Dwell in Darkness

Today, Monday, January 16, 2023, we joyously enter into, and dwell in, our Mother God’s Womb. It definitely is Dark in there, but not in a mortal, negative way. Rather, the Blackness portrays the yin or feminine (-) polarity of the yin-yang, Taoist polarity. (See image to right.)

Black represents Emptiness. In darkness, we empty ourselves of mortal consciousness. So, come, let’s enter the Emptiness. Let’s venture into the Void out of which all creation comes.

When we go to sleep at night, our purpose is to rest, recoup and receive night visions. In the darkness of Night, after our physical eyes adjust, and our third or all-seeing eye opens further, we can see bright stars twinkling in the heavens. These stars partly represent all of our Mothers on all planes who are nurturing, nourishing, hugging and holding us tenderly to their hearts. They are singing sweet lullabies to each of us, such as: Hush little baby, don’t you cry, Mama is going to teach you how to fly.


Do you remember when you were a little boy or girl? When at bedtime, your Mama walked you into your bedroom, had you say your prayers, helped you scramble into your bed, put the covers snugly over and around you, gave you your teddy bear or other precious toy, snuggled up to you for a while on the bed, kissed you sweetly and eventually turned off the light?

Well, today, we are going to re-enact that wondrous ritual of mother-child nighttime love. To start, we wrap ourselves in a cocoon of white-and-gold light, with the cocoon extending 2-3 feet around all parts of our physical body, such that it encases and protects our aura that is composed of our mental, emotional and astral bodies, which comprise our mother aspect. The Christ cocoon ensures that no night goblins get to bug us or upset our sweet sleep.

From the top of the cocoon rises a Christ column of light to our I Am Self and light body; and up to and through the astral planes, into the etheric and celestial planes. We’ve envisioned and done this thousands of times, but this time we feel a new faith that all is well, that we are beloved of God.  Now is the time to rest in the peace of our I Am Self.

SOL-O-MAN  &  SHIP  #01

Once you have settled into the Silence, begin to intuit and feel out the various Mamas that are attending you. First of all, it may be Mama Mary who comes to you, whispering words of wisdom, let it be — let go of any lingering worries, fears or annoyances, or any feelings of being unloved or unloving. Be love.

Mary will help you do this. That’s part of what Mamas are for. (See image to right of Mary appearing 33 times to five children in her light body from 1932-to-1933 at Beauraing, Belgium. Especially note her gold-and-white colors, and her golden heart.)

In my (Dr. Robert’s) dream of December 31, 2022, I was aboard Sol-O-Man’s spacecraft that is the sister ship to Sananda’s ship #10. (Click here to read my past post about her mother ship.) She lovingly told me that I had become a master of soul healing, of healing the whole person. I was not perfect by any stretch of the imagination, but I had reached a high level of being a holistic healer.

In my following morning meditation, once again, Spirit and the agents of Spirit lifted me into her huge, city-sized spaceship, which felt like home to me. For the first time, she said that her ship was #01, which was the equal complement to Sananda’s ship #10. (See image to right of Mary in her Sol-O-Man space ship persona.)

Together, they exemplify and demonstrate number 101, which symbolizes the full linking of Seventh Ray Peace and Love, in both its masculine and feminine polarities. Together, upon their redescent to Earth, she and Sananda will birth Christ awareness and consciousness on Earth. 1 plus 0 brings forth another 1 or Christ child, male or female. It is that cosmically simple and that complete.


She indicated that my prior dream and my present, conscious awareness of being on her ship #01 indicated that shortly her spacecraft would begin to appear to light workers around the world; first in dreams and visions, and then clearly in physical view. This will be part of her ongoing role to announce the impending Second Coming of Sananda/Jesus in his ascended light body. She also indicated that in all of her prior major appearances or so-called apparitions as Mary, high above her in the etheric realms had been her ship #01.

In her multiple prior appearances from 1968-1971 atop St. Mary’s Coptic Church in Zeitun (a suburb of Cairo), Egypt, an estimated 1 million people clearly saw her in her redescended light body. (See image to right of a photograph of one of her appearances at Zeitun.)

Sol-O-Man/Mary now telepathically relayed to me that in coming years, millions of people likewise would witness the appearances of her round-shaped sister ship.

