Be a Red Ruby

You are a gem! You, the real You, are a red ruby gemstone that shines in the dark and regenerates the red, restorative light in mankind’s mind, body and soul.

In your shining and sharing, you are well grounded, four-square solid and Christ crystallized, a gem of a Guy-guy or Gal-girl, a divine son or daughter of our Father-Mother Creator. As above in I Am regeneration, so now manifested and birthed below. Amen to that!

Be Judas Regenerated

Today, Monday, November 8, 2021, we start a new week, a new 7 days to birth our light body on Earth, by way of our I Am power of regeneration. We have been pregnant with the Christ within us for the past three weeks, at the mental, emotional and soul-astral levels or bodies.

Now in this fourth week of our pregnancy, our seven Christ contractions shall lead to the rebirth of our red-ruby gemness, our regenerated Judas power, our I Am attribute of praising God, of lauding and loving Him-Her with all our mind, all our heart and all our soul; and with all our body, including our genitals. We are born again!

Our past miscarriages, our ancient aborted attempts at rebirth, our former silly selfishness, our prior hostile attitudes and actions are dead and gone, relics of history, now released and forgotten, transmuted and cleansed.

No longer are we a “fraidy cat” but rather we purr with Christ joy at the birth of I Am awareness and consciousness on Earth. Thank You, Father-Mother God, for rebirthing us and for guiding us so lovingly in helping others to be the divine children of God that they are.

Faith Fulfilled

Visualize a large, brilliant, red ruby gemstone above you. It’s about 7 foot tall and wide.

Slowly, as guided by your master teacher and other ascended masters, as well as your guardian angel and space visitors, see it descending and anchoring into you crown chakra/cerebrum, your body’s central computer station.

The vast circuity of your brain fills with I Am faith: faith in God, faith of God; faith in your God or I Am Self, faith of your Christ or high Self. Perceive and believe that you have the God-given ability to regenerate your mind, your mental body. By your faith, your step-by-step redescent and regeneration begins.

Affirm: I have a ruby red cerebrum, a gem of a computer, far surpassing any outer, physical computer known to man today. I have the full faith that I can and shall reprogram and regenerate my cerebral computer. With God, all things, all regenerations, are  possible.

With rock-solid faith, I am one step on the seven-step way to rebirth my light body on Earth. By my faith, I am redeemed, remade, regenerated, made new, healed and reborn as the child of God that I Am.

See and Be Red

On day two, envision the bottom of the 7-foot ruby slowly moving down into your all-seeing, third-eye chakra in your astral body and the corresponding thalamus, hypothalamus and pituitary gland in your physical body, at the base of your cerebrum, in the center of your head.

Your ruby shines in the darkness, in the vast Emptiness of your purified subconscious and soul record, in the feminine or mother aspect of your total consciousness, which is empty of self, ready to be filled anew with Self. 

Ask for and receive a new I Am image to regenerate your third eye, such that you see more fully the good within yourself and others, that you see new I Am healing talents coming forth within your soul and astral body, talents that in past lives or on other dimensions you already have mastered and expressed, which now are ready to be reincorporated and re-expressed here on Earth.

See yourself being a healing channel for others, for assisting them as an obstetrician or midwife in the birth of their I Am Selves. Picture one of them before who is surrounded in a 7-foot ruby red crystal that lights up his or her soul.

Praise the Lord! 

Be Inspired and Empowered

On the third day, the descent of the Divine You continues. The bottom part of the light-filled, etheric red ruby fills your throat chakra/vocal apparatus/muscles/ limbs with its vibrant regenerative energy and consciousness.

Speak the word: I Am a red ruby of crystallized red light. I, in I Am consciousness, have the power to heal my whole body, especially my lungs and all of my muscles, particularly those in my arms and legs.

Talk the talk and walk the walk. Do all things by having Spirit do them through you. Be regenerated, renewed, remade and rebirthed in the image and likeness of our Father-Mother Creator. So be it.

In your garden of Edenic consciousness with its red roses, Jesus and Mary talk with you and they walk with you; they say that you are their own;. And the joy you share, as you tarry here, all others soon shall know.

In your third contraction, sing it,  know it, be it.

Ruby-Red Heart & Blood

On day four, from the throat center, the lower part of the 7-foot ruby crystal descends into your heart chakra or love center, and radiates into and anchors in your heart, liver, spleen and blood. Out of the darkness, you enter into the light of a new day. Love is the key for healing your whole self, and for healing humanity. Love God and Love One Another.

Feel the regeneration of your heart, the re-energization of your liver, the replenishing of your spleen, the transmuting of your blood into Christ love flow. Your whole chest vibrates and pulsates and fills to near overflowing with love divine. As you love, so are you loved.

Love heals all hurts, all horrors, all hostilities, all feelings of helplessness and hopelessness. Love conquers all.

In this fourth Christ contraction, be the ruby-red lover that you are. Begin to feel out in your heart what you will do to put this love into specific, physical actions, to lay down your life for a friend, to be your brother’s and sister’s keeper.

Decrystallize & Recrystallize

On day five, down comes the red ruby into your solar plexus and abdominal area, your digestive system that in an orderly series of steps decrystallizes physical food, breaks it down into its component parts, which serve as the building blocks to replenish, refuel and rebuild your entire body.

In like matter, you feel the implantation of the red ruby in your gut, which breaks down any old, limited, negative idea, emotion or soul memory that impedes the birth of your light body. Then, in the shining red light, you recrystallize your I Am Self and light body. You anchor your light body in your Earthly temple, your four lower bodies.

