Be Born Again

I am born again, thank God, I Am born again! Affirm it, visualize it, be reborn as the holistic, holy healer that you are in I Am consciousness.

The following 4 dreams, 1 meditation/communion and 1 outer, physical event chronicle my positive experiences and regenerative fruits in the years 2007-2008, during which I was in the first or birth phase of my seventh major initiation of ascension and redescent; which comes under the direction of the Seventh Ray of Peace, Love and Rest.

To study the seven major initiations, go to the Nada-Yolanda’s channeling about them, which is in Mapp To Aquarius, pages 254-259. To focus on the Seven Rays of Life, especially the Seventh Ray, see pages 114-124 in MAPP To Aquarius; or read our Mark-Age booklet Seven Rays of Life.

Be Healing Love In Action

However, the most important point to remember and act upon now is Sananda’s recommendation in his dissertation about the Seventh Ray via Nada-Yolanda on February 13, 1963:

“Let me bring about the desire in you to concentrate upon love or the seventh, final step. It must be, and it must come into manifestation soon. . . . It must start sometime, somewhere within your own conscious desire to be love in action, to be peace, to be poised, to be entirely tranquil and balanced in all of your functions and faculties. It cannot happen overnight; therefore, I ask that you begin to see this seventh step, this love vibration within you, coming forth stronger and stronger. For it is through the seventh step, the final step of love, that all others are controlled in actuality. . . .

“Son of man, I address you. Be the son of God, which you are, your own individual consciousness, for God, which is good. . . . I give these two commandments: Love God and Love One Another.

Following this, Nada channeled via Yolanda: “I am Nada. You know me as the counterpart for the Lord of the Seventh Ray, he whom you have called Jesus, Sananda, son of the loving God [Nada is the Co-Chohan of the Seventh Ray, the daughter of the loving God]. . . .

“Bring forth . . . balance. Seek, then, feminine and masculine equally. Let it be your feeling and intelligence equally balanced in love, that you may be love in action, which is God in full force: Mother, Father and Son demonstration. So be it.”


Following is a powerful, uplifting visualization that you can use to prepare for and experience your own ascension and redescent, regardless of what major initiation you may be demonstrating now. (We have ascension experiences in each of our seven steps to Christhood.) This imaging is based on multiple channelings via Nada-Yolanda:

Surround yourself in a protective column of Christ power and love. This round citadel or tower of light is about 12 feet in diameter, such that it extends about 6 feet around all sides of you. See it starting at the ground, going up and around your aura and physical body, and then passing up through the astral planes to the etheric and celestial planes. This Christ citadel is a First Ray fortress of faith, will and power. Within it, you are filled with Seventh Ray peace and love. You are spiritually protected.

Focus at the base of your spine, at the lowest sexual center, your regenerative chakra and reproductive organs. State your intent that you are going to regenerate your mind, body and soul and rebirth your light body by being lifted up your spine, up your tower of light, into your overarching, overshadowing, I Am Self and etheric or Christ body. Call upon Spirit to do this uplifting, rebirthing and regeneration in and through you. I, when I be lifted, draw up all others unto me.

Visualize and feel the kundalini fire of light slowly, gradually rising from your regenerative chakra, passing up the spine and in and through each of the other six major chakras, as well as the five minor centers or chakras that relate to your five physical senses.

When the red, regenerative, fiery energy reaches your head, it continues up and through your crown chakra and cerebrum; and ascends into your ever present I Am Self and light body with its glorious, golden light. Ascended masters and your guardian angel have overseen, guided and protected your rising again into I Am consciousness. You are now with them as one.


This ascension out of the crown has an umbrellaing effect, such that the ascending light-energy now begins to redescend, to shower down and to encompass your entire aura and physical form. You are now like a bell that is in the steeple of a church. The physical, third-dimensional you is like the clapper inside this bell. The air between the clapper and the outer bell corresponds to your aura and astral body. The bell is the light body out of which all of the four lower bodies originally were formed when we descended eons ago into the third dimension and took on physical, animal form.

