Simon Says

For the remainder of this week, which is the fourth and final week of our focusing on our I Am power of zeal, we are going to follow in the footsteps of, and link with Simon the Zealot. Our personal journey with him as our zealous leader and enthusiastic wayshower begins today, Thursday, October 14, and will continue for 4 days until Sunday, October 19, 2021. (See a painting of him to right.)

Whatever Simon says to us,  we are going to do. We will be like little, innocent, humble children of God, who follow Simon. He has gone before us and gives us new directions in this time of now. (This is like unto the children’s game, “Simon Says”, which inspired this blog title and emphasis.)

Simon the Zealot, also commonly called Simon the Canaanite or Simon the Cananaen, was Jesus’ apostle who portrayed the Christ power of zeal and enthusiasm that expresses physically via our hypothalamus, midbrain, pons and medulla oblongata at the base of our brain.

We will be a Z, just as or in similar ways as Simon physically demonstrated his zeal power, and still does now from his perch in the etheric realms. We will put our pink power, our pink zeal and enthusiasm, our pink passion into practical, physical action.

Biblical Sayings

However, in doing so, we have a bit of a problem, for Simon the Zealot was amongst the most obscure of the 12 apostles. The New Testament gives only a scant account of him. We barely know the basic outline of what he did, and nothing about whatever he may or may not have said.

However, we do know that the name “Simon” was popular in his day — there are nine men named Simon in the New Testament. Moreover, amongst the 12 apostles, was Simon Peter, the first apostle to be called; he portrayed the power of faith as it expresses in and through the cerebrum, the central computer station of the body. Via our cerebrum, we perceive the power and presence of our I Am or superconscious Self and our light body, and we anchor and program it in the cerebrum of our brain.

In the Biblical references to Simon the Zealot, he is always called this, or one of his variants, not just Simon, which thereby distinguishes him from Simon Peter. Simon the Zealot enacted and demonstrated our power of zeal that flows through our third eye, astral body and subconscious mind, and expresses via the hypothalamus, medulla and reticular activating system that regulate the automatic bodily functions, beyond our conscious control, such as our respiratory and heart rates, our sleep-wake cycle, and our overall energy level.

Simon the Zealot was the tenth apostle that Jesus gathered together with him as his Team of Twelve, all of whom represented one of the 12 powers of the I Am Self, which Christ Jesus portrayed.

Know the Name

Metaphysically, “Simon” means hearing, obeying, hearkening, reported; whereas “Canaan,” as in the name Simon the Canaanite or Cananaen, indicates lowland, material existence, subconsciousness, humbleness and receptivity. In Charles Fillmore’s Metaphysical Bible Dictionary, he writes that Canaan “represents the unlimited elemental forces. . . . To mystics it is the name of the invisible substance that surrounds and interpenetrates all forms, of which it is the mother.” Thus,  our astral body surrounds and  interpenetrates our physical form, giving it life and energy, whereas this light and love and life originates from our I Am Self and light body.

Hence, Simon the Zealot listened and was receptive to the still voice within him, which echoed and resounded in his subconscious mind. What he heard this I Am voice say, he did. What Spirit and the agents of Spirit said to him, via his ESP or Elementary Spiritual Powers, particularly via his clairaudience, he took to heart and enacted with zeal, enthusiasm and abounding joy. He was personal love in action, that of the Third Ray of Personal Love, Feeling and Devotion to a higher Cause. He was and still is devoted to his beloved Master, Christ Jesus, the Messiah, the Prince of the planet, its primary wayshower. Above all else, he humbly and selfishly served him. We are to go and do likewise.

St. Jerome’s Bible Translation

In the four canonical Gospels, Simon the Zealot is mentioned only three times, in Matthew 10:4, Mark 3:18 and Luke 6:14-18. (He is not described in the Gospel of John.) In each of these three entries, Simon the Zealot is mentioned along with the other 11 apostles called by Jesus, but nothing more is said about him. In Acts 1:1-13, Luke says that Simon the Zealot, as well as the other 10 apostles (Judas had hung himself), watched the ascension of Christ Jesus and then went to the Upper Room with Mary, Jesus’ mother, where they awaited guidance about the upcoming descent of the Holy Spirit on Pentecost, which Jesus had described to them before he ascended.

In the two accounts of the list of the 12 apostles in Matthew and Mark, Simon the Zealot is called Simon the Canaanite or Simon the Cananaen, depending on the modern version of the Bible. (Some such current translations also refer to him as Simon the Patriot.) However, in Luke’s two New Testament descriptions, Simon is called the Zealot, hence Zelotes in Greek. So, why the difference? How did this happen? And what are we to make of it?

Modern biblical scholarship in the last 20-40 years has revealed that these two different variations of Simon’s name probably originated long ago with St. Jerome. In 382 AD, Pope Damascus commissioned Jerome, then the most eminent biblical scholar, to produce a Latin version of the many available New Testament texts of this time, those originally that had been written in Greek, and then translated into Aramaic (the language used by Jesus and his apostles) and Latin (and later would be translated into English and other modern-day languages).

