May I Have This Dance?

For the next few days and the rest of our lives, you and I are going to dance with our loved ones. We will trip the light fantastic.

Our dancing begins today, Friday, November 12th, 12 for our 12 Christ powers, with which we dance in divine fashion. We are to be two who become one, who dance to the music of the spheres, who slow dance and fast dance, who do the jitterbug or rumba or waltz, who twirl and swirl, who twist again like we did last summer, when the sun shone the brightest.

Visiting the Past, Seeing the Future

First, let me share how I came to dance with my sweeties and what I have learned from each of them. I will start with my Mom of this lifetime, Aleta, who in I Am consciousness is called Serena, who is my twin soul. How sweet it is dancing with this Serene One, she mostly in the East and me primarily in the West, she in the higher astral planes and me on Earth, both of us following in the divine dance steps of Sol-O-Man/Mary/Yasodhara and Sananda/Jesus/Buddha. The whole globe is our dance floor.

As I shared in a previous blog, in spring 2016, I entered a psychiatric treatment center, which mostly was a drug treatment center. I did some dance there with my fellow patients whom I came to love for their deep desire and physical work to transcend their drug addictions; and with my personal “shrink,” a man who has a good, loving heart, whom I definitely liked, but whose mind has been shrunk.

While in the hospital, to my utter amazement, one of the patients was there to receive EST (electroshock therapy), now usually called ECT or electroconvulsive therapy, because it causes a convulsion or epileptic seizure. And my shrink was her psychiatrist. And so yes, in a sense, he was a “head shrinker.”

At a separate place in the hospital or maybe nearby, Jane (not her real name) was to have what euphemistically is called a “tune-up” but which I call a “tune-down,” a short series of 4-6 shock treatments. She had been deeply depressed two or three years earlier, had a series of 30 EST shocks, then every following 4-6 months she came in for a tune-up.

Two Moms

Jane was maybe in her sixties, even her seventies. And she reminded me of my Mom, Aleta. I was revisiting the nightmare of my childhood, when my baby sister Rosalie died, my Mom sank into a deep depression, was hospitalized and received EST. I lost my Mom and I decided then and there I would never love anyone again because it hurt too much. I descended into hell, out of which I have been climbing my whole life.

After my stay in the hospital, I found upon doing research online that EST was being applied about 100,000 times per year in the USA, and maybe half a million or more times around the globe. Unbelievable! I had thought this barbaric treatment was a thing of the past, but no, it is alive and kicking, even expanding, and kicking the dickens out of people’s brains worldwide.

So, I vowed to make it a major theme in my projections to my fellow colleagues in the psychiatric profession. Following are a couple ways in which I danced with them, from the distance:

The first spiritual, common-sense principle that I radiated to them is: You do not create good by first doing harm. You do not help the brain by frying it and sending it into a convulsion. How could it be anymore obvious than this? As Hippocrates, the father of medicine, proclaimed for all doctors, way back in early Greek times: First of all, do no harm!

Second, did Jesus the Christ, the greatest healer to walk the Earth, shock people’s brains? Of course not, not physically that is. But, he did transfer the electrical energies of his light body to those whom he healed of every known condition. Are we not as psychiatric/mental health professionals to go and do likewise, to heal the minds of all men and women? Then EST will go into the dustbin of history where it belongs, never again to see the light of day.

Hail to the Christ in Thee

As to my dance with my psychiatrist, the music stopped playing the moment I realized that he not only believed in EST but actually practiced it. And as it turned out, it was just a matter of time, several months later, after all his prescribed drugs did not work with me, that he suggested that I have EST! No thanks. And goodbye!!

When I later managed without any help from him to get off all the psychoactive drugs I was taking, especially my anti-anxiety drug, I went to see him one last time. Spontaneously, he blurted out that he could hardly believe how good I looked, how healthy I was, how vitally alive I was. Well, yes, during that visit, I was overshadowed by my Soliel light body and was transferring cosmic electricity to him. And he said, somewhat dejectedly, the drugs are just a crutch anyway until you can do without them. This after months of promoting drug after drug to supposedly help me. I never saw him again.

