Be a Z

Be a zealot. Be a Z. Be a rosy pink flame of Third Ray personal love, feeling and dedication to the Second Coming program.

Today, Monday, October 11, 2021, we begin the fourth and final week of our month-long focus on our I Am power of zeal and enthusiasm, which externalizes in our physical body as our hypothalamus, midbrain and medulla oblongata; and as the reticular activating system that is part of these three centers or organs at the base of our brain.

Simon the Zealot, as his moniker indicates, portrayed this I Am power of zeal. For three years, he was a zealous and devoted follower of Christ Jesus. He was a Zealot for Christ.

Note Simon’s pink robe in the picture to the right. The book he holds and reads is the book of life, his akashic or soul record, and that of the planet; as well as Jesus’ teachings. Note, too, that he is bald, hence an older man — he was not only zealous while Jesus was here on the planet, but in all the following years as well.

As noted above and in the picture of Simon, the color that carries the energy, the enthusiasm, the passion of zeal is rosy pink. We are going to be clothed “in the pink” this week, not only in all that we think and feel, but especially in all that we physically do to express, demonstrate and anchor pink love and zeal in our home, with our family, and in our community. We will paint the planet pink in our prayers and projections

Base of the Brain

Since our principal focus this week is on physical action, manifestation and crystallization, as befits the Fourth Ray, let’s focus now on the physical functioning of the zeal organs in the central part of our brain, below our cerebrum.

The drawing to the right shows the position of the thalamus (imagination), the hypothalamus and midbrain and medulla (zeal), and the pituitary gland (wisdom).

The Latin word “thalamusmeans inner chamber, sleeping room. The Latin prefix “hypo” means below, so the hypothalamus is below the thalamus, but still part of the inner chamber. The Latin name “pituitary” means mucous because centuries ago, researchers thought that the pituitary gland secreted mucous to the nose; but we now know that this master gland secretes hormones that regulate the whole body, especially the other six major endocrine glands.

Like the thalamus and hypothalamus, the pituitary gland is part of the inner chamber, what we call the third eye chakra, which is of and relates to and expresses the soul or subconscious mind, hence the darkness of the sleeping chamber.


The hypothalamus and the medulla monitor and regulate the body’s automatic functions and cyclic activities that are under subconscious control. These include heart rate, respiratory rate, temperature, water balance, appetite, and the sleep-wake cycle.

The hypothalamus has multiple, separate centers (shaded grey in the drawing to the right, below the white, egg-shaped thalamus). One such center regulates the secretions of all pituitary hormones. Another key center sends messages via the sympathetic and the parasympathetic nerves to all parts of the body. In yet another center, when blood passing through it is too warm, this center sends out nerves signals to increase sweating and to dilate capillaries near the surface of the skin.

The hypothalamus regulates heart and respiratory rates by transmitting nerve impulses to cardiac and respiratory control centers in the medulla oblongata. From there, sympathetic or parasympathetic nerve messages travel to the heart or lungs. Sympathetic nerve impulses increase heart and respiratory rates, whereas parasympathetic signals decrease them. The medulla oblongata, often called just the medulla, also has centers which mediate the swallowing and vomiting reflexes

The hypothalamus regulates our mood partly by synthesizing and releasing beta-endorphin, which has morphinelike qualities. Beta-endorphin lowers or eliminates pain and produces feelings of well-being, peace and bliss. Physical exercise causes beta-endorphin release; hence the term “runner’s high.” However, the hypothalamus also releases beta-endorphin when we laugh and we feel love, joy and oneness with our I Am Self and that of other children of God.

Reticular Activating System

This system is a loosely organized network of neurons located in the medulla oblongata, the pons, the midbrain and the hypothalamus. (See figure to right.)

It system controls the sleep-wake cycle, in conjunction with the secretion of melatonin by the pineal gland. The reticular activating system also controls the degree of mental alertness and clarity, as well as the overall energy level. Signals from the reticular activating system travel via the thalamus to the cerebrum, directing it and the mind to be awake, alert, drowsy, asleep, or to dream.

Autonomic Nerves

The sympathetic nerves are the masculine, active or Father portion (polarity) of the autonomic nerves that innervate every part and organ of the body. These sympathetic nerves are most active and predominant during times of positive creativity and excitement, as well as during times of stress, the so-called “fight-or-flight” response. They predominant in those who are overzealous and burn with fire; and thereby burn out, get depressed or are flooded with anxiety. Sympathetic nerve signals, as sent by the hypothalamus, activate the adrenal medulla that secretes epinephrine, commonly know as adrenalin, that enhances the fiery, active, sympathetic nerve activity.

