Be a Dove of Love

Today, Wednesday, September 13, 2023, we begin our week-long focus on Yonah. She was the leader of the Yonahs in the days of the Flood that cleansed the errors of Atlantis and inaugurated a new Hierarchal plan to raise man of Earth into the fourth dimension. Yonah was an incarnation of Sol-O-Man, who is the twin soul of Sananda.

In a symbol of Sol-O-Man/Yonah to the right, the circle represents Sol-O-Man, and the Y inside it portrays her as Yonah. The gold and white colors are those of the Seventh Ray of Peace, Love & Rest.)

When Sol-O-Man was the leader of the feminine Yonahs, she was the wife of Sananda/Noah, who was the leader of the Noahs. In their most recent past lives together, Sol-O-Man was Mary, mother of Jesus, and Sananda was Christ Jesus, the Messiah. Sananda and Sol-O-Man are the co-leaders of Earth

Meaning of Name

The name “Yonah” does not appear in the Holy Bible, but it is given in the long-lost Second Book of Acts, which Nada-Yolanda updated and re-titled Seven Lives of Mary and Jesus. 

The name “Yonah” comes from the ancient Hebrew language and means dove. It is a variation of the Biblical name Jonah, which also means dove; with Jonah being best known for the allegorical story of his being three days inside a whale, wherein he rested peacefully and aligned himself anew with God. Yonah is pronounced as Yo-nah, with the accent on the first syllable, like unto the name Yolanda.

Currently, Yonah can be a man’s or a woman’s name. It is not a popular or well-known name — I (Dr. Robert) never had heard of it until I read Second Book of Acts, nor have I since met anyone with this name. With Yonah not being in the Holy Bible in its Book of Genesis, it does not appear in Charles Fillmore’s Metaphysical Bible Dictionary, although he does discuss the meaning of Jonah.

Nonetheless, our goal and practice this week is to greet and welcome Yonah by saying “yo” to her. As in, yo, Yonah! Thank you for your saying Yo to us!!

Metaphysical Meanings

The capital letter Y that begins the name Yonah is composed of three equally-long lines, hence partly representing the Third Ray of Personal Love, Feeling and Devotion to a Higher Cause, whose color is pink. (See the neon image of the Y to the right.) The downfall of Atlantis that led to the Flood was due to Atlantean misapplication of the Third Ray — most Atlanteans were selfish, not selfless.

The vast majority of Atlanteans did not reach up their arms and hands to Spirit and to the agents of Spirit in the higher planes, but rather thought they were personally in command and control of their lives here on Earth. They worshipped their self-power and self-importance.

To correct this past mistake and to set a new example, we can form the letter Y by standing up, feet fully and firmly on the ground, and reaching up our two arms that are about a 45-degree angle to each side of our head and upper body. (See image of me doing this.) This position represents our reaching up to I Am consciousness, our own and that of the ascended masters in the etheric realms. Consciously (right arm) and subconsciously (left arm), we receive and are reborn as the son or daughter of God that we are.

Moreover, by forming a Y, we say Yes to God and to those in I Am or God consciousness. We say, “Yes, please come down into my mind, soul and body.” Yes, please cleanse my remaining soul errors/selfishness and fill me anew with the eternal waters of life.

The bottom, vertical line of the Y portrays our physical body and its spinal column of light. The two upper lines begin at the heart chakra in the center of the chest and reach up through the seven astral planes to the three etheric planes. By reaching up, we are uniting with and welcoming the Elohim, angels, ascended masters, space visitors and higher astral guides; and asking them for their guidance, assistance and love. We ask and we receive. God’s will be done.

Be One with Yonah

The letter “o” in Yonah stands for the feminine/soul part of us, and for oneness with our One Father-Mother God, especially the Mother-of-God aspect. Note the similarity between the names Yonah and Yolanda, who was the high priestess of the Sun during Atlantis (see drawing to the right of Yolanda reaching up to God, which the Sun symbolizes).