God bless you, doc, for all the good you did and tried to do with me. I see the Christ in you and dance with you in divine light. So, wake up to this cosmic reality within you, that you are a child of God.

Herein is the the key for uplifting the whole psychiatric profession: What is needed is not arguments over the right use of drugs and EST or other physical methods, including the use of psychedelic drugs. What is needed is a change in consciousness, a spiritual awakening. In I Am consciousness, one cannot believe that doing harm does good, that physical methods alone can produce holistic, holy healing of the whole person

Hail to the Christ in you, my fellow mental healers who have lost your way. Follow the Way of Christ Jesus! Amen and amen.

With these prayers and projections, I took another step out of my personal/soul darkness into dancing in the light of my I Am Self. By helping others, I was helped by Spirit. My heart opened anew. My Mom, sweet Serena, looked upon me with love and deep appreciation, for it was her healing as well. And we danced anew, two hearts as one. Born again, we danced again, two lights tripping the light fantastic!

Dancing with my Psychological Sweetheart

Her name was Anne. Of course, her name reminded me of Anne, mother of Mary the mother of Jesus, as given in apocryphal texts that Roman Catholics and Eastern Orthodox folks believe, but which Protestants by in large do not. No mention is made of Anne in the four canonical Gospels. (Photo to left is by Leonardo da Vinci of Anne, Mary and Jesus.)

Before being discharged from the psychiatric drug treatment center, the social worker there made an appointment for me to see Anne, whom I had recommended from my own research. She has a PhD in psychology and counseling from Harvard University, so I expected that she was one smart cookie. And, as I would discover, she has a good heart. And she is pretty and just a few years older than me. Hmmm.

To my delight in our first few counseling sessions, I also learned that she was spiritual in her own way, being a member of the local Unitarian Universalist Church. Unitarians, as the name indicates, integrate the best of teachings from all the world’s religion. They honor Christ Jesus as a special, but not the only wayshower. Of course, they have no awareness that Sananda was incarnated as Moses, Gautama the Buddha and Christ Jesus. And in contrast to the predominance of born-again, fundamental, evangelical Christians here in east Tennessee, Unitarians do not believe in, or emphasize, the Second Coming of Jesus in his light body. They do not believe he is the only Son of God, even God Himself.

So when I told Anne of my fifty years or so of devotion to the Second Coming program as given by Sananda via Nada-Yolanda of Mark-Age, she immediately got in a huff and told me she did not believe in the Second Coming, and certainly not as the majority Christians did, whom she disliked. I tried to explain our dual understanding of the Second Coming: both of Christ Jesus in his light body and everyone in Christ awareness. But, she did not hear me or accept my perfectly clear explanation of the truth.

And then, when I shared that MariLyn and I had traveled around the world three times in 2010-2015 to anchor peace and love on the planet and re-open 13 power centers, she quickly exclaimed that I was obviously deluded, in a manic state of grandiosity and megalomania. And in regard to Mark-Age, she basically thought it was a cult. Oy vey, as Yolanda used to say in Yiddish. Or in English, oh my God!

Here Anne was, trashing my core beliefs and my spiritual I Am Self powers and functions. And she was going to help me to transmute some minor soul-emotional things, which in reality paled in the light of my Soliel Self abilities and healing talents? How could she possibly assist me in my psychological healing?

Love One Another

However, once I pulled back and realized that speaking of higher spiritual things was off the table, so to speak, once I decided not to cast my pearls before this psychological “swine,” I discovered that Anne and I had enough in common that we basically got along quite well. She was loving, compassionate, knowledgeable, supportive, with good intuitive insight and good common sense.

