Be Enlightened

Today, Wednesday 24, 2023, we begin the first of three days for rebirthing the Temple of Mercury that demonstrates and radiates the Second Ray of Understanding and Wisdom. The etheric color that carries its vibration is yellow.

Mercury, which is the closest planet to the Sun, is the principal Second Ray planet in our Solar System. (See the colorized image of Mercury to the right, with its yellow glow or aura.) On Earth, the corresponding temple, power center or vortex of sacred yellow light on Earth is in northeastern India and Nepal.

The Archangel of the Second Ray is Lord Hophiel; his angelic feminine counterpart is Lady Hophiel. The Chohan or Director of this Yellow Flame is Kut Humi, whose twin soul is Ella. Know that you can call upon these four bright-yellow friends to help you become more enlightened and more compassionate. They and their Mercurian associates and visitors will show you each new step on the Way from Understanding to Wisdom. Glory be!

Be Illumined

In your meditation(s) and other quiet moments today, be still and know that Second Ray Understanding and Wisdom and its yellow light is all around, within, and expressing as You/you. Thus, see your four lowers bodies surrounded in the Yellow Flame of the Second Ray. Affirm and know that you are following the One Way, the Way to Oneness, which has been given to us by many ascended masters, including Kut-Humi in his expressions as Babaji in India and Lao-Tze in China. 

Physically, to assist and ground your visualizations, wear yellow clothing. Ponder printed images of yellow in all its variations and hues, from yellow that is somewhat orange, all the way to yellow that is filled with white light. And then internalize all of these hues.

In the stillness within the yellow flame around you, focus first on the aspect of understanding, which expresses primarily via the five physical senses and the conscious, analytical mind. Carefully ponder whatever is bothering and annoying you, and thereby disturbing your peaceful equilibrium and centerness. Slowly, carefully, think through all the contributing factors, past and present. For unless you understand why you are experiencing your unsettledness and instability, you cannot change it.

In time, however, once you have looked at all the angles and the various possibilities of making things right, let your analysis and conclusions go — turn them over to God. After all, He-She is omniscient or all-knowing. Your own I Am or God or Buddha Self already knows the answer to what you are seeking. Wait. Watch. Listen. Learn. (See the image to right of Gautama the Buddha being enlightened and radiating yellow light, including to the Earth in his hands.)

Be still and receive your guidance and answer in a flash of inspiration, illumination and enlightenment. Let this revelation come clearly into your mind. It is likely to be something spiritually simple, not complex. All your mortal machinations disappear as you now see clearly how to move forward and upward. Give thanks ahead of time for this occurring in God’s good time and way.


Now flowers wisdom, which is more so of the I Am Self and superconscious mind. Here is briliant yellow that lights up any remaining darkness in your mind, body and soul. Here is the Way of Wisdom in living yellow color and practical application.

In this Way, become a Buddha or a Buddhi, a male or female enlightened being. Know the truth that sets you free to be your Self. See and serve the I Am, high or Christ Self, the Buddha Nature, in all others, especially those of the minimum 144,000 elect.

I Am illumined. I Am enlightened. I am that I Am. I Am that I am. I Am the redescended yellow Way of Wisdom in action.

All is well and in divine order. Amen.