Touch Their Hearts

This week, starting Monday, August 16, 2021, and continuing for seven days, we are going to focus a fourth and final time on the I Am power of Understanding, which manifests as the five physical senses and the rational, analytical aspects of the conscious mind.

This power was portrayed by Jesus’ Apostle Thomas Didymus. Its corresponding colors are a range from cream yellow to light orange.

Our theme for this week is: Touch Their Hearts.

Fourth Ray Manifestation & Crystallization

In this fourth week of focusing on understanding, our goal is to manifest our new level of Christ understanding in our physical works. In the first three weeks of our concentration on understanding, we emphasized more so our mental, emotional and astral-soul bodies. With these three bodies now in alignment and harmonic balance, we rightly can manifest our understanding via our physical body.

When Christ Jesus appeared in his resurrected light body to the Apostles, he instructed them to: “Go to all the world, and preach my gospel to the whole world.” (Mark: 16;15 Lamsa). Although accounts vary as to where Thomas Didymus went to spread the “good news”, most of them say that a primary place where he taught and demonstrated was in southern India, first on its southwestern coast that today is the state of Kerala. See map of India to the right — the red highlighted area is Kerala.

According to traditional renderings, after Thomas arrived in Kerala in AD 52, he established seven churches there. In AD 72, he was martyred in Mylapore, a section of the current city of Chennai on the southeastern coast of India. There, Thomas allegedly stood up to an Indian king (whose wife had become a Christian) who pressured Thomas to make religious sacrifices to an idol. Miraculously, however, the idol shattered into pieces when Thomas was forced to approach it.

The king was so angered that he ordered his high priest to kill Thomas, which he did by piercing Thomas with a sword. His bones were entombed there, over which eventually the Saint Thomas Cathedral Basilica apparently was built. In 1258, some of these relics were taken to Ortuna, Italy. (For more details, click here for the article about St. Thomas on Wikipedia.)

Go and Do Likewise

Needless to say, we do not need to travel to India or other faraway countries in order to preach and spread the gospel, the good news that Christ Jesus demonstrated and taught, the good news from Sananda-Jesus via Nada-Yolanda of the Second Coming program. Nor for matter, are we called upon to establish churches or to be martyred. Metaphysically, a church is anywhere two or more are gathered in the name of the Christ. Certainly, some individuals will reject or “martyr” us with their non-receptivity or outright hostility — that is just the way things are in these Latter Days.

Keep it simple: We can demonstrate Christ consciousness when we go to the grocery store, when we visit relatives, when we talk on our smart phones, when we send out emails that in the blink of any eye travel to the far corners of the globe. The point is to demonstrate our understanding of cosmic laws and principles wherever we are, whatever we are doing and in any way that our unique spiritual mission requires of us and gives us a chance to do.

When it comes to the power of understanding, one of our challenges is to share our mental insights and analyses in ways that touch people’s hearts. Most people who listen to us hear not so much our words or their analytical descriptions, but rather they listen to what is in our hearts and is primarily unspoken.

They consciously or subconsciously read our body language, and respond to the tone as well as to the content of what we say. Listeners, even readers of what we write, wonder: Are we authentic? Do we truly care about others? Or are we just mouthing words that fall on deaf ears? What we do speaks volumes whereas just intellectual comprehension of spiritual principles and realities conveys little of import.

Mind to Mind, Heart to Heart

Especially in so-called sticky situations, when we know the person with whom we are communicating has negative feelings or doubts about us and spirituality, let’s take extra time this week to ask Spirit to show us the best way to reach such souls. Father-Mother God, how can I touch this person’s or this group’s heart? How can I speak simply yet powerfully, often with as few words as possible, to prove to such individuals that I know in my heart that they are a beloved child of God, a son or daughter of the Divine? And then act upon this guidance.

And let’s be more willing to not only to speak, but to listen. How many people do you know who are good listeners? Probably not that many. Most people like to hear themselves talk. When someone else is talking, such individuals are already intellectually preparing what they are going to say next. So, often, it is best to listen first and to speak only after we have “heard” what the other person has to say. Then, maybe all we offer is a sentence or two that gives the key insight or analysis or understanding that can help that individual see the light, to feel loved, to be in touch with his or her indwelling I Am Self. Or if this goes well, then we can say more and go more in depth.

Sometimes, however, we also have to wield the sword. If all we do is listen and be loving, then we may end up being an “enabler,” one who silently allows the other person to continue in his or her error ways. Sometimes, we have to cut to the quick, to point our sword (our words) to someone’s heart and clearly define what needs to be changed if that person is to be healthy and whole.

But even in these instances, like a good surgeon, we use our knife/sword/words of truth to expose and cut out the disease, but then quickly remove the sword and do not “gore” the person with our anger, self-righteousness, judgmentalness. long-windedness and such. We touch the person’s heart but we do not harm it or disfigure it. Rather, we wrap it in wisdom.

Global Oneness

As you are guided this week, touch the hearts of those in other countries worldwide. Connect especially with the 144,000 elect. Work with the leader of a nation. See such a person right before you, and have a talk with him or her in which you share not only your analysis, understanding and wisdom but also your love and compassion. Surround them in cream yellow to pale orange light. Touch the hearts of one and all who live in the East and the West. Be understanding and love in action!

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  1. Since Wednesday is my usual day to go grocery shopping, I had the excellent opportunity to interact with friends and former coworkers at the Whole Foods Market where I shop, with the idea of “mind to mind, heart to heart” foremost in my mind. My external greeting was “Hi”, but my internal greeting was “Hail to the Christ in thee”.

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