All is now in divine order. Feel it in your bones. Feel it in your gut. Feel it radiating in and through your skin. It feels so good. All is in divine order. All is well.

Your Sacred Sacral Center

During day sixth, the red, fourth-dimensional ruby descends into your sacral chakra and re-invigorates your two kidneys in you low back, your bladder below the kidneys, and your entire colon or large intestine. Your red ruby flows down your spine during this sixth regenerative contraction.

Stay straight, stay steady, be the column of Christ light that you are — see your spine as a tower of strength. Be strengthened anew for your final push, shortly to come.

Remove, release and eliminate anything in you that is not up to par, not in alignment with your redescending light body, any residue of selfishness, any remaining fear or hostility, anything that is not sacred in your thoughts, feelings, soul memories or physical functions and actions.

Be Born Again

On glorious day seven, rest in the peace of your I Am Self as you awake your seventh contraction, the fulfillment of your Christ pregnancy, the rebirth of your light body on Earth.

Here it comes! Your regenerative chakra at the base of your spinal column and your regenerative organs light up with red radiations of regeneration. See this, feel this, birth this.

Be red to the core, in your mind, soul and body. Radiate red, regenerative energy in all your seven centers or chakras. Imbue every physical organ, gland and system with red light

Be red throughout, like the red blood cells that flow to every cell in your body.

See the 7-ft red ruby crystal all around you, under your feet, above your head, anchored fully within and around you. With this seventh contraction, you are born again, reborn again! 

Two by Two

Now that you have the overall week’s program, as you start your first meditation and anchor red light in your crown chakra/cerebrum, pick out two people who during your prayers and your daily actions you are going to bless with your regenerative actions; a man and a woman.

On this day one, start with Judas. See him descending inside his 7-foot ruby red crystal and standing right in front you. Welcome him wholeheartedly, bless him, tell him that you love him, thank him for persisting, for progressing forward, for birthing the Christ in him.

Call him Judas the Christ, no longer Judas Iscariot. See him as he is now, not as he was in the past. Born again, he and you are born again.

On February 19, 1964, Simon Peter channeled: “I am here also to announce that the twelve who surrounded Jesus as a symbol and as the base for his operation at the time Nazareth so many hundreds of years ago remain as one solidified. It includes Judas, who deceived himself into thinking he could precipitate the manifestation before his time was announced and before God wished the manifestation to become demonstrated.

“It includes Matthias, who you know as St. Germain of the Sixth Ray activity and the violet flame of transmutation. It is known as the twelve, although the number be more; for the twelve are symbolic, as the one hundred and forty-four thousand remain symbolic. The number that is counted remains not steadfast.”

If you have a question about your ongoing regeneration, ask Judas to give you his input. Talk with him and then go outdoors into your garden or yard or a nearby park and walk with him.

Feminine Regeneration

On this first day, also see Mary Magdalene, Jesus’ primary female disciple, descending inside her ruby-red light body, and sitting in a chair that you have placed before you. She is no longer Mary Magdalene the prostitute as Pope Gregory I in 591 AD falsely accused her of being. Rather, she is Mary, divine daughter and follower of Sol-O-Man/Mary. She is our elder beloved sister, a fellow devotee of Sananda-Jesus. Mary Magdalene, we love you, we bless you, we see the ruby red Christ light in and around you!

Mary Magdalene is also not the former wife of Jesus, with whom she brought forth a daughter, as some people have proclaimed. That is nonsense. Rather than see her in some fantasied, mortal-delusionary way, perceive and love the Christ or I Am Self in her.

She was one of the three women at the cross. She was the one to whom the resurrected Jesus in his light body first appeared and spoke.

In my own communions with her, she has appeared in her light body; she is a feminine master of regeneration, whom of course I love dearly.

The Roman Catholic Church finally has recanted Pope Gregory’s past error and now sees her as a fellow disciple, along with the 12 apostles. But still in the mass mind, many church goers still think of her as a fallen prostitute, and send negative thoughts her way. We send her only love, healing and harmony.

God bless you, Mary Magdalene!

Pick More Pairs

In the following five days, in your morning meditation or daily activities, pick out another two souls with whom you put your love in physical action. (By the end of day six, you will have worked with 12 such individuals, six pairs of two.)

Maybe it is your parents, maybe it is two of your past personal loves, perhaps it is two of your children, it may even be two so-called enemies, a male and a female.

If these two are in the astral planes, send them a mental love note. Talk to them as if they are right here with you, in the garden of your heart.

If they incarnated on Earth, call them on the phone, email them, send them a thank you card being such a good friend, take them out to dinner or to get an ice cream cone.

Focus on the good within this pair and let the not-so-good shed away, dissolved in love and forgiveness. Give these sweethearts a red rose. Hug each of them with your whole heart. See them surrounded by a 7-foot, fourth-dimensional ruby

Be pro-creative in the unique ways you intune and proceed to manifest, crystallize and demonstrate your regenerative faculty, your ability to bring forth new images, new actions, new spiritual births of the two souls that you are with each day, in mind, body and spirit.

Thank You, Father-Mother God, for birthing the Christ in each of them.

Go Global

On day seven, rest in the peace of your rebirthed I Am Self and light body. Then, shift your attention to the whole world, particularly to the 144,000 elect, some of whom are present in countries throughout the East and the West.

See the 144,000 aglow in red, ruby light, which crystallizes around them and manifests in and through their minds, bodies and souls. See them reborn.

Envision red light surrounding the whole planet, imbuing all of its inhabitants with new promptings to regenerate themselves and others; bringing forth a new garden of Eden, a new heaven on a new Earth.

So we see it, so shall it be, in God’s good time and way. Amen.

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