Be a Noah

Today, Wednesday, September 20, 2023, you and I, Soliel/Dr. Robert, begin our seven-day focus on Sananda as the leader of the Noahs in the days of the Flood that inundated Atlantis. Sananda is the twin soul of Sol-O-Man, who was Noah’s wife Yonah, the leader of the Yonahs.

In the symbol to the right, the golden circle represents the Sun and Sananda as Sun-Anda, whereas the N portrays his incarnation as the leader of the Noahs. Together, Yonah and Noah birthed a new Hierarchal program for lifting mankind from the third into the Son-Daughter light of the fourth dimension. Out with the old, in with the new.

Y and N

As noted in my prior blog, the letter “Y” in Yonah represents primarily the soul-feminine-subconscious aspect, the reaching up to God and the Hierarchal Board, as portrayed also by Yolanda of the Sun. To make the letter “Y,” you start at the top left of the V, draw down and rightward to what becomes the bottom or apex of the V, and then up through the right-slanting line of the V. To complete the letter, you place a straight, vertical line from the apex of the V down to the bottom of the whole letter.

The two upward-slanting lines of the V represent the subconscious (left) and conscious (right) alignment and the reaching of this female-male unit up to the superconscious. The vertical line below the V represents the spinal column and the physical body, via which superconscious, fourth-dimensional energies descend into one’s subconscious and flow down the spine and chakras into physical expression.

By contrast, the letter “N” stands primarily for the mental-masculine-conscious aspect of our overall consciousness as a child of God. To make this letter, you start at the bottom of what becomes the left vertical line of the N. This bottom site portrays the physical, earthly, male level. The upward line is the ascent via a column of light, through the seven chakras and the seven astral planes to the three etheric planes.

Then you draw a line from the top of this left vertical line, which slants down to the right or conscious-masculine side, by way of the seven astral planes and seven psychic centers to the two earth planes and physical body. Coming down through the soul/subconscious/astral levels, one has conscious/masculine/mental control of them. Then, from the bottom of this slanted line, you draw a second vertical line, this one to the right of the whole letter, back up to the etheric realms, this time being more proficient and powerful in lifting all others onto you.

Thus Y is feminine mastery whereas N is masculine mastery. The two are to function as one unit in order to ascend into I Am consciousness and redescend to Earth, in order to uplift it and all life on and about it. Y is thus Yonah, whereas N is Noah. Together, they birth a new Hierarchal program that will lead to the redescent of Sol-O-Man and Sananda in their seventh or ascended light bodies.

Furthermore, Y stands for Yesterday, thus the past, the soul, the subconscious, our prior incarnations. In complementary fashion, N stands for the Now of the present. When the past and the present are aligned as one united, harmonious, holy continuum, we take our next step into the New or Golden Age of peace and love. As Christ Jesus in Revelation proclaimed, we make all things new!

Begin and Be in Peace

As given by Hilarion/Charles Fillmore in his Metaphysical Bible Dictionary, “Noah” means rest; calm; quiet; peace; tranquility: equilibrium. Thus, in the midst of all the tests, trials and tribulations of the Flood, Noah remained peaceful, calm and composed. In the ongoing cleansing of these current Latter Days or Purification Period, we likewise are to maintain our equipoise and equilibrium as we birth a new heaven on a new earth.

Peace is the first step of the four-step Christ/diamond matrix that Lord Maitreya, who is the Christ for this Solar System, gave to us in 1993. To transform and uplift any mental, emotional, soul-astral or physical challenge, we start by being at peace. To this we add love, cooperation and coordination. This is how we birth a new day and a new way.

Thus, the letter “N” in Noah also represents newness, renewal, rejuvenation and rebirth. Like Noah, we are to be at peace. We are still and consciously know God and His-Her divine laws, as expressed via the four-step matrix, which is what renews us and all life on and about the Earth.