When Sol-O-Man was Zolanda, the high priestess of the Earth Temple in Atlantis, her name also had an “o” as its second letter.

Sol-O-Man, in her high Self identity or spiritual code name, has an  a capital “O” as its middle letter. The whole, 7-letter name of Sol-O-Man symbolizes her serving and loving the soul of man as well as serving the Sun-Son-Daughter of God,  hence the first syllable “Sol” that means Sun.

The letter “n” in Yolanda stands for the Nothingness of God, the feminine Cosmic Womb, out of which all life is born. “N” also stands for New, to be born anew after the cleansing of the Flood, the bringing forth of a new way and a new day.

The letter “a” in Yonah stands for the I Am Self and Abel/Adah consciousness, going back 26 million years ago to the battle between the Abels and the Cains. The letter “h” stands for healing, harmony and wholeness, with special emphasis on healing the feminine soul/subconscious/astral body.

Note, too, how the last four letters in Yonah are “onah.” They are a scrambling of the the same four letters in Noah. This signifies the twin soul relationship of Sol-O-Man/Yonah and Sananda/Noah. They incarnated together at the end of Atlantis and the beginning of the new program of 26,000 years that is culminating now in these Latter Days or Age of Purification. As the co-leaders of Earth, it was rightly their function to inaugurate and initiate this new planetary, multi-plane step forward that will be completed with their Second Coming in their light bodies, and the second coming of all humanity into spiritual awareness and consciousness.

Be a Y

Stop reading now and take a few moments to envision yourself being a large, 7-foot-tall Y, which will help you to become one with, and feel the abiding presence of, Sol-O-Man/Yonah. Stand up inside your Christ column or pillar of light that is all around and protecting you from intrusion by those of lesser consciousness on Earth and/or in the astral planes. Reach up with your two arms to form a pink letter V at the top of the Y. By doing so, you become an open, loving vessel for Spirit and the agents of Spirit to contact you, for Sol-O-Man/Yonah to transfigure you, and for her and other “Yonahs” with her to pour their personal and divine love into your vessel, which is your own ark.

Although you initially may feel and clairvoyantly see Sol-O-Man/Yonah as a Pink Lady, in time you mostly may see her as a scintillating white-and-gold feminine being (see gold and white Y to right). This is because she is of the Seventh Ray of Peace, Love and Rest, whose colors are white and gold. First, you focus on being a pink Y of the Third Ray (love of one another), and then on becoming a white-and-gold Y of the Seventh Ray (love of God). In so doing, at a soul level, you move from love all of God’s creations into loving God/Spirit/Divine Mind, and then back to loving all humans, animals, plants and minerals.

Regardless of what you experience, focus solely on being a Y. Let your conscious, subconscious and superconscious, the symbolic three lines of the Y, be at one with one another and one with the One and His-Her One Heart. Know that Sol-O-Man/Yonah is your spiritual mother who in I Am consciousness is with you always, in all ways.

She in turn reaches up her arms to link with MaYa, who is the twin soul of Lord Maitreya, the co-titular head along with Archangel Lord Michael of the Hierarchal Board of this Solar System. MaYa is Sol-O-Man’s master teacher, so she is your spiritual grandmother.

At some point, you may also think about, connect with and feel the presence of Lady Uriel, the feminine Archangel of the Seventh Ray. To Yonah, MaYa and Uriel, say: Yes, Yes, Yes! Yes, indeed, we are one Family of love and light.

Portrayal in Genesis

Having now experienced some degree of communion with Yonah, which you may feel primarily as a warm, motherly glow in and around your heart, focus next on some on the history of how her name originated and has been depicted. We begin with the allegorical story of the Flood in the Holy Bible’s first Book of Genesis, which means “beginning.”

The depiction of the Flood is found in Chapters 6-9 of this book. You may wish to get out your Bible and read this relatively short entry. As the story goes, which you mostly already know, in the days of Atlantis, although this time is not named as such, the majority of mankind of Earth had descended into sin and selfishness, with their partying day and night, with it being so bad that God decided to totally cleanse the Earth of mankind’s darkness and depravity.

