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This is the second of two blogs devoted to our Christ talent of zealously rebuking and chastising those whom we love. I am sending it out mid-week, September 30th. Then starting next Monday, October 4th, we will focus on zealously moving from the dark night of the soul into the I Am light of life.

The following two entries come from Nada-Yolanda’s early spiritual diary Into the Fourth Dimension, which Mark-Age originally published in seven booklets covering the years 1956-1966. These booklets have long since been out of print, so that most of you have not read them recently, if at all; or even if you have, you may not remember these entries.

As you peruse them now, you will see how in my prior blog I piggy-backed on Nada-Yolanda’s universal, but personal experiences, those challenges and opportunities that every light worker faces. It always helps to read about a subject from multiple sources, as it adds power, depth, expansion, wisdom, understanding, confirmation and acceptance of what we have studied in the first place.

My heart goes out to you, Nada, now in your ascended light body in the etheric planes. Bless you, I love you, I follow in your hallowed, holy, zealous footsteps, as you yourself devotedly and tirelessly followed in the footprints of Christ Jesus. Nada, you are the light of our souls!

Chasten & Scold

The following entry comes from December 14, 1965, as recorded in Book 7 of Into the Fourth Dimension: [Note: I (Robert) have added numerous subheadings not found in the diary, in order to make reading these entries more accessible on cell phones or on the computer; and to enhance the overall appearance of the cell or computer screen; I also have bolded various words or phrases.]

“Spiritual self-examination brought the realization that I [Yolanda] thoroughly disliked and avoided a certain necessary function of my role and calling. The chastising or scolding of anyone, irrespective of need or situation, made me want to run from the situation and hide behind Mark or Wains [the third Mark-Age Director at this time], letting them handle the distasteful task, or I would rationalize it away by preferring silent prayer to any kind of outer showdown.

“I accepted the fact that Jesus, representative of the Christ consciousness, frequently had been sarcastic and harsh in words when error was being perpetrated, and that he was perfectly capable of even physical whipping when the occasion warranted it. [Painting to right is by Carl Heinrich Bloch.] But I worried that perhaps one could not control this disciplining and thus would fall into the trap of self-righteousness or spiritual pride.

“Already I had been party to many demonstrations where rebukes and chastisements, performed for Spirit in the name of Spirit, had shocked the person into making a remarkable change. Still, I shunned this method. Mark’s counsel that one cannot disapprove of any of Spirit’s laws, functions and methods was true, and well taken; nevertheless it did not eliminate my own reservations.

Be a Righteous Judge

“Obviously my higher Self had chosen this time for me to reexamine, to face and to correct this part of the soul pattern. I had been told from the very beginning of my unfoldment, even before I had understood where it might be leading me, that I would have to judge the acts of others in this program.

“A judge not only had to discern and to discriminate the application of the law, (in this higher level of consciousness, the universal laws) but was obliged to pass the sentence which would balance the scales of justice (in spiritual right action, meaning for the higher good of the individual soul’s karma).

“At this time I desperately needed additional encouragement and verification that this intunement was truth. I turned to Jesus, as I always have at such turning points, and asked him to give me those precedents in his own personal history which would guide me now in mine.

Laodicea & Philadelphia

The Complete Sayings [a compendium of the four canonical Gospels and other parts of the New Testament] was opened to Revelation and my finger was placed precisely on these instructions he wished me to follow. ‘As many as I love, I rebuke and chasten; be zealous therefore and repent.’ (Church in Laodicea.)

“‘Him that overcomes will I make a pillar in the temple of my God, and he shall go no more out: and I will write upon him the name of my God, and the name of the city of my God, which is New Jerusalem, which comes down out of heaven from my god; and I will write upon him my new name. (Church in Philadelphia.)’

“Exactly what did this signify in my individual development? For interpretation I was inspired to consult the Unity Metaphysical Bible Dictionary. ‘Laodicea: justice of the people, judgment of the people, a phase of the judgment faculty in the individual, expressing in the personal.’ ‘Philadelphia: brother love, fraternal love, the feeling toward or responsibility toward one’s fellow men.’

