Rebuke & Chastise

Who do you need to rebuke? How are you going to chastise this person? When will you correct or discipline this soul? Furthermore, who do you need to spue or spew, spit or vomit out of your mouth?

Third Eye Chakra

Before you start to answer and do the above, let’s lay some more groundwork to that which we discussed and worked with last week.

Starting today, Monday, September 27, 2021, our principal focus for a second seven days is our I Am power of zeal that manifests in the body as the hypothalamus, the midbrain and the medulla oblongata below the cerebrum at the base of the brain.

Hypo” means below, so the hypothalamus is below the thalamus in the center of the head (imagination). However, the hypothalamus is located above the pituitary gland (wisdom-judgment), which is the master gland of the endocrine system. Below the hypothalamus are the midbrain and the medulla oblongata. (See the drawing.)

These three structures (thalamus, hypothalamus-midbrain-medulla and pituitary) relate to, resonate with and are externalizations of our third-eye chakra, which is the doorway to and principal expression center of our soul or subconscious.

Color Correlation

The color that corresponds to the power of zeal is rosy pink. Like each of the colors for our 12 powers, rosy pink is is not a single, precise color but more so a range of colors that are called rosy pink. Each light worker sees colors a little bit differently, psychically and physically. Each computer or cell phone screen shows slightly different shades. But the gist or the core of the color we see in our inner or outer vision is called rosy pink.

When I looked up online the color rosy pink in the various official color wheels, with each color being assigned a hex number, I found two shades that are labeled rosy pink. The first one is lighter, with more white in it (hex#ff66cc to the left).  The second one is darker, with more red in it (hex#f6688e to the right). What a difference!

Therefore, know that each time you think pink or see pink, it is bound to be a little different shade. Find the shade of rosy pink that most resonates within you for this present moment and experience, and this will be the right pink for you to use in calling forth and expressing your zeal and enthusiasm.

(In Nada-Yolanda’s description of rosy pink as given in her visualization in our Mark-Age text Birth of the Light Body, page 166 — please read this — she says that rosy pink is a shade or two below the spectrum of blood red, which is the color of the next power of regeneration. So the darker pink above may be more like what she saw inwardly and came to call rosy pink.)

One of Twelve

And who was the rosy pink apostle? It was Simon the Zealot, also called Simon the Cananaen, who was the partner of James the Less, who portrayed the power of order-organization-system. (I will discuss the two names of Simon and their possible meanings and derivations in a later post.)

Seven Churches or Chakras

When John the Beloved, also called John the Divine, was taken up in the spirit on the Isle of Patmos, to the east of the eastern coast of present day Turkey (then called Anatolia or Asia Minor), he came into communion with Sananda-Jesus. Sananda’s head and hair were white; his eyes were as a flame of fire; and out of his mouth came a sharp two-edged sword. In other words, he was in his ascended light body, aflame with zeal, and wielding the sword of truth (words of truth).

Sananda said to John: What you see and hear, write in a book and send it to the seven churches: those at Ephesus, Smyrna, Pergamos, Thyatira, Sardis, Philadelphia and  Laodicea. (The “churches” in this context refer to the community or local congregations of early Christians living in each city. Such “churches” were inspired and founded by Jesus’ disciples following his ascension and the pouring out of Spirit on all flesh at Pentecost.)

In most of the seven messages, Sananda began by approving of each church’s good works and qualities. But, then, in six of the seven messages he went on to direct the people in each church to repent of their errors.

However, at the church of Laodicea, Sananda mentioned no good works, but said: Because you are lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spue [spew] you out of my mouth. Because you say, I am rich and my wealth has increased, and I need nothing; and you do not know that you are miserable, and a wanderer, and poor, and blind and naked. . . . I rebuke and chastise all those whom I love: be zealous, therefore, and repent. (See Revelation, Chapters 2 & 3 for the full account.)

Go and Do Likewise

So, here is our guidance for this week: We are to be in I Am consciousness, like unto Sananda/Jesus the Christ, and to rebuke and chastise those whom we love, but who still have subconscious pockets of self-deceit, self-power, superiority, indifference — selfishness. We are to rebuke them with the two-edged sword (words of truth) that comes powerfully out of our mouth.

Our head and hair will be surrounded by white light, because we are overshadowed by our light or etheric or Christ body; white is also the color, along with gold, of the Seventh Ray of Peace, Love and Rest. Our eyes will be aflame because we burn with zeal to see the truth and to re-image error and make it right through the speaking of the word.

Talk about a tall order! But we can do it. We have to, or we will become a part of, or party to, the error that swirls all around us in these Latter Days, when all that is hidden is being revealed, when we have come to transmute ourselves and all on Earth. Either we zealously transmute error or we unwittingly allow it to drag us down into the hell of our own mortal/soul errors.

