Soul Sisters

Today, September 7th, let me (Dr. Robert) introduce two of our beloved Amerindian soul sisters who currently reside in the 7th or highest astral plane. The first is War Woman. The second is White Cloud. Both of these ladies of light and love initially revealed their spiritual code names to me on August 28, 2023.

Next, allow me to re-introduce the masculine twin souls of these two Amerindian sisters. War Cloud is War Woman’s spiritual counterpart; these two spiritual warriors are the co-leaders of the astral Amerindian light workers throughout the seven astral planes. Black Cloud is the partner of White Cloud; they serve alongside War Cloud and War Woman as their seconds in command. War Cloud and Black Cloud are our spiritual brothers.

Please note that I am re-introducing War Cloud and Black Cloud, with the emphasis on the “re.” This is because in my past blog on February 28, 2023 that was titled Be a Pink Pau Wau, I shared an in-depth account of these two Amerindian higher astral leaders. Please click here to re-read and re-absorb this thorough treatise about Amerindians, for it lays the foundation for our now re-acquainting ourselves and re-connecting with War Woman and White Cloud.

War of Armageddon

My first communion this lifetime with War Woman occurred ten years ago in 2013, when my ex-wife, MariLyn, and I visited the Third Ray Temple of Venus at the Teton Mountains in northwestern Wyoming. (See photo of the Tetons.) War Woman did not give me her name at that time, but only identified herself as the twin soul of War Cloud. Nonetheless, the communion and work with her was so strong and definitive that I knew that I would recognize her presence in the future. (I’ll share more details of this past contact later in this blog.) Little did I realize then that 10 years would past before this would occur.

Furthermore, during the entire week-long 2013 Teton Mission, White Cloud did not show herself to me, nor give me her spiritual code name. Nonetheless, even then I knew that in the War of Armageddon or Latter Days prior to the Second Coming, men and women must fight together in the battle, within and without, of good versus evil, of selflessness versus selfishness, of Abel versus Cain consciousness, in order to clear the way for the re-descent of Sananda/Jesus and Sol-O-Man/Mary in their seventh or ascended light bodies.

Women, like unto Sol-O-Man/Zolanda, who was the high priestess of the Earth Temple in Atlantis that spiritually trained the race that would become the Amerindians, represent the feminine soul or subconscious, as well as the corresponding astral planes and astral body. How then can we as the race of men and women win the War of Armageddon if women are not an active, co-equal part of the army of light workers on Earth and in the astral planes? It will take all of us, men and women of all religions, nationalities, races and walks of life to claim victory of the light over darkness. The key is to Love God and to Love One Another.

Co-Operate & Co-Create

Moreover, men and women have been at war with one another since the fall of a segment of humankind some 26 million years ago. Down through the ages, rather than treat women as co-equal, but opposite polarities, men typically have dominated women and treated them as second-class citizens; and women have allowed this to take place. Men and women thus are equally to blame for the planetary male-female imbalance balance caused by the patriarchal mindset and mode of functioning, not only in their relationships with one another, but also between the conscious and subconscious parts of their one mind. Moreover, men and women of Earth have not respected or loved their brothers and sisters in the astral planes.

In the past, Amerindians on Earth and in most levels of the astral planes have exhibited this same patriarchal bias and approach that subjugates women. Note that even in the revealing of the past, it was War Cloud and Black Cloud who first were introduced. In Nada-Yolanda’s intunements and channelings, their feminine twin souls were not mentioned. More than likely, this simply reflected the nature of the Amerindians and all Earthlings at the time. Now things have changed for the better, so it is time to give due notice, respect and abiding love to our Amerindian mothers, sisters, aunts and nieces. It is time for us to marry the conscious with the subconscious, then to integrate this unit with the superconscious. It is time for the physical, astral and etheric planes to be linked together as one continuum.

War Woman

Starting about two weeks ago, when I first was linking with Sol-O-Man in her past lifetime as Zolanda in Atlantis, and then writing my blog about her (Re-Open the Door), I naturally began to wonder what the names are of the feminine twin souls of War Cloud and Black Cloud. However, it was not until August 28th, in the midst of my morning meditation, that War Cloud’s twin soul first revealed that her spiritual moniker was War Woman. Upon first receiving this in a flash of inspiration, it felt right to me in my mind, but especially in my heart. Shortly after this, White Woman also revealed her spiritual code name.

