Awake in Eight

Twelve days ago, on July 18, 2023, in a vivid dream/night vision, I (Dr. Robert) was here at I Am Nation/Sun Temple headquarters in Pioneer, TN. The setting was at night, with my standing outside on the lawn, looking up at the clear, star-filled sky. Directly above me was a large, brightly-lit spaceship, one that I had not seen before. It looked somewhat like a typical Venusian craft (see image to right).

However, upon looking up at the bottom side of the spacecraft, it was octagonal in shape, hence with 8 apices around its perimeter. Furthermore, lines were drawn from each apex to the apex at the other side of the perimeter. This divided the ship’s bottom into eight equal compartments. But what did this mean? (See drawing of octagon below/right.)

Upon awakening, the only idea in my mind was that this octagonal-shaped craft was symbolic of starting a new octave. The spaceship symbolized the higher realms of consciousness, the new thoughts and ideas to come with the start of a new cycle and octave. New space brothers and sisters had now come to assist not only me but also all light workers worldwide in our upcoming, new, higher, more powerful demonstrations of peace and love.

As one network of light, we have completed the previous octave at the end of the spring cycle, overlapping into the summer cycle here in the Northern Hemisphere. Now we move to the next step or octave, building upon what we accomplished in the previous cycle.

Number 8

On August 2, 1961, John Mark channeled via Nada-Yolanda: “Seven is full completion of physical and spiritual man on the level of the third dimension or on the level of your manifestation for planetary existence. Eight symbolizes infinity, or the two worlds, in which you can be in the spiritual and still be in a manifestation outside of a spiritual or etheric realm.” (For this complete channeling about numbers, click here.)

Thus, in the six months of the prior cycle, we focused on how the Seven Rays of Life express in and through us, via each of the 12 planets of our Solar System, and by the 12 spiritual, planetary temples or power centers around Earth, plus the Sun Temple. The entire gridwork linking these 13 vortices of sacred light was brought up to a new level and power during this past cycle of seven steps.

With that established, we start a new octave, in which we can be in the spiritual (in our ascended light body or fourth dimensional consciousness) but still express in and through our four lower bodies here on Earth (in third-dimensional consciousness).

As Above, So Below

There are two ways in which the number 8 is commonly composed. In the first depiction, an 8 is comprise two equal circles, one atop the other, but entwined with each other when they meet. We can think of the mantrum Love God & Love One Another expressing via these two circles. Love God is positioned in the top circle, hence representing infinity, for God is Present all throughout the Cosmos. This corresponds mostly to the Seventh Ray of Peace, Love and Rest, which radiates white and gold light. (See diagram to right.)

Love One Another functions more so via the bottom circle of the 8. We are to love and selflessly serve all of Father-Mother God’s creations: Elohim, angels, humans, devas and elementals; animals, plants and minerals. This aspect comes primarily under the auspices of the Third Ray of Personal Love, Feeling and Dedication to a higher cause, such as the Second Coming program; whose corresponding color is pink.

Spirit is All

The second, more common method of depicting the number 8 occurs with cursive writing. Typically, to make an 8, one starts the drawing at the top-right area, makes a swing or half circle to the left, and then continues and makes a similar but lower loop to the right, thereby forming a letter S. Then it goes back up the other way to make another S that is the mirror image of the overall S. Put the two S’s together and you have the number 8.

S stands for “Spirit.” represents Sananda and his twin soul, Sol-O-Man. If we make the S for Sananda, then take a mirror-imaged S for Sol-O-Man, and join them together, we again have the number 8. Thus, our current new project or octave comes directly under their combined, etheric, male-female guidance, for they are the spiritual co-leaders of Earth. Moreover, Sananda is the Chohan or Director of the Seventh Ray, and a member of the Council of Seven that meets on Saturn.

The capital letter S also stands for our “I Am or Son (Daughter) Self.” All of us are capable of doing what Sananda and Sol-O-Man have done, and even more things because there are many more of us. This is the new 8 or octave that we are starting to rise into and demonstrate now.


Upon making an S in cursive writing or depiction, and then flattening it somewhat and placing it horizontally, we also have the sign for infinity. (See image below/right.) In other words, in our spiritual growth, we do not reach a plateau and then stop evolving. Rather we keep on moving forward and upward in a spiralling fashion, out into infinity — as a Creation of our Creator, our nature is infinite, as well as being finite.

To a great degree in this new octave, we will experience being above and below, within and without, from now to forever, and from here to throughout the solar system and into the Milky Way Galaxy and beyond.

In terms of the Seven Rays, we can also think of the infinity symbol as comprising the First Ray in one of the loops and the Seventh Ray in the other loop or spiral. Between them, however, are each of the other Seven Rays, numbers 2-6. (The blue of the First Ray and the gold of the Seventh Ray are depicted in the image to the right.) Blue and gold flow together, throughout infinity, including right here on and about the Earth.

When the infinity symbol is rotated ninety degrees until one loop is above the other, you once again have a number 8 (see the image below/right). This symbol shows the three levels of our One Mind, as well as the three major realms of our expression on Earth and throughout the Solar System.

