Digest our Daily Bread

Starting Monday, August 23, 2021, and continuing for one week, we are going to focus primarily on the 9th of our 12 I Am powers, that of order-organization-system. This Christ attribute manifests via the solar plexus chakra as the digestive system; and as the skin and bones.

Jesus’ Apostle James, son of Alphaeus, whom scholars often refer to as James the Less, portrayed this spiritual attribute of order and organization. His name James the Less differentiates himself from another Apostle, James, son of Zebedee, who represented the I Am power of wisdom-justice-judgment that manifests as the endocrine system. But, the name James fits both qualities, since it signifies discernment and judgment.

Alphaeus means leader, chief, organizer. Thus, James, son of Alphaeus, is a masterful organizer of the digestive system, which takes in nutrients, decrystallizes them, digests them and absorbs them to provide the building blocks for cells and organs throughout the body. This provides the solid order of the whole body, especially of the bones and ligaments of the skeletal system, as well as the protective covering of the skin.

The color that corresponds to and carries the vibrations of order-organization-system is mustard yellow, which is a combination of brown earth, green plants and yellow sunlight. Being a shade of yellow, this mustard yellow color comes under the heading of the Second Ray of Understanding and Wisdom, whose color is yellow.

(As mentioned in a prior blog, whereas the power of understanding relates primarily to the 5 physical senses and analytical, conscious mind, wisdom is the combination of the lemon yellow of strength, the cream yellow of understanding and the mustard yellow of order.)

Our theme for this week is: Digest our Daily Bread.

Spirit is Our Supply

As Jesus gave us in the Lord’s Prayer that he refined and updated in his channeling via Nada-Yolanda on June 21, 1961, we ask our Father-Mother God to “give us this day our daily bread.” (See MAPP, page 77.) So, what did he mean by this?

First and foremost, “bread” comes from our Creator: It represents the ideas, images, inspirations, dreams and wisdom that comes directly from our Cosmic Parent. And note that Jesus says to give us this bread “this day,” meaning this moment, this present time, not days and weeks down the road. Each day is a new day, a new cycle, a new time to receive these “bits of bread,” these compacted thought forms, these divine feelings, these multi-faceted images and flow of ideas.

Today’s supply is enough. Tomorrow’s “meals” will bring us what we need then. We are not to focus on the future, or gorge ourselves with enough bread today to last days at a time. Give us this day our daily breadall day, in all our meals, in all our snacks. Spirit is the One Source of our supply, ever present, ever innovative, ever able to answer our sincere request. Ask and receive. Even before we ask, Spirit already knows what we need for this days works. Asking brings it forth. It opens our mouth.

Note, too, that Christ Jesus says, Give “us” this day “our” daily bread, not give “memy daily bread. What we ask for ourselves, we ask for all others. Imagine if everyone worldwide felt and acted in this consciousness? There would be no hunger or starvation around the planet, no abundance of food in one country or nation, and little in another. Give “us” our daily bread — we are all in this together, parts of one cosmic “digestive system,” one starving, hungry planet for the staff of life that comes from our Creator.

Bread from Heaven

A little history here: In the days of Sananda’s incarnation as Moses, when the people complained in the wilderness that they did not have enough food, God told Moses that He-She would “rain bread from heaven.” The next morning the ground was covered with a white substance that the hungry Israelites could eat. The divine instructions were to gather only enough of this for one day, as after that it would spoil. However, on the day before the Sabbath, they were to gather two days’ supply as no white food would appear on the Sabbath.

What was this “manna from heaven”? For a fascinating modern discussion and discovery of what this white substance physically may have been, click here.

Thus, Christ Jesus was referring back to and metaphysically restating this principle to “give us this day our daily bread” — he was fulfilling the law as given by himself as Moses, which later Israelites had interpreted mostly in a literal, physical sense. But the bread or manna that Jesus spoke of was a metaphysical symbol that portrayed all that our Father-Mother gives us in the way of ideas and images when we ask for these.