St. Jerome also translated the Old Testament from the original Hebrew. Together with his version of the New Testament, this Holy Bible was called the Vulgate Bible, which means “common version.” In time, it was accepted as the authoritative Bible by the Catholic Church, as it is with minor changes today. By and large, Protestants translated their Bibles from the original Greek, such as in the King James version of the Bible, which may be the world’s best known Holy Bible.

Meaning of Words

Both the words Kananais and Kananites derive from the Hebrew word qanai, meaning zealous. But Jerome and others mistook the word to signify that Simon was from the town of Cana, in Galilee (the northern portion of the current nation of Israel), where Jesus had performed his first miracle, changing water to wine (which signified the transmuting of one’s blood into Christ life flow in the third major initiation of transmutation via love that comes under the direction of the Third Ray of Personal Love and Feeling). Supposedly, then, Simon the Zealot had not only lived in Cana but had witnessed this miracle.

Jerome also thought, and/or others deduced, that Simon the Zealot originally may have been born and lived in the region of Canaan, only coming later to Galilee. Canaan was the southern section of modern day Israel. The Israelites, after wandering through forty years in the Sinai Peninsula, as led by Joshua, entered into Canaan that was called the Promised Land. However, the Aramaic word cananaen means “to be zealous.” Therefore, it seems likely that the most accurate name, at least historically, of Simon is that he was Simon the Zealot.

Have a Balanced Zeal

To add to the mystery and confusion about the “historical” Simon the Zealot, some biblical scholars think that Simon was a follower and cohort of those who became known as the Zealots. These individuals and eventual full-blown cult within the whole Jewish community believed that the long prophesied Messiah would not only to be a spiritual master but that he would use his higher spiritual talents to physically drive the Romans out of their land, using force and violence if need be, so that a sovereign state of Israel could be established that was a theocracy, in which its citizens followed Mosaic Law.

Others scholars, researchers and commentators think that Simon the Zealot was zealous only or primarily about his adherence to, and following of, Mosaic law; but that he did not necessarily believe in physical violence or limited political institutions and practices. It may have been this zeal quality that attracted him to Christ Jesus, who after all was Jewish and followed Mosaic dictums, but who further refined and uplifted them, who gave the until then hidden essence or core of the Mosaic teachings that he, Sananda, had presented in his past lifetime as Moses.

Whatever the case, when Simon the Zealot became an apostle of Jesus, he must have transmuted his personal views and became a zealot for Christ, an I Am Zealot. As Simon the Zealot, he would have heard and followed Jesus’ teachings to turn the other cheek, to love one’s enemy, to do unto others as you would have them do unto you, that Jesus’s kingdom was not of this world, that we are to render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s and unto God what is God’s.

He not only heard these teachings but saw them demonstrated in Jesus’s multiple miraculous healings of people with all manner of disease and disability. Jesus did not just talk the talk, but rather he walked the walk. In a sense, Jesus let his “fruits” do his major talking.

Stay the Course

Furthermore, Simon remained with Jesus for the full three years of his public ministry. He evidently took Jesus’ higher teachings to heart, and did his best to apply them with zeal and enthusiasm. However, he was not a flaming zealot, one who “jumped up and down,” and thereby brought attention to himself; or outwardly promoted his cause in ways that produced waves and fireworks, hence those experiences that probably would have been presented in the various Gospels. Rather, he apparently was humble and stayed more so in the background, doing the little things as well as the bigger things, all the things that ought to have been done by him.

However, we do know that like the other eleven apostles that he “flinched.” He fell asleep in the Garden of Gethsemane when Jesus “sweated as blood.” Simon was not present at Jesus’ trial, but neither were any of the other apostles; and only John was at the cross. Still, Simon must have repented of this shortcoming because he was present in the Upper Room when Jesus, the evening after he resurrected on Easter morn, teleported in his light body and appeared behind closed doors to the eleven apostles who were gathered there (Judas had hung himself). Moreover, Simon witnessed Jesus’ ascension, which was even more glorious and mind-boggling, which had to have set Simon’s heart on fire to yet another level.

Spread the Word

Finally, as yet one last mystery, we  know from various historical accounts and claims that Simon the Zealot, like all the other apostles, probably traveled to and taught in distant lands in order to spread the good news of the Gospels, about Jesus being the Messiah, what he had taught and how he had demonstrated it. But guess what? There are at least 8 different renditions of where Simon the Zealot went and how and in what year he died, either as a martyr or of natural causes after a long life. The most prevalent traditional account is that Simon spread the word in northern Egypt, where he was martyred when he refused to worship the sun, as the local priests and people did.

Begin Anew

In Charles Fillmore’s classic book The Twelve Powers of Man first published in 1920, in his discussion about Simon the Zealot, he refers to him as Simon the Cananaen. Fillmore was a devoted student and researcher of the Holy Bible. However, in his day, scholars apparently had not yet discovered Jerome’s probable mistranslation. Or if they had started to do so, they had not fully disseminated their findings. Unlike today, Fillmore could not go online, type in a few keystrokes, and have within seconds twenty or thirty scholarly accounts, discussions and theoretical opinions about what happened nearly 2000 years ago, and what it all meant.

