Be a Violet V

This morning, November 1, 2022, upon awakening from a deep sleep and sitting at the side of my bed, I felt a canopy or dome of gorgeous, scintillating, violet light over and around my upper body, all the way down to just below my abdomen and the base of my spinal column.

Tuning into this violet presence, it had definite feminine feel to it. Indeed, this symbol or image signaled the presence of Lady Violet of the Sixth Ray of Cleansing and Transmutation, who is the twin soul of St. Germain, Chohan or Director of the Sixth Ray of Cleansing and Transmutation.

I was like unto the pole of a violet-colored umbrella. Lady Violet, who I also will call Violet for short, was like the umbrella’s top or canopy. I was her grounding pole or agent here on Earth, even as she was in the etheric realms, apparently aboard Conrad’s spacecraft over our I Am Nation property, with Conrad serving St. Germain. The purple pole or handle of the umbrella came all the way down my spinal column to the lower, sacral section of my torso.

Upon getting up, I went back and read my blog Look Up to Lady Violet that I originally had posted on June 14, 2022, when our focus was on the re-opening of the Temple of Saturn at Mt. Denali, Alaska. To read it, click Lady Violet. In it, I shared how Lady Violet had contacted me numerous times, eventually telling me that she is the twin soul of St. Germain, who is the Chohan or Director of the Sixth Ray. As with all etheric names, Lady Violet is a code name. It means that she is The Violet Lady, the most evolved Sixth-Ray Lady or Feminine Leader in this solar system. Her feminine name “Violet” comes from the Latin word viola that means purple or violet.

Be a Violet Vortex

In my following meditation, Lady Violet hovered over me again, more fully, powerfully and unmistakably than earlier. She showed herself to me as a large, violet-colored V, like unto the green V that appeared to me yesterday when Meta, Vertex and Vesta — the three lady Vs — transfigured me. Thus, from yesterday’s Fifth Ray focus and work, now the emphasis shifted to the Sixth Ray. The bottom apex of Lady Violet’s V was just below my abdomen, about at my pants belt-line, in my sixth astral chakra, whose corresponding physical organs are the kidneys and bladder of the urinary system, and the large colon. The urinary system removes water wastes while the colon releases solid wastes. This represents the cleansing transmutation of our subconscious/soul (water) and our conscious/physical (solids).

As was done yesterday, I lifted my two arms up in a V to welcome and hold the presence of Lady Violet’s V. This visualization and connection with Lady V took some some time for me to anchor fully. In doing so, I became aware also of Meta, Vertex and Vesta adding their unique Uranian, Eleventh Planet and Solar energies to this new focus on cleansing and transmutation of my own Temple Eleven, preparing me to so the same with the Eleventh Temple in and around Lake Victoria, Tanzania.

Several thoughts, feelings and memories that were not yet transmuted surfaced from my subconscious into my conscious attention, having been stirred up and revealed to me yesterday in the green healing work. These residues were to be released, crossed-out, shed, eliminated and  transmuted. I let them go, said goodbye to them, then moved forward, feeling the resurrected relief that this brought to my heart and other parts of my mind, soul and body that previously had been gunked up.

Violet Vortex

Then the violet V morphed into an upside down cone, which was a downward swirling vortex of sacred violet energies, light and vibrations. One with Lady Violet, she and I traveled to and hovered over Lake Victoria in east-central Africa, site of Temple 11. Above us was Lady Zadkiel, feminine angelic partner of Archangel Lord Zadkiel of the Sixth Ray, along with numerous other feminine Sixth Ray angels, as well as other Sixth Ray feminine ascended masters serving under Lady Violet. Together, via the violet vortex we poured violet light down and into Lake Victoria, then into the other surrounding African Great Lakes. In so doing, we re-birthed the purified soul of Africa on Earth.

Deep into this visualization, I lost conscious awareness, being mostly up and in my ascended light body. Physically, I was asleep. I dreamt that a middle-aged man came to see Phillel and me, here at I Am Nation/Sun Temple headquarters in TN. He immediately struck me as being slick on the outside, but devilish on the inside; a so-called woof in sheep’s clothing.