Quito & Quitu

On September 8, 2023, during the time that I was writing my prior blog about Yonah titled Be a Dove of Love, I dreamt that Sananda brought before me a man who introduced himself as Quito. He appeared to be a mestizo, a man of Spanish and Amerindian ancestry. He had on mostly western, white man’s clothes, but also some Amerindian items. He was about 6 feet tall, appeared to be calm and confident, and had all the markings and presence of being a powerful leader. We warmly shook hands. I felt an immediate kinship with him, even as I knew that he loved me as a brother. Moreover, he seemed to know and accept that I was as a son of Sananda, and he honored me as such.

In a following, second dream this same morning, Quito informed me that his “ship” had landed on Earth. Upon awakening, I first wondered if Quito might be an extraterrestrial or spaceman, but this did not feel right or true. Shortly, the realization came that the word “ship” referred primarily to his boat or ark, as well as to his four lower bodies. His ship’s landing also confirmed that he had made himself known to me here on Earth.

However, Quito then shared that he was one with Sananda’s ship #10. This was the spacecraft from which he took his instructions, and aboard which he communed with the ascended masters and visitors from other planets throughout the Solar System and beyond.

Upon awakening, I remembered that Quito is the capital of Ecuador in South America (see map above/right). The name “Quito” means the center of the world. The Quitu Amerindians (with an “u” at the end) were its ancient Amerindian inhabitants, with what is now the city of Quito being the center of their tribal grounds. When the Spaniards arrived in 1534 AD, they re-named the city as San Francisco de Quito, after St. Francis of Assisi. Currently, about 77% of the population of Quito are mestizos.

Center of Western Hemisphere

Centuries later, it was discovered that the Earth’s equator crossed through the northern part of Ecuador, just 16 miles north of the center of Quito. (See map below/right.) “Ecuador” is named after the word equator. The equator is equidistant from the North and the South Poles. It forms the largest imaginary, latitudinal circle around the planet. Thus, Quito is very close to the center between the Northern and Southern Hemispheres in the western half of the globe.

Moreover, in terms of north-south longitudes, Quito is about in the center between the western coast of North America and the eastern coast of South America. Indeed, therefore, it is the center of the world of the Americas. Moreover, given that this information first came to me in a dream, being the center of the western world means to be consciously centered in the world of I Am consciousness, like unto Noah.

Who, besides Quito, is at the center of the Western World? Most importantly, Sananda is at the center of the West, radiating his light and love to all parts of this hemisphere. As a modern-day Noah, we are to “know” and demonstrate this truth. In our soul, we are to be a Quito, a centered Christ soul who serves under Sananda/Noah/Jesus.

Mixed Blood

The man Quito being a mestizo in my dream symbolized the interlinking of the white man with the Amerindian man, the combining of the past with the present, the proper relationship between the astral and physical planes. (The word “mestizo” means mixed.)

After all, in the higher astral planes are those who have been Caucasians in past lives, as well as those who have been Africans and of Eastern countries like Japan and China. Thus, the astral planes are not populated just by those of Amerindian ancestry/incarnations. However, as Black Cloud channeled via Nada-Yolanda, all who love the Great Spirit/God and who serve all life on Earth are true Indians at heart. Quito is one embodiment of this truth.

Ecuador, like all parts of the Earth, is going through a thorough transmutation in preparation for the Second Coming, including a cleansing of the white man’s past and still current mistreatment of Amerindians throughout North, Central and South America; and the past Amerindian wars between the various tribes (the Incas in about 1470 AD conquered the Quitu and made them the northern part of their vast Andean empire).

Quito is the most elevated capital city in the world at 9350 feet above sea level. Moreover, there are still higher mountains around it. These heights represent rising up into I Am consciousness, whereby we ascend into the etheric planes. From the mountaintops of mortal/soul consciousness, we rise into Seventh Ray Peace, Love and Rest.

(Neighboring La Paz, Bolivia, which has many governmental offices in it, is higher than Quito, but the actual, central, official capital of Bolivia is Sucre, whose elevation is less than that of Quito.)

Male & Female

In my following morning meditation, the Amerindian Quito, this time along with his “wife” or feminine counterpart, appeared in my vision and affirmed that they were the primary leaders of the Amerindians in the surrounding astral planes above and interconnected with the city of Quito and the whole country of Ecuador.