However, later this same day, the word “War” in War Woman grated somewhat on me. I am not used to thinking of Amerindian women as being warriors or fighting in wars. Indeed, throughout history as we know it, in peoples around the world, it always has been primarily the men who have fought physical wars, while women have stayed home, kept the home fires burning, took care of the children, and prayed for their men.

In Amerindian history, men were the warriors, the braves, the physical fighters, typically fighting with men of nearby tribes. The men of almost every Amerindian tribe periodically fought physically with one another. As a right of passage to manhood, young braves in many tribes became initiated as men by killing and scalping one of their male enemies.

While Amerindian women did not fight physically, they did support their husbands, brothers, masculine cousins and other male members of their clans. The women cerebrated the victories of the men. They in essence condoned male fighting and brutality, even though as women they were more oriented and likely to love all boys and girls in their families, to be cooperative rather than competitive. Of course, this description of Amerindian men and women to some degree is a stereotype, but overall it depicts the way most Amerindians thought, felt and behaved.

Feminine Warriors of Light & Love

In Nada-Yolanda’s intunements about the Amerindians, she received that one of the reasons why the Amerindians did so poorly in fighting the white European invaders is because the tribes could not overcome their own hatred of, and competition with, one another. The ongoing warring of one tribe with another, which of course Zolanda had not taught them to do, set the stage for their defeat by white men. This is not to excuse what white Europeans did to the Amerindians, killing them and driving them off their lands and onto reservations; but, it did put it in context. As we do unto others, so is it done unto us.

War Woman in a series of contacts over the next two-to-three days further explained all of the above to me, adding new insights to what I already knew about this Amerindian male-female imbalance. She also reinforced what I knew about the War of Armageddon: Women are to be co-warriors with men in defeating soul darkness, dis-ease and selfishness. Women are spiritual warriors in their own right. All of this confirmed for me that War Woman was her spiritual code name that depicted her feminine nature as the co-leader of the astral planes in the War of Armageddon.

Despite this, I still awaited more specific, dramatic, evidential contact with War Woman. Until that happened, I knew that I would not be fully comfortable using her name or sharing it with others. Such direct confirmation came in my morning meditation on September 1, 2023. War Cloud descended and stood next to me on my right. With my having had numerous contacts with him in the past, his vibration/presence was readily recognizable.

Then, War Woman descended and stood about 3-4 feet to the left of me. Before this, in the prior few days, upon my feeling her presence, in my clairvoyant visions of her, she never had a specific form. Rather, she was mostly a sphere or “cloud” of brilliant white light. This time, I could see and feel her specific form, but still without a lot of details. My attention was riveted mostly on her heart chakra, through which emanated white, loving light into my aura and heart chakra.

This lifted me into a new and higher state of peace and love. The whole left side of my aura and physical body filled with her feminine white light. I could hardly believe how at-one I felt with her, like I had known her all my life. It was clear that I had been with her many times in the past, not only on Earth but in the seventh astral plane.

Eagle Feathers

Upon becoming adjusted to our love connection, War Woman felt like a favored, loving aunt, one who was family. This glorious familiar/family feeling lasted most of the day. The next morning, however, upon once again feeling and seeing her loving, light-filled presence, it came clearly to me that she was mostly my beloved spiritual sister. We are sister and brother, lovingly working together, in the astral planes and on Earth. This gave still a more intimate, personal feel to the exchange. I am in my seventh initiation and she is in the seventh astral plane. She is my beloved astral-soul sister. My, how I love her. How amazing it is to have her back in my life. What an incredible sister she is, not only to me but also to all other light workers!

Moreover, in this morning’s contact, as in my previous 2013 communion with her, she was dressed in typical feminine Amerindian clothing that is worn especially on special occassions or in various ceremonies. Atop and to the back of her head were several black feathers that nonetheless shone with light. They appeared to be black eagle feathers..

