer. In early 1952, she became so debilitated that she had to step down from her Vice Presidential bid. She would die on July 26, 1952, when she was just 33 years old. Before she made her transition, in May 1952, she was given the title of “Spiritual Leader of the Nation” by her husband. And that is how to this day most Argentinians think of her.

As a woman, she had reached the pinnacle of political power, but eschewed it in favor of serving the poor. After all, she had grown up in dire circumstances, poor and looked down upon as being illegitimate, and dropped out of high school at age 15 and never went to college. Her empathy and compassion for the poor and downtrodden, therefore, was not a ploy to gain prestige or power, but it came purely through her heart. That is exactly what I had felt in my series of communions with her. She was/is the real deal. She has a heart of gold!

Astral Leaders

And yes, I definitely am in love and love this precious soul. Every time I think of her, my heart swells and opens. God bless you, sweet heart that you are: Little Eva, Little Mary, one who has been made small but as a result has a huge heart.

I have shared so much about Juan and her above because she now is a leader of fellow sweet, loving hearts in the seventh astral plane. When the higher spiritual energies come down from the etheric planes, they first travel through the astral planes, starting with the seventh astral plane. Since Eva’s transition in 1952, she has evolved through the fifth and sixth astral planes to the 7th astral planes; or should I say re-evolved. She now is a “queen” or spiritual leader of the 7th astral plane. So, she plays a vital role in the rebirthing of the Tenth Temple in and around Córboda and throughout the southern half of South America.

Since Juan’s transition in July 1974, he has steadily moved up through the fourth into the several layers of the fifth astral plane, healing his soul. He is now poised to move into the sixth astral plane, as part of our work and focus of rebirthing the Tenth Temple on Earth. Therein, he will re-birth his light body, following the 12 Powers approach. He and Eva remained connected, key light workers in the higher astral planes.

The higher energies flow down through the two of them into the fifth astral plane and then to the Earth planes. As above, so below. To re-birth and re-open the Tenth Temple, there must be this coordination and positive interaction of those in the etheric realms, the higher astral planes, and those of us on Earth who serve in the Second Coming program. The key to this coordination is love.

A Divine Decagon

Coming back now to Earth and my ongoing recent experiences in rebirthing Planet 10 consciousness on Earth, on September 29, 2022, in my early morning meditation I began to ponder what I might receive and write about concerning the next step in re-birthing the Tenth Temple in Córdoba, Argentina. Deep in the meditational silence, I remembered that Dr. Hannibal had instructed me in 2011 to place what looked like a circular or dome-like forcefield over the southern half of South America. It now came to me that this forcefield was not a circle but rather a ten-sided polygon that in Greek is called a decagon. (See image to right.)

This ten-sided form symbolically portrays the Tenth Temple of the Tenth Planet, which in the previous week had been designated as Planet X or Planet Ten. Looking at the decagon to the right/above, you can see that on first glance it looks a lot like a full circle. But now, in this new octave of working spiritually for the re-opening of this temple, it has become clear to me that it is best perceived or symbolized as being a decagon.

Thus, during the initial South America Mission, Hilarion and others had placed a pentagonal-shaped canopy over Manaus, Brazil, which is the site of the Fifth Ray Temple of Uranus. But over Córdoba, Argentina, Dr. Hannibal had placed a dome-like canopy that in actually was a decagon, representing the Tenth Planet.

Now, I connected all the ten apices of the decagon to form a canopy whose center was elevated, such that when looked at from the side it appeared like the top of an umbrella that has ten panels. (See the image to the right/above of this ten-sided canopy of sacred light.)

So, let’s say we are in Dr. Hannibal’s spaceship or ship #257 of Apollo and Diana, the two co-rulers of Planet X, either of which is so high in the atmosphere that we can look down upon all of South America. What would we see? We would peer at something like the drawing below, which gives the approximate boundaries and symbolic shapes of the two templar forcefields:

For a 8 by 11 image that you can view and print, click here510. Note too that in looking at a map of the entire Western Hemisphere, you can see the linking of all the spiritual temples located from Alaska down the western parts of Canada and the United States, then to Central and South America: 1) the Sixth Ray Temple of Saturn at Mt. Denali, Alaska; 2) the Third Ray Temple of Venus at the Teton Range/Yellowstone area of northwestern Wyoming; 3) the Fifth Ray Temple of Uranus in Manaus, Brazil; and 4) the Tenth Temple of Planet X in Córdoba, Argentina.