The parasympathetic nerves, which likewise innervate all organs in the body, are the feminine, passive, Mother aspect of the autonomic nerves. They predominate during times of rest, relaxation and restorative sleep; and after eating a meal and going to one’s recliner or bedroom to take a nap. Parasympathetic nerve signals originating in the hypothalamus activate the adrenal cortex that secretes the hormone cortisol, which is most active and elevated at night and in times of rest, relaxation and rejuvenation.

To insure harmony and health in body, mind and soul, the two sides of the autonomic nerves must be in balance. We are not to be too hot or too cold, too fiery or too burnt out, too active or too laid back, too engaged or too lackadaisical. Rather, as Charles Fillmore wrote, taught and demonstrated, we are to have the zeal and enthusiasm to do all things that ought to be done by us, but also to get sufficient rest, relaxation and sleep that restores the balance and right amount of energy to us in our waking hours.

Z is for Zeal

We are to be a Z, which letter is balanced from above to below. When we write a letter Z, we start at the left side of the top horizontal line of the Z, which line represents the superconscious, upper level and “upper room” of our I Am Self. Then from the right side of the top horizontal line, we zag down and cross over to the left, by way of the central portion of the Z, which portrays the third eye/hypothalamus and medulla that correlate with the soul or subconscious. Finally, we get to the bottom horizontal line that represents the physical level and conscious mind.

Thus, to be a Z, we start with our I Am or superconscious zeal, which then descends into and through our soul or subconscious zeal, until it reaches the physical or conscious aspect of our one mind. We put our Christ zeal into action. We follow in the footsteps of Simon the Zealot — we are clothed in zealous, pink passion to love one another. We lay down our life for our friends, including all of humanity. We keep on keeping on, in good times and bad, in sickness and in health. We spread the word of the risen Christ who is one day to return to Earth.

Atlantis Rediscovered

In April 1975, after I had been on the Mark-Age staff for about six months, I experienced my first flaming, my soul tendency to run too hot, to be too zealous, to go off on my own and do my own thing, which is out of order. For three full days, I did auric balancings, laying-on-of-hands and using my voice in singing Oms to heal every other member of the staff; or so I thought. Three solid days!

Yes, I was a zealot in trying to demonstrate my newly discovered I Am healing powers, and I thought I could do all things right now, rather than realizing that Spirit did all things through me, and in a gradual, slow, step-by-step orderly process.

Moreover, I failed to tell Mark and Yolanda what I was doing, as would have been wise, to get their advice and counsel; with my knowing at some level that they would have stopped me in my tracks, so I did not share with them. In my delusions of grandeur, I thought I knew it all, when in actuality I just had touched the hem on the garment of becoming a healer as Christ Jesus was.

When one of the other staff told Mark and Yolanda what was happening, they immediately stepped in and began the process of correcting my overzealousness and self-delusions. Yolanda in I Am, Nada consciousness received from Sananda on April 27, 1975 that I was manifesting or outpicturing the errors in my soul record that went back to the days of Atlantis.

Back then, she was Yolanda of the Sun, the high priestess of the Sun Temple that was located near what is present-day Miami, Florida. During Atlantis, Zolanda was the high priestess of the Earth Temple, which was located on what is now central Long Island, NY; she would reincarnate as Mary, mother of Jesus. I was her disciple in the Earth Temple. Please note  that Zolanda’s name started with a Z, which signified that she as a soul (her high Self name is Sol-O-Man) was devoted selflessly and purely to the Hierarchy — she was a “virginal vessel.” She was a Z.

The Hierarchy’s goal was to unite the Sun Temple with the Earth Temple, the spiritual healing methods of the Sun Temple with the physical methods of the Earth Temple, including the work with the elements of Earth, thereby bringing forth the holistic healing of mankind. Instead, I had a tendency to go off on my own and do my own thing without following the proper chain of the Hierarchal command, as done by Yolanda and Zolanda.

From Darkness to Light

You can imagine how devastated I was by this soul recall. I felt humiliated down to my toenails. I had thought I was “hot stuff” only to discover that in large measure I had been filled with “hot air.” And I had done all of this in full view with my fellow staff members, who now saw me for the fool that I was, not the superior doctor and healer that I had claimed to be.