When my ex-wife, MariLyn, and I were at the Tetons in 2013, War Cloud had overshadowed me. He was wearing a war bonnet that was composed of white eagle feathers that not only surrounded his head but flowed down his back. He pronounced “War Bonnet” three times, and showed me the image of three such white bonnets (see image to left).

He telepathically conveyed that the first War Bonnet was that worn by Sananda, whom he served in the War of Armageddon. The second War Bonnet was the one that he, War Cloud, was wearing. He placed a third War Bonnet on my head. My entire head lit up with white, electric light. Etheric, astral and physical planes were linked together as one, within and without.

Warriors of All Rays

Two days after this 2013 experience, during the depths of my morning meditation, War Cloud’s feminine twin soul appeared above me and then descended and stood in front of me. As I noted earlier in this blog, this was my first contact with her, but she did not give me her name. However, she wore feminine Amerindian regalia and had several black feathers woven into her hair that partly was pulled to the back of her head.

War Clouds’ eagle feathers were white, whereas War Woman’s were black. Thus, they were the male and female co-leaders of the astral planes. (The painting to the right looks somewhat like how War Woman first appeared to me, and then again in my current contacts with her, although this artistic depiction is too stylized and glamorous. Note the black feathers.)

Back in the 2013 communion, War Cloud and his twin soul, whose name I still did not know, now announced that they would work in and through me to place a war bonnet on the head of MariLyn, who had just joined me in my meditation. They placed a war bonnet in my hands, which I then placed on MariLyn’s head. It had pink feathers, signifying her being of the Third Ray whose corresponding color is pink. Light workers of all Seven Rays are to fight together as one spiritual army in the War of Armageddon.

Symbolically, all of us are to wear War Bonnets in our combined astral and physical work to lift mankind from the third into the fourth dimension, by way of the astral planes that interconnects Earth with the heavenly, etheric realms. Eagles are symbols of our spiritual ability to fly high into the fifth, sixth and seventh astral planes; to demonstrate our fifth, sixth and seventh major spiritual initiations.

White War Bonnets

War Bonnets are primarily found and worn by the Plains Amerindians. To them, eagles are honored above all animals, as they fly highest to the Great Spirit in the sky. Amerindians are given eagle feathers only after they have performed good deeds and selflessly served their tribes. Typically, only chiefs and medicine men/shamans wore and still wear eagle-feathered headdresses. (See photo to right.)

In the olden days, chiefs wore their war bonnets to lead their masculine warriors into physical battle. Today, such headdresses are worn during special meetings or so-called pow wows. Moreover, some Amerindian women on Earth in the last 30-40 years have become shamans/medicine women/spiritual leaders of their tribes.

Click here to read about Wilma Mankiller, who served as Chief of the Cherokee Nation from 1985-1995, with her being the first feminine chief of any Amerindian tribe. Click here2 to read about women and men with documented American ancestry who have served or now serve in the House of Representatives of the US Congress. Select here3 to read about Kim Teehee being chosen by the Cherokee Nation to serve as a non-voting member of the House of Representatives, as was promised to the Cherokees in a past treaty about 150 years ago.

Black War Bonnets

In one of my recent contacts with War Woman, she showed herself to me wearing a full, black-feathered war bonnet. (See the image below/right.) Symbolically, the color black refers to the feminine Void or Womb or Emptiness; to the subconscious; to the Nothingness/Mother from out of Which all things are born.

Black symbolically is of the feminine polarity, like the black or yin half of the yang-yin symbol in Taoism. In this sense, black is not evil or negative, as it is often said to be. Rather, it is the co-equal, but opposite polarity of the white-black continuum.

Whether we are presently in a male or female body, we can at times put on our symbolic black war bonnet. On other occassions we don our white headdress. The individual feathers represent our unique, multiple, soul talents developed over eons of time, including those that we have learn in our Amerindians incarnations. As Black Cloud channeled via Nada-Yolanda, all men and women who love the Great Spirit are true Indians. Via love, we are One Heart. (Click below to listen to Corinne Thorsell’s song/chant One Heart, which was inspired by Black Cloud’s declaration.


As mentioned previously, the name “Cloud” in War Cloud, Black Cloud and White Cloud represents the astral planes, with clouds being above the physical Earth planes. Physically, clouds come in multiple shapes and hues of white, gray and black. (Click clouds for an excellent, short, National Geographic article about clouds.)