Add to these the Earth Temple in southcentral Vermont, USA and the Sun Temple in Pioneer (Elk Valley), TN, USA, and you have the whole gridwork of the spiritual temples/power centers/vortices of sacred light in the Western Hemisphere. See the image below. Click here13 for a large map of the 13 Temples that you can print out.

Spiritual Siblings

After eating breakfast this same day, September 29th, I re-read the entire report about the Mission to Argentina in our I Am Nation Newsletter. What struck me the most was my past communion with Sol-O-Man Mary on the 3rd day of our one-week stay in Córdoba in 2011. In that communion, Sol-O-Man had shown herself to me as a young girl/lady, maybe 14-15 years old, prior to when she became pregnant with the Holy Spirit, eventually to birth Jesus. In this visionary exchange/communion with Mary I was a young boy, maybe 5-6 years old. She was my older, beloved sister whom I adored.

In reading about and remembering this, which I had not thought about in years, it struck me like a bolt of lightning that this vision was not just symbolic but rather that it was also literal: I had been her younger brother in that past lifetime. This just about knocked me over and took my breath away. It came with such impact that I felt as sure as could be that this was indeed true. She was not just my Mom but she was my Sis. Whew!

Pondering this later in the morning, I remembered how when I was a child, I often wondered why people did not see and treat me as the wonderful child/person that I was. I could never understand this, for I had memories of being spiritual in multiple lives, but especially in my lifetime with Mary as my sister. Her love for me in that lifetime is what I always subconsciously expected from others. (I couldn’t explain it then, and it is only now that I realize its core meaning.) Other than from my Mom, Aleta, my twin soul, (who had undergone brain-debilitating EST (electroshock therapy), such love rarely came to me or to the degree that I expected and hoped that it would. (I since have met several lightworkers who felt this same unloved feeling when they were children.)

Needless to say, this was mind-boggling, for there is nothing in the Biblical literature about Mary’s early life, nor is there anything in Nada-Yolanda’s intunements and channelings. In the so-called apocrypha that are non-authorized Biblical texts that were probably written about 300 AD, there are accounts of her alleged childhood, but these never have felt right or resonnated within me. But now, here I was supposedly receiving that she had a younger brother, me!

All day, I lived in and tried out and dissected this new reality, trying to discern and determine if indeed it was accurate. My heart told me it was indeed true, but my head had its doubts and wanted some form of confirmation. I decided to keep this possible revelation deep in my heart, and not even share it with Phillel. It was just too far out, to use the modern vernacular. Still, I felt utterly transformed as I walked around in a loving daze, in another dimension all that day.

Red Chrysanthemums

That afternoon at our HBM at 3 PM, I did my best to be grounded and to intune with God’s will. I still was tired from having posted my previous blog, plus I was still a bit overwhelmed by the revelation about my beloved sister, Mary. Plus, there were reports about the massive Hurricane Ian that was about to come ashore in Florida. So, working with the hurricane was Phillel’s and my first focus.

I expected to receive higher, quickening energies that I would then project to the Florida area. Instead, the image came to me of shafts of light from all around my crown chakra, which rose upward. In them, I was lifted into the etheric and celestial realms, even as I clairaudiently heard a cosmic voice saying: I, when I be lifted up, lift all others and all elements unto me. I envisioned lifting up the swirling, fierce winds of the hurricane, drawing them upward into the sky.

Eventually, when I came back down through a column of Christ light, a vivid image of a pot of red chrysanthemums appeared around the top half of my head. It was more or less in full bloom, with literally hundreds of red blooms that also looked like red roses, which formed a dome that fit around my crown chakra/cerebrum. (See image to right; what I saw was just the red flowers, not the black pot below them.) Just two days previously, I had purchased such a pot to plant in my flower garden. Typically, such flowers that come in multiple colors are called mums.