After the shock wore off somewhat, remorse, guilt and shame flowed through my mind and soul, and threatened to swamp me. At times, I just wanted to throw myself down into these negative thoughts and feelings, or to even to leave the Mark-Age staff or at least go someplace far away to lick my wounds. But, somehow, with Mark and Yolanda’s support, and those in the etheric and celestial realms, I had the moxie to hang in there, to slowly sort through the damage, to see the causes for it, and to start to do something to make it right, to make amends; to move from this dark night of my soul into the light of a new, resurrected day. Yes, I had made a mistake, but I could remake it, and rise still higher into I Am consciousness.

Birth of Zan-Landa

Somewhat amazingly, even before I had flamed out, in my meditations and musings, I found myself wondering about what my high Self name might be. One morning in my meditation, a large letter Z formed in my inner vision, on my third-eye screen. It glowed with light and power. Intuitively, the realization came that the letter Z was the first letter of my Christ Self name!

In time, it seemed like my spiritual name was something like Zananda or Zan-Anda. After all, I served Sananda (who had incarnated in ancient Persia as Zarathustra, known in Greek as Zoroaster, whose name started with a Z) and Sol-O-Man (Zolanda) who were like my spiritual parents, and I was their beloved son.

Sananda is the Prince of the planet, and Sol-O-Man is his twin soul. I had come to serve them as representatives of the Hierarchal Board, to be like them, to be a Seventh Ray son of Sananda, who also is known as Sun-Anda and Son-Anda, as he channeled via Nada-Yolanda in his dissertation on the seventh ray in the Seven Rays of Life on February 13, 1963. Also I was the son of Zolanda, whose name of course started with a Z. I was to correct my soul karma from Atlantis by rising into and being the son of God that I Am, the Son of Sananda and Sol-O-Man who have shown me/us the Way out of darkness into I Am light and love.

Still, this possible name Zananda seemed a bit over the top, and given how fragile emotionally I still was from my recent soul flame out, I could not be sure of what I was receiving. Was this just another grandiose delusion, a subconscious attempt to compensate for my guilt, shame and soul darkness? Pondering all of this, the inspiration came to share what I had received with Mark and Yolanda, which I did with a fair amount of trepidation, fearing another rebuke.

A few days later, in the April 27, 1975 that Nada-Yolanda had with Sananda, as mentioned above, Sananda channeled via her that I had received my I Am Self name correctly except for one missing letter. My name was Zan-Landa, thus with a capital letter L in it. Moreover, my general interpretation of my Christ Self name was accurate. You can imagine the relief I felt and the wonder of it all. Thank you, Sananda and Sol-Man. Thank you El Morya and Nada.

Moreover, about three months later, Sananda told Yolanda that I would remain steadfast and would complete my function with Healing Haven. What a blessing this way to have his positive prophecy, when at times I still was in the darkness of my soul healing, not at all sure I would be able to rise above and out it!

Multiple Meanings

In the prior April 27, 1975 communion, Sananda interpreted and explained the multiple levels and meanings of my name, Zan-Landa, which like all high Self names is a code name.

The first syllable, “Zan”, means one who is devoted to serving the Hierarchal Board and the Second Coming program. “Land” refers to the elements of the earth and to physical healing approaches that I studied and practiced in Atlantis, under my master teacher Zolanda, and which I am reincorporating in this lifetime as Director of Healing Haven. “A” at the end of my name stands for Atlantis, but it also represents I Am or Abel consciousness, my following in the footsteps of Sananda, who was the leader of the Abels in the battle between the Cains and Abels 26 million years ago.

Why is the letter “L” in my name capitalized. Why is the name not spelled Zanlanda, with a small letter “l” and no hyphen, which at first is the way that I preferred to spell it? And which is how Yolanda’s and Zolanda’s names are spelled.  However, the name as given by Sananda and shared by Nada-Yolanda had been very specific about this capital L in my name, and so that is what I used.

Some years later, the realization came that this upper case “L” stood partly for Lanto, who is the Chohan or Director of the Third Ray of Personal Love, Feeling and Devotion to a Higher Cause, as well as for his twin soul who I called Lady Lanto after she first contacted me in 2010 and for four years after that. My error in Atlantis was due to be my self-power, self-will, self-aggrandizement — my selfishness in all its forms and variations. This error comes under the Third Ray. And it is the error that goes back through Atlantis and Lemuria to the days of Cains and Abels.