All clouds form from the evaporation of water into the air. When the air becomes sufficiently moisturized, millions of tiny water droplets congeal and take the shape of clouds. In the highest clouds, the water droplets become tiny ice crystals. When sunlight hits a cloud’s crystal-clear water droplets or ice particles, it is reflected, transmitted and scattered in all directions. Light is composed of seven major colors or wavelengths, thus a rainbow of colors. When all such colors are reflected equally, clouds therefore appear white to our physical vision. 

The sky, however, appears blue. This is because the gases and aerosols in the atmosphere reflect mostly the shortest wavelength of light, which is blue. Aerosols also are called particulates that include dust, sea salt and ash from burning fires or volcanic eruptions.

In clouds, when more and more water droplets clump together, larger spaces develop between the drops of water. Less sunlight is scattered and radiated, such that the clouds turn from white to varying degrees of gray. When still more droplets saturate the cloud and clump together, such clouds turn black, signaling that rain, sleet or snow is about to fall from the clouds to earth.

However, when seen from above, like when we fly in an airplane high in the atmosphere, the top of black clouds still looks white, whereas the bottom of the cloud appears black, with grays inbetween (See image to right.) With multiple black clouds in the sky, the whole sky appears dark gray or black.

Seven Levels

Symbolically, White Cloud, who is Black Cloud’s twin soul, is like unto the highest, whitest cloud in the sky, like a large, lumpy, huge white cumulus cloud that physically can be about 20,000 feet or 7 miles in the sky. Such a cumulus cloud is typically round or ovoid in shape, indicating or representing its feminine nature.

When etheric, Christ light pours down from the etheric realms into the top or 7th astral plane, White Cloud is the first to receive it. Individually, from the superconscious level, sun-son-daughter-light pours first into White Cloud’s subconscious mind-soul-astral body. From there, it radiates down into each of the other 6 astral planes, from which it scatters and reflects into the  two physical planes of Earth; hence the conscious-masculine level of our one mind.

The 5th, 6th and 7th astral planes are the higher astral planes. Inhabitants in the 7th astral plane are about 90-98% in their 7th or ascended light bodies. In the sixth astral plane, souls are about 75-90% percent in their resurrected light body. In the 5th astral plane, the percentage is about 60-75%. Thus, symbolically, the 7th plane is the whitest in color, with only a small amount of gray in it. The 6th plane becomes more gray but is still a light shade of gray. The 5th plane, where most souls first go upon their transition (death), if they were spiritually awakened on Earth, is still more grey.

The 4th astral plane is the central point or go-between from the three higher astral planes to the four lower astral planes. The 4th plane thus symbolically can be said to be a middle gray in color. White Cloud, from her position in the upper regions of the 7th astral plane, especially rules over the three higher astral planes, halfway down and into the fourth plane.

Medicine Man

Black Cloud, as White Cloud’s masculine twin soul, may be thought of as especially ruling over the lowest 3 and 1/2 astral planes. In this sense, his masculine, conscious projections are so powerful that they reach all the way down into the bottom of the 1st astral plane. In the 1st and 2nd astral planes live those souls who are the most selfish, negative and self-deceived. When incarnated on Earth, they were illicit drug pushers, warlords, political or economic power-mongers, sexual abusers and the like. But still, they have some light of God within them. Black Cloud can reach even those in the lowest astral planes, the few who now may choose to return into the light of their I Am Selves, or they will be remove from the Solar System.

Thus, to be black in this sense does not mean that Black Cloud himself is negative. It means rather that he is the master over the dark gray and black regions of the astral realms. It also means that he is the medicine man that can best help souls in all seven astral realms to transmute their remaining soul darkness or negativity. Black Cloud, as he did when on Earth, brings forth the cleansing rains that help astrally and physically incarnated souls to purify their subconscious minds. Water in this view also means the waters of life of which Jesus spoke. This is baptism with water, during which our souls are nourished, cleansed and purified. Physically, without water, no life would exist on earth. There would be no animals or plants.