“Dear God, there was no turning back, no half-way measure, no one to do my work for me.” [End of this December 14, 1965 diary entry.]

Fires of Purification

About wo and one-half months later, on March 2, 1966, Nada-Yolanda continued with this same theme and training, as recorded again in Into the Fourth Dimension, Book 7, as follows:

“The afternoon had been spent in distressing sessions with a program worker who had been loyal and hard working but who still harbored ego defenses and arrogance. L. G. had been a good friend and associate for five years. But, at Mark-Age, our principal concern is for each one’s spiritual unfoldment and manifestation of the Christ Self. Personal love and service to us, even when the individual is cognizant of and dedicated to our spiritual identities, is secondary in our reciprocal actions and feelings.

“My weakness had been in avoiding of confrontations where anyone’s personal ego might be offended, no matter how much that ego self was irritating and damaging to the overall spiritual purpose for which we operate. Mark [see 1960 picture to left, colorized by Hartmut Jager] and Wains never hesitated to use the sword of truth and righteousness in Spirit’s cause, regardless of how much temporary distress it might cause the mortal ego of any individual.

“They held steadfast to the Christ Self’s desires for its human counterpart: to be and to fulfill the higher functions of the I Am. In December, I had been presented with new works, new steps to be taken, new realizations to formulate. Now before me was the actual test, to see if I really was ready to pass.

“In this conflicting mood I entered the meeting and prostrated myself before God, saying that I was willing to heed whatever instructions and guidance would come from the Christ levels for the progress of both L.G. and me. His master teacher, St. Germain, appeared and stated: ‘You are the fuel to his fires of purification.’

Do the Works of Spirit

“Desiring further explanations, I called to my high Self and received: ‘There is no one on this planet who is not self deceived; that is to say, whose mortal personality does not hide him from his true, spiritual Self. The race consciousness on this level is like an immense iceberg: frozen and stiff; resisting the warmth of truth, love and enlightenment.

“‘Your efforts to put a dent in that iceberg is like trying to chip away with an ice pick. But what else are you and the other light workers going to do? Nothing? Isn’t it better to chip away, hopeless as it appears to the outer, because there is nothing else you can do after all prayers, decrees and acts of love are instituted?

“‘You must do the works of Spirit, for Spirit, as Spirit. You do not know when the merciless chippings away of many light workers will cause that collective consciousness, an iceberg, to crack. You actually have no choice when one refuses to respond to truth, since you have chosen to do Spirit’s will wherever you happen to be, no matter how hopeless your task appears.

“‘Already there are scandals about the lethargy of the masses; stories of how crowds will stand around and watch one human being violently assault another, with no one lifting a hand to protect the innocent. Some have refused assistance to officers of the law in carrying out rightful duties when preventing crimes and dangers to the very society of which they themselves are a part.

“‘Some have taunted would-be suicides and have encouraged them to destroy themselves. These situations are only extensions of smaller acts which some in mortal conscious condone or allow by being passive, uninvolved, even indifferent to the path on which their fellowmen are traveling.

Christ Involvement

“‘The Christ in action is not indifferent to a fellow worker who deceives himself, who pretends something that is a lie, who invents excuses to try to excuse the neglect or the wrong act committed. The Christ is involved, as distasteful as the corrective measure must be. The Christ is concerned with mortal self-deceptions and cover-ups of the truth.

“‘There are many works you are going to be called upon to perform that are unpleasant, degrading, uncomfortable and even dangerous. If you saw a man drowning himself in the middle of the lake and you went to save him but he fought you off, would you not be forced to knock him unconscious and to drag him back to safety? In his state of consciousness, would you expect him then to thank you or to reward you? You would be the enemy of his intentions and he probably would show defiance and hatred.

