Divine Order

All is in divine order!

How do we know this? One way is to examine our skin: It reflects, manifests and reveals the degree of the I Am power of order in our thoughts, feelings and memories. As within, so without. As above, so below.

So, for seven days starting today, Monday, September 6, 2021, we will focus on beauty that is not only skin deep but that radiates from the beautiful child of God that we are. We will look out upon all of our Father-Mother’s wondrous creations and see beauty all around us.

It is all too easy, especially in these days of the ongoing covid-19 pandemic, now with its delta variant, to focus on and get caught up in the ugliness around us, the anger and and anxiety and fear, the selfishness and power-mongering that is erupting daily in the fields of politics, religion, science, healthcare, business; in every aspect of life on the whole planet.

The world is going through a major decrystallization, a shedding away of its old skin so that new, pink, loving, bright skin can replace it. So why focus on the decrystallization? Why not concentrate on, and call forth, the new recrystallization. Why not focus on a newly flowering, beautiful pink or mustard-yellow rose instead of fixing your attention on the thorns of the rose bush?

James son of Alphaeus

Create a new, beautiful picture or image: See James the Less, Jesus’ Apostle who represented the power of order-organization-system, descending from heaven in his light body and standing before you. Reach out and touch his skin — put your finger on the border or outer boundary of his light body.

See him in the room with you, in your house that is in divine order such that it welcomes him across the threshold between the etheric and the physical realms. If you do not see him, then just affirm and know that he is there.

Beauty is now all around you, in his form and vibration and radiance that lights up your room and your physical body. The very walls of your living quarters radiate mustard yellow light, the color of order; as do you.

All is well!

By the way, as an earthly color, lots of people think that mustard yellow can hardly be called beautiful. In fact, some think of it as being more on the ugly side (how many mustard yellow shirts or blouses do you have?)

However, the mustard yellow light that we see is not of this world, but of the higher realms, seen via our inner vision that sees glory in all things, in all colors, in all shapes and forms and structures. Mustard yellow is of God, so it is beautiful in all its brilliant splendor.

Chief & Organizer

Moreover, do not think of James so much as James the Less, if by “less” you mean less important or less orderly or less encased in light and love. The term “less” is used by Biblical scholars to differentiate him from James Zebedee, who portrays wisdom-judgment-justice that manifests via the endocrine glands. But the name James the Less always has seemed to me to be a bit of a misnomer. He is not less important, less beautiful, less wise.

That is why I prefer James son of Alphaeus, meaning leader, chief, organizer, although James son of Alphaeus is a bit of a mouthful. So, maybe when we refer to him this week we can just use his name James, which is composed of only one syllable like John. Hello James! Welcome to my world. John, you are welcome, too. Come on down and sit a spell with me as we break bread together.

Divine order I invoke: James son of Alphaeus manifests it and encases and protects us in it, just as our physical skin encases and protects the other organs of our physical body. What a beautiful form we live in, unique, glowing with light, God’s glory radiating in all parts of us. What a beautiful form each and every child of God has, in all its unique features, as do all animals, vegetables and minerals.

I see glory all around me!

Three Layers of Skin

Physically, skin, consisting of about twenty square feet, is the body’s largest organ.

The skin is composed of three layers: the epidermis, the dermis and the subcutaneous tissue; although some descriptions further subdivide these three into seven layers. (Click here to read the Wikipedia article about and drawings of skin; go down two-three pages to see the excellent drawings.)

The epidermis is the thin outer layer that has no blood vessels. It contains the pigment melatonin, which gives skin its color. (Imagine, too many earthlings have long since had a tendency to judge people based on their skin color –what a bunch of nonsense that has been and still is; what beauty there is in a multi-hued society.)

Epi” means above, hence the epidermis is above the underlying dermis, with “dermis” coming from the Greek word meaning skin. The dermis is well supplied with blood vessels (hence the love aspect again — love is all around and within us). The dermis also consists of connective tissue, sebaceous glands, and some of the hair follicles.

The dermis merges below with the subcutaneous tissue, which contains fat, sweat glands, and the remainder of the hair follicles.

Sebaceous glands secrete a protective fatty substance called sebum that keeps the hair supple and the skin soft and pliant. It also prevents excessive water evaporation through the skin.

Most sweat glands open directly onto the outer surface of the skin and secrete fluid, which helps cool the body and removes small amounts of toxins.

Three Orderly Bodies

Visualize yourself within a cocoon of Christ light that is about 2-3 feet away from your physical body. Leave open only the area at the crown chakra and top of the head for a tube of light that goes up to and connects with the Source, to Spirit, to the seat of Divine Order that we invoke to rule our days and nights .

The Christ cocoon represents the “skin” of our etheric or fourth-dimensional or light body, which is all around us, encasing us in its higher frequencies, protecting us from any intrusion of negative thoughts and emotions of those in mass consciousness and emanating from the lower astral planes.

Within this light-body cocoon is our aura or auric field, composed of our mental, emotional and astral bodies. Yes, even with Christ protection in place, we still may have upsets in our own thinking, feeling, memories of past lives and psychic perceptions. These are our right focus of our own ongoing healing.

