Less is More

Starting today, Monday, September 13, 2021, we will focus for a fourth and final week on the I Am power of order-organization-system that manifests as the digestive system, skeletal system and skin.

Christ Jesus’ Apostle James son of Alphaeus portrayed this Christ attribute of order-organization. He also is called James the Less to distinguish him from James son of Zebedee.

The cosmic color that carries the energy and vibration of divine order is mustard yellow.

Our theme for this week is: Less is More.

Three Biblical References

James son of Alphaeus is mentioned by name only three times in the four canonical Gospels of the Holy Bible. In each instance, he is listed along with the other 11 Apostles, and is always placed as the 9th one of them (see Matthew 10:2-4; Mark 3:16-19; and Luke 6:13-16.)

However, although unnamed as such, he was present with the other 10 Apostles in the Upper Room when Christ Jesus appeared to them in his resurrected light body. Moreover, he was with his fellow Apostles at the Mount of Olives when Jesus ascended in his light form.

Other than these references, the Gospels do not give any information about James son of Alphaeus as to who he was, what he did, what he was like, or what role he outwardly demonstrated as the one who portrayed the order attribute. He is basically a mystery.

Less, Little, Younger, Smaller

The name James the Less gets only one mention in Mark 15:40, and it is only in passing. He is said to be the son of Mary of Clopas (Cleopas), who was one of three women who were at the foot of the cross when Jesus was crucified. Given the lack of clear description about her, Biblical scholars and commentators disagree on who Mary of Clopas was.

Moreover, the Greek word mikos  from which the title “the Less” is derived, also may be translated as “younger” or “smaller” or “little.” So, in the various versions/translations of the Holy Bible, one of these later three terms are used instead of “less.”

Thus, the name James the Less not only distinguishes him from James son of Zebedee, who was a more prominent Apostle — for example, he was present at Jesus’ transfiguration; but James the Less also may have been younger or littler in physical stature.

Symbolically, however, James the Little or the Less may have been one who made himself small in order to make God big — of himself, he did little or nothing, but Spirit did all things through him, hence divine order. In this sense, he was no less important or powerful a member of the team of 12 Apostles than was James son of Zebedee, anymore than the endocrine glands are more important than the digestive system and bones.

In Death as in Life

Perhaps not surprisingly, given how little is known about James the Less’ life, nothing is certain about how or where he died. Some traditional accounts state that he died in Jerusalem. Other versions allege that he was martyred in Egypt, where he had gone to preach after Jesus’ ascension. No one knows for sure.

About the only thing that can be deduced from the conflicting claims of his death is that James son of Alphaeus (James the Less) did in fact proclaim and demonstrate the good news of the Gospel in his station or travels. And like the other Apostles, he died for his beliefs.

Be a Little One

This is our week to manifest and crystallize under Fourth Ray principles the many small physical ways that we can upgrade and demonstrate our I Am power of order. When we take care of little things, big things become possible.

What is it that Spirit guides you to refine, reformulate, re-invigorate and re-empower in your daily life? Imagine for example that James the Less knocks on your door and you welcome him into your house or apartment. Would you be comfortable with his presence, knowing that your house is in good order, clean and neat, nicely furnished and simply designed, even with an artistic flair?

How about your relationships with various family members, friends, business associates, fellow light workers, prayer partners, and even a few enemies? What is the simple physical thing(s) that you can do to further heal and harmonize each of these interactions with those nearest to you in your daily life?

Be in the Background

With any group of people, there always are those who take a leadership position. If they do this well, then God bless them. May we also be such leaders in our unique fashion, as parents, grandparents, teachers, bosses, group leaders, etc.

At the same time, in any group, not every one can be a leader. Always there needs to be those who quietly serve behind the scenes; who do the little things willingly and lovingly; who are always reliable and self-effacing.

Such “little” or “lesser” ones are the “backbone” of any group. During stress, they are the ones who are most likely to hang in there and keep on keeping on. All too often, it is the “big shots”, those who feel “greater” that jump ship.

Our Little Planet

In your prayers and projections this week to all kingdoms and the whole planet, stay focused on the big picture, even while you attend to the everyday small world of your individual life: think global, act local. Link with the “little ones” who comprise the 144,000 elect. We all are leaders and followers, each in our own way.

Think of Sananda-Jesus. Is there  anyone who is less understood, less appreciated, less welcome on this hellhole of a place? Imagine how he has felt as time and again man of Earth has rejected his leadership. He is the perfect example of one who has made himself less, such that Spirit has designated him as the leader of all. Come home, Christ Jesus. Be in the background no longer!

Then less will indeed be more, and all will be in divine order. So be it!

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  1. I have always felt a certain heart-warming inner delight in doing “little” things for people, like favors or courtesies, etc. In my mind, it’s all an expression of the love of Christ in and through us, an opportunity to be Love in Action. So, I find it really easy to relate to your post today. Thanks!

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