My Church/Temple/Mosque/Ashram

I very much relate to this song, My Church by Home Free. I love getting out on the road, inspirational music playing, only a few other cars on the road, lovely natural scenery all around me, just grooving and going along, enjoying my time and praising God. I always feel better by the time I get home, back to work, doing whatever has to be done, filled with the Holy Spirit.

Maybe you feel the same, but not all of us do. Some see driving in a car as just getting from here to there. But I also think of it as a joy ride. And is not a church where we experience joy and thanksgiving and wonder?

Even if you don’t love road trips, you still can enjoy this lovely rendition by Home Free, just for its musicality. My primary church has long since been out in Mama Nature whose sounds are music to my ears. What’s not to love!?


DJ DocDriver



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  1. We love Home Free and their harmonies and love to listen to all kinds of uplifting music while on the road. Only time we ever had the open highway to ourselves was the time we left Montreal at 5:30am. Saw the sun come up and enjoyed 2 1/2 hours of just us on the road. Got home before 8:00am and had the best day ever! Never thought about it but maybe it was music that made it so magical!

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