He intimated to Phillel and me that he was the actual original owner of our property and that we had not paid the full amount for it, therefore we were now to make payments to him, to “rent” the property. He tried to charm us into believing this nonsense, but which he clearly believed. Later, he took us to the back, undeveloped section of our former I Am Nation headquarters in Davie-Ft. Lauderdale, FL (in other words, to the past or astral/soul level), where he showed us that he already had brought about six 8-foot tall trees onto our property and planted one of them there. He tried to make it sound like he was helping and supporting us, but in reality he planned to pick the nuts and fruits from these trees, once they all were planted and grown, and keep the money to himself. I tried to set him straight but he arrogantly would not listen and refused to leave our property. Frustrated and dismayed, I awoke.


Classic blowback! In my prior meditation and projections, higher, violet, transmuting light had flowed not only down and through me, but also into the astral planes surrounding Temple 11 in Africa. These energies flowed down my spine to my sacral center that is symbolic of the 2nd of 7 astral planes, with the 2nd and 1st astral planes being the most negative ones. This man in my dream was one of the leaders of this negatively-focused 2nd astral plane. Slyly, as the con man and slick operator that he is, he was trying to establish his power over us, to remove Phillel and me from ownership and from being co-leaders of the Sun Temple, to steal us blind.

As symbolized, he had brought in several, short, astral “trees” of lower, lesser consciousness, and had already planted one of them using an old, outdated, rusting piece of equipment to do so. Meanwhile, however, Phillel and I rightly were using our spiritual powers to plant the new, huge, spiritual Tree of Life here in northeastern Tennessee, the tallest of trees that bears 12 fruits for the healing of all in the New JerUSAlem, the new I Am Nation, all around the world.

Now, I called upon Lady Violet, St. Germain, Lord and Lady Zadkiel and all other Sixth Ray ascended masters, angels, space visitors and higher astral plane guides to remove this lower astral imposter from our I Am Nation forcefield. This is the work for this day, being in the violet V or vortex or flame, purifying ourselves, and removing and transmuting the attempted lower astral domination and possession of us and our spiritual brothers and sisters in Africa. Get thee behind me Satan and all who serve Satan (self-power and other forms of selfishness). Hail to the Christ in one and all, near and far away. Be ye transmuted by the renewing of your minds and souls. Be in the violet flame of transmutation.

Be a Christ in China

Toward the end of this dream, our evil imposter began to morph into someone from China. Upon awakening, I knew this referred to the current Chinese governmental attempts to take over Africa, to rob it of its mineral riches, to use China’s vast sums of money to bribe local officials and contractors to go along with their evil, power-mongering intentions.

China now owns outright 7% of African lands. China has loaned Chinese countries $143 billion dollars at high interest rates, thereby establishing a foothold in the African financial system, and having control of African leaders and other government and business manipulators, who are beholden monetarily to the Chinese. There is lots of other evidence that Chinese leaders support corrupt African leaders, turn a blind eye to their obvious civil rights abuses, and do not support the common people of Africa. China now is purchasing at low rates 50% of the minerals/metals mined in the Congo, shipping these metals and minerals back to China where they are stockpiled. Almost none of the proceeds from these sales make their way to ordinary Congolese citizens, being essentially stolen by political, military and gang leaders. The Chinese could care less.

Moreover, the Chinese, power-mongering, con men have built roads and some hospitals and such in Africa, but these are mostly just for show, like unto my dream con man planting trees on our former I Am Nation property. In the past, it was the white Europeans who colonized and took over Africa. Now it is the Chinese who are doing the same thing, although in less obvious fashion, in more clever and sophisticated ways. The bottom line is that the Chinese leaders want to dominate and rule Africa and all of the Eastern Hemisphere, and eventually the world.

The USA government has contributed to this problem by running up huge debts every year, selling bonds to borrow the money to do so, which the Chinese have purchased. The USA now owes China about one trillion dollars. The Chinese are playing Americans for fools. It must now be transmuted and stopped! It is high time for US politicians in both political parties to put their heads together and come up with a balanced plan to pay off American debts.

The Chinese can only do their evil if Africans, Americans and all freedom-loving peoples and governments allow them to do so. As long as Africans, especially leaders, are corrupt, then China will continue her nasty, selfish ways. The whole thing needs transmutation. We see a violet vortex descending into Lake Victoria, to heal the soul of Africa and to disperse all of the Chinese who are there under false pretenses.

Moreover, it is time for those in the prosperous West to do more to help Africa, to not sell their souls to China. Are we not our brother’s keeper? Are we not to be good stewards of Spirit’s abundant supply?

The violet V, the violet flame, the violet Ray of Transmutation is now in action. See it. Believe it. Be it.