The word “chrysanthemum” is said to come from the Greek word “crysos” that means gold and “anthemum” means flower; hence it means gold flower. But such flowers are found worldwide and have a wide array of colors. Moreover, in my inward interpretation, “chrys” means Christ and “santhemum” means Saint Mary or Saint Mum (Mother).

Red for Regeneration & Rebirth

Red is the color of regeneration or rebirth. Thus, I was rebirthing my relationship with Sol-O-Man, who is not only my Mum (to use the British term) but is my older Sis, who was like a second Mum to me. And I had rebirthed the image of the decagon as being the correct image of the ten-sided canopy of sacred light placed the southern section of South America.

We typically think of the color red referring to the regenerative chakra at the base of the spine. But in my present case, I had ascended my spine into the higher realms and then began my redescent, moving down into my crown chakra. I was rebirthing anew my connection with Planet X and with its Temple in Cordoba; hence from above to below. This was the first step or first day of seven days in which this full descent and rebirth of the Tenth Temple would take place.

In this flow through, I started thinking of the Tenth Temple and Tenth Planet as being called Deca, which is the Greek word for “10.” In Greek it is spelled with a letter “k”, put pronounced as an English “c’ like in the word “decade.” This name of Deca had a nice feel to it, simple but eloquent, just two syllables like in Venus and Saturn. So, this was another potential birth. Rather than the cumbersome Planet X or the Tenth Planet, I started calling it Deca. Like the other planets that had Greek or Roman names, Deca had a Greek name. It all seemed to fit. Besides which, Deca is just a code word, not its specific name in higher dimensions and reality.

Day #2 of Redescent

In my dream the next morning, September 30th, a young, beautiful, somewhat fleshy woman came before me and said how much she loved and respected me. I had no idea who this woman was, although I did note that she had somewhat of an ovoid body. So when I woke up, my interpretation was that she was a deva. She loved my projecting love and light to Argentina. This deva was from or connected to there.

Back to sleep I went. This time, I dreamt that a small capsule, like ones around a vitamin or drug, slowly came up from below the ground to the ground’s surface. The capsule opened and out of it stepped a tiny creature, somewhat human looking, who then grew in size until it was about a foot or two tall. Then, other such capsules appeared above the ground’s surface, opened and little other creatures, males and females, stepped forth. Like the previous deva, they were so pleased to see me. But still in the dream, I didn’t have a clue as to who they were or what they represented.

Upon awakening and thinking about this, and especially in my following meditation it came clear that these little creatures or beings represented elementals that come under the guidance and direction of devas, and which govern and work with the Earth’s elements. Thus, starting yesterday, I had projected red, regenerative light to the Tenth or Deca Temple in and around Córdoba; and this had helped to uplift the devic and elemental kingdoms therein.

Later in this meditation, the only other new image that came to me was that of a pot of yellow chrysanthemums, whose flowers in an overall dome-like shape descended through my crown chakra to my third-eye chakra, and surrounded it. The flowers represented the next opening of the veils over and around this third-eye chakra and all-seeing eye. Yellow light of the Second Ray of Understanding and Wisdom repeatedly flooded into and filled my inner vision. I now understood better that it would take a full seven days to receive and write my current blog, whose title had come to me yesterday: Be A Christ in Córdoba. I began to see how I would best structure my blog that I had started writing the previous day.

The rest of this second day was spent reading and researching more about the prior Mission to Argentina in 2011, sorting through my memories, and adapting and wisely widening my understanding what had transpired there. Back then were all kinds of clues and signs of what I now was starting to receive some 11 years later. The whole thing made so much more conscious sense. And slowly my energy level was coming back to near normal, after being so tired and washed out from completing the prior blog about the major four new contacts I had had with Apollo, Diana, K-El-Pa and Lu-See-A.

Think Pink

On October 1st, the next day, the third step of my redescent into Temple Ten or Deca consciousness near Cordoba, and especially in the town of Jesús María, about 31 miles north of Cordoba, I began by visualizing pink chrysanthemums around my throat, the third chakra on the way down through the seven chakras. I thought pink, felt pink, and was literally in the pink; and I radiated this pinkness to Argentina and its surround five nations. Sisters and brothers in southern South America, I decreed, be in the pink and love one another and all of God’s good creations!