She, too, was mestizo but was dressed mostly like an Amerindian. She gave me her name as Quitu. Thus, Quito (with an “o”) was the conscious, mental, male leader of his tribe, like unto being the mayor of the present city of Quito. Quitu (with an “u”) was the feminine, soul, subconscious leader of the tribe, including all those who lived throughout the country of Ecuador. Our soul is vast, with records of all our incarnations, whereas consciously we mostly deal with this present incarnation.

Therefore, Quitu represented the long soul history, going back thousands of years and numerous incarnations, in which the Quitu Amerindians had prepared this whole area for the Second Coming of Sananda/Jesus and Sol-O-Man/Mary. The ‘u” in Quitu’s name also stood for Lady Uriel, who has guided and guarded her in her work with the devic-elemental kingdoms, which is the specialty of most Amerindians.

Quito and Quitu also further explained that they were of the highest or seventh astral plane, which is the astral doorway to the lowest of the three etheric planes. In the past, they had evolved through the seven astral planes and ascended into the etheric planes. But like War Cloud and War Woman, Quito and Quitu had chosen to reside in the seventh or highest plane, wherein they could have more influence on astral and earthplane Amerindians.

Thus, they were not still working through the remaining 10% of their soul karma in the seventh astral plane, as do former Amerindians and others who are still making their way up through the seventh astral plane. Rather, Quito and Quitu are primarily etheric beings currently incarnated in astral bodies as Amerindians.

As such, they now were coordinating and cooperating with Sananda, who sometimes is called the Golden One by Amerindians, whose city-sized ship #10 is positioned above and near to Quito, the Ecuadorian capital. This citizen has about 2 million inhabitants. All of Ecuador has about 17.5 million citizens.

Clothed with the Sun

Sol-O-Man as Zolanda, the high priestess of the Earth Temple in Atlantis, had trained the race that would become the Amerindians to carry the higher spiritual teachings from the soon to be sunken Atlantis to the New World that would become called the Americas.

In the center or heart of the capital city of Quito, atop its tallest mound or hill, is a statue of Mary that is called The Virgin del Panecillo. (“Panecillo” means loaf of bread.) At 135 feet tall, this statue is the highest one in Ecuador and one of the highest in South America, being higher than the Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. It can be seen from almost every place in Quito. (See photo right/above.)

The statue is made in the image of Mary as she was depicted in Revelation, as the woman clothed with the Sun, with twelve stars around her head, hence the 12 planetary spiritual temples and the 12 spiritual powers of man. She is standing on a serpent, which she has chained, hence she has power over the evil or darkness in the astral planes and on earth. It is one of the only statues in the world where Mary has wings, with the wings representing he being taken up to a safe place after doing battle with Satan in Revelation. The wings also refer to her guardian angel, Lady Uriel.

In ancient times, before the coming of the Spaniards, the local Quitu Amerindians worshipped the Sun from within a temple atop this sacred hill. The Spaniards, however, destroyed this temple, considering it to be pagan, hence not Christian. Now, however, the Ecuadorian mestizos and others of all ancestries worship the woman clothed with the Sun, whose light and love shines down upon them. What goes around, comes around. Atlantis is renewed, rejuvenated and reborn. A new heaven is descending on a new earth, with Sol-O-Man/Yonah/Mary and Sananda/Noah/Jesus leading the way.

With Quito’s high elevation, its current inhabitants have an especially clear view of, and intimate connection with, the Sun. Moreover, unlike with lower altitudes, the whole atmosphere sparkles with brilliant light. To the Quitu Amerindians, like with the Incans, the Sun is a symbol of the Presence and Power of God, the Great Spirit, Whose light and love shine on one and all.

See the Sun

Six days later, on September 14, 2023, as I was focusing mostly on Noah, deep in my own morning meditation, having visualized myself surrounded by, and at one with, the 8 blue protectors of the First Ray and the 8 gold-and-white protectors of the Seventh Ray, my head was tilted slightly backwards such that I was inwardly looking up at the sky before and above me. It was filled with white and gold light, that of the Seventh Ray of Peace, Love and Rest.