Moreover, she meditated using a simple technique that she offered to teach me (which of course I had used some fifty years ago). And she had consulted psychics when her two parents had made their transitions (died) and felt that these psychics were accurate and shared good information with her. In other words, Anne was certainly a step or two above most other psychologists. She was in the beginning stages of her spiritual awakening.

Moreover, in the last couple years, Anne had gone through a painful divorce, so when things started to go sour with MariLyn, Anne had some good advice to share, some good insights that she had gained from her own experience, and not from a book. She and I commiserated, told our stories and loved one another. It was definitely sweet, and an uplifting dance that we did. After all, whatever else we may believe, it is love for one another that heals us.

All Things Will be Revealed

And yet, there were those times when the music stopped, such as when once again she dismissed and discounted my worldwide travels and projections. By then, I had been in counseling with her for maybe 8-10 months. I was strong enough inwardly that I decided that very week to read every one of the I Am News issues that summarized and presented all that had been received and occurred in each of MariLyn’s and my twelve trips around the globe. In my review, I would be my own judge and jury, weigh all the evidence with love and wisdom, and then report my findings and conclusions with Anne. And I would not sugar coat it, but would tell it like it is, or at least the way that I, the ultimate judge, saw it.

In doing the review and reevaluation, I was confronting my own lingering doubts about my past performance. I knew I had made some errors, had received some alleged guidance that was not accurate, had tried at times to do too much, too soon, with insufficient caution and rest. I had shared some things and impressions that would have been better to put on the shelf and wait for later confirmation.

However, what I concluded from my intense review and reevaluation was that I had been about 80% accurate, which was excellent given all the stresses and strains of travel, being with so many negative people, doing battle with the astral dark forces, etc. No pioneer is 100%, no channel is 100%. Rather, you do the best you can, and then await another opportunity to receive updates, corrections, and new insights. Two steps forward, one step back, two more steps forward and upward in spiraling fashion. I had not been a megalomaniac, rather I had just been my I Am, Soliel Self. So be it.

So, in my next weekly counseling session with Anne, this is what I shared with her. I spoke it confidently, with righteous power and love. In a sense, it was my rebuke of her arrogance and disbelief.

So how did she respond? Well, although she remained silent, her face and body language was a mixture of surprise, disbelief, “shock,” of having been caught in the headlights of a car. She never replied directly during this session, but rather basically changed the subject. I went home feeling that I had done what I needed to do. Now I would await her response.

In our next session, partway through, as I recounted some of the psychological challenges I still was facing, and hoping to get her support and positive feedback, she suddenly said to me: Since you are not getting well, you should consider having EST! In other words, she wanted to fry my error filled brain. That’s what at rock bottom was her view and judgment of me.

Thank you, Anne, but no way. Never. And goodbye. I canceled my next appointment with her, saying I had other things to attend to, which was the truth. But I took that week to cautiously and carefully reconsider whether or not I had been accurate and proper in my sharing with her. Convinced that I was, knowing in my heart of hearts that what I had concluded and shared was true, to the best of my ability, I never saw her again.

Be Ye Healed

God bless you Anne for our good, Godly dance with one another as fellow psychological healers. I love you, I see the Christ in you, I let you go to God. May all the good that you did for me and so many others be returned to you multiplied. May you awaken anew to the divine dance that you are to do with our Father-Mother God.

May you, all psychologists and all other counselors, like social workers and religious teachers, be born again. Here is what you and they have been missing: the spiritual awareness and knowledge that you and your clients are beloved children of our Cosmic Parent. With this realization in your mind and heart, you never again will resort to outdated, outworn, wrongly conceived efforts to do harm in order to do good, to shock and punish people rather than serve them with truth, love and forgiveness.

As Hilarion/Paul said: Be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind; have the mind that was in Christ Jesus. Come with me, my friends, one and all psychological healers, as we follow in the footsteps of our beloved Sananda-Jesus and Sol-O-Man/Mary and look forward to the day when they will be here with us on Earth, dancing in the light of a New Age of peace, love, cooperation and coordination.

So be it. So shall it be.









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