In 1960, Nada-Yolanda had started studying Charles Fillmore’s writings, including his book on the twelve powers and his Metaphysical Bible Dictionary. In following years, she received that Charles Fillmore had been an incarnation of Hilarion, Chohan or Director of the Fifth Ray of Unity, Integration and Healing; and that he also had incarnated as Plato, the Greek philosopher, and Paul the Apostle.

In 1974, Yolanda wrote a chapter about working with the twelve powers in her Mark-Age text Plan A Nation, which was published in early 1975. In this text, subtitled “Spiritual Self-Analysis for I Am Nation Citizenship” (now out of print), she referred to Simon the Zealot as Simon the Canaanite.

Then, in summer-fall 1975, in a six-week period from July into September, in almost daily communion with Sananda/Jesus, she inspirationally received the treatise Birth of the Light Body. This book, published in 1995, updated, revised and expanded Fillmore’s original text, for example giving the correct order in which the 12 apostles were called, correctly correlated some of the powers with particular organs such as the power of wisdom-justice-wisdom expressing via the endocrine glands.

I, Dr. Robert, added medical research and verification, identifying a few of the other proper spiritual-anatomical correlations, such as the thalamus with imagination and the hypothalamus with zeal. In Fillmore’s day, nothing was known scientifically or medically about these two organs, so he obviously could not have rightly made these correlations.

At the end of this period, Sananda told Nada-Yolanda that nothing of any major nature was amiss in this treatise; that if there was he would have corrected it, since it would serve as the roadmap for all spiritual growth and healing of mind, body and soul for the next 2,000 years.

Simon the Cananaen

Following in Fillmore’s footsteps, in Birth, Yolanda used the name Simon the Cananaen to describe him, just as Fillmore had in The Twelve Powers of Man; and, she gave Fillmore’s metaphysical definitions of both “Simon” and “Canaan” (see page 155 of Birth and above). Like Fillmore, she did not have access to the latest scholarly biblical research, and even if she had, much of it that is now available would not be done until after 1975.

Currently, until starting to write this series of blogs on the I Am power of zeal, I paid scant attention to what the name Simon the Cananaen might mean and why it was used. But then, I went online and Googled Simon the Zealot, which brought up a slew of commentaries about him. Having basically absorbed this new information, I decided to put the emphasis on the name Simon the Zealot, not on his being Simon the Canaanite or Cananaen. What, I reasoned, did it really matter if he was from Galilee, Cana or Canaan. Rather, the key point was that Simon was the apostle of I Am zeal — he was Simon the Zealot.

New Contact & Communion

On Monday, October 18th, when I began to write about Simon the Zealot and our physically demonstrating zeal in practical, down-to-earth ways, I  felt a bit disappointed and flummoxed by the fact that so little was known about him. What was there really to say about him? What new, unique angle and approach could I take which neither Fillmore nor Yolanda had presented in their books. In fact, I had been asking these questions for the three prior weeks, ever since writing the first blog on zeal, titled I Am the Light of the World, which focused on Christ Jesus and the dark night of the soul, not on Simon the Zealot.

Then the next morning, after a deep night of sleep following which I seemed to have come back from some far away place or dimension, as from the dead, I awoke feeling the higher Christ power flowing through me, quickening me, such that I felt slightly dizzy and discombobulated. This cosmic light influx came down from above, per usual, into my crown chakra-brain and then flowed down into my other, lower chakras and physical organs. Something was afoot, I surmised, some new input, but I had no clue whatsoever of what it might be.

After taking a shower, going to the bathroom, shaving, getting dressed and then eating a mini-breakfast and taking my initial various vitamins and supplements, I sat down to meditate, to see if I could discern what I was still feeling in the way of higher acceleration and stimulation.

Shortly, I became aware of an overshadowing, masculine, etheric presence, which however I could not identify. Following my usual procedure and training, I asked who this masculine ascended master was, saying that I could not open myself to him unless he identified himself. He did not respond. Rather, I felt a new, intense acceleration and activation of the top part of my heart chakra, at the physical upper part of the sternum or breast bone. It was a sensation I had been feeling periodically for the last three weeks or so but never could discern its cause or what it meant.

Five Steps

Pondering it now, a flow of intuitive thoughts and impressions gushed into my conscious awareness. First, it became clear that the upper part of my heart chakra was like unto the upper two chambers of my physical heart, the two atria above the two ventricles — my current heart difficulties (which I will describe in a later blog) originated in my atria. This was the area receiving the greatest inflow of light and energy.

Second, the upper heart chakra was symbolic of the Upper Room of my love nature or power. I was being uplifted and beamed with superconscious love, like unto when Jesus appeared in the Upper Room to his apostles.

Third, this beam on my upper heart also connected with my thymus gland that is located beneath the upper area of the sternum, which is the endocrine gland that correlates with the heart chakra. The thymus is one of the seven endocrine glands, which come under the aspect or power of wisdom-justice-judgment that functions by way of the soul or subconscious mind.