Thus, when Nada-Yolanda was incarnated as Lobo-Tan in the southwestern United States in the 1500s, War Cloud was the chief of the Tanoan Amerindians, whereas Black Cloud was the tribe’s medicine man, what some call the shaman. In today’s terminology, Black Cloud was a holistic healer, one who focused on the whole person and used the best of all spiritual, psychic, mental, emotional and physical talents, approaches and remedies to bring forth balance and harmony. It was Black Cloud who taught Lobo-Tan how to develop and use her psychic powers as a feminine seer. Black Cloud communed in visions and dreams with the Amerindian grandfathers and grandmothers in the higher astral planes, as did Lobo-Tan.

Four As One

War Cloud and War Woman are 7th Ray workers. Black Cloud works on the 6th and 7th Ray, and presumably so does White Cloud. Black Cloud’s and White Cloud’s 6th Ray powers help to cleanse and transmute the Earth and all its inhabitants during this age of transmutation, the Latter Days and Purification Time. In their 7th Ray functions, they prepare the way for Sananda/Jesus and Sol-O-Man/Mary to redescend to Earth as its Seventh Ray co-rulers. As given in the channelings via Nada-Yolanda, Black Cloud has been positioned in the highest astral plane for the last 2 million years. Like War Cloud, War Woman and White Cloud, he previously had evolved into the etheric realms, but then volunteered to serve in the seventh astral plane in order to work more directly with today’s astral and physical Amerindians.

Were War Woman and White Cloud incarnated when Nada was on Earth as Lobo-Tan? In Yolanda’s soul recall, she makes no mention of either of these women. Moreover, these two feminine astral leaders currently have not indicated anything about this to me.

Thus, it may be that War Woman and/or White Cloud were in the seventh astral plane at this time, serving as two of the “grandmothers” with whom Lobo-Tan communicated via her visions and astral travels. Whatever the positioning, War Cloud, War Woman, Black Cloud and White Cloud were working together as a four-member team, linking the astral planes with the physical planes, preparing the way for Sananda/Jesus and Sol-O-Man/Mary to return some 500 years later.

Step By Step

As mentioned previously, my first contact with White Cloud was on August 28th of this year, in which she gave me her spiritual code name. At the time, however, I did not feel her specific presence. Rather, her name clearly appeared in my mind and activated my heart. However, I did not make too much of this as I was tired, in need of rest after receiving and writing my prior blogs.

It was not until 5 days later, on September 3rd, that I began to have more definitive contact with White Cloud. I was driving home from doing shopping in town, taking the back, little-traveled way per usual, when I found myself thinking about, and feeling the presence of White Cloud. (See picture to right of the back road.) She tilted my head back such that I looked up at the brilliant blue sky that was filled with several white cumulus clouds, which are my favorite clouds.

Upon returning home, I felt compelled to do online research about White Cloud. I Googled “Amerindian White Cloud,” and found lots of references to white clouds in the sky, why they were white, gray or black. It was fascinating. I also looked up “Medicine men” and “Shamans.” My research continued for a couple hours, during which on several occassions I noted that White Cloud was the primary person who was inspiring me to do this. Still, I did not see her form or feel fully confident about her presence.

Solar Cross

In my morning meditation the next day, September 4th, I specifically asked once again to come into definitive, unique, provable contact with White Cloud. To my amazement, however, War Cloud, War Woman, Black Cloud and White Cloud all came down through my Christ column or elevator shaft of protective blue and gold light.

War Cloud stood a few feet before me, whereas War Woman stood a few feet behind me. Black Cloud was to the right of me and White Cloud, whose presence I especially noted, stood to the left or subconscious side of me. She relayed to me that she was but one of four, that wherever she was, she was one with the other three. That is why she did not show herself to me as being just herself. She had answered my prayer or request in the most unique and unexpected fashion, which expanded my oneness with her and them. It not only confirmed her name but also that of War Woman. My doubts about all of this dissolved and disappeared.

Together, the four of them formed a solar cross, with me in its middle, which is the most powerful symbol and image to me as Sol-I-El, son of Sol-O-Man. The fully linked, four-fold presence of the four highest astral plane leaders anchored firmly in my mind, soul and physical body. As further proof and verification, they even had manifested themselves to me on the 4th day of September. The 4th Ray is that of manifestation and crystallization.