Ingest It

Once our request is made and we experience the gift of “manna from heaven,” our task is to take it into our mouth, chew it it and break it down into small particles with our teeth, lubricate it with saliva from our salivary glands whose enzyme starts the digestions of the starches in the food, and slowly swallow it and take it via our pharynx and esophagus into our the next part of our digestive system system. This is a orderly, step-by-step process that involves the mouth primarily but also the pharynx and esophagus. We can call this phase ingestion.

Of course, first we have to decide what we are going to put into our mouth. Here we are wise and orderly not to have rigid, formulaic, absolute guidelines about our diet, but rather general principles to follow. As Christ Jesus said, it is more important what comes out of our mouth than what goes into it.

If we teach and follow rigid rules about nutrition, then we end up being mentally and emotionally constipated. We end up like the Pharisees who had scores of rules or so-called laws about what to eat, when to eat it, how to eat it, and so on. But they missed the vital point that bread or manna is heaven sent.

Thus, we keep it simple: When we are hungry, we eat. We eat healthy, live foods when possible. As Sananda-Jesus channeled via Nada-Yolanda on October 25, 1960, “Living plant life is the highest form of energy for the physical body. It has the correct electrical energies to supplement and to regenerate the physical structure of your physical body. Therefore it is the best nourishment; uncooked, and untampered with by sprays and chemicals.” (See MAPP, page 49.)

We eliminate excess sugar and refined foods like white flour, junk food that is loaded with empty calories, additives, chemical colors, and insecticides, pesticides, herbicides, preservatives and other such toxic residues. Such foods may taste good at first, but too much sugar and white flour leads later to all manner of disease, such as diabetes, heart disease, cataracts, etc. In the United States, we have a veritable epidemic of obesity that is caused by faulty diets, lack of exercise, not to mention lack of meditation and spirituality.

As so guided from within, we may be vegetarians or we may add fish, fowl and other meats to our diet. After all, even after his resurrection, at the shore of the Sea of Tiberius, Jesus cooked and ate fish with his Apostles.

Use Good Discernment

Likewise, we follow an orderly, systematic procedure evaluating the new images, ideas, inspirations and guidance that we receive in our meditations, reflections, dreams and musings. Not everything that initially comes to us comes cleanly and clearly from Spirit.

Some of what we receive arises from our memories in our own subconscious, such as our own fears, superior or inferior attitudes, our feeling powerful or powerless. Some of what comes to us originates from mass consciousness, whose pervasive thought forms swirl around us and impinge upon our auras. Our dreams may seem at first to mean one thing when further “chewing” on them reveals many deeper facets and meanings. Sometimes, those in the lower astral planes try to negatively influence us, even disguising themselves as wolves in sheep’s clothing.

So, when we receive something, we follow an orderly, systemic, organized approach in separating the wheat from the chaff, in deciding what we wish to take into our mind, heart and soul; and what we are to discount and discharge.

Moreover, we do not just chew on things a short time and then swallow them more or less whole. Rather, we chew thoroughly, see how things taste, if they have a good aroma or stink to “high heaven.” Are they the staff of life, as bread is said metaphorically to be? Are they food for superconscious thought or junk food for the mortal mind? Is what we receive according to divine law and principles, or is it mankind’s mortal machinations and selfish mirages? Is it manna from heaven or garbage from hell? We take our time in this ingestion phase, like we do with ingesting a good physical meal!

Digest It

That leads us to the second phase or aspect of our orderly, systematic, organized incorporation of the “body of Christ.” Remember that at the Last Supper, Jesus broke bread and said to his Apostles: take, eat, this is my body. He was telling them in symbolic language but represented with a physical routine that they were to take in and digest the food of the I Am Self or Christ Self, both Jesus’ superconscious Self and light body, but also their own.

Eat of the body of light that you are — this is the bread and staff of life, the bread descended from heaven, the white or pure or loving substance/manna of our fourth dimensional light body that is with us always, in all ways; even as we wander through the wilderness of our mortal doubts, fears, delusions and self-deceptions.