Noah, who was a righteous, loving man, found favor in the eyes of God, who told him that the Earth was to be flooded and cleansed. Before this, Noah had “begat” three sons: Shem, Ham and Japheth (don’t you just love the word “begat”!?). However, Noah’s wife was not given a name in this Biblical narration — she was not called Yonah. Being nameless, it was as if she was not important, that she was just a minor character, a lowly woman who birthed Noah’s sons and assists Noah. Also, along these same lines, note that Noah and Yonah had three sons, and no daughters.

This whole depiction shows the patriarchal bias of those ancient days, carried over into present times. The three sons represent the potentially right mental application and physical expression of the Third Ray by men, as expressed via the conscious mind and physical body, which are masculine in their polarity. Wherein is the precious Third Ray personal love of and by women in this account, the key, vital role that women enact emotionally and soulwise in their astral, feminine body?


To add to this, when the three children got married, their wives likewise were anonymous. And later, after the flood, when the children of the three sons were born, they were all males. So, who in the remaining world of humanity of Earth, the only three women were Yonah, and the three wives of Shem, Ham and Japheth. To whom, therefore, are the grandsons to marry and give birth to their children? The entire message of this whole account is that men are much more important than women, other than their being bearers of children. It is the men who do the leading, not the women. God is seen as a Father who favors men, which of course is not true.

Moreover, knowing how twin souls function as co-equals, it seems entirely likely that both Noah and Yonah received and followed God’s guidance about preparing for the flood, each in their own unique male and female ways, just as they co-received the mantrum of Love God and Love One Another in the days of the Abels and the Cains. How could it be otherwise? In this sense, one of the things that still needs cleansing in this current time of purification is the residual patriarchal bias amongst men and women, including in modern-day religious leaders who refer to the Bible as the solemn, physical, literal word of God, Who they see as being only a Father.

In truth, men represent our conscious/male/physical aspect and women portray our subconscious/female/astral aspect that are to be united or married, such that we can birth our I Am Self that may express in a male or female body. God is One, Indivisible, but in bringing forth manifestation, God does so via two polarities that we call Father and Mother. We are the Son or Daughter of our Father-Mother Parent.

Forty Days

In Genesis, God tells Noah to build an ark in which he and his family may survive the Flood that will come with rains that last for forty days. Moreover, Noah and Yonah are to take on board a male and female member of all animals, such that when the Flood is over, they may repopulate the earth.

Symbolically, the chosen animals represent the good talents, deeds and karma of our past time in animal, third-dimensional bodies, as a hybrid spiritual-physical being of the fourth and the third dimensions. When we go through a flood of cleansing and purification, we are not to “throw out the baby with the bathwater” but rather to retain and emphasize all the good things in our souls.

Only Noah, his wife, his three sons and their wives live inside the ark for the full forty days. They represent the small band of male and female light workers in the days of Atlantis who carried over the spiritual records and teachings of the race from Atlantis into the new dispensation or Hierarchal program to finally bring humankind into the fourth dimension.

Noah’s and Yonah’s three sons represent the birthing and carrying forth of righteous Third Ray talents and functions. But, would it not have been more accurate and symbolically and literally inclusive to have noted that there also were three daughters aboard the ark? Atlantean men not personally and rightly loving women and valuing them as equal but opposite polarities contributed mightily to the fall of Atlantis.

Atlantean Scientists & Healers

For in Atlantis, the society was highly evolved in technological and scientific ways, as led primarily by males. Atlanteans had advanced computers and medical treatment machines that in some ways surpass even what we now have on Earth.

In one soul intunement of a light worker, Yolanda received that this person in Atlantis used a very sophisticated medical instrument that employed sound to balance and heal the body. The problem with this and other such physically based approaches was that scant or little attention was given to a person’s I Am or spiritual Self, which is the most powerful and effective healer; nor to his or her feelings and memories of of the past. Rather, men became enamored of their own personal, intellectual, scientific powers and physical treatment approaches, not all that unlike what conventional doctors do in current times; who view and treat their patients mostly as physical machines.