In the center of my vision appeared the brilliant, physical Sun, which looked like it does at high noon on a clear day. This visionary Sun was not just physical, however, as it radiated cosmic, pure light and energy that lifted me into I Am Solar System consciousness. The Sun appeared to be about 1-2 feet in diameter.

Then, clairaudiently came Sananda/Noah’s instructions: See the Sun. In other words, no matter what else was happening mentally, emotionally, soul-astrally or physically, I was to keep my all-seeing, cosmic eye single on the Sun, which represents the Son-of-God consciousness within each spiritual Son or divine Daughter of God. I especially was to keep my eye single on Sananda as Sun-Anda, who had been the leader of the Noahs in the days of the Flood. Throughout the symbolic 40 days of rains, Noah had seen the Sun. He knew that God was with him, that Spirit’s sunlight would soon shine once again, this time upon a cleansed and purified Earth.

Six & Seven

The Flood came under the Sixth Ray of Cleansing and Transmutation, whose corresponding color is violet. Right up to the present time, we are going through a similar purification process for washing away the residue of our soul errors, going back to Atlantis, Lemuria and the days of Cains and Abels some 26 million years ago; as well as the soul errors of all on Earth and in the astral planes.

At the same time, however, with black rain clouds above us and at times with such cloudy darkness within our minds and souls, we are to give our primary attention to clairsentiently knowing and feeling the abiding presence of the Sun, the Christ within us. The Sun-Son is always shining, even when the mental/psychic/emotional sky is filled with dark clouds and pouring down torrential rains. In time, the clouds will be dispersed and we will see and be one with the Sun again.

Noah’s challenge was to see this. He did so by using his Elementary Spiritual Power of clairsentience, which means “clear knowing.” Noah partly means to “know” as in the first two letters of his name, “No.” “Know” and “No” are pronounced the same way. Thus, Noah knows! He knows the truth and it sets him free.

As Jesus later would proclaim: Be still and know God. So, we are to follow in Jesus’ and Noah’s footsteps — we are to know who we are and what we are to do in the Second Coming program. The things Noah and Jesus did, we too shall do and more, for there are many more of us. We are not only to know this but also to consciously act upon this; to build our own leak-proof ark in which we can weather any storm within or about us, and come through with new determination to be love in action.

Feminine & Masculine

Yonah, Noah’s allegorical wife, probably functioned more so by clairvoyance and clairaudience. She may well have been the first to receive Spirit’s guidance about the upcoming flood and cleansing. She no doubt shared this guidance with her husband, who was an incarnation of her twin soul, Sananda/Sun-Anda/Son-Anda. He knew that what she was receiving and sharing with him was accurate, because it rang of truthfulness. Moreover, he had already begun to receive the same message himself, via his intuition and inner knowing.

Putting the two unique but complementary inputs together in one composite whole confirmed what both of them were receiving in their own unique fashion from Spirit and the agents of Spirit in the higher planes of life. In time the subconscious/feminine/soul and conscious/masculine/physical became one with the superconscious/light body.

Both Yonah and Noah were Seventh Ray workers. As Sol-O-Man and Sananda, they were, and still are, the co-equal rulers of Earth. Their function in the days of the end of Atlantis and the beginning of a new Hierarchal program was to see, believe and know for a fact that the Sun would again shine after the 40 days of the cleansing Flood. They kept their eyes single on this inner realization, and it came to pass.

Worldwide Peace

Still on September 14th at our noon Hierarchal Board Meditation, Sol-O-Man and Sananda overshadowed me. Together, they lifted my two arms to form a letter Y, as in the names Yonah and Yolanda. To my utter surprise upon doing so, in my right hand appeared a vibrant image of Sananda’s ship #10. In my left, subconscious hand was a sphere that became Sol-O-Man’s ship #01. I felt totally electrified by the etheric energies and hieronic space beams of the two ships.

Together, Sol-O-Man and Sananda telepathically explained that Sananda’s ship #10 currently is positioned about over Quito, Ecuador, at the equator. That is why Quito and Quitu had made their presences known to me. They were authorized, guided and instructed to do so by Sananda.