The bottom loop is the physical or conscious level. The top loop/oval/circle is the etheric or superconscious aspect. Where the two loops meet and exchange is the astral or subconscious realm.

The three must function together as one continuum in order for us to demonstrate “8” consciousness here on Earth in these Latter Days, preparing the way for the Second Coming: the return of Sananda and Sol-O-Man in their ascended light bodies, and the spiritual awakening of all on Earth.

8 Lives

In my meditation the next morning, July 19, 2023, Sananda and Sol-O-Man descended and stood beside me, him to my right, her to my left. Speaking for both of them, Sananda said that the octagonal shape of the bottom of the spaceship also represented his 8 incarnations, starting with when he was leader of the Noahs during the days of the Great Flood, which marked the final end of Atlantis and the beginning of a new world and cycle, some 13,000 to 10,000 years ago; and carrying through to his pre-eminent incarnation as Jesus the Christ. Sol-O-Man was his mother Mary in that eighth lifetime.

Sananda directed me to place his name as the leader of the Abels 26 million years ago in the center of the 8-sided outline of the bottom of the ship. Back in that ancient time, he was fully in his fourth dimensional light body, demonstrating as a golden giant , as was his wife Sol-O-Man/Adah (I will explain the name Adah and its origin in an upcoming blog).

Sananda as the leader of the Abels had discovered the power of the mantrum Love God and Love One Another in his battle of spiritual wills and powers with the dominate Cains of his day, who had residues of third-dimensional arrogance and selfishness. Back then, as the Biblical allegory goes, Cain slayed Abel. Those in Cain, selfish, power-mongering consciousness have dominated Earth ever since that time. (See our Mark-Age text Evolution of Man.)

Sananda did not incarnate in Atlantis until it fell due to continued selfishness. At that time, in the overlapping of Atlantis with the present 26,000 year cycle, Sananda incarnated as the 1) leader of the Noahs; 2) Melchizedek; 3) Moses; 4) Elijah; 5) Zarathustra; 6) Gautama the Buddha; 7) Socrates; and 8) Christ Jesus. Sol-O-Man incarnated with him in six of those lifetimes, and aided him from the etheric realms when he was Moses and Elijah. In like, complementary manner, when Sol-O-Man was King Solomon, who directed and oversaw the building of the Temple in Jerusalem, Sananda worked with, in and through her from the etheric level. In all of these 8 lifetimes, Sananda and Sol-O-Man were in physical, third-dimensional bodies, evolving into their full fourth-dimensional, ascended light bodies.

These eight lifetimes of Sananda and Sol-O-Man originally were given in the booklet The Long-Lost Second Book of Acts that was rediscovered and published by Kenneth Guthrie, PhD, MD in 1904. Nada-Yolanda edited and updated it, and Mark-Age published it, in 1990; and retitled it Seven Lives of Mary and Jesus, for Mary talks in it about only seven of her lifetimes. (I’ll refer to and explain more about this treatise in following blogs).

Currently, in my ongoing meditation, still on July 19th, Sananda with Sol-O-Man said that from now until the the end of the fall cycle on December 21, 2023 (in the Northern Hemisphere), we light workers are to concentrate on each of these 8 lifetimes, both his and hers. Together, Sananda and Sol-O-Man have set the pattern for the last 10,000 years for how we in a male or female body are to rise into and demonstrate a new octave of I Am or Christ consciousness. We are to follow in their footsteps.

Visitors from Venus

One day after receiving the above information about the symbolic and literal meaning of the octagonal spacecraft, on July 20, 2023, deep in my morning meditation, a beautiful, vivid, sparkling pink light appeared above me and down into the left side of my head. At first, I took it to mean that there was to be a special emphasis on the Third Ray of Personal Love, Feeling and Dedication to a Higher Cause; that I was to concentrate on the Love One Another aspect of the overall mantrum of Love God and Love One Another.

As the meditation progressed, however, the pink light congealed into the image of the spaceship that had appeared to me in my dream two days earlier. Coming down from the ship was a pink column of light whose perimeter was octagonal in shape. Thus, the space ship was from Venus, which demonstrates and radiates the Third Ray for the entire Solar System. (In the artistic image to the right, the column is in a cone shape, but in my vision it was an 8-sided, straight up-and-down column of energy.)

Sol-O-Man then contacted me and reminded me that Venus was the closest planet to Earth in vibration and consciousness. However, Venusians have already risen into a higher octave of expression, such that when mankind on Earth looks via telescopes and space probes, he sees only the physical planet of Venus, not the higher vibrational civilization of man that lives and expresses there.

Being the the next rung up, so to speak, Venusians are particularly qualified to help us on Earth to rise into the same octave of expression as they have already mastered. They are one cosmic step ahead of us, like an older brother or sister. Moreover, they are masters of the Third Ray, the abuse and misuse of which had led to a segment of mankind falling into matter some 26 million years ago, which was exacerbated by the Cains who treated the fallen ones as slaves. Given the majority dominance of the Cains back then, Sananda and Sol-O-Man as the leaders of the Abels were defeated. Now, the tide turns. Now Third Ray love is to blossom anew on Earth. Pink roses are about to bloom in the hearts of all on Earth who choose to experience and accept this.