Healers in Atlantis also used their psychic powers in conjunction with physical instruments, like unto radionics today. My own current father of this lifetime was also my father in one of our past lifetimes together in Atlantis. He was a well-known healer who used such highly advanced equipment, but he erroneously thought that he was 100 per cent accurate in his psychic diagnoses. However, no one is 100% in such use of the ESP or Elementary Spiritual Powers. Dad mistakenly thought his diagnoses were mostly physically based, and thus highly reliable and repeatable.

As a Fourth Ray worker in Atlantis, my dad began crystallized in his erroneous beliefs and practices. Moreover, he was my teacher, and I to some degree allowed myself to be influenced by his superior, self-righteous attitude and approach. So did my Mom of this lifetime, who allowed Dad in Atlantis to dominate her, although she knew he was arrogant and self-deceived. All of this past Atlantean family interaction is one of the karmic errors that I have had to transmute in dealing with Dad, Mom and my brother of this lifetime. With each of them, although I have offered various mental, emotional and physical approaches, my primary treatment has been to see the Christ in them; thereby to heal as Christ Jesus healed. In this holistic approach rests my ongoing healing.

Crystallization, Decrystallization & Recrystallization

Why did it rain forty days and nights? Forty is symbolic, not necessarily literal as it is depicted in Genesis and interpreted by those who are literally minded. Thus forty days may represent forty years, four hundred or even four thousand years. There may not have been one single flood, but a series of floods in various parts of the world, which thus cleansed the whole planet. In the Biblical allegory, all of that past history is summarized and compacted into one coherent story or soul drama.

All these multiples of forty represent the Fourth Ray of Manifestation and Crystallization. Under Fourth Ray principles, first comes the manifestation and crystallization of higher consciousness. As Yolanda has received, at one point in the Atlantean spiritual program, it appeared that it would indeed lead to the spiritual awakening of all humankind. But it took a wrong turn, hence the downfall once again into selfishness and self-power.

With Atlantis’ descent into darkness, the Hierarchal Board initiated the decrystallization of the errors, hence the forty days of rain and the cleansing of the Earth, the death and destruction of all earthly life in those times, except for Noah, his family and the pairs of all animals on his and Yonah’s ark. At the end of the forty days, the rains stopped but all the Earth was still flooded, even its mountain tops.

As the account continues, about 150 days after the 40th day and the end of the rains, the skies had cleared, the sun shone, and things had calmed down. Noah then released a dove to see what it would find, but the dove came back with nothing. Then a seven days later, he released the dove again, and this time it came back with an olive branch in its beak. In other words, plants were again growing on the peaceful, regenerated Earth. Another seven days later, Noah released the dove a third time but this time it did not return. The three times reflect the work on the Third Ray, which had now been reborn on Earth.

Be a Dove of Peace and Love

Here’s the key kicker: The dove was a female! This is specifically mentioned twice in this Genesis account, with the dove being referred to as “her.” And whose name means “dove?” As I shared earlier, the name Yonah means “dove.” She is as a female, white dove of the Seventh Ray, one who flies and ascends above the Earth and mortal, physical, intellectual ways, one who in her cosmic femininity can go on so-called astral flights, one who can fly high in her light body into the etheric realms of I Am consciousness. Yonah is a cosmic, feminine dove of Seventh Ray peace, love and purity, who brings back and rebirths peace and love to and on Earth.

In the Genesis story, after the three trips of the dove, a rainbow appeared in the sky, which was said to represent a covenant of God with his reborn male and female human children, those who loved and served Him-Her. A physical rainbow is composed of seven colors that represent the Seven Rays of Life. As long as we rightly employ these seven divine qualities and powers of God, we will not be flooded in a major way again.