In the binary language of computers, all letters, words and images are composed of a combination of 1s and 0s. In like fashion, each of us in our thoughts, feelings, memories and actions comprise one language, one way of symbolizing our cosmic oneness with God and with one another. In our past incarnations, we may have been more so a man than a woman, or vice versa. But we all have an equal counterpart or twin soul.

Symbolically, 1 is masculine, whereas 0 is feminine. When 1 is combined with 0, we birth a new 1 or 0. We give birth to another son or daughter of the Divine.

Welcome and thank you, Mother Mary! We love you with our whole, holy, happy heart. We walk with you and Sananda as another 101.


Maybe in your visions, dreams and meditations this week, may perceive the presence of Nada of the Sun, she who is in training to be the feminine Chohan of the Seventh Ray of Peace and Love; she who is Sol-O-Man’s spiritual sister. The name “Nada” means nothingness, emptiness, the Wondrous Womb, in which all life grows and eventually is birthed. Nada knows Nothingness. So, she will help us to be Nothing but who we truly are.

Nada represents the subconscious polarity of the trinity of superconscious (Sananda-Jesus) and conscious (El Morya-Mark). When she was with us here on Earth, from 1925-2005, she demonstrated the full healing and transmutation of her soul-subconscious, such that following her transition (death), she was able to ascend into the etheric planes.

From there, she now watches over and mothers all of us who are following in her footsteps. So, she is another one of our Mamas, one who has been here and done what we are now trying to do. She knows the Way of peace and love. And she gives fabulous hugs!


In the Divine Darkness, our all-seeing, cosmic eye opens further, such that we can perceive the Mama Presence and Energy of Mama MaYa. As Lady MaYa, she is the feminine twin soul of Lord Maitreya of the Seventh Ray, who with Archangel Lord Michael of the First Ray are the Co-Titular Heads of the Hierarchal Board, whose headquarters is on Saturn. Lady MaYa is Sol-O-Man/Mary’s and Nada’s spiritual mother. Thus, spiritually, she is our spiritual grandmother. And Grandma love is especially divine.

So, affirm and know that she, too, is with you, for you, snuggling up to you, holding you in her arms, one with you in the Womb of Mother God. Feel her love and peace. Feel it quieting and comforting your heart, slowing and deepening your breathing. With her, how can you possibly worry about anything of a mortal nature? Mama MaYa, we love you as we delight and dwell with you in the Divine Darkness.


As you continue to settle into the Sacred Silence of Mamahood, as your eyes/eye adjust a little more, maybe you perceive another star twinkling in the heavens whose light shines all the way down, unto and into not only your mind, but even more so into your heart. This light is that of Lady Uriel, the feminine Archangel of the Seventh Ray. She is your guardian angel. She protects you. She guards your privacy. She loves even your darkest secrets, which she sees even more clearly than you do. She already has forgiven you a thousand times or more, such that you now can feel forgiven and forgive others in like fashion.

She gently, lovingly and peacefully wraps her “wings” around you. This divine embrace helps you to once again be as a little, innocent child who knows and feels that he or she can indeed enter heaven, that heaven is at hand right now, right here, even as you sleep, meditate, talk or walk in the woods. Perhaps you even glimpse Uriel’s wondrous forcefield that is filled with all shades of white and gold. Now you know you can rest, you can sleep, you can let go of your mortal machinations and be the God creation that you are and always have been. Bless you, Uriel!


Look! There’s another star in the heavens, the brightest one of all. It emanates from she who is known as the Elo-V-Her of the Seventh Ray. You can call her Elo-Her or even just Mama Elo. She is one of what commonly are called by the generic word Elohim, but the word “Elohim” is plural and masculine. However, by whatever name you call her, it is all the same to her.

She is the Mother Matrix of this Solar System which is a solar system of Seventh Ray Peace and Love. She especially shines her light on Earth that is the primary Planet that demonstrates and radiates Seventh Ray energies to the whole Solar System.

Here we are on Earth, at the lowest rung or dimensional level of the Solar System with its Sun and Twelve Planets, and Mama Matrix is showering us with her Mother Love. No greater love has a Mama that she lays down Her life for all of her sons and daughters. Now, as the New or Golden Age is dawning, we have the opportunity to come into communion with Her. And to do so, we have to Enter the Emptiness, to Venture into the Void, to rest in the peace of her Mother Matrix love.