For example, I had the following experience at Sacre-Coeur (Sacred Heart) Cathedral in Paris, France on September 8, 2012, as I sat in the sanctuary and prayed to Sananda, whose glorious image as Jesus was painted on the domed ceiling over the altar: “Sananda-Jesus appeared to my clairvoyant vision and imbued me with divine love. He gently tilted my head back and began to pour himself into my open mouth. He relayed telepathically that he was ‘feeding me’ his light body.

“Thousands of small ‘packets’ of his Christ light and love, like manna from heaven, entered my mouth and traveled down my esophagus to my stomach and small intestine, where the light-filled morsels were digested and assimilated. From my solar plexus chakra and digestive system, Sananda’s light form spread to my entire body and permeated my auric field.

“This process took about twenty minutes, until I felt filled to the brim with all of the Master’s light body that I could incorporate and hold in my force field. All through this ingestion, I was suffused with ecstatic peace, love and joy. (Surely, this was the best “meal” I ever had eaten!)

“Sananda then commanded: ‘Take this food of my light form to Russia and Ukraine, which you will visit in the next few weeks, and feed my sheep there.'”

Feed Others

This whole experience reminded me that after Jesus’ resurrection, he appeared in his light body to the Apostles in the Upper Room. Now they saw with their very own eyes that he was the resurrected Christ, the “food” that they were to take into their bodies, the packets of light that they could now ingest and go on to digest and distribute throughout their own four lower bodies, transforming them in a step-by-step, orderly process.

Furthermore, Jesus then instructed the Apostles to share his teachings, his “food for thought”, his nutritious bounty of God’s goodness and grace with all others. It is not enough that we eat well, but that we also make sure that others have the same opportunity to ingest and digest the Christ teachings and principles.

Let others eat of your light body that you feed to them as words, thoughts, images and love in action. People are starving for this spiritual substance, whether they consciously realize it or not. And even before we share these higher teachings with others, we make sure that they are fed physical food as well. How can anybody possibly receive spiritual guidance if they are starving and do not know where their next meal is coming from?

Be at your Last Supper, your last meal, so to speak, in mortal consciousness. While at this supper table, begin to receive your new guidance, your new inspirations, your new food, the bread of life. In due time, a symbolic three days later, enter your Upper Room, where you now can digest this bread. Thus, first you ingest it, you take in what your Christ Self and ascended masters convey to you in meditation and musings. Then, second, you digest it — you take it into your system fully, from the mouth, via the esophagus, to your stomach and small intestine, in your abdominal region. As above, so now below.

Step by Step

When chewed, broken down, decrystallized food makes it to the stomach, digestion begins in earnest. The stomach secretes hydrochloric acid (HCL) and pepsin, both of which are required to start the digestion of proteins, which in the small intestine, the next step, are broken down into their component parts, called amino acids. Amino acids are the building blocks of protein that comprise the structure of all organs throughout the body.

Hydrochloric acid also kills the harmful bacteria that we ingest with our food. Did you know that the mouth is considered the second “dirtiest” place in our body, behind only the last section of our large intestine, the anal region? So, without HCL, we would be taking in all the so-called bad things of food and the environment which make us sick. How wise and orderly is our body temple! All without our being conscious aware of it. We just eat and our subconscious takes care of the rest of the process.

And without HCL, we are not able to digest proteins, which make up all the neurotransmitters in our brain, without which we may become depressed, delusional or worse.

After a sufficient time in the stomach, the food stuff passes a bit at a time into the first part of our small intestine, which is called the duodenum. Here, via the gall bladder, bile or gall is added to the food to help in the digestion of fats. Also, enzymes manufactured in the exocrine portion of the pancreas pass into the duodenum to digest starches, proteins and fats. From the duodenum, the partially digested food passes to the jejunum and ileum that secrete additional digestive enzymes to complete the digestion of the food.

Coiled around itself in a number of loops, the duodenum, jejunum and ileum of the small intestine is about 20 feet in length and fills up most of the abdominal cavity. Imagine that: 20 feet in length, each part of which is an essential component of the whole, step-by-step digestive process.