Thus, a New or Golden Age will follow the symbolic 40 years of mankind’s cleansing on Earth in these Latter Days or End Times. The Mark Age or Purification Period was to have been about 40 years in duration, from 1960 to 2000 AD, but due to so many light workers having aborted their missions, Sananda and Sol-O-Man are now not scheduled to return to Earth until sometime between now and 2040 AD; thus about another 40 more years following the initial Mark-Age period from 1960 to 2000 AD.

Multiple Meanings

As to the symbol of a dove, Christ Jesus said to his Apostles before they went out to preach his teachings that they would be in the midst of wolves in sheep’s clothing, as represented by the self-righteous Pharisees, scribes and lawyers of his day, who indeed acted like a pack of rapacious wolves. Jesus warned his Apostles, and us to this day, that we therefore are to be as wise as serpents, as pure as doves.

In most of the Biblical versions of this text in Matthew 10:16, Jesus’ description of the doves is that they are “innocent” or “harmless;” thus, we are to be as innocent or harmless as doves. However, the Biblical version I like the best and which to me gives the best intent and meaning of Jesus’ proclamation is found in Lamsa’s Aramaic translation of the Bible. Aramaic is the language that most scholars agree was spoken by Jesus, which thus preceded later accounts in Greek and Latin, from which came most English versions of the Holy Bible that use the words innocent or harmless.

Here’s the full Lamsa version from Matthew 10:16: “Behold, I am sending you like lambs among wolves; therefore be wise as serpents and pure as doves.”

Fire & Water

Previously, when Jesus was baptized by John the Baptist, a white dove appeared above him, and the words were heard, “This is my son in whom I Am well pleased.” After this spiritual manifestation, Jesus went out into the wilderness for the symbolic but literal forty days, wherein he faced, cleansed and purified his soul/mortal temptations about how he was to rightly utilize his spiritual powers. (Previously, when Sananda was Moses, he and the Israelites had spent forty years wandering in the wilderness of the desert before entering the Promised Land.)

It was only at the end of forty days of Jesus being alone physically in the wilderness that he complete his second major initiation of baptism with fire and water. Fire came with the descent of the dove, whereas water was his being baptized by John the Baptist, following which Jesus washed away his lingering doubts, fears and worries about how he was to be and act as the Messiah. Upon leaving the wilderness, he he moved into his third major initiation of transmutation with Third Ray personal love, as symbolized by his attending the wedding at Cana, where he, with Mary’s urging, performed his first public miracle: He changed water (blood) into wine (Christ life flow).

In Jesus’ baptism with fire in his second initiation, “This is my son” mostly means that God the Father is pleased with Christ Jesus who represents the Son of God within all men and women. But perhaps to add a different interpretation to this phrase, “this is my son” might also refer to Mother God as expressed via Sol-O-Man/Mary — indeed She and Mary were pleased with their son, Jesus, who is Sol-O-Man/Mary’s twin soul.

Mothers and our mother, feminine soul/subconscious symbolically and literally are the first to receive the inflow of the Holy Spirit, those pure energies coming from God, the white dove of peace and love. From the mothers, sisters and daughters, the higher energies, ideas and images flow into the fathers, brothers and sons, and out these men go to consciously do battle with the temptations in the wilderness of their souls. Thus, as it was with Sol-O-Man/Yonah and Sananda/Noah, so was it with Sol-O-Man/Mary and Sananda/Jesus. So may it be with all of us as sons and daughters of our One Living God. We receive first via our feminine subconscious and astral body, and then wisely sort through and enact the essence and core truths of this guidance via our masculine conscious mind and physical, third-dimensional body.

Since Jesus’ lifetime, in the last 2000 years or so, doves, especially white ones, in most religions and places around the world, have become equated with peace, love and innocent purity, for example as harmlessness or “ahimsa” as it is called in Hindi in India. Doves usually have come to represent the sacred purity of the Seventh Ray of Peace, Love and Rest. At the fall and flood of Atlantis, Yonah was the feminine messenger and demonstrator of dovelike peace and love, which Noah also applied in his own masculine way, time and method. Yonah and Noah were of the Seventh Ray, two spiritual children of the Rainbow of God, who were and are masters of all Seven Rays but especially of the Seventh Ray.