She’s there. So, welcome her. She has been there all along. The first step is to acknowledge her Mother Presence and Power, even though you may not consciously see or feel it. But, in time you will. For her love is all-pervasive. Her love lights up the darkness in the most powerful, peaceful and perfect way.

Bless you and thank you, Mama Matrix! We love you! Now we can finally go to sleep and rest as long as is necessary, to wake up tomorrow refreshed and miraculously made anew.


Why are we putting so much emphasis on spiritually resting with the protective aid and nurturance of our Mamas? It’s because all last year, we climbed up our symbolic mountain to ascended I Am consciousness. Along the way, we linked with each of the Thirteen Spiritual Temples or power centers on and around the Earth. From the top of Ta Cu Mountain at the Temple of Vulcan in southeast Vietnam, we rose into the heavens. We became as one with the Sun. The whole year was an incredible journey, a fabulous voyage into higher, global and solar system consciousness.

Now we rest. Now we give ourselves time to solidify our new standing in I Am consciousness atop our own I Am mountain. Already, we have been aware of doing so, especially since January 6, 2023, which was Epiphany. At that time, the symbolic Three Wise Men (and Three Wise Women) were said to have visited baby Jesus, Mary and Joseph in Bethlehem. Now these invisible visitors have gone home.


Shortly after their departure, as given in the Gospels of Matthew and Luke in the Holy Bible, an angel of the Lord visited Joseph in a dream and told him to take the Holy Family down into Egypt. For King Herod was furious and was about to put out his orders to kill every Hebrew male child under the age of two.

Talk about blowback — the kneejerk, mortal, power-mongering, negative response to the light. Thus, in our upcoming week, we have to be especially alert to, and deal rightly with, those who wish to harm or control us. Our Mamas will help us to do so.

Egypt in the modern era represents the subconscious, whereas Israel portrays the conscious, and the USA as the New JerUSAlem portrays the superconscious.

So, in a sense, we are following in Joseph’s, Mary’s and Jesus’s entering into and dwelling in the darkness of Egypt, the subconscious. Like them, we need to rest in the protective confines and embrace of the loving arms of our Mamas. For all matter of negativity is about to break loose on the planet. Already, we see it taking place in Israel where the most right-wing government ever has been elected, in Russia where Putin is threatening to go to even greater extremes, and in numerous other mortally darkened places worldwide, especially in the Eastern Hemisphere.

We are not to descend into their darkness, but rather to stand back and to rest in the peace and love of our I Am Self, which will uplift the whole world. We, when we have been lifted up, draw all others unto us.


After King Herod died, the angel of the Lord once again visited Joseph in his dream/night vision and instructed him to return with Mary and Jesus to Israel, to live in Nazareth in the region of Galilee.

We likewise will receive our own instructions to start our return back down the mountain. But let’s not be in a hurry. We cannot begin our descent until we have fully experienced and solidified our Seventh Ray Peace and Love, until we know without a doubt that our spiritual Mamas and Papas are with us, for us, guiding us every step of the way. For, going down the mountain may well be as difficult and potentially dangerous as was climbing up it.

This week we rest in love divine. This does not mean that we do nothing outwardly, but always our approach will be “less rather than more, sufficient unto the day thereof.” What we are to achieve this week is the solid knowledge and feeling that no matter what is going on around us, we always can come home to our peaceful, loving heart. We always have the love, support, protection and guidance of all our spiritual Mothers who together comprise the Womb of this Solar System.

We stand back, are still and know Mother God. When it comes time to step forward, She and all the Mamas who serve Her will be with us, guiding the way, lighting up the darkness, sweetly kissing us good night every time we go to sleep, visiting us every time we enter into the Emptiness, every time we make the wise choice to Dwell in Divine Darkness.


All is well. All is in divine order. So, be peaceful, loving, cooperative and coordinating in all that you think, feel and do. Hug the whole planet and all its life forms. Be the divine Child of God that you are. Om.



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  1. How meaningful it is for me personally that you focus starting today on Mother Love and all the Mamas who are with us and for us, for today is the birthday anniversary of my Mom, Honora, in this lifetime. Though she is no longer with us now on Earth, I often feel in communion with her; and I continue to admire and appreciate her example of loving kindness, unconditional love, and selfless service, a shining demonstration for me and all who knew/know her. So, thank you for this offering, a clear and gentle reminder for us all to embrace that Mother aspect within ourselves.

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