In other words, what was being activated and stimulated anew in me had to do with the healing of my love aspect, going back to Atlantis, Lemuria and the days of Cains and Abels. Like in the physical body, where the thymus oversees, directs and modulates our immune system, I was to find new ways to lovingly heal the past and to therefore become immune to its remaining traces of self-destructive, selfish soul reverberations into my physical body, especially my heart.

Fourth, this stimulation of my upper heart chakra and heart was this master’s contact signal that in the future would help me to identify him and to verify who he was, once I had discovered and been given his actual identity and name.

Love One Another

Finally, fifth, seemingly summing up all the previous inputs or at least adding to them, I found myself singing lyrics from the moving song by Stevie Wonder: “I just called to say I love you, I just called to say how much I care, I just called to say I love you, and I mean it from the bottom of my heart.” In other words, this still unnamed and unknown etheric master had come to me with his love vibration that was deeply personal. He came to me via the bottom of his heart in the etheric to the top of mine here on Earth, by way of and in and through the higher astral planes! He was Third Ray love itself.

And with this, after several moments to absorb all the various inputs, it suddenly and clearly came to me who this beloved master was: Simon the Zealot. Oh my God! I never had had individual and identified contact with him in the past. And this present communion was totally unexpected, not conceived of ahead of time; therefore it seemed unlikely that I was making it up out of my conscious or subconscious desires.

Simon the Zealot then indicated that not only was he contacting me, but that he would be contacting others who read this blog. My example and experience would open the door for others to have similar experiences. After all, who else on Earth would be more open to such a communion with him, given that we are totally devoted to the Second Coming program and we believe in interdimensional contact and communion. Who else would Simon the Zealot want or be able to consciously contact, if not us?

While I had Simon the Zealot on the line, so to speak, I proceeded to ask him about his three biblical names as the Zealot, the Canaanite and the Cananaen. What was the historical truth of this? He gave no me no answer about this or anything about his life with Jesus.

Rather, he said or conveyed in thought that like me and other light workers, he had grown and evolved in the last 2000 years, that he was no longer just the person who he had been when he was incarnated with the Twelve. He directed me, therefore, to commune with and come to know him in the present, starting with this initial contact. When I knew him in the now, I would in essence know him in the past, for he had come out of the past into the present. For two millennia, he had continued to serve Sananda-Christ Jesus and to example the power of zeal.

Picture Worth a Thousand Words

Following this meditation, I wrote down everything that I had received in my spiritual diary, wanting to get it recorded as soon as possible so that I would not forget anything; to get it grounded.

Following this, I had my bigger breakfast (kind of like a brunch), took more supplements, cleaned up and then got back on my computer to write more in my upcoming blog on zeal. But before I did so, the clear inspiration came to go to Google and see if there were any images or paintings of Simon the Zealot. I had not expected to find many, given that his life was so obscure, but about 20-30 such pictures came up. The one I was drawn to and liked the best was the one that is at the front of this blog. Rather than your having to go back to it, I am placing it here again (to the right). It’s a beauty, a marvel to behold.

First of all, note that he is wearing a pink robe or cloak, the color of zeal. That to me was the outstanding feature of this painting, which may have been a Russian Orthodox or Eastern Orthodox icon, done by an unknown artist. Simon was/is clothed in the pink light of zeal!

But, look at the other colors and their symbolic representations. Around him is a blue color that has lighter splotches of blue in it. Artistically, these blue hues nicely complement and set off the pink robe. However, these blues also represents the First Ray of Will and Power, meaning that in applying his zeal power, Simon follows the will of God.

Around Simon’s head is a golden halo or crown chakra. Gold is the color of the light body, also of the Seventh Ray of Peace, Love and Rest. This golden light is shining down upon him. It originates with Simon’s own Christ Self but also with the Seventh Ray light of Sananda-Jesus who is known, particularly by Amerindians, as the Golden One.

This Christ energy lights up the top, front part of Simon’s head, including his forehead that is white, and hence shines into his third eye and hypothalamus at the base of his brain. Simon looks content, at peace, filled with zeal, but not over the top with his enthusiasm or blasé about his zeal power. Moreover, the higher gold and white light then morphs into a pink light, that symbolized by his robe that encompasses and surrounds his body.

Simon looks down, thus looking down into his soul, the subconscious, which is below the conscious mind. He reads a book, which represents the Book of Life, his soul or akashic record and that of the planet; and which is the record of all that Jesus had taught and demonstrated.

Note too that Simon is bald, indicating he is an older man, as in the time that he had gone out to preach the Gospel or good news of the Christ teachings, when perhaps he had gone to Egypt which in our modern day represents the subconscious mind, while Israel symbolizes the conscious mind, and the United States portrays the New JerUSAlem.

I Am Golden Light

The other picture I loved was the one to the right. First of all, note how much gold color there is in the picture — he is surrounded in the golden light of his golden light body and that of Sananda-Jesus. His halo or crown chakra likewise is gold, but encircled in a dark pink bordering on red, which is the color of the next power of regeneration.