Ring your Christ bell! Speak the word and send out the keynotes of Seventh Ray peace and love. These cosmic sounds energize your physical, astral, emotional and mental bodies, anchoring in and demonstrating love in action. Moreover, peace and love radiate out to and resound within those around you, near and far. These cosmic notes extend into the seven astral planes, and via the three etheric realms to all the planes and planets in this solar system.

Born again, you, the planet and the solar system are born again! All praise be unto our Father-Mother God.

Rebirth of Christ Healing Powers

In my dream on June 17, 2007, a wise, illumined, powerful, masculine etheric being appeared before me and proclaimed, “Robert, you now have the spiritual power to heal every disease within yourself and within all others.”

Given his healing focus and message, I came to believe that this etheric master may have been Hilarion (who had been Charles Fillmore whose picture is to the right, Paul the Apostle, and Plato), who is the Etheric Director of Healing Haven. In my dreams of him over the years, I seldom have known who he is but rather he has appeared in many diverse ways, guises and images. This time he was the pre-eminent Fifth Ray master of healing. He was, and is, guiding me in my Fifth Ray soul mission this lifetime

However, this powerful, etheric teacher and healer in my dream might also have represented Sananda-Jesus, who had healed all manner of disease in the three years of his public ministry and had performed the ultimate healing of his soul, that of resurrecting and ascending in his light body to the etheric realms. He is my spiritual father on the Seventh Ray that is my home ray.








Moreover, I was reminded of when Archangel Lord Gabriel of the Fourth Ray had appeared to Mary and said that she would conceive and give birth to a son, and she would call his name Jesus. Indeed, though she was a virgin, she became pregnant with the Holy Spirit, that of Christ Jesus, the Messiah.

Following his birth and growth into manhood, Mary was not only his mother, but also his best friend, supporter and partner as he became the most powerful healer ever to walk the Earth. After all, Mary was an incarnation of Sol-O-Man, twin soul of Sananda-Jesus. Herein was female and male balance, coordination, integration, unity and cosmic oneness. It is with this balance that we conceive and birth our I Am Self. We heal humanity!


I had no idea whatsoever at the time of the dream that I was starting my seventh major initiation. Rather, it was not until years later when I reviewed and reconsidered this dream that the insight came that the reason I now had the potential to heal any disease was because I had entered my seventh major step; that I was in the birth or first phase of my seventh major initiation. In this seventh step, as Nada-Yolanda has received, one is about 90% in the light-body, I Am consciousness; but 10% of us still carries the uncleansed soul-astral patterns that may go back thousands of lifetimes, millions of years.

In each of the previous sixth initiations, we chip away and transmute parts of our soul blockages and imbalances, healing about 10-15% of them per initiation. Finally, in our seventh step, we ascend into the heights of I Am consciousness even as we descend to the very bottom of our soul, at the original causes of our soul insanity and sickness. Finally, we can heal our whole soul and become whole or holy once again, as we were ages ago in our light body. By our example, projections and demonstrations we can heal humanity and the whole planet.

I am born again, reborn as an I Am, holistic, holy healer, one with our Father-Mother God, by whose grace I Am his beloved child, born again on Earth as I Am in heaven. Amen!

Wherever you are in your climb up the mountain to I Am consciousness, you, too, have the power to heal all that God brings to your attention to transmute and transform. After all, you are made in the image and likeness of our Father-Mother Creator, so therefore you have the inherent power to heal all disease by having Spirit do this through you. Our beloved Parent never gives you more than you can handle and heal. However, you learn how to do this in step-by-step fashion. Go with the flow, take it as it comes. At each step of the Way, be born again as the healer you are.

Golden Vehicle

In my second rebirthing dream about a month later, on July 6, 2007, I had been given a new, large, golden car, which reminded me of the golden Chrysler Imperial that El Morya-Mark had driven in the early days of Mark-Age. However, my current car was even bigger, brighter, and of a new make and model of car.