The Story of Yonah

In the Second Book of Acts that is alleged to have been written by Luke, more or less the same account of the Flood was given by Mary to the Apostles and disciples gathered around her at age 83, when she was on her deathbed, about to ascend in her light body back into heaven. However, unlike in Genesis, from the start of her sharing, she specifically said that her name was Yonah. Following is the whole entry:

“After a rest of nine hundred and seventy years [after her lifetime as Adah, partner of Abel], I was reborn in the land of Shinar [Babylonia] and was known by the name of Yonah. The men of the land were wicked. They neither feared God nor regarded any man except the one, Noah, who went about doing good and preaching repentance and coming judgment.

“I found favor in his eyes and became his wife, bearing him three sons, Shem, Ham and Japheth. When the wickedness of this time was full, God sent a flood on all the Earth. Every living creature was drowned except we who lived in the ark.

“After the flood I grew compassionate, pitying the death of so many living creatures, whereas before I had been full of hatred of all those who would not yield to me. So it was that in this incarnation, I left behind me hatred; having now only envy, gluttony, pride, ignorance and laziness to work out.

“Now I loved Noah tenderly, patient and kind man that he was, and when this dear Gabriel [Archangel of the Fourth Ray] took me away from him, he promised me I should meet Noah again in the future.” End of quote.

Updates & Refinements

In my reading and pondering about this above account of the lifetime of Yonah, two things appear to need revision, purification and updating. First, the date of Yonah’s lifetime after “a rest of nine hundred and seventy years,” needs to be viewed primarily in a symbolic fashion. For, as Nada-Yolanda has received, when Sol-O-Man was Adah, it was 26 million years ago during the days of the Cains and Abels. So, nine hundred and seventy years is to symbolically indicate a very long time, not just a relatively short time within man’s long history on Earth.

Second, the last part about being full and letting go of hatred does not ring true. No doubt, Yonah at times was somewhat disgusted, annoyed and disapproving of the darkness of mankind in Atlantis; even at times anxious and fearful during the forty days of constant rain. But to say that she had fully hated the Atlanteans seems way over the top. I suspect that this depiction of her working through the so-called seven deadly sins was added to Luke’s original treatise at some later time, with such additions having been a common practice in the early days of Christianity. As I and others hypothesized in my blog about Adah, this reference to the seven sins probably was added as a teaching tool by the early church fathers. And of course, it was written by a man, with his masculine bias, thus saying that Yonah was a hater, which makes no sense at all.

Float in your Boat

In your meditations this week, and throughout your quiet moments each day, focus especially on being at peace, which is the first of the four steps of the Christ matrix of peace, love, cooperation and coordination.

Link time and again with Yonah who demonstrated peace and love before, during and after the flood, and continues to do so now, along with other “Yonahs” or disciples and fellow associates of her. Yonah remained centered, confident and filled with faith that all was well, that in the end a new program would commence to bring forth the Second Coming. During the forty days, she remained securely in her ark or boat, which represents her four lower bodies. She floated in the large boat that was called an ark, atop the flooding waters that covered the planet. So, now, we are to float and be at peace, with love in our heart, in our own boat.

Time and again, say yes to peace and love, just as Yonah did. With her having been in a physical, third-dimensional body, she probably had some dark moments of doubt, despair and disillusionment. All of us on Earth now have these at times. We may even still have times of being angry with, and unforgiving of, those who mistreated us in the past or are doing so now. We may look upon and feel the antics of those still immersed and reveling in mortal consciousness on Earth, and let these self-deceived souls and their heinous actions upset us to one degree or another.

