Praise God

Praise God from whom all blessings flow. Thank You, Mother-Father Creator for regenerating and remaking us in Your likeness and image, as your glorious daughters or sons. I/we love You. Amen!

This is our theme for this week, starting today, Monday, October 18, 2021 as we focus on the 11th of our 12 Christ or I Am powers, that of regeneration, renewal and rebirth; as we birth our light body on earth.

This is not just a birth but it is a re-birth, meaning that in the ancient past, we were in our light body. But, since a part of mankind praised his-her own selfishness, self-centeredness and separation from our Father-Mother Creator, and thereby fell into matter and physical/animal bodies of this third dimension, our current task as light workers is to get pregnant again with our own indwelling I Am Self and to give birth to It and Its 12 powers, those of our fourth-dimensional, etheric or Christ body.

Born again, I Am born again, now and forever. All praise be to Spirit, our One God. So be it!

Spiritual Anatomy

The power of regeneration externalizes and expresses physically via our male or female reproductive organs: the penis, prostate and testes in the male; and the vagina, uterus, ovaries and breasts in the female. Via these organs, we pro-create and nourish the physical bodies of the race of man. Yet, it is Spirit who breathes life into these bodies, as well of course into each one of us.

That is why we praise Him-Her, rather than get caught up in our own, limited physicality. We are sons and daughters of the Divine. To Him-Her goes our thanks for all that Divine Mind pro-creates in and through and with us, all those things that are “pro” or positive! We alone, in mortal consciousness, create the negative stuff, via our own self-will.

Regenerative Wayshowers 

Christ Jesus’ apostle Judas Iscariot portrayed this spiritual power of regeneration and rebirth. The name “Judas” means  praise God, laud God, celebrate God, confession of

 God [Who is called Jehovah in the Holy Bible.]” “Iscariot” means man of the cities, man of hostile encounters, man of conveniences.

These are the metaphysical definitions given by Hilarion/Charles Fillmore in his Metaphysical Bible Dictionary (see his entries on pages 372-376 about Judah, Judas and Jude, which all mean basically the same thing.) Please also read and study the “Regeneration Chapter” in Fillmore’s ground-setting book The Twelve Powers of Man. (Go to the end of this blog to order these.)

As part of laying the groundwork for these upcoming four weeks of regeneration and rebirth, please also read the enlightening chapter on “Regeneration” in Birth of the Light Body, as given by Nada-Yolanda. And pay special attention to the two channelings that Nada-Yolanda received from Judas Iscariot, on pages 79 and 88 of the Mark-Age text MAPP to Aquarius; and one channeling therein from Simon Peter on page 131, which describes how all the 12 apostles, including Judas, remain as one solidified group of Twelve in service to Sananda-Jesus.)

I will be writing and posting four blogs, one on each Monday, during these four weeks about this power of regeneration, renewal, remaking and re-birth, about re-birthing our light body on Earth.

The Way of a Disciple

Standing on Hilarion/Fillmore’s and Nada-Yolanda’s shoulders and following in their footsteps, as a disciple of them and other masters, I also will present my four additional, personal blogs this month, one in the middle of each of the four weeks (probably on a Thursday),  in which will be shared some of my own insights, ideas, soul history and realizations of the Christ attribute of regeneration, based on my 50 years this lifetime of being on the path to Christhood. So, there will be eight blogs this month.

Therefore, fasten your seat belts, settle in, get ready to take a good, long, in-depth, uplifting ride on your individual pathway in your own unique vehicle for making all things new in your regenerative, physical efforts to love God and love one another.

We all are in this together, our own unique grouping of the symbolic twelve disciples, although our actual physical number is greater. This month, we individually and collectively will be born again and again and again and again, four times, even eight times over. Yea, God!

A Labor of Love

The intense cycle of these four weeks will be like when a pregnant woman goes through her labor pains, and then finally and gloriously gives birth to her precious, beloved child. Previously, in the prior ten months, we have focused on each of our ten powers, month by month, that precede the power of regeneration — faith, strength, love, wisdom, etc.

Our Christ pregnancy started way back at the beginning of this solar year with the descent of our Holy Spirit, our I Am Self, that anchored into and through our crown chakra/cerebrum, our central computer — it was a prototypical virgin impregnation, like unto that of Mary, mother of Jesus, who now watches over us from her perch in the etheric realms.

Then in the next nine months, the gestating Christ child in us slowly yet systematically in step-by-step, steady fashion grew and developed within us. By the end of these months, right now, our “belly” (solar plexus) was/is huge — our aura and body filled nearly to overflowing with the Christ energies. Now, our final “push” begins to complete the process, to give birth to the Christ within us. Born again, we shall be born again. TYG.

May we enjoy our intense labors in these End Days, even as we keep our single on the upcoming birth of Christ awareness and consciousness for all on Earth. Let us bless our individual and group labor pains, rather than curse them. With rebirth, all the past pains will be transformed and released, and be seen for what they were — just a minor difficulty along the way, for which we actually can give thanks.

Here’s to the birth of the Christ in you, in me, in all our brothers and sisters worldwide. Here’s to the rebirth or redescent of Sananda-Jesus in his light body to usher in the New or Golden Age of Aquarius. Amen.