Third Eye Focus

Why did the church at Laodicea receive such a strong, blunt rebuke? Evidently, this was because of the seven churches, it had the most error, the least adherence to the Christ teachings that Jesus had given to one and all. They had the most selfishness that they had to re-pent or re-think, and then to zealously re-program.

The name Laodicea metaphysically means justice and judgment of the people. Thus, it correlates with our spiritual power of wisdom-justice-judgment that expresses via our pituitary gland, as well as our other six major endocrine glands.

Thus, symbolically, each of the seven churches portray or represent one of our seven major chakras or spiritual centers: crown, third-eye, throat, heart, solar plexus, sacral and regenerative.

Laodicea portrays or resonates with the third eye chakra, which is the seat of the soul or subconsciousness. And mankind’s subconscious is filled with error that goes back millions of years, all of which is surfacing in these End Times or Age of Marks.

Imagination, Judgment & Zeal

To properly chastise and rebuke a fellow soul, we need to work with all three of our third-eye faculties or powers. Via our imagination faculty (thalamus), we use our ESP talents of clairvoyance (clear seeing) and clairsentience (intuition) to see past the outer behavior or claims of people into the underlying, seemingly hidden factors in the soul.

Thus, we may see that someone speaks out of both sides of his or her mouth: This person says something nice and supportive to our face, but then behind the scenes badmouths us or gossips about us or tries to cut us off at the knees, to cut us down to the size they see us, meaning below them in power. This psychic insight may come to us in visions or dreams, or we may just know it from within and trust what we receive, especially if the negative pattern persists outwardly time and again.

We also use our wisdom-judgment faculty, and look not only with our physical eyes but with our all-seeing, cosmic, third eye into the souls of those around us, especially those whom we love, but whom we find do not rightly love us or others. We are careful not to be judgmental, however, to not try to cast out the “speck” or small defect in another’s eye when we still have a “beam” or obvious blind spot in our own inner vision/eye.

Begin with Love

Having gathered the information via our imagination and judgment faculties, we now are ready to rebuke and chastise those whom we love. Note this fundamental foundation: Sananda said that he rebuked those whom he loved, not those that he hated. We are not to hate anyone, because everyone is a beloved son or daughter of our Father-Mother Creator.

But we certainly can dislike the actions of those wayward souls who have missed the mark, who are lazy or hypocritical or even mean-spirited, who are blind as a bat to the error within them. Our Christ service is to zealously point out the truth, to insist the correction of error, and to do this with a steady but fiery zeal.

Then, when the person has repented and his or her third eye is truly single, his or her body will be filled with light. He or she will be in the pink! And this blessed soul actually will thank us for the service we have performed to initiate the healing process. Yes, it may take time for this to occur, a long time even. But it will and does happen.

Multiple Temptations

So, why do we often resist rebuking, chastising and disciplining others, spitting or vomiting them out of our mouth? First, we may prefer to focus on peace and love — who wants to be in a mess or a conflict or a disturbance, since chastising seems to bring anything but peace.

Second, in similar fashion, we may reason that we are to love others unconditionally and basically look past their obvious faults. Yes, we are to selflessly love others, through thick and thin, but there is at the same time the equal need to point out error.

Imagine that as a parent you do not discipline your child out of a false sense of love. What happens? The child becomes unruly, unmanageable and the power center of the family, not because of the child’s fault but because of the parent’s fault.

Third, because of our cultural conditioning this lifetime, as a woman we may prefer to always be warm, comforting, supportive; and to never utter a sharp word of reproach. On the other hand, as a male, we may be too aggressive, too competitive, too quick to criticize and to put others down. Whichever gender we may be, we are to find the middle way, the best of the masculine and feminine aspects within us, to be zealous; sometimes to support, sometimes to be assertive.

Wield the Sword

Fourth, me may shudder a bit at the possibility that we will become self-righteous, a flaming or over-the-top religious zealot. God forbid. It is certainly something that we have to consider, to make sure that we slay this dragon in own soul, before we attempt to slay someone else in the Spirit.

But we cannot be frozen in the fear of failure or of being on a power trip. Rather, we are to use our sword of truth in a righteous, zealous, pink-filled way. We ask Spirit to do all things through us — and Spirit-God-Divine Mind-One power does this. So what is there in this that is not to like?

Love One Another

Fifth, at times we keep our mouth shut because we want to be loved by others. This is one of our major temptations. Our mortal reasoning is that if we chastise others, they will stop loving us and being our friend. Well, if that is the case, they are not our loving friend in the first place. Friends lay down their lives for one another, are truthful with one another, hold each other to a higher plane of I Am consciousness.

We do not need “fair-weather” friends. If we “lose” someone because we rebuke them, we never had him or her as a friend in the first place. Here’s to the joy and challenges of friendship!

