Whoops! I inadvertently hit the wrong button and sent out the blog you received shortly ago. It is the one title “May I Have This Dance?” In it, I describe my learning lessons and spiritual work with my psychiatrist and psychologist, the dances we did together as fellow healers in the mental health realm. Hopefully, it only has a few typos.

I originally had planned to add my dance story with my ex-wife MariLyn, with my spiritual teacher Nada-Yolanda and with my past Mom of this life, who is my twin soul and is in the higher astral planes, Serena-Aleta.

Well, here’s plan B: I will write and share and publish these three latter stories on Friday, November 12, as originally planned. This upcoming blog will be “May I Have This Dance? Part II.”

And it may be just as well that it happened this way. You get to read two short blogs rather than one long one! Ha.

So, stay tuned, do your prayers and projections to mentally-based healers, and then be ready to hit the dance floor with your current or ex-spouse(s), with lovely Ladies in the etheric realms, and with your past Mom.

So, now it is back to the writing board for me. See you in a couple days.

Be well because all is well,


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