Again, he is an older man, who has gone out and taught the Way that Jesus had demonstrated. His right hand, hence his conscious or right power aspect is lifted up and is formed in the J symbol that typically is used to represent Christ Jesus. The palm is forward, as Simon projects out the pink power of Christ love.

His inner robe again is pink, especially on his right or conscious side. However, this time, the left side of his body is cloaked in green. This has two possible interpretations, in relation to Nada-Yolanda’s channelings. In regard to the Seven Rays of Life, pink is the color of the Third Ray of Personal Love, whereas green is the color of the Fifth Ray of Unity, Integration and Healing — together these two rays are called Twin Rays, as they complement, supplement and balance one another.

In terms of the 12 Powers approach or paradigm, pink is the color of zeal that outpictures via the hypothalamus whereas green is the color of the wisdom-justice-judgment that externalizes via the endocrine system, with the pituitary gland, below the hypothalamus, being the master gland of the whole endocrine system. Both zeal and wisdom-judgment work primarily through the soul or subconscious mind. Both are of the feminine, passive, receptive, negative Mother polarity in the six pairings of the Twelve Powers, such as love with wisdom, and order with zeal.

Etheric Guidance

How in the world did artists in prior days, who no doubt knew nothing of Nada-Yolanda’s teachings and channelings about the Seven Rays and the 12 Christ or I Am powers, find such unique ways to pictorially present all of these many, complicated, advanced teachings and principles? Were they being guided and inspired by those in the higher planes, even Simon the Zealot himself? No one knows. What we do realize, however, is that these two paintings are marvels to behold.

Note, too, that in his left hand, Simon the Zealot in this second painting is holding a scroll, not a book. After all, back in those days, writing was done primarily on scrolls — such as the Dead Sea Scrolls. There probably were no books, certainly not books as we know them today. The scroll again indicates the soul- akashic record, which in this case Simon appears to have healed or perhaps is healing, hence the green cloak/garment that extends down to his left hand. We might say he has a good handle on his ongoing soul refinement and rebalancing.

As I was pondering and being uplifted by all this, I once again felt Simon the Zealot’s overshadowing presence, not so much that he was fully anchored into me but rather that he was above and watching over me, inspiring me. He said that he had guided me in finding, looking at and interpreting the two above pictures — this was yet another proof of his work with me. Moreover, he indicated that anyone with these pictures could employ them as a way to link with him, to serve as portal from the physical plane to him in the etheric planes.

I printed out both  pictures and put them up on one of my corkboards that adorn my walls. Looking at them always quickens me.

Past Communions

In the afternoon this same day, suddenly memories flooded back to me of my two visits to Russia, including stops in St. Petersburg (2011) and Moscow (2012) as part of two “spiritual missions” that my then wife, MariLyn, and I had undertaken to anchor and spread the Christ matrix of peace, love, cooperation and coordination around the planet.

On September 11, 2012, in St. Petersburg, in my early morning meditation, Summalt who had been Jesus’ disciple Peter, contacted me with an electromagnetic space beam, which Summalt likened unto a handle of an umbrella. (Summalt is the etheric director for the Eastern Hemisphere, whose headquarters is aboard his huge spacecraft, ship #7423.) Via this space beam that expanded to about 24 feet in diameter, Summalt lifted me in my light body into his etheric spaceship. Therein was Sananda-Jesus and Sol-O-Man/Mary. Together, the four of us beamed love and light to St. Petersburg. Moreover, numerous other masters were in the craft who added their energies to this broadcast, but I did not know who they were. Plus, there were numerous other spacecraft nearby who were under Summalt’s command.

Then, at lunch, Summalt and Sol-O-Man contacted me again. They showed me a vivid vision of the underside of an umbrella top, high above my head. Its frame had twelve struts or ribs. Each rib became a cable or line of force that was connected to each of the twelve power centers in my cerebrum. This image morphed into twelve lines of force that connected to Jesus’ twelve apostles, who portrayed the twelve spiritual powers. (Thus, at this time, I was connected to, and in communion with, Simon the Zealot, although I did not single him out from the group.)

The umbrella slowly expanded until it covered all of St. Petersburg (which has population of about 5 million) and the surrounding area, extending about 250 miles in all directions. Sol-O-Man, Sananda and Peter told me that this set the stage for later projections to this 500-mile wide circle of light (which did occur during the late afternoon this day).

Church of the Resurrection

Needless to say, this was an exceptional experience and vision. As it faded, wondering if I had received correctly, I asked for confirmation. Sol-O-Man assured me that such confirmation would come this afternoon when my ex-wife and I took a 3-hour tour of the city. During our visit inside the Church of the Resurrection on the Spilled Blood (see picture to right), we marveled at the 300 hundred or so mosaic murals that adorned every available wall, column and dome of this incredible church. These had been done by 30 Russian artists and depicted all the major parts of Jesus’ life.