Spit them Out

Sixth, we may think that pulling back and seeing the good in another person is all that is needed. Of course, we always are to keep our eye single on the Christ in each other soul, and often praying from the distance is our best approach, especially at first.

But, if this is all we do, we run the risk of “taking on” the error of the one who needs outward rebuking. We take their negative feelings into our own consciousness, we swallow our anger or our fear of them, and their nasty attitudes and feelings toward us, and it ends up in the pit of our stomach (hence our order characteristic, the preceding Christ attribute to that of zeal).

If so, we then may have to “vomit” our negative feelings out of our digestive system before we rightly can chastise and zealously speak the truth to someone who is trying to control, abuse, dominate or deny us as a fellow child of God; who does not honor the Christ in us.

Moreover, there are those individuals whom we have no choice but to “spit or vomit” out of our life, to remove ourselves from those who refuse to change. As Sananda has guided us, we are to leave such souls along the wayside and move forward without them.

Granted, at times we still see the Christ in these laggards, we never give up hope that they will finally see the light and change their ways. But, we cannot be dragged back by them or impeded by them from doing what we need to do to heal humanity, to keep moving forward and upward.

To God is the Glory

Seventh, we may want our life to be peaceful, loving, full of glorious upliftment and joy. But for the most part, light work in the Latter Days is anything but this. After all, we are in the War of Armageddon, when brother will turn against brother, father against son, a daughter against her mother, a supposed friend against his or her friend; when disasters and catastrophes will abound on the planet.

As light workers, of course our principle focus is peace, love, cooperation and coordination, but getting there will take every ounce of strength and steady zeal that we have to focus on the inevitable transmutation that precedes this four-step Christ matrix.

We have to maintain our zealousness for the Second Coming program throughout all our life. As Jesus said, those who persist to the end, will enter heaven. So we stay with it, we stay at it, we have sufficient each day the zeal thereof to keep the fires of transmutation burning, to go through crucifixion in order to resurrect.

Our glory and that of all humanity will be in the 2,000 years to come in the Golden or New Age of Aquarius. Hallelujah. Glory to God in the highest.

Show Us the Way

For further inspiration and clarification, let’s examine three of the many times throughout Jesus’ three years of his public ministry in which he rightly rebuked and chastised others.

When his chosen twelve apostles came to Christ Jesus and asked him who would enter heaven, Jesus brought a young boy in front of them. Then, he said to them, you must be as a little boy in order to enter the kingdom of I Am or heavenly consciousness. In other words, you must be as humble and innocent as a young child. (Matthew 18:33)

Can’t you just imagine the apostles scratching their heads and wondering what in the world their beloved Master was talking about? Here they were his chosen apostles, who no doubt thought they had the inner tract on entering heaven with him, and yet he rebuked them rather dramatically and taught them the higher truth: the first (those with the biggest ego) shall be last and the last (those with the least ego or selfishness) shall be first.

Family Focus

When Jesus was talking indoors with the people, his mother Mary and his brothers stood outside and wanted to talk with Jesus. But, he replied: Who are my mother and brothers? And he pointed his hand to his disciples and said, Behold my mother, and behold my brothers. For whoever does the will of our Father in heaven, he is my brother and my sister and my mother. In other words, they are my spiritual family that transcends my personal family. (Matthew 12:46-50)

How many times have you you wanted to say the same thing to your birth parents, your siblings, your cousins and other family members? After all, as Jesus proclaimed, a prophet is not honored in his own town. And certainly, all too often members of our very own family find it hard to see us as the prophet or wayshower that we are. Rebuking one of our family can be a tricky thing to do rightly, but at times it does need to be done.

Sin No More

Then, there was the time when Jesus was speaking in the temple, when the Pharisees and scribes brought before him a prostitute who had been caught in the act of her profession (notice that they did not bring the man who was involved — it takes two to tango). Hoping to trap Jesus in Mosaic Law and thereby discredit him as a blasphemer, the Pharisees asked Jesus what he had to say or do about this woman. Should she not be stoned to death?

As Jesus listen to the Pharisees, he was writing on the ground. But when the Pharisees had completed their self-righteous, self-serving and devious questioning, Jesus “straightened himself up” and said to them, Let he who is among you who is without sin cast the first stone. Bull’s eye! One by one the Pharisees and scribes slithered away, leaving the prostitute there.

Jesus then told the prostitute that he forgave her, but he added that she was to go and sin no more. Yes, he lovingly forgave her, but he did not let her off the hook in her need to repent or rethink or reprogram her error way: Go and sin no more.

Thus, when our accusers try to trap us in their lesser ideas and formulas and judgmental attitudes, we “straighten up” and rebuke them. After all, there are all kinds of ways in which fellow light workers adulterate cosmic laws and principles, not just in sexual activities but in business, religion, government, health care, and so on.