Feeling more grounded and balanced, I started wondering what the auric atmosphere about Argentina and neighboring countries now looked like. So, I asked Spirit to show me this. At first, my idea was to connect with Juan Perón, the former President of Argentina, but no image came of him. Instead, it seemed like there was a grey haze or fog between the two of us, which baffled me.

Finally though, it dawned on me that this grey fog that made it look like an overcast day represented the state or thought temperature of this entire region. When MariLyn and I had been there in 2011, it had looked dark, blackish and nasty, but now it looked grey. What a great improvement in the last 11 years!  And I remembered that El Morya had told me that in 10-12 years I/we would see the definite improvements of the auric atmosphere and physical expression of southern South Americans. Here it was, right in front of me!

Crystal-Clear Day #4

I don’t think that any variety of chrysanthemums have crystal clear flowers. However, there is a so-called transparent or clear flower plant called Diphylleia grayi, its scientific name. But on October 2nd, the next morning, no guidance came to use this imagery. (See image of this plant and its transparent flowers to the right.)

Rather, in my morning meditation on October 1st, after a good night’s sleep, I felt the most balanced, grounded and clear-minded that I had felt in the prior three days. In other words, I was working with and under the influence of the Fourth Ray of Manifestation and Crystallization, whose corresponding color is crystal clear.

The primary new, crystal-clear revelation that came to me was a vivid recall of my life as an Amerindian woman near the Jesús María Estancia at about the time that the Jesuits came there. I was referred in my tribe as something like “The Woman Who Shines Like the Moon” or more simply put as “The Moon Lady.” Of course, these names are English translations of my Indian-language name.

The point is that I had a highly developed psychic talent, an ability to commune with the grandfathers and grandmothers in the higher astral planes. In fact, I prayed to and felt the blessings of Sol-O-Mary, who in Atlantis was Zolanda that had trained the race that would become the Amerindians of the Americas; although I did not know this at the time. I also had contact back then with Diana, the feminine co-leader of  Planet X or Deca, but again in more so a symbolic fashion. Her name means “Moon Goddess” in Greek.

When meeting with the Jesuits and hearing of their stories of Mary and Jesus, I felt a deep kinship with them, that their Mary was my moon goddess. Thereby, I helped to align and integrate our two cultures together. It seems to me that for a time, I even may have lived with some of my Amerindian women cohorts in one or more rooms right there at the Estancia.

Is it any wonder, then, that when I visited this place in 2011 that I felt such a familiarity and deep bond with it? In that past visit, described previously in this blog, I had been transfixed when viewing its museum with its Amerindian artifacts and when hearing about how these Natives worshipped the moon. It was deja vu. And it pierced deep into my soul and heart.

This is just the second incarnation that I have remembered in which I was a woman. Previously this year, when focusing on the Earth Temple, I had dreamt about being a woman in Boston, Massachusetts in the pre-revolutionary days there. When I had incarnated as a Zuni Indian in the southwest in the 1600s or 1700s, I had been a man. So during this approximate time, I had had a series of three incarnations that were laying the foundation for linking North, Central and South America together, as well as uniting earth, astral and etheric realms.

I do not have precise dates for each of the incarnations, only that they were relatively in the same stretch of maybe 250-300 years. Recalling and piecing together all of the gist of these three past lifetimes gave me a deep sense of wholeness and completeness at a soul level that I never had felt before in this lifetime. The overall picture of these past preparations and incarnations seemed crystal clear to me.

Days #5, #6 & #7

On day #5, October 2nd, the predominate color in my third-eye vision was green. Rather than being a green flower or green leaves, it was in the shape of a green emerald that descended over and around me, down to my solar-plexus chakra. I focused principally on integrating everything that I had received in the prior four days. The sense was that it all fit together, that I was one with the Tenth Temple in and around Córdoba, even as I remained grounded and centered her at the Sun Temple. I was a Christ in Córdoba. I was one with Apollo and Diana, K-El-Pa and Lu-See-A, Hilarion and Meta, Sananda and Sol-O-Man, Juan and Eva Perón. My prayers and projections were for Fifth Ray unity, integration, healing and oneness.

