Be Sacred in Serengeti

Today, Friday, 11/11/22,  we begin our final, third week of re-empowering, re-opening and re-birthing Temple 11 in and around Mt. Kilimanjaro, Lake Victoria and the Serengeti in east-central Afrika.

Week One

Planet 11 demonstrates and radiates the combined use of the First Ray of Faith, Will and Power, whose corresponding color is blue; the Third Ray of Personal Love, Feeling and Dedication to a Higher Cause, whose color is pink; and the Seventh Ray of Peace, Love and Rest, whose colors are white and gold. Temple 11, at and around Mt. Kilimanjaro, likewise demonstrates and radiates these three rays, hence we might also call it Temple 1-3-7.

Given Planet Eleven’s threefold purpose or logos, starting on October 16, 2022, in the first week of our working with the re-opening of the 11th spiritual temple, power center or vortex of sacred light in Afrika, we concentrated primarily on the First Ray, under Lord Michael, Lady Mariel, El Morya and Glo-Ria. We also linked with Kil-I-Man and Afri-Ka, the co-leaders of Planet 11, who now are positioned in their spaceship #137 over Mt. Kilimanjaro.

In this first week, in our own spiritual anatomy as a child of God, our focus was on our head, which represents the superconscious aspect of mind. Symbolically and literally, our I Am or superconscious Self expresses via the three top chakras, seals or psychic centers: crown, third-eye and throat. (See the above picture.)

Week Two

In the second week of re-birthing Temple Eleven, starting on October 23rd, our focus shifted to the Third Ray of Personal Love and to our feminine, soul or subconscious aspect that expresses via our heart and solar plexus chakras. Our primary color was pink: We thought pink, felt pink and became pink. We transmuted our soul, subconscious, feminine nature, whether we currently live in a feminine or a masculine physical body.

Pink love flowered through our heart chakra and physical heart to each and every person at and around Mt. Kilimanjaro. We anchored this pink, pure, I Am passionate love in the 13 Great Lakes that surround the highest mountain in Afrika, especially the three largest lakes: Lake Victoria, Lake Tanganyika and Lake Malawi.

We also felt pink love in our solar plexus, abdomen or “gut.” We felt the pain there from past soul errors, not only in ourselves but also in the mass subconscious of Africa. In particular we radiated pink Love One Another to transmute the long, agonizing history of slavery throughout the continent. Our goal was to establish new order and balance in the soul of Afrika, in which people of all colors, races, nationalities, genders and professions do unto others as they would have them do unto them.

In so doing, we linked with Lanto and Anna, and with Lord Chamuel and Lady Chamuel of the Third Ray. We also linked with Fish Eagle and Eagle Wings in the highest or seventh astral planes, who serve as our astral guides in re-birthing Temple 11. Focusing on soul/subconscious/feminine healing, we especially linked with Eagle Wings, with her being the counterpart or twin soul of Fish Eagle.


Starting November 2nd, I took one week off from posting any blogs or songs, to give myself the necessary time to assimilate and ground all the new ideas, energies and connections with those in the higher planes into my soul/subconscious. This also was the start of my focusing, with you, on the Seventh Ray of Peace, Love and Rest. I definitely needed a rest! And I had another project that needed my full attention during the “rest” week that followed. I worked multiple days on creating a new book cover for my upcoming book Seven Steps to Christhood, which I had wanted to do for the last four-five months. (Click 7Steps to see this latest draft/version of the book cover.)

Two days ago, November 9th, after enjoying a delicious late morning lunch in a nearby town, the strong guidance came to take a long, leisurely drive eastward from the town, a trip I had not taken in about 5-6 years. I love going on such drives as it gives me time to relax, to get in the “zone” to receive new spiritual input, and to get away from and leave behind all the “stuff” of daily life. Half an hour later, on the way back into town, I felt deeply overshadowed and compelled from within to visit the local Catholic Church there. Upon doing so, I sat in one of the church pews, linked with Sol-O-Man/Mary, and thanked her profusely from the depths of my heart for all she has given so selflessly to me throughout this lifetime and ages past.

While I was doing this, she strongly overshadowed me and especially showed and told me that she “had my back.” As long as I continued to move forward and do my best in applying spiritual principles and laws to heal humanity, she and/or her cohorts would always be with me. I did not have to worry about anyone sneaking up behind me and trying to hurt or even “kill” me, as I had dreamt about some 5 weeks ago. In that dream, I had awakened before this person tried to destroy me — thus, I had been protected.

The dream was to alert me as to the truth of the matter, not to point out my fault about it. I had not been negligent in not looking behind me. Rather, Sol-O-Man and others had alerted me and helped me to deal with this, until now, hidden set of thoughts and feelings in the other person’s mind and soul; and to tell me that now was the time to wield the sword. With that, a tremendous peace came over me, and Sol-O-Man’s protective love nearly melted me. What a Mother we all have! What a soul healer she is! Hail Mary, full of grace, blessed art thou above all other Earthly women!