However, since I was only twelve years old at this time, I had trouble driving the car forward and backwards, since my feet hardly reached the gas and brake petals. Therefore, on one occasion, I asked my father who was sitting in the front seat of the car with me to press his foot down on the brake petal to prevent the car from backing up and going off the road– but he did not do so. Nonetheless, I was confident that in time, if I conscientiously applied myself, I would be able to masterfully maneuver and to go every place in this glorious new vehicle.

By way of interpretation, the golden car symbolizes my golden light body. With the color white, gold also corresponds to and carries the vibrations of the Seventh Ray of Peace, Love and Rest, which predominates in our seventh major initiation.

Note that the car is a gift. Spirit gave it to me because I was ready to rightly receive, work with and drive in it — I had earned it. In other words, I had successfully passed through the preceding sixth major initiation of crucifixion-resurrection when I had crossed out most of my soul karma with Nada-Yolanda, as described in a previous blog.

Moreover, the gold dream-car was bigger than any previous vehicle I had driven — thus the higher vibration, power and presence of the light body. And what wonderful symbology of its being akin to the golden Chrysler Imperial, with “Chrysler” representing the Christ Self, and “Imperial” symbolizing our “kingly” nature as a son of God.

Our Father(s)

In the dream, my father sits beside me, meaning my Father in heaven, and all the “fathers” in the seventh astral plane and in the higher, etheric realms of ascended mastery, including El Morya, Sananda, Hilarion, St. Germain, Lanto and others. In time, as I grow into my seventh phase demonstration, I will be ever increasingly aware of them being right with me, sitting right next to me in the front seat, so to speak.

Plus, at the time of the dream, I was still working on my past and present relationship with my personal father of this lifetime, whose name is Hugh (note the two H’s at the beginning and end of his name, which is my middle name) as he prepared to make his transition. He did so about a year later, on August 12, 2008, when I was with him at St. Mary’s hospice. Moreover in the months and years to come, I often dreamt of him and the progress he was making in his soul healing in the higher astral planes. My prayers and projections reached him there, although I was focused mostly on those on Earth.

The spiritual, ascended fathers would advise, oversee and help me, but like in the dream they cannot and will not do the work for me on this level, in my vehicle. I have to be the one to properly use the gas and brake pedals, to prevent myself from slipping back into the darkness of the past, or trying to go too fast and to travel to too many distant places in the present and future.

How have you experienced your ongoing ascension into your golden light body? How have your spiritual fathers and mothers helped you? This week and the next three weeks, begin anew to become the golden giant that you are.

Be born again. And again. And again. Be transformed by the regeneration of your mind, body and soul.

Twelve I Am Powers

I am just twelve years old in the dream. This symbolically indicates that I have completed the work with the twelve-powers approach of the I Am Self, as taught and demonstrated in the sixth astral plane or in one’s sixth major initiation of crucifixion-resurrection on Earth.

In the seventh initiation, I am to focus more so on the Seven Rays of Life, on our seven divine attributes that are the basis for the 12 powers; just as fellow light workers do in the seventh astral plane that is the doorway to the etheric planes. Due to mankind’s fall into third dimensional matter and bodies with their five physical senses, the seven cosmic attributes have five additional aspects or powers added to them.

Twelve also is symbolic and reminiscent of the life of Jesus, when at age twelve he went with his parents, Joseph and Mary, to Jerusalem. When his father and mother left the city, Jesus stayed behind, so they went back and found him in the Temple. There, the young Jesus, who symbolically at age 12 had taken his first step into manhood, was talking with the elders of the Temple, proclaiming that of all the Ten Commandments, the first one was the most important: We are to love our Lord God with all our heart, all our mind and all our soul; the rest of the commandments are but commentary.

Born again, in my golden Christ vehicle, I Am born again.