Toward the end of this church tour, Sol-O-Man contacted me and directed me to look up at the underside of one of the church’s cupulas. Thereupon, a mural portrayed the descent of a dove, symbolic of the Holy Spirit; from the dove, individual rays of energy streamed down to the assembled twelve apostles and to her as Mary. She is shown at the bottom center of this grouping of 13, with six apostles to either side of her in a circular pattern. (As Nada-Yolanda had received, Mary was the leader of the apostles after Jesus ascended;  moreover, when Sananda returns in his light body with the Second Coming, Mary and the twelve apostles will descend with him.)

This artistic depiction closely resembled the image of the underside of the umbrella canopy that had been shown to me at lunchtime. Chills ran from my head to my toes; copious tears streamed down my cheeks.

Moscow Projections

Eight months later, on May 13, 2013, in Moscow, capital of Russia, on our way to Lake Baikal in Siberia, Russia, Summalt-Peter contacted me and showed me an image of a huge fountain. Its waters shot hundreds of feet up a central column and showered down around it, forming a watery canopy.

Using this as my visualization, I rose up the central conduit of my spine, then out through my head and into the higher realms. I ended up in my light body aboard Summalt’s ship #7423. To my utter surprise, with Summalt/Peter were Jesus’ other eleven apostles.

Once I had said hello to each of the Twelve, they joined in a circle, faced outward, and radiated magnificent streams of their particular power in twelve directions. They produced thereby a dome of etheric energy that flared from Moscow for hundreds of miles before spilling back down to Earth. MariLyn and I served as grounding rods, twin towers, to anchor this Christ canopy on the planet.

One with Simon the Zealot

Additional confirmation of my communion with the twelve apostles came after our return to Tennessee. On June 29, 2013, Sananda informed me he had directed the contact. My forty years of devotion to the twelve-powers approach, plus my steadfast dedication to him, had made it possible for me to serve as a grounding rod for the Twelve.

Due to their past discipleship with Jesus, as well as their ongoing works in the higher planes and in physical incarnations during the past two millennia (for example, the apostle Philip had reincarnated as Mahatma Gandhi in India; the apostle John, as Francis of Assisi, Leonardo da Vinci, and Shakespeare), they had a special ability to infuse the twelve divine qualities through the astral planes and into the Earth.

Pondering all of this in my present meditation and reflection, I came to the realization that I had had two past contacts in Russia with Simon the Zealot. Thus, I already knew to some degree Simon’s vibration and energy, even though I had not singled him out at the time. He was primarily one of twelve.

And now, I was having communion with him, for I became aware of his overshadowing presence. He smiled down upon me from above and informed me that he had inspired and directed my remembering my two past communions with him.

See the Whole Story

Another day later, a new revelation came suddenly into my conscious awareness, which again was inspired by Simon the Zealot, even though I did not fully realize it at the time.

During this revelatory process, I realized that I was not to focus just on Simon being the Zealot, but also was to include in my thinking and sharing with you that he was also Simon the Canaanite and Simon the Cananaen. Partly, I was to view the various Biblical translations and depictions as being symbolic stories, not just historical, physical events and descriptions, one or more of which was the best or most accurate one.

Thus, what do we actually know about Simon having or not having been in Cana or Canaan? The answer is we and even the best biblical scholars do not and cannot prove it one way or another. What we do comprehend, however, is that his being a Canaanite or Cananaen fits wonderfully in the overall symbology or story of what Simon the Zealot experienced and portrayed. Maybe he was at Cana, when Jesus at the urging of his mother, which he first resisted, changed water to wine; which symbolically and metaphysically signifies the transmuting our blood to Christ life flow.

Or, if Simon the Zealot was not actually there, he certainly must have heard stories about this from others, maybe even from Jesus and/or Mary. And if so, he would have marveled at this first miracle and have taken it to heart, and wished that he had been there. What is most important in the final analysis is what Simon thought and felt in his heart, not what he may or may not have done.

Personal Love Transmutation

Furthermore, how incredible is it that Jesus’ first miracle represented his third major initiation of transmutation that comes under the Third Ray of Personal Love, Feeling and Dedication, whose corresponding color is pink, that of the power of zeal. So why would Simon the Zealot not somehow be linked with this event in the various Biblical accounts and translations? Maybe those who “mistranslated” various words and passages in the original Biblical writings were actually inspired, if only subconsciously, to do so, for it represented a higher, symbolic, metaphysical message.

Thus, rightly seen, the Holy Bible is based on historical fact, but more so it is a story that is laden with spiritual, metaphysical symbology and cosmic lessons that all light workers can apply to themselves. Thus, rather than fixating on and researching, we want to know what the meaning of this extraordinary story is to us in this present moment.

Like Charles Fillmore and Nada-Yolanda, we take what Biblical facts we know into meditation, commune with our I Am Self and with Sananda, Sol-O-Man and Simon the Zealot, as well as the other apostles;  and thereby discover what we are to believe and then to do in our lives. As for our communions with Simon the Zealot, we want to know at a deeper, higher, more insightful level how we are to put our personal love into action. The past is past. The answer, the overcoming, the new step forward takes place in the eternal present. Be zealous here and now!