“‘This is what you already have experienced from many whom you have helped. This is what you are to continue to expect until others are willing to let the Christ, the truth, the reality in themselves be dominant. Only then can they understand and respect the Christ acting through you in such moments.

No Thoughts of Thanks

“‘The works of the Christ consciousness are not going to be filled with honors, thanks or pleasures. This makes it doubly hard to do what is right; right for the other person, even when he doesn’t want help. If he is in trouble, he doesn’t want to be told about it. If he is wrong, he doesn’t want you to see it. It is alright to be wrong and to do wrong as long as you are not caught, so this type of thinking runs; and once caught, it is the other fellow’s fault for doing the catching.

“‘This cannot be tolerated from the Christ consciousness, or in the world of Christ-like activity. You already are involved in the Earth planet and all of its self-deceptions. These works you have come to do. As Spirit works regardless of the attitude and understanding of the lesser consciousness, so the co-creator with Spirit, the sons of God, work too; unceasingly, unconcerned or impersonal, and without any thought for the thanks or the reward that is due.’

Daily Crucifixion

“Finally, as though conclusively to confirm the change in attitude that must be made in me concerning these challenges, I again was guided to the Complete Sayings of Jesus, and to the Metaphysical Bible Dictionary for the spiritual interpretation.

“‘Pilate (governor of personal will) therefore said, “Will ye that I release unto you Barabbas (adverse consciousness, hatred and rebellion) or Jesus which is called the Christ?” They cried out all at once, “Release Barabbas.” Pilate said, “What shall I do then with Jesus? “They cried out again, “Let him be crucified.”

Yolanda then added the following: “The Christ in us is crucified daily by selfishness, hatred, fears, prejudices and the self will of the mortal ego”. [END of this second diary entry.]

Daily Resurrection

Although Yolanda ended the above entry on a note emphasizing crucifixion, we know from studying her life that she also and primarily focused on resurrection, which is the dual partner of the sixth step or major initiation of crucifixion-resurrection. It is not enough to cross out error but we always are to keep our eye single on resurrecting the light, love and life of our I Am Self.

We may say symbolically that every night we die daily. But, even as we go through the seeming darkness of rebuking and chastising others and cleansing ourselves, when daybreak comes, we resurrect yet another small step or degree. Thus, the goal of zealously rebuking and chastising others is not to degrade, demean or destroy them, but rather to set the stage for the resurrection of the inherent good and good karma within these children of God whom we serve.

In terms of rebuking and chastising, we might well say that the greatest rebuke that Christ Jesus performed was his resurrection! To put it in the modern vernacular, he basically said to all those who opposed or did not believe him, who wanted to have his body killed so that they could remain in their selfish-power positions: Give me your best shot. In other words, be as dark and dank and selfish as you can; and then I will prove to you all of what I have said. My resurrection will prove that I Am the light of this world. (See painting of the risen Christ on the Sacre Coeur, Paris dome.)

Twenty-six million years of planetary darkness thus was rebuked and reprogrammed and made new by his demonstration!!

Following him, we, too, are the light of the world, particularly of that segment of mass consciousness that we represent. When Spirit calls upon us to rebuke others in our prayers, projections and personal interactions, we do our best to wield the sword of truth. In I Am conscious, we are the light of their world. We set the stage for the return or redescent of Sananda-Jesus in his light body.

Thank You, Spirit. Thank you, Sananda-Christ Jesus. We follow in your and Nada’s footsteps. Amen.

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  1. I remember the times that Yolanda’s sharp and poignant manner moved me out of my comfort zone and desire to “play the victim”. I wanted someone to feel sorry for me, because I had been so “mistreated”; but she was having none of that. Basically, her point to me was “Buck up, Chuck!” And even though it was hard to hear at the time, I am very thankful now that she was the giver of the tough love that I needed at that time in my life. Whether in face-to-face conversation, or through letters or email, she saw through my “covers” and “masks” to the heart of the matter, and she was very willing to point it out, for which I am now so very grateful.

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