Of course, for those who see the light, we have love and forgiveness for them. But we make it clear that they are to go and sin no more. If not, we will take out our sword again and cut them to the quick in yet a deeper and blunter way.

Go To It

With all this background, now you are ready to move forward in rebuking and chastising others. Perhaps for the seven days of this week, you may be guided from within to work with one person per day, someone near to you or far away, even in another country. However, such a daily task might well be too much of a load.

In contrast, on the other hand, your focus for the whole week may be just on one single soul, the major one who is a thorn in your flesh. Until you find the best way to rightly rebuke this individual and you do it, you will not be able to focus on and rebuke others.

Sometimes, you may be guided in the moment to rebuke someone right away when the occasion arises. Other times, you may watch and wait for a few days, even a few months, to make sure that you correctly have judged the individual and his or her heretofore hidden selfish motives. Perhaps it will take a vision or dream or a conversation with others before you take the plunge, so to speak, and do the overt rebuking.

Timing is often of the essence. Therefore, ask Spirit to show you the right time to rebuke someone, to set up the event that makes it most likely that your rebuke will be “heard” and accepted. Afterwards, marvel at, and give thanks to, Father-Mother God for presenting the perfect opportunity for you to have said what needed to be said.

Be Balanced

Often it is best to begin any rebuke with praise for all the good that the person is doing and has done. This is what Sananda did in most of his messages to the seven churches. So, you say something like that you appreciate the person’s honesty, helpfulness and love for most others; however, there is still something that this person still needs to face and change.

Moreover, whatever approach you take, keep on point. Saying less rather than more typically is a good guideline. If the person does not “hear” your most forthright description of their shortcoming, talking more about it or even allowing yourself to argue about it will get you nowhere.

And be prepared that many people will want to do just this: to turn the tables on you, to make you the “bad” guy or gal, the one who is really at fault. Everyone is self-deceived to some point, and most individuals do not want you to expose this selfishness within them; and that is especially true of proud spiritual folks. That’s why we are still stuck here in the third dimension. The crazy reasoning goes that it is OK to be selfish, as long as no one catches you in it or calls you upon it. What a crock!

Many Ways, One Purpose

Sometimes, you do your rebuking in person, one-to-one, without involving others or embarrassing someone in front of their peers. Sometimes, the error involves the whole group so the rebuking is done with everyone present. That way there will be no denial of what you had to say, no attempt to talk later behind your back and try to get others on the side of the one who needs to change.

Depending on the situation, your rebuke may get delivered during a phone call, in an email or by a letter sent via the postal service. Writing something down gives the person the opportunity to read your words many times down the road. Of course, some will see the good in this, and some will not want to never read your epistle again. Whatever the case, what is most important is whether or not the person makes the needed changes.

Full Force

And then sometimes, it is best to not focus first on the good in the person, but to get right to the point and to be direct and blunt and full-scale with your chastisement. Sananda did this in his comments to the church of Laodicea. Can you imagine what the Laodiceans must have felt when they got his message? Whew!

And yet, it was just what was needed. It was just the shock to wake them up to their blindness and selfishness. Sananda gave them no “wiggle room” whatsoever, but held their feet to the fire of his Christ chastisement.

Usually, this direct, full-force type of rebuking comes only after you have tried other approaches. If these other methods do not get results, and if Spirit directs you time and again to speak more forthrightly, then by all means say what needs to be said. Slay your protagonists in the Spirit.

Point out their darkness so that in time they can come back into the light of their I Am Selves, the light of God within them. If not, they may well be lost, may continue to wander in their mortal delusions and may in time sink deeper into depression, despair and depravity, into the fiery pit of hell on and about the Earth in the astral planes. As Nada-Yolanda’s channelings repeatedly have revealed, some such lost, negative, unreachable souls even will have to be removed from this solar system.

Go Global

May everyone on Earth see and be the pink light of love. May every “church” in every land be born anew in I Am awareness and consciousness. May everyone love one another.

May Sananda-Jesus, who rebukes those whom he loves, meaning every single soul, return shortly in his light body to lead us into a New Age of peace and love.

So we zealously see it and call it forth on our pink planet. So may it be. Soon!

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  1. In the pendulum swinging of my life, I have gone from the side of overly harsh and critical judgments, where rather than the sword of Truth, I was wielding the “battle axe” of Truth, so to speak; to the other side, where I embrace the attitude of “live and let live” and “can’t we all just be friends?”. I have found that my challenge/opportunity/responsibility is to find and focus on the Center, the Christ, who is the wayshower and inspiration provider for all the times I can and need to give the type of input and feed-back that is necessary at any given moment, where compassion is the energetic source of all that comes forth from me. Balance in all things is the key.

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