Be at Peace, Rest in Love

Moreover, she now guided me to “stand back.” The day before I had wielded the sword with the person in my past dream, and had pointed out this person’s negative soul tendencies and attitudes. I had waited five weeks before doing so, as I had wanted to check, double-check and triple-check if this was the right thing to do. Time and again, various inner plane teachers and mentors had confirmed that it was. They said that they would be with me when I did so, and so they were.

Having done soul surgery with this person, having slayed this individual in the Spirit, now I was to pull back, to “stand back,” to not get involved in the ongoing drama of this person’s response. I was to stand in my peace, to love the good in this individual from the distance in my prayers, and to turn this person over to Spirit and those in the higher planes. I was to listen with my heart to what truly was going on in this person’s soul, and not get caught up in what this individual said or consciously thought. I was to trust my heart! My holy, sacred, golden heart would be my most powerful diagnostic and healing agent, whether I was physically with the person or far apart. Love heals!

Lesson Learned

Here was my key lesson in this soul drama: We, of ourselves, never can see everything there is to know about others and their soul records. However, we always have help from ascended masters, guardian angels, higher astral plane guides and space visitors to help us to do so. We are not alone, but rather part of a interdimensional team.

When a physical surgeon cuts out some diseased part of the body, he or she then stands back and let’s the body heal itself, and lets the person heal the mental, emotional and soul imbalances that caused the physical problem in the first place. In like manner, following soul surgery with the sword of truth, we stand back in our own Christ column of cosmic light and love. I, when I be lifted up, lift all others unto me.

On the way out of the church that I knew was named in some way after Mary, when I got to the church’s sign at the turnoff from the main road to the church, I saw the full name of the church: Our Lady of Perpetual Help! Which is just what she had just told and shown to me!!

She just had helped me to complete the soul healing of my lingering past fears, worries and wonderings that go back eons ago. She had helped me to wield the sword (First Ray) and to love the Christ in the other person (Third Ray.) She has been and will continue to be my Perpetual Help. Now I was finally ready to move forward, to write this blog, and to focus fully on the Seventh Ray. Like Sol-O-Man, I Am a Seventh Ray worker. (See the above image.)

Week Three

Starting today, November 11th, we officially start our third week of re-opening, re-energizing and re-generating Temple 11. Being the 11th day of the 11th month, this is a wonderful day to start this third phase or week of completing the re-empowerment or re-birthing of Temple Eleven (11).

Our primary concentration these upcoming seven days is on our conscious mind and physical body. Our goal is to complete the re-anchoring of Temple 11 on Earth in Africa, and to express Temple 11 consciousness in our daily actions. It’s time to truthfully, lovingly and peacefully walk the walk!

During this week, our primary focus will be on the Seventh Ray of Peace, Love and Rest, whose corresponding colors are white and gold. Rest does not mean to do nothing, but rather to maintain one’s center, harmony and balance during all the ups and downs of our daily experiences. Sometimes, as I did, we have to focus mostly on resting physically, but even during my rest period, I was working on another project. Always, we go with the flow, and follow the guidance that the ascended masters, higher astral plane guides, guardian angels and space visitors give to us.

As we focus on the Seventh Ray, our primary focus is on the two lowest chakras: our sacral and regenerative centers. These two seals, psychic centers or chakras represent the conscious mind and physical body (see labeled picture above). Our goal is to anchor Temple 11 consciousness in these two centers, and down through our two legs, which when we stand form the number 11.

Be Holy & Hallowed

However, for the next three days, our key focus will be primarily on our sacral chakra that is located between the solar plexus chakra above it and the regenerative chakra below it. The word “sacral” comes from the Latin word that means sacred, holy, venerated, consecrated. Therefore, our test and opportunity for three days is to see our physical body as being a sacred, holy, consecrated Temple of the Living God. All parts of our physical body are sacred, when viewed in this context.

Yes, eons ago, a segment of mankind fell into matter and took on a physical, animal, third-dimensional form. It was a mistake, a misuse of the Third Ray! But still, the elements of our physical body are of our Father-Mother Creator. So, for as long as we express through a physical, earthly form, we are to view our body as being sacred. For three days, our body gradually becomes one with Temple 11. We affirm: I Am a sacred temple of 11 consciousness that I express in everything that I physically say and do!

In our physical form, the sacrum is comprised of 5 spinal vertebrate that are fused together at the base of the spine, situated in the back of the pelvis. The sacrum thus represents the second chakra, when the seven major chakras are listed from below to above; and the sixth chakra when the chakras are listed from above to below.

Below the sacrum is the coccyx that consists of 3-5 fused vertebrae that are considered the lowest portion of the physical spinal column. The coccyx in common terms is called the tailbone. It corresponds to the regenerative chakra that is the lowest of the seven chakras, via which we birth all new creations.