4 Representations

Throughout the ages, the solar cross has been a prominent symbol and teaching tool of Amerindians in North, Central and South America; as well as around the world in so-called other indigenous or Native people. Depending on the place, group or tribe, but especially in the Americas, it also is called a medicine wheel or sacred hoop. It was first shown to me in 2010 when MariLyn and I were in Costa Rica, where I communed with War Cloud and Black Cloud.

The four sections of the sacred solar cross represents the four lower bodies (mental, emotional, astral, physical) that are surrounded, protected and birthed by the I Am Self, which is what the circle represents. The four sections also portray the four seasons, the four directions and the four elements: earth, water, air and fire (sun). Depending on the tribe each section has a different color that represents different spiritual qualities and powers.

Most importantly and powerfully, the four sections symbolize the four-step Christ or Indian matrix: peace, love, cooperation and coordination. Lord Maitreya gave us this matrix back in 1993. In one of my early contacts with him, he had shown himself to me as the Amerindian Chief Osprey; this had revealed and demonstrated his connection with the native Indians in the astral and physical levels in North, Central and South America.

The next day, I began writing this blog, integrating all that had been given to me in the last week or so. Time and again, one of the four grandfathers or grandmothers came to mind, nudging me to write this or that, helping me to put all things together in one coherent, integrated, Fifth-Ray-focused whole.

As part of this, my memories of being a Zuni Indian in the 1500s and a Amerindian woman seer in Argentina in what was about the early 1600s strongly came to mind. I was and am an Amerindian in the highest sense of the word. I am a holistic healer or medicine man, a Shaman who serves Spirit only and Sananda and Sol-O-Man. My astral teachers are co-equal men and women. Etheric, astral and physical realms are of one Christ column of cosmic light and love. All is in order!

(Current most Amerindians do not use the term “shaman” or “medicine man/woman.” Depending on their tribes, they have their own names for these holy men of healing. I prefer to call them holistic healers, since this is more so a generic term.

(The word “shaman” comes from northern Asia, and was unknown to Amerindians until the white man came. “Medicine man” to some degree sounds like modern medical doctors, most of whom are not holistic but who primarily prescribed medical/pharmaceutical drugs. Properly interpreted, “medicine” means spiritual or holistic medicine, that which treats the whole person. An Amerindian “medicine man or woman” is a spiritual teacher, a psychic seer who communes with higher astral plane guides, and uses multiple methods to bring a person back into harmony and balance. Some Amerindian holistic healers also have communed with visitors from other planets, whom they have called Star People.

(Most Amerindians also do not call themselves “Native Americans” or “indigenous” Americans. Again, these are the white man’s labels that have been projected onto Amerindians. Moreover, if one takes a long-term, cosmic view of Earth’s history, man has lived on Earth for over 26 million years. The term “native” as now used only refers to mankind’s history since the fall of Atlantis.)

Commune with War Woman and White Cloud

In your meditations and other quiet moments for the next few days, ask to come into contact with War Woman and White Cloud. With them are times will be War Cloud and Black Cloud. But, in the past, you already have focused on these two masculine, higher astral leaders and wayshowers. So, now, concentrate more on being with, and feeling the presence of, War Woman and White Cloud.

Ask and receive. Be guided from within. Be holistic in your approach, in that you will not know ahead of time how these two seventh-astral-plane ladies will connect with you. It may occur in dreams and visions. It may just be a clairsentient, inner knowing. You may just feel at one with them. Some outer sign may be given of your inner connection with them. Go with the flow.

Remember, that these two astral ladies are part of your spiritual, interdimensional family. They are your spiritual sisters. See them as such in your mind’s eye. Feel them as such in your heart. Know that in the past you have communed with them. Give thanks ahead of time for now coming once again into contact with them.

Eventually, see and feel the foursome of War Cloud, War Woman, Black Cloud and White Cloud around you, forming a medicine wheel, sacred hoop or solar cross.

Shine your love and light on one and all in the astral and physical realms. Whether you are as a white cloud, a gray cloud or a black cloud, focus especially on peace, love, cooperation and coordination.

So be it.