Solar System Leader

About five months later, on January 21, 2008, I dreamt that I was with four Chohans or Directors of one of the Seven Rays of Life. Hilarion was one of them, but upon awakening, I could not remember precisely who the other three were. However, I seemed to recall that one of them was Sananda.

In any case, these four Chohans were telling me about their beloved master teacher, who was another octave in consciousness above and beyond even them as Chohans. When I inquired about this cosmic master, the four Chohans took me to see him. They told me that this being of light and love had me in his heart. Wow!

This cosmically Christed one appeared before me in a magnificent, light-filled body that was about seven feet tall and radiated the most uplifting vibrations of peace, power and love that I ever had felt. Moreover, he then grew in size such that his heart chakra became large enough that I could walk into it.

When I did so and got comfortable therein and turned around, it seemed like I was in an etheric spacecraft hovering in the ethers above the Earth. Looking out a huge window in this craft, I saw most of the planets throughout the solar system.

Son-Sun Love

What came to me in my meditation that followed this dream, and in additional later reflections, is that this extraordinary, out-of-this-world, light-and-love-filled radiant being had the whole solar system in his heart, that he loved every soul on every planet that encircles the sun. He was a son of God who wholeheartedly served all other sons and daughters of God at all the twelve planets in this solar system, nine of which are physical and three of which are of a higher dimension (hence not noted by our telescopes).

What an incredible feeling, viewing and upliftment all of this was, and yet it felt so familiar and natural to me! Still, I had no idea whatsoever whose heart I had entered and had been bathed in his cosmic, sweet, expansive, solar love. I just knew that I was transformed in ways that I could not yet comprehend.

Solar Sojourns

However, I did recall, reread and reflect upon the channeling that Yolanda had received from her Nada Self on April 13, 1972, in which she described the role, function, training and challenges that my first wife and I were to have in Mark-Age Healing Haven:

“This team has been developed under unusual circumstances: not particularly as a team together, but each as an individual function for many lives in distant places, outside of this solar system and within the highest of etheric realms, to bring two aspects of health together in order to coordinate all mental, emotional and physical health problems in the Earth plane, through the operation of Mark-Age known as Healing Haven, under Hilarion of the Fifth Ray of Unity and Integration, health, wholeness and holiness.”

At the time of this channeling, I was near the end of the fourth year of my medical school studies and training, visiting Mark-Age MetaCenter during my spring break from school; I was just in my first major initiation, thereby only first glimpsing my solar identity, training , talents and citizenship.

Now, in June 2007, even with the above dream and my recall of my solar past, I still had no clear idea of who this dream solar being of light was.

One Big Family

One year later, in my morning meditation of June 8, 2008, Sananda-Jesus and Sol-O-Man/Mary appeared above and to either side of me. I knew their presence and love power from many past such communions with them. This time, they showed me a downward pointing triangle, with them being at the two top apices. I was at the bottom apex, whose point was in my heart chakra. The were my beloved spiritual parents, my cosmic father and mother.

Then I became aware of the supervisory presence of two light-filled beings above Sananda and Sol-O-Man, who were guiding them in their work to inspire, instruct and help lift me into my light body. Like two bolts of lighting, it came clearly to me that these two lighted ones were Lords Michael and Maitreya, who are the co-titular heads of the Hierarchal Board. Michael is an angel on the First Ray of Will and Power, Maitreya is of the kingdom of man and is of the Seventh Ray of Peace and Love. I basked in their wondrous, powerful presence. The combine energies of these four light beings was beyond any previous higher plane communions I previous had had. Copious tears flowed down my face and I was utterly transformed.

After this extraordinary experience, it first began to dawn on me who the solar being was in my dream of a year ago, in which I entered into his heart and peered out at the solar system: It was Maitreya. He is the Christ matrix of the solar system, hence his name; just like Sananda is the Christ matrix for planet Earth. Maitreya is Sananda’s master teacher.