Sacral Chakra

The sacral chakra manifests physically via the urinary system and the colon or large intestine. The urinary system is comprised of two kidneys in the low back region, two ureters, a bladder and an urethra. The kidneys filter the blood and remove toxic items from it. They also remove excess water and minerals. Without the urinary system, we would be dead physically. In that sense, this system is sacred and holy, and is to be loved and venerated as such. Thank You, Lord, for our ability to eliminate all that is unneeded or of error in our mind, soul and body; to cleanse all that is not sacred and holy (whole).

The colon consists of the ascending colon, the transverse colon, the descending colon, the sigmoid colon and the anus. This large intestine, so-called because it is larger in diameter that the small intestine, removes solid wastes, including undigestible food such as fiber, as well as numerous other unneeded or toxic substances. Just think: Without the proper functioning of the colon, we would be filled to overflowing with “shit,” to use the profane word. We would hardly be sacred!

The urinary system and colon come primarily under the auspices of the Sixth Ray of Cleansing and Transmutation, whose corresponding color is violet. Change or transmutation is the code for the New Age. All things change. Mortal/soul man desperately does not want to change, to give up his/her error ways and limited ideas and feelings, to realize that he or she is not in control, to recognize that Spirit does all things through us. And how do we change? By following the law/mantrum: Love God and Love One Another. When we do so, we are sacred!

Golden Glow

In this third and final active week of re-opening and rebirthing Temple 11 in east-central Afrika, begin your meditations by linking with Sananda and Sol-O-Man of the Seventh Ray; with Lord Ariel and Lady Uriel who is the feminine Archangel of the Seventh Ray; with Kil-I-Man and Afri-Ka, the co-leaders of Planet 11; and with Fish Eagle and Eagle Wings, leaders of the highest or seventh astral plane. Unite in consciousness also with the multitude of visitors from Planet 11 that serve under and with Kil-I-Man and Afri-Ka.

See golden light pouring down from above into the crater of Mt. Kilimanjaro which is one and one-half miles wide (see image to right). During other times, visualize white and gold light flowing down into your crown chakra.

Visualize gold and white energy, light and love flowing from the crater of Mt. Kilimanjaro along its inner, central core. At the same time, see golden energy and consciousness slowly flowing down all of this volcanic mountain’s slopes in every direction. Thus, within you, it flows down through the crown to the third eye and throat chakras, those of your head; and correspondingly into the top third of Mt. Kilimanjaro.

Then, feel molten, lava-like, golden energy/substance descending into your heart and solar plexus chakras, hence down your spinal column of light and into your physical heart and digestive system. The middle third of Kilimanjaro lights up in a golden glow. Your torso or thorax likewise glows goldenly. You are filled anew with Seventh Ray love.

Finally, imagine and know that white and golden light descends into your sacral chakra and into the surrounding Serengeti Plains, more or less at the bottom third of Mt. Kilimanjaro. As above, so now below.

But still at this point, the descending gold and white light is more so at the tree level (sacral chakra), with it still needing to descend into the earth elements themselves, down and into the ground, like unto tree roots (regenerative chakra). This last, regenerative step will start to occur in three days.

Be Transmuted & Love Life 

Ask Spirit and the agents of Spirit to show you what you still need to transmute in your mind, soul and body. What is it about you that you do not consider to be sacred? Do you still feel superior or inferior at times? Do you feel incapable of releasing parts of your painful past, of forgiving others who have harmed you? What mortal/soul aspects are you still hanging onto, instead of blessing them and letting them go? What specific physical thing(s) are you to do to put your Temple 11 consciousness into action?

Bless your sacral chakra, your colon, your urinary system. At first, these areas may be filled with violet light of Sixth Ray transmutation. But in time they become golden and glisten with vibrant white light of the Seventh Ray. Upon seeing, feeling and anchoring this, know that you are in a Golden Garden of Edenic Grace and Peace, where Love abounds and flows unimpeded; within your own Temple 11 and in Temple 11 in east-central Afrika. You and Afrika are now Sacred, beloved of God!

See golden light radiating from Mt. Kilimanjaro in all directions, eventually imbuing all of the Serengeti Plains with its Seventh Ray energies and consciousness. See all the peoples there and for many miles around them glowing in gold light, loving God, seeing the Christ in each other person, and being at one with all life and all kingdoms in this region. See gold and white light radiating out for many hundreds of miles, eventually covering about half of Afrika. (See map to right.)

Infused with golden light, see all Afrikan inhabitants letting go of their personal, competitive, power-mongering, hateful, slave-consciousness ways. Out with the old, in with the new. Out with darkness, in with light. Out with slavery, in with brotherhood and sisterhood. Out with fear and frustration, in with peace and love. Out with poverty and corruption, in with abundance and honesty.

As we see it within and without, so shall it be in God’s glorious, good time and Way. Amen!

Om. Om. Om. Om. Om. Om. Om.




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