Be Who You Are

On March 30, 1988, Nada-Yolanda shared the following after her meditation: “El Morya joined my force field. He appeared to me in an all-white suit; a white cape was hiding a sword. He then revealed two high-level astral beings. Their garments were exquisite with radiant colors and designs that defy description.

“One was wearing an elaborate mask over his entire head that indicated he represented the Bear Clan of the highest chief for the Amerindians on the astral planes [I, Dr. Robert, am more so of the Bear Clan]. The other was dressed similarly but was wearing the mask of the Wolf Clan [Yolanda as Lobo-Tan is of the Wolf Clan; Lobo means “wolf” and Tan means the “Tanoan Amerindians”; from her past life]. They indicated they were ready to align etheric, astral and Earth plane changes. (See picture above of Yolanda and me.)

“To reinforce this thought, there was a balance between Sananda, El Morya and Nada, implanting energy into the Earth three times. I took this to mean: etheric, astral and Earth; but also superconscious, subconscious and conscious. My hands then were raised to signify Christ consciousness for all on Earth.”

Blue Bear

Moving forward now to the last few days, during my ongoing rest cycle, in a sense hibernating until it is time to step forth anew, a male and female member of the Bear Clan in the seventh astral plane contacted me. Both were dressed in blue Amerindian clothing. He introduced himself to me as Blue Bear (see picture of a blue bear to right). She directed me to call her Mama Blue Bear (see below an image of a mama bear with her two cubs). I was as their bear Christ cub, one with them in I Am, Indian or Christ consciousness.

Their blue color indicated that they were of the First Ray of Will and Power, under El Morya and Glo-Ria, whose corresponding color is blue. They felt like my old friends and associates, for over the years I have had many contacts with those of the Bear Clan. As the largest animals known to Amerindians prior to the white man’s arrival, bears are revered as power animals, hence of the First Ray of Will and Power. Bears thus are spiritual protectors — mama bears are fiercely protective of their young. Do not mess with Mama Bear or she will whack you with one of her big paws!

At the same time, bears are honored as healers, for in scratching and digging in the dirt to find roots and plants to eat, they show man of Earth what herbs, roots and other substances are a physical part of a holistic approach to healing humans.

Be the Blue Bear That You Are

My first conscious contact this lifetime with an astral Amerindian representative of the Bear Clan came in the mid-eighties when I was in Colorado, staying with Bill and Cathie Bird. Before going to sleep one night, a huge brown mama bear poked her face through the veil to introduce herself to me. Over the next few days I had several more contacts with her and her co-workers. She gave me the esoteric or symbolic meaning of the word “Bear.” It was: Be Who You Are! In other words, be the son or daughter of God that you are, always have been and always will be. Be a Bear. Be your Self. Protect, nurture and serve others. Be a true Indian — everyone who loves the Great Spirit/God is an Amerindian at heart.

While I still was in Colorado, the brown bear showed me an image of the Big Bear in the sky (see picture to right), which modern astronomers call the constellation Ursa Major, which is said to be feminine (Ursa means “bear”). The seven major stars in this constellation form the Big Dipper. Nearby is a smaller dipper called Ursa Minor. She indicated that not only are we as light workers being contacted by Papa and Mama bears of the Bear Clan of the higher astral planes, but we are being visited by light beings from Ursa Major and Ursa Minor. They are indeed “big” bears or beings.

Bear Chant

When via email, I shared my current new Blue Bear contacts with Corrine Thorsell, longtime Mark-Ager now living in British Columbia, Canada, she said that on the first day of my bear contacts, she had found herself singing her Bear Chant (what wonderful confirmation this was for me and her). In years past, she had trained with an Arapahoe shaman and his wife in Wyoming, and had learned and sung many of the chants that were used in their Amerindian ceremonies and healing sessions.

Below is this Bear Chant, which she accompanies by playing on her drum. You can use this as one way to connect anew with Blue Bear and Mama Blue Bear in the seventh astral plane. They and other Amerindians of other clans are linking anew in the higher astral planes to prepared the way for a greater union of the earth, astral and etheric planes; of our conscious, subconscious and superconscious selves. They serve as our astral guides who protect us from negative infiltration by those in the lower astral planes, and who help to lift us into becoming more fully the Bears that We Are.

With them and the ascended masters and angels in the etheric and celestial realms, In time, we will come out of our holy hibernation and birth a new cycle in the ongoing Second Coming program. So be it!

Put on some blue clothing. Get out your drum in you have one. Get ready to stand up and dance like the Blue Amerindian that you are or have been. Click on the link below to hear the Bear Chant. Be in Bear consciousness, one with all Bears here on Earth and in the astral planes, and out into the Milky Way Galaxy.

(Note: You may have to click twice on the forward pointing arrow to hear this chant.)

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