Blue Baikal

Today, May 23rd, our 3rd and last day of focusing on the Temple of Neptune, within and without, we shift our focus to Olkhon Island, Lake Baikal, Siberia, southeast Russia. This is the site of the First Ray Temple of Neptune on Earth. See the map to the right for its location; it has a blue circle around it. (For a large map, click MapRussia, and then look in your Download file to open and see it.)

Russians have such deep spiritual feelings about Lake Baikal that they call it the “sacred sea.” Indigenous Siberians (Buryats), who practice a combination of shamanism and Buddhism, have a special reverence for the huge lake that is 495 miles long and 45 miles wide at its widest point.

Lake Baikal is the largest freshwater lake in the world, with it containing more water than all of the Great Lakes in the USA. It is also the deepest lake, being a little over a mile deep. Olkhon Island is located about in the center of lake, more so to its eastern side. It is 71 miles long and 13 miles wide.

Etheric Blue Sapphire

Yesterday, May 22nd, we focused on anchoring, manifesting and crystallizing a blue sapphire gemstone around us. Today, we link our blue sapphire with the huge etheric blue sapphire that already is anchored in Lake Baikal, where it radiates its First Ray blue light of faith, will and power in all directions. In essence, this blue gemstone in the lake represents the manifestation and crystallization of the Temple of Neptune on Earth.

The initial anchoring of this blue crystal occurred about ten years ago on December 25, 2012, when Sananda transfigured me and exhorted me to have First Ray faith in Seventh Ray Peace and Love. To implement this new and higher degree of faith, he implanted in and around my crown chakra an etheric blue sapphire gemstone. My entire cerebrum, which is the central computer station in my physical body, lit up and was imbued with brilliant blue light. I had a blue brain!

Then Sananda lowered the blue crystal into my third-eye visualization center. From there, via my imagination faculty, he and I visualized and implanted a giant royal blue sapphire deep into Lake Baikal. The crystal was about 4 miles in diameter, such that its bottom rested in the deepest part of the lake where it radiated its First Ray energies into the earth below it. The top part of the crystal was about 3 miles above the surface of the lake.

Sananda explained that this etheric crystal not only would instill faith in peace and love in this whole area, but in time it would decrystallize errors and soul conflicts that go back millions of years. As he had prophesied as Christ Jesus, all things that are hidden shall be revealed. Sananda also shared that those of the 144,000 who live in the northern one-third of East Asia would be the first to receive and to be inspired by this newly anchored, faith-filled crystal. By their faith in peace and love, the entire populace there eventually would be uplifted and transformed.


Three months later, on March 26, 2013, Summalt, who is the etheric commander of the light workers in the Eastern Hemisphere, contacted me in my morning meditation. In a past life, he was Peter, the Apostle of Christ Jesus who portrayed the I Am power of faith. He now conveyed to me that he would be with MariLyn and me the whole time when we visited Olkhon Island on May 14-21, 2013, as well as at all other key sites in East Asia that we would visit in the East Asia Mission (especially at Xi’an, China and near Ho Chi Minh City, southeast Vietnam).

Then Summalt directed me that with his assistance from his mothership #7423, we were to expand the etheric, royal-blue sapphire that Sananda and I previously had implanted in Lake Baikal. Slowly, gradually, in my inner vision, the sapphire grew in size until it was about 45 miles wide and tall. It filled up the middle portion of the lake, including Olkhon Island which is 44 miles long and 9 miles wide.

(See satellite map of Lake Baikal to right/above that is black in this picture. The central circle is around Olkhon Island, and indicates the location of the etheric sapphire crystal. The dashed circles represent the radiations from the Temple of Neptune, which continue even further than indicated in this depiction.)

Five days later, in our Hierarchal Board Meditation here at Sun Temple/I Am Nation headquarters, on Easter, March 31, 2013, I was shown concentric circles around Olkhon Island, which indicated to me that Olkhon Island was the center of a spiritual vortex or power center there. At the same time, Phillel received that Olkhon Island had been the Earthly site of the Temple of Neptune. This was the first time that both he and I, each in our unique but complementary ways, had realized that this was so.

Two months later, on May 18, 2013, when MariLyn and I were at the Cape of Love at the northernmost section of Olkhon Island, Sananda overshadowed me and reminded me of my communion with him on December 25, 2012: through me, he had anchored a royal blue etheric crystal in the central part of Lake Baikal, where MariLyn and I were now standing. He affirmed that Summalt/Peter and I had expanded the blue crystal that represented the anchoring of the Temple of Neptune. Sananda then proclaimed that the etheric visions of this blue sapphire had now come to physical fruition. The anchoring was complete. As above, so below.

Nine years later, from January 17 to February 19, 2022, we in this blog network focused anew on the ongoing re-opening and re-birthing of the Temple of Neptune. To re-read these blogs, go to my blog site, and scroll down the right side of it to the Temple of Neptune category. Click on it and it will take you to these blogs.

Blue Crystal to Blue Crystal

In your meditation(s) today, be centered within your I Am Self and within the combined First Ray forcefield of Archangel Lord Michael of the First Ray, his feminine angelic counterpart whose name is Mariel, and Glo-Ria who is the twin soul of El Morya, who is the Chohan or Director of the First Ray of faith, will and power. (See to right.)

In addition, acknowledge and link with Summalt/Peter aboard his city-sized, etheric spaceship #7423. Link also with visitors from Neptune, like Zorrah who is a physical king on Neptune. Unite in cosmic oneness with galactic visitors as well. And, finally, align yourself with the EloHim of Will and the EloHer of Power.

From your own blue, etheric sapphire that is all around you, image blue light radiating to the huge blue sapphire in and around Lake Baikal. See this sapphire lighting up to yet a new and higher level of First Ray Will and Power.

Speak the word: Affirm that the Temple of Neptune is now re-opening to a new and higher vibration, such that all people around it will feel even more of its etheric vibration and energy; call upon the light workers in and around this area to choose peace and love, and to empower others around them to realize that they too are child of light, creations of our Creator; ask that Thy will be done with His-Her power.

Imbue All in Blue

Envision an etheric blue crystal superimposed over President Putin in Moscow, the political and military headquarters of Russia. He is living out the prophecy that all that is hidden will be revealed. Over the last 10-12 years, he has revealed his subconscious desires to be the chief power-mongerer of all of Russia, and even of neighboring countries, especially Ukraine. The whole world now sees him for the self-deceived tyrant that he is. His days are numbered.

He is now in serious danger of getting back what he has put out. How or when this will happen, no one on Earth goes. But as you give, so do you receive: This is the divine law of cause and effect, of karma and reincarnation. And furthermore, Putin is in danger of being removed from this solar system.

We stand back, align ourselves anew with our 4 fabulous friends, and see a blue crystal around him, hope for the best, and call forth his proper use of the First Ray to help rather than harm others, to serve others rather than dominate and destroy them. Be blue, Vladimir. Be reborn as the blue being that you are!

Solidify & Strengthen the Global Gridwork

The Temple of Neptune is now re-manifested and re-crystallized. The link between each of us and it is secured. The link of the Temple of Neptune with the Temple of the Sun is now strengthened and solidified. The whole Earth and all of the thirteen temples feel new I Am power flowing in and through them.

Thank You, Father-Mother God. God bless all agents of Spirit who have contributed to this new step. Spirit is pouring Itself on all flesh, even as officially we get ready to outwardly and officially celebrate and experience Pentecost, here in the West and equally in the East.

Amen! It is done.