But, as a divine white dove, Yonah rose above all such dis-ease and brought back down from her own I Am or Sol-O-Man Self, and from MaYa, her beloved mother, the message and practice of peace. Even today, especially when you ask Yonah for it, she will bring you an olive branch of peace.

 Say Yes

Be a Y. Be as Yonah, whether you are in a male or female body. For a time, let your name be Yonah, which can be a man’s or a woman’s name. Reach up to God, up to the Elohim, angels, ascended masters, space visitors and higher astral plane guides who are with you and watching over you. Be at one with Black Cloud and White Cloud in the highest or seventh astral planes. They know “water” in all its variations, including the “waters of life.”

Drink of the water of life, even as it seems you may be flooded with the dark, watery thoughts and feelings of those around the world who are stubbornly selfish, who are power-mongers, adherents of us-versus-them politics, and men who dominate women and women who allow this to happen. Do not be doused by their drama. Let go and let God divinely and rightly deal with them, through the universal law of karma and reincarnation. Be who you are, a white dove of peace and love. If someone asks you for help, by all means do give it, but keep it simple and to the point. Most of the time, be still and silent in your spiritual ark, even as you demonstrate and radiate peace and love to one and all. Let your walk be your talk.

By all means, whatever comes, say yes, not no; not “oh no, here we go again,” or “when will it ever end.” Yonah said yes to her ongoing, forty-day role in the flood. Mary said yes when Gabriel announced to her that she would conceive of the soul of Sananda as Jesus the Christ, the Messiah. She said yes to all the trials and tribulations that she knew would come in her life, knowing full well that if she stayed the course, she would ascend, just as Christ Jesus did.

Be as the symbol of Yonah, with your Y being enclosed by a golden circle. This circle partly represents the Christ column of light around you. No one of lesser consciousness can enter this circle or column unless you let them. Be centered in the circle of I Am or Christ consciousness, in the holy circle of those who love you and look after you. Time and again, let your heart be filled with peace and love, and rest in these two qualities of your superconscious Self. Be encircled, encased and hugged by Mother God, and your rainbow of shimmering etheric colors will shine on all life on and about our Mother Earth.

Marks of the Age

Moreover, be aware that Nada-Yolanda received numerous prophecies about upcoming floods. New York City and Long Island will be submersed in water. The entire northeastern seaboard of the United States will be inundated. The Smoky Mountains, just south of I Am Nation/Sun Temple headquarters, will be flooded after Sananda/Jesus returns. The eastern coast of Russia and China will be swamped with sea water. The west coast of the United States will undergo flooding. In the current news, we already see the floods that are now occurring around the planet, such as in Libya.

How are we to respond when such and other floods happen? We flood these areas and their peoples with peace and love. Whatever the so-called natural catastrophes, whether they be fires, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and the like, we hold steady and radiate the four-step Christ matrix. From out of the death of the old will come forth new life and new spiritual birth.

Yo, Mama and Papa

Friends and fellow light workers worldwide, to sum all of this up, in good times and seeming bad times, follow in the powerful and loving feminine footsteps of Yonah.

Most people around you will not know who you truly are. Some or many of them will be wolves in sheep’s clothing. Even those who are good people may not know or honor your spiritual name and nature. But at all times, you have the I Am power to be as pure as a dove.

You may not know your own specific I Am or high Self code name. But you can let your spiritual code name and nature be that of one who loves and practices peace and love on Earth, who rests in the peace and love of God, who is a white dove with an olive branch of peace who has descended from above.

Be content that most of your spiritual work will continue to be behind the scenes. But if you, I and other light workers persist and persevere to the end, Divine Feminine love will transmute us, keep us from harm’s way, and purify the entire planet. A cosmic rainbow will shine above and on one and all.

A new heaven will descend upon a new Earth. Sol-O-Man/Yonah/Mary will be with us on Earth, as will Sananda/Noah/Jesus. Yo, Yonah. Yo, Noah. Yo, let there be peace on Earth and good will to all men, women and children, to all sons and daughters of our Father-Mother Creator.

Three times over, be a dove of love!