Sol-O-Man’s ship #01, however, is located at the equator about halfway around the world, near the country and city-state of Singapore in maritime Southeast Asia. Singapore is located 85 miles north of the equator, off the southern tip of the Malay Peninsula, which is north of Indonesia whose multiple islands straddle the equator. (See map to right.) This area is within the extended forcefield of the Temple of Vulcan, the highest vibrational power center on Earth, whose epicenter is in southeast Vietnam.

Thus, the Sun, and Sananda and Sol-O-Man as a Sun or solar team, shone on me, filling the V of my Y with its/their light and love. As their broadcasting agent on Earth, I was to radiate this I Am sun-son-daughter light via my hands to all around the world, not just to Ecuador and the Western Hemisphere.

In ascended I Am consciousness, I had the whole world in my hands. The power of the First Ray, via my hands, could radiate to and reach every soul and every part of the planet. My Christ love would potentially lift all life on the globe. In my meditation, such a transmission took about 10-15 minutes, which is all that I could handle.

Seven-Foot Tall

Three days later, deep into my morning meditation on September 17th, the Sun once again appeared before me. This time, however, it was at least seven-feet tall and wide, hence with a diameter of seven feet. Seven represents the Seventh Ray, our seven bodies, our seven chakras and the seventh major initiation. I now was drawn into the Sun, whereupon it became even bigger, at least 10-12 feet in diameter.

The Sun Sphere totally encompassed every part of my aura and physical body. My heart chakra was in the center of this fiery globe. Every part of my mind, body and soul lit up with glorious Sun-Son light. I felt at one with Soltrex and Soltran, the co-leaders of the Sun. I also felt the presence of the male Elohim and the female EloHer who form and maintain the matrix or logos of the Sun. Three days earlier,  I had seen the Sun. Now I was being the Sun-Son, in all its many levels and dimensions. It was the most glorious and uplifting experience I have had this lifetime.

Afterwards, as I was still feeling this Sun-Son connection and reality, I did my best to stay grounded, to be at peace, to be calm and collected, to not let myself burn up and burn out in the higher frequencies. At some point, I also knew from within that there would be “blowback” or a negative reaction by those near and far from me, from those on the Earth and especially from those in the lower astral planes.

Sure enough, that night/next morning, I dreamt that scores of men and women, not known to me, came unto our I Am Nation property here at the Sun Temple in Pioneer, TN. Many of them were so-called “born again” or Pentecostal Christians, who were sure that they knew more about spirituality than I did. In their self-righteous minds, they knew that they had the truth, whereas I was just some lowly pagan, like unto the way that the Spaniards had thought of and treated the Amerindians in Ecuador.

I did my best to set my unwelcome visitors straight, but they simply dismissed me, and went about trying to take over our property and buildings. Eventually, I physically ushered and carried some of them outside my house, only to discover that others took their place. I awoke thoroughly disgusted with them, shaken to my core, feeling slimed and invaded by such self-righteous, Cain-like humans.

It took most of the day to deal with the lingering thought forms of these unwanted visitors. I wielded the sword in calling forth new protection, even as I radiated love to them and saw the Christ in them. By the end of the day, I was mostly back in Christ equilibrium and peace.

However, the next day, in my dream Sananda pointed out to me the twelve or so dark areas around the perimeter of my Christ cocoon of protection. These were dark thought forms and congealed negative feelings coming to me from others. This time, unlike the previous unwanted visitors inside my house in the prior dream, these dark entities or bugs had not breached my spiritual protection. I spent additional time this day removing any trace of negativity that was “bugging” me.

Be Born Again

Symbolically and literally, Yonah and Noah represent the first major initiation of birth. This birth involves and brings forth spiritual awakening, when people first realize and experience that they are children of God, hence divine beings. The later depiction of this came during the lives of Mary, Joseph and Jesus, with Mary representing the subconscious, Joseph portraying the conscious and Jesus representing the superconscious. Mary and Jesus portrayed all seven major initiations, with the seventh one being that of ascension and redescent.

The spiritual initiation of birth in Genesis especially involves the birth and renewal of Third Ray Personal Love, Feeling and Dedication to a Higher Cause. The past soul errors, going back eons, were due to the misuse and abuse of this Pink Ray, which led to self-righteousness, self-power and selfishness in all its other forms and depictions.