Ruby Red

The corresponding ethereal color that carries the energy and power of regeneration is ruby red, also called true red or blood red. Just take a look at any blood you may shed this week, or remember past bleeds, and there is ruby-red regenerative light that is congealed and crystallized within and flows through your body; repeatedly energizing, refreshing and rejuvenating with its oxygen/will of God each and every cell in the physical temple of God that you are.

See the picture of several red rubies to the left, looking a bit like red blood cells. Remember, of course, that this red color may look slightly different on your computer or cellphone screen, as compared to mine. But it gives you a starting point, for ruby red, like all the preceding colors of the 12 powers, is really a range of reds, in the vivid, sharp, natural, bold shades of true or blood red.

Put on a red shirt, red blouse, red sneakers, red scarf or red cap or hat. Purchase a red rose for yourself or as a gift to others.

Be red within and without. Be in the Christ life flow of red regeneration. The rosy pink of the preceding I Am power of zeal now morphs into the ruby red of our I Am blood flow. Be love in action!

Credits and Debits

Judas Iscariot reveals and portrays the apparent dichotomy within us as to how we are to demonstrate our power of regeneration. We have the potential to praise God, but also to deny our God Self and that of others, including that of Christ Jesus.

Each of the other 11 powers likewise have within them both positive and negative, healthy and disease-ridden qualities and potentials. We are to praise God and via the next, complementary power of elimination and cleansing, that portrayed by Jude Thaddeus, whose corresponding color is violet, we are to release and remove that which is not Godlike in our physical actions and creations, which is hostile to divine laws and principles, which descends into convenient ideas and expressions, rather than doing all the things that we ought to do to birth our light body.

Thus, each one of us has credits and debits in our long soul record of lifetimes on Earth. The point is to promote and reproduce the positive, even as we give due attention and energy to sloughing off, cleansing and eliminating the remaining negative, selfish past patterns that still linger in the darkness of our soul.

12 Steps to Christ Regeneration

Below is one way to start this process: to evaluate, praise and promote our positive regenerative attributes and experiences; and to cleanse, transmute and disperse the remaining strands of dark memories of our selfish deeds of our past.

Take out a 8 1/2 by 11 inches piece of paper, or bring up a new, blank document/page on your computer screen. Draw a vertical line down the middle of it, thus separating it into 2 halves or columns.

In the left column, list 12 of your positive, productive, pro-creative thoughts, feelings and especially actions that you have demonstrated in your life, but especially recently. In other words, start with the positive side of the equation.

Via First Ray application, promote the positive, give thanks unto and praise Spirit for these good deeds and patterns. See the vast amount of good that you are, twelve-fold good, via all of your twelve I Am powers that are imbued rightly with red regenerative light and red Christ life regenerative flow.

Take your time in doing this, it even may take 3-4 days to complete the twelve most prominent positive promotions that you have produced, that have born good fruits. Know them by the fruits.

Then, you will receive on Thursday, October 21, my personal blog about my own positive triumphs or procreations, which may stimulate new insights and revelations within you about your positive productions until this present time of now. So, then you may want to modify and update your list of your 12 positive, pro-creative attributes.

(By the way, both the Monday and Thursday blogs each week will be on the short side, so they should not be too much to consider, absorb and apply. The two together will be shorter than one of my typical blogs in the past.)

Negate the Negative

At the start of this week, when you are ready, go on to list in the right hand column twelve of the self-destructive, self-satisfying, selfish, convenience-oriented aspects of your uncleansed regenerative power. Give specific physical examples of these twelve. As you do so, be thorough and honest, but do not get all caught up in your negativity. Keep a sense of objective neutrality and detachment. Remember, whatever the shortcoming, you in I Am conscious can heal it.

The point of writing down the negative parts of yourself is not to castigate yourself, to beat yourself up with guilt, shame, remorse and fear. Rather, it is simply to reveal things, to see them with new bright-red vision, such that you can feel them deeply and then heal them thoroughly. What do not recognize and feel, you cannot heal. But just feeling the anguish of the past is not the goal. Rather the purpose is to heal yourself in mind, soul and body. The point is to let God and let God do the releasing and healing through you.

Again, go slowly, ponder things deeply, pursue this listing with full intention and attention. Your list of the dark side may grow and change over the next 3-4 days, until you get right to the “nub” of things, until you have those “aha” moments of new inspiration as to what is still wrong and how you are to make it right.

And then, you will have my next blog of “list of dark times” to read, ponder, absorb and hopefully inspire you anew to do all that you have come to do. This blog, as noted above, will come on Thursday of this week.

Steady as she goes! Enjoy your labor pains, even when they hurt way more than you mortally would like to experience them. Through this whole process, keep your eye single on the rebirth, regeneration and resurrection that is to come, on the upcoming and ever evolving birth of your light body on Earth.

Moreover, when so guided from within, if you have the energy and time, do also project red regenerative light to others, especially to the 144,000 elect worldwide. See the whole planet being a ruby-red, radiant sphere or globe. See it and believe it and it shall be so. Born again, it shall be born again. Amen and amen.

#    #    #   #   #   #

Whatever you feel guided to share with me or others, do so by sending me a confidential email at [email protected] and/or by posting it in the Comment box below. Thanks for your heartfelt sharing.

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