Welcome, Venusians! Welcome, Lanto, who is the Chohan or Director of the Third Ray, and Anna who is his twin soul. Welcome Lord Chamuel, Archangel of the Third Ray and his angelic counterpart, Lady Chamuel. Welcome, all of your Venusian assistants and co-workers. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your loving assistance.

Lanto then shared with me that he and the Venusians had come here to serve Sananda and Sol-O-Man in their Second Coming program. The Venusian ship is completely under the overall guidance, direction and orders of Sananda aboard his ship #10 and those of Sol-O-Man aboard her ship #01. All is in divine order.

8-Sided Christ Column of Light

In your meditations over the next few days, begin by being quiet, composed and centered in I Am consciousness, until you you feel at peace with love flowing through your heart. Then, visualize yourself being within a octagonal-shaped Christ column of light that is about 8 feet in diameter; thus about 4 feet to either side and in front of and behind you. In time, as you practice this, it will grow wider.

The 8-sided pillar or column extends from you, up through the seven astral planes, to the etheric and celestial planes. In particular, via it, come into communion with a Venusian spacecraft that is located above you. Welcome the Venusians and others of other rays aboard their craft who have come to assist you in your new Third Ray devotions and actions.

To protect and empower yourself as you do so, call upon all the First Ray forces of Will and Power throughout the solar system. All new projects begin with the First Ray. Your eight primary First Ray mentors, protectors and guides include: 1) the EloHim of Will: 2) the EloHer of Power: 3) Archangel Lord Michael; 4) his feminine angelic counterpart, Lady Mariel; 5) El Morya as Chohan of the First Ray; 6) his twin soul Glo-Ria; 7) Blue Bear of the 7th astral plane; and 8) Mama Blue Bear. (See image to right; click here8 for a large pdf image of this.)

All of them surround and encase you in electric blue light, which carries the powerful protective energies of the First Ray. All 8 of these light beings use the sword of truth (words of truth) to empower, uplift and guide you as you set the stage for rising into a new level of 8 consciousness.

Partly you focus on protection and power because it is almost inevitable that you will be the target to some degree of negative reactions from others, of what I call blow back; from those on Earth and in the astral planes who will resist the powerful new step you and all light workers are taking. Thus, in my case, since starting this project, in two dreams, a different deranged man followed me in some unknown place, probably in the astral planes as I came back from the etheric planes via the astral planes, whose intent was to kill me. But I was protected and was able to avoid and disappear from him.

In another dream, a young woman in college mistook my saying a friendly, innocent hello to her for sexual harassment, and threatened to call the police on me; following this, her friends tried to detain me until the police came. No matter what I said, they did not believe in my sincerity or purity. However, the police never made it, thus I was protected by the “higher” police in the higher realms, but I still woke up feeling slimed and discombobulated.

The two assassins were probably of the 1st and/or 2nd (lowest) astral planes, whereas the college students were probably of the 3rd or 4th astral planes who are more like unawakened but reasonably balanced people on Earth; although these youngsters might also have represented college students on Earth. Plus, as you well know, there have been any number of shootings in the last few years by deranged men on Earth who partly are reflecting the astral negativity of those in the four lower astral planes, especially the lowest two such planes.

Steady As She Goes

Take your time. Note each one of your 8 protectors. Name them in your thoughts, welcome them in your heart and feelings. In their presence and with their power joined with yours, be blue through and through.

If you do not have visual images of them or feel particular contact signals with them, simply but powerfully affirm and decree that you are one with them and their associates, that you are powerfully protected by them, as long as you also work to protect yourself. As a result, you may just feel healthy, balanced, holy, confident, even powerful in whatever you think, feel and do. You feel like the bright blue sky or ocean.

Once you are protected and empowered, begin to think and ask about what Spirit’s will is for you in beginning this new octave of expression. What are you to do? What relationship needs additional upgrading? How can you be more so your Self in your work environment or with friends and families? How are you to deal more powerfully with your enemies, for all of us have those around us who in some degree or way try to thwart our ongoing spiritual growth? How can you become more peaceful and loving?

Stay and be within your brilliantly blue barrier of light that is all around and within you. Whenever you feel flustered, upset, anxious, discombobulated or “weird,”  wield the sword in some new way to cut away the darkness within and around you, but even more so to clear the way for you to step forth anew into a brand new blue day and way of being God’s will in action. Be a blue bearer of good tidings. Be the blue Bear that you are.

Give thanks to Spirit and all agents of Spirit who are working in and through you. 


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  1. This is Just what I’ve been leading up to and I will do it in my own way. I’ve felt the desire to focus my will to actualize my SunBlossom art business. Then I received the power to really work at it. I made more progress this spring and summer so far than in the last two years.

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