Form and Flow

Think of this too: See how digestion is not only a rigid, tight, formulaic, specific structural process but also how it is a rhythmic, fluid, flowing activity. So too must be our use of the two sides or polarities of our I Am power of order-organization-system.

On the one hand, we need rules, regulations, procedures, structures, step-by-step outlines of how we are to think and live and share with one another. On the other hand, we are to go with the flow, to take things as they come, to not ever repeat the exact same experience or application. We are to be like a river, that bends and meanders and twists and turns on its inevitable way to its destination, the vast ocean of sea of Spirit.

Typically, we are better on one side of the equation or the other. We may like rules, have set routines, do things the same or what we may call the “right” way. Our living quarters may be neat and clean, with everything always in its proper place. Or, we may proffer to be looser, more bending, more spontaneous, more willing not to get caught up in the orderly structure and organized ways of our life.

As always, the point is to find a middle way in developing our order characteristic, to do both sides, each in its right time and way to make a coherent and healthy whole. Then we rightly digest our daily bread, without our digestive system getting out of whack and having all kinds of sicknesses, dysfunctions and diseases. We build the temple of our light body in and around and through our four lower bodies.

So, which side of order do you prefer? How can you bring the other side up to speed? Divine order we invoke!

Solar Plexus Chakra

Have you ever wondered why the chakra or astral energy center in the abdominal or navel region is called the “solar plexus chakra”? In the Hindu and yogic description of the seven major chakras, the solar plexus is called the manipura chakra. “Manipura” means city of jewels, resplendent gem, lustrous gem. What are these gems? One interpretation is that they represent the food packets/particles — the amino acids, fats, minerals, sugars and vitamins that get fully digested in the twenty feet of the small intestine, which in its size is like a city of light and substance.

Moreover, in the yogic tradition, this chakra is associated with the natural element of fire, with its color being yellow, hence its link to fire and, more broadly, the sun. In our twelve powers approach, the color is mustard yellow, which is a combination of yellow sunlight, brown earth and green plants.

All foods are the products of, and dependent first and foremost on, the light of the sun that energizes and fires up all life on planet Earth. No sunlight, no food. Hence, food in a sense, is condensed sunlight of “fire”, light that has been combined with the vegetable and mineral kingdoms to produce edible energy.

What about the word “plexus?” This stands for the coeliac plexus in the abdominal cavity, which is a grouping of the many autonomic nerves that govern the functioning of the whole digestive system, outside our conscious control for the most part. “Celiac” in Greek means belly and “plexus” in Latin means braid. Hence the celiac plexus is a braid or bundle or grouping of nerves.

According to Hindu/yogic descriptions, the solar plexus chakra is the site where the body absorbs and assimilates prana from the sun. “Prana” means generally subtle energy, beyond the physical level. So it is not just physical sunlight that we are said to be absorbing, which is condensed into our food, but the sun or son or I Am light that comes to us from the center of our being, Spirit, which is represented by the sun in our solar system.

And where does this son or sun or I Am light of our light body first enter our body? In which of the seven chakras does it pour into our seven-part chakra system? It is the uppermost chakra, what yogis call the sahasrara chakra, the thousand-petalled lotus, what we in the west have dubbed the crown chakra. Here is where the cosmic bread or staff of life first enters into our spiritual anatomy! And from there it flows down through the third-eye, throat and heart chakras to our solar plexus chakra in our abdominal or navel region.

Remember that Sananda also has referred to himself as Son-Anda and Sun-Anda. He represents the son or daughter of God within each and every one of us. We all have a son/daughter, sun or solar, or I Am Self. This is sun/son light in the highest sense, the fourth dimensional light of our light body. The primary connecting point to this light form is at our crown chakra and cerebrum that is the central computer for the whole body. It is the cerebrum that monitors, directs and controls all the nerve impulses that travel by the celiac plexus to our digestive system. As above, so now below.

Therefore, we might call our crown chakra our principal solar chakra whereas perhaps we refer to our abdominally located astral center as our solar chakra #2. But of course, this is an esoteric point and not likely to be designated in this way. But at least we know about it.