Seven Days to Christ Zeal

One more core challenge confronted me in my getting ready to write this blog. For a long time, based on multiple experiences in the past, both highlights and lowlights, I had followed a seven-day program and process before I would share any new communion with the ascended masters or angels, any key vision that had numerous levels or facets, or any night vision or deep dream. For it typically took a week before the new input was more or less fully and rightly understood.

So, here I was now, having had only 2-3 days of communions with Simon the Zealot and he was telling and urging me to share what I had received. At first, I thought, no, I am not going to do that, because it may be that I am not receiving clearly from Simon the Zealot. Maybe I still need to cleanse my soul further and be still more grounded, or I might compound my troubles by misleading others astray.

Finally, Simon showed me the way forward. He said to share the “process” of what I had experience and how I had gone about it in receiving this new information, without claiming that I had it fully realized and understood. After all, I had been through this step-step process of discerning the meaning of meetings with the masters hundreds of previous times. So, I had every right and past training to talk about and describe the process a light worker goes through in communing with an ascended master.

It would also show others that they could commune with Simon the Zealot just as I had, but in their own unique fashion. That’s why Simon had given me so many different aspects and experiences during these short three days of preparation.

Seven Signs of Simon

Step one in communing with Simon the Zealot is to be still and go into meditation, to practice the presence of God the Good, our Mother-Father Creator, who is the Parent of Simon and each one of us. Then, per usual, you do the same in linking with and feeling the presence of your own overshadowing, indwelling I Am Self and light form.

Step two is asking and receiving, of seeking and finding, of knocking on the psychic door between dimensions which if all is in order will be opened up to you. Spirit opens the door, not you. What you seek and ask for is communion with and contact by Simon the Zealot, who like you is doing his best to do the will of God. What you ask for with an open, loving heart and soul, you will be given by the One Power that is Divine Mind.

Now comes the first sign of Simon’s contact. This is some kind of symptom or acceleration, typically in and around your head, although it may be of your heart or other places. As far as the head goes, you may feel pressure, even slight pain, but definite acceleration in your two temples, the area just above and in front of each ear. If you put one of your two forefingers on each temple and imagine a line or wire going between them, it passes right through the hypothalamus in the center of the head.


Other times the acceleration and activation is of the middle section of the lower back part of your head, because just below or inside the skull from this outer stimulation point is the medulla oblongata. The Latin word “medulla” means middle, whereas the Latin “oblongata” means oblong or elongated. Hence the medulla oblongata is a little over an inch long, and it is located in the middle of the back or posterior part of the  base of the brain. The medulla oblongata exits through the foramen magnum, a large hole or round opening in the bae of the skull, and it becomes the spinal cord.

When you have medulla oblongata stimulation, you first may feel anxious, nervous, irritable for no good outer reason, or fear that you must be doing something wrong to have brought on these sudden feelings. In fact, it is because you have done something right — you have sought and made yourself available to have communion with Simon the Zealot.

Since the medulla has centers that control respiratory and heart rates, you may have faster breathing or be short of breath, or your heart may beat baster and with greater force, which again is disconcerting and making you wonder what you have done wrong to deserve this sudden onset of symptoms.

With stimulation and acceleration of your medulla, you also may hunch up your shoulders until it feels like they are touching the back of your head. But, in time, you relax and let go, and trust that you are having a good experience, not a bad, mortal one. Then you realize that it may be Simon the Zealot who is contacting you.

Moreover, each ascended master has a unique way and place that he contacts you. Thus, when El Morya/Mark overshadows me, he commonly locks his light body onto the right side of the top of my head, my right jaw and the right side of my neck, at times down to my right shoulder. When Simon the Zealot first contacted me, he stimulated and accelerated the top part of my heart chakra, at the top of my sternum. You learn to realize that such a unique contact is usually indicates communion with the particular etheric master or angelic guardian who is overshadowing you.

Hand Signs

When Sol-O-Man/Mary contacts me, I feel it on the left side of my heart chakra, which fills with feminine love. Other times, she lifts up my left arm and forms a reverse J with my two first fingers and thumb, which symbolizes her twin soul relationship with Sananda-Jesus. There can be a different hand configuration for each master who contacts you.

Songs and Sights of Third Ray Pink Light

As a third sign, but not necessarily in this order that is being presented here, you may find yourself hearing and singing some old song that you have not thought of for many years. In my case, as noted above, I heard and later sang oft-and-on for much of the day Stevie Wonder’s song, “I Just Called to Say I Love You.” When El Morya contacts me when I am going through a particularly difficult, dark time, I commonly and spontaneously hear the song, “Learn on me, When you’re not strong, And I’ll be your friend, To help you carry on. . . .” And always, I feel better!

Of course, you may hear such an inner song before your meditation or afterwards during the day. The song then inspires you to sit down and meditate.