Love Lifts All Of Us 

What we do not need to do is focus overly on the healing of those around us, and the various dramas being played out by different ones of our family, friends, foes and groups of people around the world. Of course, we pray for and project to such dramatists who are reaping what they have sown, going back eons of time. But, we focus even more so on the reality that I, when I be lifted up, draw all others unto me.

So, time and again, we stand back, pull back, and rest in the peace and love of our own indwelling and surrounding I Am Self and light form. In the midst of the many storms on and about the earth, all is in divine order within our Christ cocoon, our Christ skin, our Christ protective boundary.

As regards others, hail to the Christ in thee is our steady, power-packed, love-filled mantrum!

Mustard Yellow Light

Finally, we focus on our physical body or temple, which is composed of congealed yellow sunlight mixed with digested green vegetables and absorbed brown earth (hence minerals and elements). Our body is mustard yellow personified.

Physically, we take in and receive as much yellow sunlight each day as our skin can handle without burning, which increases the levels of vitamin D in our body — the more vitamin D we have, the more healthy our whole body is, including our skin. We have few, if any, colds or bouts of flu.

(Conventional medical studies have shown that people with the highest vitamin D and zinc levels are the least prone to contracting the covid-19 virus, or have the fewest symptoms if they do contract it.)

Green & Brown

We eat lots of green and other colored vegetables that provide the electrical charge that energizes us. We also take in lots of brown earth that is sustained organically — no, not dirt itself but rather the various minerals and elements that come to us via the dirt, into the vegetables and thereby into our mouth and whole digestive system. And we drink healthy, purified water, rather than the “stuff” that comes out of our faucet from most municipal water supplies.

Finally, we are one with the devas and elementals, those beings who oversee the vegetable and mineral kingdoms, as well as our physical body. We love Mother Earth, rather than exploit its vegetables and minerals for greed. It is our home, after all, and we are supposed to be its guardians, not its abusers and misusers. Or, there will be consequences — as the old phrase goes, do not mess with Mother Nature. How simple and obvious could this be?

Planetary Projections

As within, so without: Surround the Earth with mustard yellow light in your visualizations this week. Or simply affirm for the whole world that all is in divine order. Affirm that all is well. So be it.

Man of Earth, do not focus obsessively on the disasters going on at mental, emotional, soul-astral and physical levels. By all means, be prepared to, and do, deal with such catastrophic happenings that seem to be so prevalent these days. But buck up, focus instead on divine order, on bringing forth God’s goodness and good order on and about our beloved planet; in so-called good times and bad.

Be part of the orderly solution, not the problem.

For this have we all come. Amen!

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3 thoughts on “Divine Order”

  1. Thank you for the timely reminder of Divine Order. With so much happening in the world day it’s so easy to react emotionally and to lose focus that “all is well”. We must hold fast that we are not alone and that others on earth and others not of earth frequency are with us.
    So be it.

  2. Great! Divine order is the rule of the day. Worth reading over and over. My personal mantra, decree and visualization, follows right along:

    “All is Well, All is One, All is Well”

    Of course, a big shout out, too, to El Morya.

  3. This is rather long, but I felt inspired to share this dream I had last night:

    I was at a grocery store, I think to do some shopping, but it also seems I was there to make or write some sort of report. I went to the backstock section, and I began walking through the various areas, which were arranged in an arc around the back of the store (rather than a straight line, as in a traditional grocery setting). There were many people in the area, grocery workers going about their various jobs and tasks. The one thing that was striking was that everyone was cheerful and talkative and having a good time. It was at this time that I noticed that everyone was working on items of a seasonal theme, which was Christmas. The colors that were prominent were reds and greens. Also, there was an abundance of metallic gold decorations. It was clear to me that the store was being prepped for its Christmas-themed layout.

    I kept up my walk through the backstock area, carrying at various times different notepads and name tags used for gifts, etc. I spoke with various people there, but I was uncertain what I was supposed to be doing, and after a time I began looking for a way to go back to main part of the store, as it seemed it was time for me to go. In that process, I circled through the same areas a few times, but I finally made it back to the retail floor, which was brightly lit. As I made my way to the front of the store and the exit, I noticed that it was daybreak. I awoke at that point, noting that the time on my digital clock was 1:24.

    “What the heck?” That was all I could think at the moment. I fell back asleep, and after a very intense dream which I don’t remember, I awoke with a start, noting that I had been clenching my teeth. I also saw that the time was 4:44, which immediately felt significant. That’s all.

    Backstock = subconscious. Christmas prep = new birth or Christ awakening. Gold = light body. Grocery store setting = source of spiritual supply. The coming of something new in the times: 1:24 = “1” to “4”, as in moving from a 1st Ray to a 4th Ray influence; 4:44 = manifestation on all levels.

    Perhaps the second dream was the follow-up, “kick out the old stuff”, after the prior influx. ??

    Anyway, that’s the dream. And to note, this morning I feel a newness or “lightness” about me, a general “Goodness”.

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