The boat that Noah built, following God’s instructions, was 300 cubits long, 50 cubits wide, and 30 cubits tall. A cubit is the distance from the crook of the arm or elbow to the tip of the longest finger, which generally is considered to be about 18 inches or a foot-and-one-half long, depending on the size of a person’s body. Thus, in terms of feet, the ark was about 440x72x43 feet.

However, this description in Genesis is mostly symbolic. 300 feet long and 30 feet tall represent building a new vessel or ark to carry forth and repopulate the Earth with the proper use of the Third Ray. 50 feet tall is for healing of this past error of selfishness. It is self-aggrandizement, feeling separate from God, and being selfish that are cleansed in the flood, whereas the boat rides the waves and remains atop the waters.

Spiritual Birth

Note, also, all the “begats” in Genesis. Yonah and Noah begat three sons, who begat numerous sons, who begat still more sons, until at some point some daughters were born and named. “Begat” is a Biblical term that means to begin anew, to give birth.” Thus, Noah and Yonah led the way for the birth of a new spiritual program to birth Christ awareness and consciousness on Earth, to finally put love into action on Earth.

Yonah is feminine, hence of the subconscious. She is the first to receive the higher guidance about the upcoming flood and the building of the ark. Like Mary, she is a virginal vessel or ark, within whom is seeded the overall new plans and program.

Noah is masculine, hence of the conscious mind. He is the one to build the ark, just as Jesus trained with his father, Joseph, as a carpenter. Noah clairsentiently knows what to do. He figures it out. He thoroughly, consciously, analytically thinks things through and then acts upon his solid conclusion. He is discerning and determined to do only what is right and good.

Thus, at each new octave of our spiritual growth, we are to be like unto Yonah and Noah; like Mary; Joseph and Christ Jesus. Yonah lifts up her two arms to God, who fills her with Sun-Son-Daughter light. She becomes pregnant with this Sun light-love, like unto when Mary became pregnant with the soul of Sananda. Noah sees his wife’s “pregnancy,” knows it is true and accurate, and systematically puts it into practical, down-to-Earth application. Thus, it takes the two of them to rebirth the Sun Temple on Earth.

The Atlantean Sun Temple, as per Nada-Yolanda’s intunements and channelings, was located about in the area between modern day Miami and the island of Bimini off its coast. It went down during the Flood, with the final stages of this being about 13,000 to 10,000 years ago. Then, in 1960, the Sun Temple began anew in Miami with the establishment of Mark-Age MetaCenter. In 1999, the Sun Temple was moved to northeastern Tennessee, which site had been preserved by the Amerindians every since the Atlantean flood. Much of Florida is destined to become flooded in the years to come. Northeastern Tennessee, where Phillel and I now live, is in a safe, protected area what will weather all future storms and eventually welcome Sananda’s and Sol-O-Man’s redescent to Earth.

Be Ye Transformed

Friends, fellow lights, during this week, let us all be born again by the renewing of our minds, the linking of our personal minds with the One Mind of God. Father-Mother Creator, help each one of us to be cleanse and transmuted, to be renewed and reborn at a new and higher octave. Thy will be done.

Following are seven possible key images and ideas for you to focus upon in your meditations, walks and other quiet times. You can concentrate each day on one of these projects.

However, it is more important that you follow your own I Am guidance and inspirations. Perhaps you do some of both. In any case, go with the flow; keep your boat afloat; and calmly weather the waves.

Below are the seven steps:

Be still and know God. Be one with God. Be the child of God that you are.

Rest in the peace of your I Am Self. Be calm, quiet, tranquil and composed.

See the Sun. Be in the Sun. Be centered in Sun-Son-Daughter consciousness.

Sit with Quito and Quitu, who are your Amerindian astral brother and sister.

Be as a Noah on Sananda’s his ship #10 over Quito and here on Earth.

Be as a Yonah on Sol-O-Man’s ship #01 over Singapore and where you live.

Love God and Love One Another all around the planet.

So be it. So it is. Thank You, Father-Mother God.