The fourth sign is that you may see pink in your third-eye vision, receive an image of a pink rose, or see yourself clothed in a pink robe or wearing a pink blouse or t-shirt. The pink color or image typically has a vibrant, ethereal, other worldly energy and power. Like a pink song, it moves you emotionally.

Maybe you do not see pink, since you are not visually oriented or talented, but rather you feel guided from within to purchase a new pink article of clothing or wear a pink scarf or purchase pink paint for repainting one of the rooms of your house or apartment, such as your bedroom. Maybe you have a dream in which the color pink predominates. Someone named Simon or Simone may a key figure in your dream.

New Intuitive Insights

A fifth sign of righteous (right and proper and accurate) communion is that you have some sudden new insight into some conundrum you are facing. You have already consciously analyzed all the possible solutions or pathways that you think are available to you to deal with darkened thought form or emotional entanglement with others. Simon the Zealot or other masters come and shows a new, higher, I Am Self way to transmute this dark blotch in your mind and soul, and to shed pink link in your new actions.

This happened with me in dealing with the biblical presentations of Simon the Zealot, the Canaanite and the Cananaen. It also occurred with how and why and when I was to write this blog. In a flash, all of my past thinking was lifted into a new pink light and consciousness.

From Darkness to Light

The sixth sign is that of crucifixion-resurrection of the Sixth Ray of Transmutation and Cleansing. This is the prototypical dark night of the soul, as we have focused upon in prior blogs. In this sixth step, we look back on our soul record and see what still needs to be cleansed. We cross out any selfishness that has crept into our mind and soul, and manifested in our actions.

This period or sign or experience can last three minutes, three hours, three days, three weeks, or three years. The timing is up to Spirit. Instead of flinching as we have in the past, we resurrect new Third Ray Personal Love and Feeling and Dedication. We rise into the fullness of loving one another, as Jesus, Mary and Simon the Zealot have loved us.

Lay Down Your Life for Your Friends

Our seventh sign comes in our actions, our rising and ascending into a new level of pinkness, of being pink love in action. This is when we truly walk the walk. This is when we are able finally to lay down our life for our friends. As Jesus proclaimed, there is no greater love than this.

In my case, I have been writing these recent blogs about zeal, going from one blog per week to two blogs, and each of these are rather long. I have bared my soul, shared my pain, exposed my flinchings and failings, but also professed my rising above them in new, healthy, helpful ways to heal humanity.

Worldwide, this current time is perhaps the darkest I remember for this whole life. The covid-19 pandemic is an outer sign of this. This now is the time that Jesus prophesied when brother would fight against brother, father against son, mother against daughter, husband against wife. And we are right in the midst and throes of it.

So, more or less, we have to “double down” or maybe I should “double up,” to do double the duty of loving one another and restoring our collective heart, thymus and entire immune system. If not, this pandemic will just continue and continue, with new variants, new stress, new darkness and such until people worldwide give up their dark attitudes, selfish feelings, power-mongering, competition and such.

That’s why I think, for the moment at least, that so much new inspiration is flowing through me now, which I can send out to all who subscribe to this blog, but also via thought power to the entire planet. However, it still concerns me  that maybe I am just being too zealous, too much in a hurry, too quick to share some things that are best left unsaid and undone for now. If that is the case, time and results will show me the way to deal with this.

Moreover, I know this accelerated period will not last — I have no doubt that at some point soon, the spigot will run dry and there will be no new inspiration to share, and that I will rest and recover from my all out efforts to help everyone, personally and planetary. And I will then see what I have received correctly and shared rightly, and where I can do still a better job of loving one another.

Be a Friend

So what are you doing to lay down your life for your friends, for your family, for your fellow light workers, for the other kingdoms? What guidance and what signs are you receiving of your communions with Simon the Zealot? How are you being pink zeal in action, in all its myriad small and big ways?

Share your new pinkness in your emails to me at [email protected]. Post them at the end of this blog for others to see. The more comments the merrier. For your comments will uplift others, just as you are uplifted by theirs. We are all in this together. We are all teachers and students. We are all friends.

What a friend we have in Jesus. What a friend we have in Mary. What a friend we have in Simon the Zealot. My, oh my, oh my!

Our planet is now pink! So we see it. So it shall be be in God’s good time.






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  1. I have pondered the question ‘what am I doing to lay down my life for my friends, my family, etc.’ for a number of days, and what keeps coming back to me are all the memories of the times when I made the necessary sacri-fices at moments when others needed me to step up; and these are mem-ories that bring warmth and joy to my heart because they were times when I was truly able to let go and let God work through me. And there are also the memories of the times when I fell short, when I shirked my responsibility or obligation for the sake of a more temporary solution or pleasure; and these are the memories that give me pause to reflect on my true intentions as a light worker – how can I do things better, make things right, make the necessary corrections? Well, same solution: let go and let God work through me, in whatever way God so wills, whether I am an active co-participant or a more passive and receptive vessel for energy flow-through and inspiration. As I have realized so many times, balance is the key – 2 steps forward, 1 step back; and 2 steps forward again. This is how I can best serve my fellow humans – be true to my Self and follow through with my guidance.

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