Rehabilitation and Healing

A deeper understanding of the ancient Third Ray errors still remaining in my soul and outpicturing via my hypothalamus and medulla oblongata came in my dream of February 15, 1976, as recorded in my spiritual diary: “I was being told by some highly evolved spiritual beings, perhaps those of the Karmic Board, that because of my errors I was being banished to Venus. I could feel their spiritual will burning into my lungs and being, with it overriding my willful desire to not go to Venus and to not admit my error. The scene was like of an early painting from the Renaissance period of Adam and Eve being cast out from the Garden of Eden.

“Interpretation: A week or so earlier, I had read in our Mark-Age text “1000 Keys to the Truth” that the vast majority of current light workers were of the Cain element. I also remembered the segment in our Mark-Age Text, Evolution of Man, about the Cain history and their being removed to Venus for retraining. Thus, this current dream was my first recall that I had been a Cain. It was a soul-wrenching revelation! It took me a long time to feel this out, to verify the recall, and then to start to work with and adjust to this past horrendous time. Before the dream, I had felt discomfort and pain in my lungs and had asked Spirit to reveal the cause. Herein was revealed my soul difficulty with the will aspect.” (END of dream and interpretation.)

In terms of the solar system with its twelve planets, Venus is the primary center for the Third Ray — it exemplifies and radiates Third Ray love and dedication to all the other planets. That is why the banishment of the Cains, the so-called golden giants, was to Venus. In time I would realize that way back then I had started my soul rehabilitation, healing and reprograming, my coming out of darkness into the light of life.

Be Wise as a Serpent

Mark directed me not to focus excessively on my soul darkness, saying that I was consciously to focus primarily on and emphasizing all the good healing work and projects that were before me. Nada-Yolanda in her subconscious representation had revealed the underlying, ancient soul error, but El Morya-Mark as the conscious representative gently and lovingly showed me the way to eventually become the master of this soul scar, via the use of affirmation, decree, visualization and realization — with the speaking of the word. In a sense, he was directing me to be gentle and loving, not harsh and  judgmental, in rightly using my spiritual power to move forward and upward.

Moreover, he cautioned me about not readily sharing this soul information with others, for there would be those who would twist and turn it, and then use it against me, to turn against and try to rend me. However, I was most fortunate that one other staff member previously had had similar recall, so we were able to commiserate, to compare notes, and to bolster one another in our transmutation from Cain to Christ consciousness.

Furthermore, in Sananda’s original message via Nada-Yolanda for me on April 27th, he stated that I was not to publicly announce or use my name Zan-Landa, nor was it to appear in the Mark-Age public literature. This was because the name Zan-Landa revealed my soul error — I was given this name and took it on because I had failed in the past.

Now I was on probation for obedience to the Hierarchy and for observing the chain of command in any hierarchal operation. I had been a captain many times in this chain of command, but my Atlantean pattern had been to undertake operations in the field, ordering troops to follow me, without ever checking with the general to find out if this fell into the overall plan of operations at headquarters. Therefore, when the general went looking for some troops to undertake part of his operation, they are not there because they were on an excursion with me.

Until I had sufficiently corrected this past soul transgression, I would not be able to handle the negative feedback from others who, like the proverbial swine, would turn it against and try to condemn me. With his First Ray power, El Morya was protecting me, as was Nada with her Seventh Ray love.

Moreover, when I was in my “right mind”, one with my Zan-Landa Self, I was so thankful that finally this dark-soul information had come out into the light of day. Now that I knew about it, I could change it. Now I could deal with the underlying depression and anxiety that I had felt from the time I was an adolescent in this lifetime. With faith and steely determination, I began this next step in my lifelong transmutation from mortal to immortal consciousness. I thought to myself: I have hit bottom, so nothing worse will ever befall me. Wow!

Heal Humanity

However, I still had questions. If the vast majority of current light workers had been Cains, why was I seemingly being single out? Why did I have such recall when most spiritual initiates do not?

Eventually, it came to me that this was because of my role as Director of Healing Haven, and particularly was focusing on the healing of our mental and physical bodies, our conscious mind. How could I heal and be the master of my soul darkness if consciously I did not know about it? My function was to heal this record in full conscious awareness of it, from first to last, each step of the way. Others may only need to know about their past soul difficulties, but rather are to focus only on this life’s dis-eases, to heal them, which then heals the past. What I do helps others to not have to do it in such a deliberate, soul-searing way as I been assigned and agreed to do. It is part of my laying down my life for my friends.