Our “solar bread” comes down into our crown chakra — give us this day our daily spiritual bread. Our physical bread comes to us via our mouth, pharynx, esophagus, stomach and small intestine. We are a being of light operating in and through a physical form until we can reabsorb our astral and physical bodies back into our light body, our eternal body from which we all originated as children of God, Who made us in His-Her image and likeness. Talk about cosmic digestion and assimilation!

And just one more quick point: Don’t you think that taking in sun-son light as purely and cleanly as possible ought to apply also to ingesting physical food, in particular wheat that makes up bread? And yet today, wheat is grown with all kinds of insecticides, pesticides, herbicides in soil that has not been fertilized naturally but with all kinds of artificial ingredients, all designed to grow wheat quickly but not with all the nutrients that come from organically prepared and maintained soil.

Moreover, wheat has been hybridized in recent times such that it produces greater quantities, but this wheat contains much high amounts of gluten to which many people are allergic or to which they have sensitivities. Then, it is ground into white flour, with sugar and preservatives and colors added, and now you have the staff of life? Hardly.

It has become junk food, barely resembling the bread that Jesus broke with his Apostles and fed to them 2000 years ago. (I will write more about this in a later blog, as to what kind of bread is best — whole wheat, with as few additives as possible, using ancient, non-hybridized wheat such as einkorn wheat that is grown organically; and which is not consumed with every meal but as part of a varied diet and selection of food.)

Distribute It

Finally, we come to the third step in the entire digestive process, which we can call distribution. For once the small, digested food particles pass through the walls of small intestines, they enter into the body’s blood or lymph vessels that carry the small particles to every other part of the body. They distribute them to every other organ, gland and system.

We can compare this to a huge warehouse that contains all kinds of foods or other articles. The foreman of the warehouse makes sure that each food or item is sent to the proper place. This is part of our function as being like James son of Alphaeus, with Alphaeus meaning leader, chief, organizer.

We not only distribute the food particles to every part of our body temple, but we likewise share it with others. We may feed family, friends and associates with actual physical, healthy meals.

But we also may be guided from within to share, distribute and supply others near and far from us with our “bread of life”. Who will we serve this manna from heaven? In what way will we do this so that it is most acceptable and palatable to those with whom we interact and exchange? This takes order, organization and system, a method that works, based on our experience and our internal inspiration.

Thus, we do not cast “pearls” or bits of wisdom to so-called swine. We only give people as much as they can ingest, digest and distribute throughout their mind, body and soul. We only share at those times that we determine that people are open and receptive to what we have to offer.

Sometimes the best way to distribute our bread is to do so from the distance in our prayers and projections, to those near to us and everyone all around the planet. Every person, every situation is different, so we cannot stick to some rigid form or formula in serving them, but rather we go with the flow.

Pray Anew

Let’s sum up all the multi-leveled and multitudinous factors that are shared in and that we have assimilated from the above descriptions and elucidations: 

Father-Mother God, give us this day our daily bread, which we ingest, digest and distribute to all parts of our aura and physical body in order that we might better Love You and Love One Another, close to and at a distance from us. Amen.

Or how about we follow Jesus’ example and simply say:

Give us this day our daily bread.

This says it all. All is in divine order! So be it.

#    #    #    #    #    #    #

Be sure to read the Chapter on “Order” in our text Birth of the Light Body so that you can ingest and digest more of what Nada-Yolanda has shared; and can learn more about the physical, medical correlations.

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  1. Perhaps because of my studies of biology in college, I was really taken in by your description of the digestive process; as well as how it relates to the metaphysical aspect.

    A challenge in my life, perhaps THE challenge in my life, is finding the true balance between “going with the flow” and adhering to a strict routine and regimen of rules. The pendulum swings as I strive for the Center. For me, the yin-yang symbol is one way to “see” this balance.

    It’s the true test of faith to know and accept that All is Well, that God provides for our every need. Letting go and letting God.

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