Pondering this later, when feeling like the “little ‘ole, unworthy, lacking in confidence, error-laden me,”  I asked Maitreya to illumine me about why he was contacting me. In response, he eventually replied that he was in essence Sananda’s spiritual father, which then made him my grandfather! Would not a grandfather contact and cherish his beloved grandson? Of course he would! With that, to use an old, adapted saying, I felt “snug as a bug in a solar rug,” enfolded, surrounded and suffused with solar peace and love.

I was born again, born again, born again, thank God I was born again, four times over!

And I stopped worrying about  the validity of what I had received. Moreover, many later contacts with Maitreya and Michael verified their work with and through me, which after all was a solar system project. We were uplifting the Earth which in turn would lift up all the other planets. We were healing the solar family of man, of which we on Earth are a vital part, one of twelve planets, hence twelve powers.

Note above that it was a conscious realization, not a dream. The three prior dreams had prepared the way, had opened and clear my soul. Now I could be reborn physically, consciously, wholly. All praise be unto to God, the Holy One.

Mystical Marriage

And then, in yet another physical demonstration, two months later, on August 8, 2008, MariLyn Joy and I were married in a simple, private ceremony that was most moving nonetheless, the joyous birth of a new life together.

In keeping with the theme of regeneration, this was the uniting and bonding of the subconscious (MariLyn) and the conscious (Robert) in alignment with the superconscious (Hilarion) to procreate, bring forth and demonstrate the best of all the proven healing methods for healing the whole person.

MariLyn’s work was to be primarily at the feminine, soul-emotional levels whereas mine would emphasize masculine, mental and physical approaches, with both of us functioning under the guidance and direction of our I Am Selves and of the ascended masters, especially Hilarion.

She and I both felt that we had entered heaven on Earth. I will share more about our marvelous, mystical marriage in next week’s blog; and how it all worked out. Stay tuned.

A Son is Born

About three weeks later, on August 27, 2008, I dreamt that I was at or near the headwaters or source of the Mississippi River at Lake Itasca in northern Minnesota. I was in a birthing center, lying on a surgical bed, on my back on a surgical bed, waiting to give birth to my child. Two or three obstetricians were there with and attending to me, one of whom took his other-worldly, laser-like scalpel to cut a cross on the top of my head. The two cuts were from the front to the back of my head/brain and from one temple to the other, with the crossing point being in the top center of my crown/cerebrum/head.

This cross-cut produced four flaps of skin (one for each of my four lower bodies). When they were pulled back, in and through my opened cerebrum and my other centers, I mysteriously and wondrously gave birth to a glorious, light-filled son who was about 1-2 years old, my Christ Child with whom I had been pregnant through through these last 14 months or so since I had started the first or birth phase of my seventh initiation. The precocious, light-suffused Child lay in his crib, fully at peace, serene and happy and smiling with bright eyes; as was I and the good doctors. The child was the son of God that I Am. All praise was to our Creator.

Interpreting, the Mississippi River is called by Ojibway Amerindians the “great river.” It flows from almost the border between northern USA and southern Canada, all the way south to the Gulf of Mexico. Symbolically, to the east of the Mississippi is the area relating to and carrying the vibrations of Atlantis. To the west is the remnants of Lemuria. The whole USA is the New JerUSAlem, as referred to in Revelation in the Holy Bible.

This means that I, in I Am ascended consciousness, now see or am beginning to see and heal my entire soul record going back to these two ancient times, and even before that to the days of Cains and Abels. In the midst of all of this, just like you, we are to birth the Christ consciousness within us and the Christ awareness of all on Earth and in the astral planes. For this have we come, have we been born.

I am born again, born again, born again, I Am born again! Hallelujah. Glory be to God in the Highest.

Now and in the years to follow, I am to grow up, to rise up the spiraling ladder to full Christ consciousness, then to redescend and fully put my love in action here on Earth. For this, have we all come. We are all in this together, one in the One.

Born again . . . we are born again . . . born again . . . we shall be born again!

So be it.