Nonetheless, over the years, I had very little additional recall about the past battle of the Cains and Abels. Several ideas and scenarios came in meditation to me at times, but almost all of them were not confirmed. My challenge was to be very careful not to make things up or try to explain things away, but rather to go with the flow and take things as they come. I was not to live in, or fear, the darkness of the ancient past. It was over. There was nothing I could do to change what had happened then. I could only do the best I could in the present moment, which would lead to an ever brightening future, for myself and others.

Simon Peter’s Counsel

The one seemingly clear new input I was given about this past Cain conflict came from Summalt, who had been Jesus’ apostle Simon Peter. He told me simply, but compellingly, that in the past battle of spiritual wills between the Cains and the Abels, I had at some point “flinched.” This is a word that I knew but was not in my daily vocabulary — nonetheless it carried the ring of truth.

Furthermore, Peter explained that he too had flinched, that his alleged faith, which he portrayed, had failed him in his time of darkness. At the Last Supper, when Jesus alluded to his upcoming trial and crucifixion, Peter had boldly proclaimed that he would stay with Jesus through his troubles, that he would lay down his very life for him if necessary. Jesus had rebuked him, saying that before the cock crowed, Peter would deny him three times. And so he did. He flinched.

And which one of us, especially in the most trying times, has not flinched on occasion? So, if this has happened again, the point is for us to acknowledge it and share it with only those who are most likely to support us, which is so helpful in the healing process; and then to get over it, get on with it, keep moving forward. We are to stop beating ourselves up for our errors and limitations, pounding our fist against the center of our chest, against our heart, and saying repeatedly that we are some awful sinner, so please have pity on me. Phooey to that!

Rather, we step up and follow in the faithful footsteps of Peter, who after Jesus’ resurrection was instructed by the Master three times to feed his sheep; to help and uplift others, such that Peter himself would be healed. And remember, Peter was present when Christ ascended in his light body, which had to be the most magnificent event he ever had seen or experienced.

And we are to be present in one form or another when Sananda-Jesus redescends in his light body in the years to come. Until then, through it all, we remember that with God, and the agents of Spirit, we can do all things by having the One Power do them through us.

We remember and reemphasize, too, that no matter what dark deed we have done, we already are forgiven by our loving Father-Mother Creator. As Jesus said on the cross, Father forgive them for they know not what they are doing.

Therefore, sizzling with zeal and enthusiasm, like unto that of Simon the Zealot, as well as Charles Fillmore who certainly also had been zealous in his lifetime as Paul, we step forth with a mighty faith to do all the things, to heal all the disease, to love all people in the ways that we ought to do; to be healing love in action.

We are a Z!

Be Zealous, Repent & Be Reborn

In your meditations over the new few days, link in consciousness with Sananda who maybe you knew as Zoroaster, with Sol-O-Man who you may have witnessed in Atlantis, and with Simon the Zealot, who may be with you now, bathing and clothing you in a pink robe of light.

Picture in the area in front of your forehead a large pink Z that fills up your third-eye screen. You see this Z so you can be this Z. Feel the pinkness of the Z flowing into the center of your head, to your hypothalamus and medulla at the base of your brain. Be filled with zeal and enthusiasm and joy, such that your hypothalamus releases beta-endorphin, so that your reticular activating system is rightly energized.

In time, the Z may grow in size until it is 7 feet tall and may encompass your whole aura and body, all of which are filled with pink light. Now you feel that you can do all the things that ought to be done by you.

If dark memories surface within you, take a good look at them, bless them, and be zealous about repenting of them. But, remember, such dark memories come into your conscious awareness because you are beloved of God, because you are beloved by Sananda, Sol-O-Man and Simon the Zealot. Let go and let God heal you.

Pink Planet

As Spirit guides you, see others before you, and plant a pink Z within each one’s third eye, then over his or her whole auric field and physical body. Visualize them being quickened, seeing the darkness within themselves, and repenting, until they are pinker than ever before.

See the planet painted in pink light. As you see it, so shall it be.




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  1. “The last two blog postings giving an account of your soul history, lessons and overcomings, have been fascinating to read, and they have stirred within me a new awareness of possible similarities in my own soul history, and even though I have had no specific recall to this point, the general feelings are very real and seem to be sufficient for the work I need to do now in correcting the distortions that I recognize. So, I am very grateful for your willingness to be open and to share such a personal account. Thank you!”

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