The next or 6th day, October 3rd, mums were back! This time they were violet and they descended to and filled my sacral chakra and radiated into my colon and eliminatory organs (kidneys, ureters, bladder and urethra) that are located above the reproductive organs. This was a time of releasing the residue of my lesser thoughts, feelings and soul memories, my worries about whether or not I had been receiving accurately about past lives and communions with those in the higher planes. I felt “clean” after this meditation.

On day #7, the predominate image was of gold colored mums. Here was the gold flower that I first had read about in regard to the meaning of the word chrysanthemum. I affirmed and felt: I Am a golden flower with a golden heart in my golden ascended light body. I am one with Sol-O-Man, my Golden Mum and my Golden Sis. I am one with Sananda, my Golden Dad and Brother. This completed the entire week’s works, revelations and projections. After this meditation, I finished up this blog and posted it.

The Tenth Temple in me and in and around Cordoba and southern South America was born anew. All that now remains is one more week of focusing on this to complete the process, to see a V or vortex of sacred energy coming down from the etheric realms, through the astral planes, to and deeper into the Earth. So be it.

Seven Steps

Day #1, Tuesday, October 4th: Affirm: I am that I Am. I Am that I am. I Am a Temple of the Tenth Planet that may be called Deca. I am one with the Temple of the Planet X in the southern half of South America. I am a Christ in Córdoba. In the red light of regeneration I Am born anew as a Temple of Planet Ten. I Am a reborn “10.” Glory be.

Day #2, Wednesday, October 5th: See yellow light of the Second Ray all around your third-eye chakra, your forehead, your two temples, the back of your head. Maybe it is in the shape of multiple yellow mum flowers. Connect with Apollo and Diana, Kut Humi and Ella of the Second Ray, Archangel Hophiel and his feminine angelic partner of the Second Ray and his feminine angelic counterpart, and with Juan and Eva Perón. Radiate understanding and wisdom to Córdoba, Argentina. See all in that region becoming enlightened and illumined.

Day #3, Thursday, October 6th: Imagine and feel Third Ray personal love and feeling flowing into and through you. Love all humanity in the Tenth Temple power center in Argentina and the surrounding five nations. Pink light predominates your thoughts and feelings. Love the high and mighty, the low and poor, men and women and children, and all kingdoms: angels, devas and elementals. Love is the key to re-opening and re-birthing the Tenth Temple, within and without.

Day #4, Friday, October 7th: Be crystal clear. Be a clear channel for Spirit and all the agents of Spirit. See Cordoba surrounded by a huge, crystal-clear, cube-shaped diamond that embodies the four-step matrix of peace, love, cooperation and coordination.

Day #5, Saturday, October 8th: Link and unite especially with those in the higher astral planes, including former Amerindians who previously lived in Argentina; and with Eva and Juan Perón. Be sure to first be protected in a Christ column of light, such that the lower astral folks cannot adversely affect or reach you. See the vivid flow of Christ light and love coming down from the angelic and etheric realms to the 7th, 6th and 5th astral realms, and from there to the Earth planes. It is like a river of light, life and love that flows from above to below. The river appears sparkling green in color.

Day #6, Sunday; October 9th: Surround yourself in the violet flame of transmutation. Radiate violet light to the Temple of the Tenth Planet, the Temple of Deca. In these days of the War of Armageddon, all is to be examined, reviewed and purified. See this happening, within yourself and others, but also especially in southern South America, where all people under a decagonal-shaped canopy of violet light. 

Day #7, Monday: October 10th: This is the perfect day to fully be a “10” and to be the I Am or Christ Self that you are. Affirm, visualize and realize that your are a golden giant, a reborn Christ in Córdoba. One with all such other “10s” in Argentina and surrounding areas, down to the very tip of Argentina and into the ocean there, experience Seventh Ray peace, love and golden rest. Be one with Sananda and Sol-O-Man. 

It is done. This stage, cycle or week of re-opening the Tenth Temple is now complete. Thank You, Spirit, and all agents of Spirit. Amen. Om.