Serve St. Germain

Serve St. Germain

Today, June 28, 2022, we begin four days of linking with St. Germain, Chohan or Director of the Sixth Ray of Cleansing, Transmutation and Purification. This is part of our continuing four-week focus on re-opening and re-empowering the Temple of Saturn that is located at and around Mt. Denali, Alaska. The planet Saturn exemplifies and radiates the Sixth Ray for the whole Solar System, with its Sun and twelve planets, nine of which are physical and three of which are of a higher dimension, hence invisible to telescopes and space probes.

As I shared in a prior blog, St. Germain’s previous incarnations include: Rama Tault of early Egypt; Apollonius of Tyana; Matthias, replacement for Judas as a disciple of Jesus; Christopher Columbus; Count Rakoczy who called himself St. Germain; and last, Francisco Marto, one of the three children of Fatima. St. Germain has not revealed his I Am or high Self name, but rather goes by the name St. Germain that he used in his incarnation as him.

Dr. Hannibal

St. Germain’s present function in the hierarchal plan for the Mark-Age period and program is as Dr. Hannibal, commander of etheric forces in the Western Hemisphere. His city-sized mothership is #1235, while his hieronic ship is #1236.

In regard to Dr. Hannibal’s spaceship #1235, on March 28, 1961, he channeled via Nada-Yolanda: “We are known as Motah, Saturnian Council members. Aboard this craft are representatives from every planet in the solar system, and from other galaxies, for interdimensional purposes. It is one of the major meeting areas in your atmosphere. Motah is a code name for a segment of governmental information sources; ruling classes, you might say.” St. Germain/Dr. Hannibal as Chohan of the Sixth Ray is a member of the Saturnian Council or Council of Seven, the highest ruling governmental body of the Hierarchal Board that meets on Saturn.

As to the meaning of the name Dr. Hannibal, St. Germain on March 28, 1961 channeled via Nada-Yolanda: “I am using the name Hannibal. It is not my real name, nor is it important. You would not know my name, nor would it mean anything. It is as good a name as any we could arrive at with your syllables. Motah is a interdimensional code name and we use it freely in the work of governmental procedures.”

The title “Dr.” does not indicate a medical doctor or healer, but rather is more like having a Ph D degree — it indicates he is a so-called “doctor” or master of Sixth Ray transmutation.

I know St. Germain best from my many contacts with him when my ex-wife and I toured multiple sites in the Western Hemisphere from November 2010 to March 2015. These included visits to Costa Rica; 5 sites in South America including Manaus, Brazil (Temple of Uranus); the Grand Tetons, Wyoming, USA (Temple of Venus); southern Vermont, USA (Earth Temple); and Mt. Denali, Alaska (Temple of Saturn). Numerous times in dreams and visions during these travels, I was taken aboard his ship #1235 where I conferred with him and his associates, who were watching over us. Several times, Phillel received channelings from Dr. Hannibal that confirmed what I was receiving during these various tours.

Transmuting Astral Attacks

To begin our communions with St. Germain for the reopening of the Temple of Saturn, we focus first on the revitalization and re-empowerment of our own individual Temple of Saturn. Each of us is such a Sixth Ray temple or power center.

In my own exampling of, and working on this, on June 21, 2022, I published my blog on the Six Saturnian Brothers who, along with my galactic “parents” out in the Milky Way Galaxy, had contacted me in the prior four days. Especially my contacts with my galactic parents, who I ended up calling my galactic Dad and Mom, were so powerful and moving at such a deep spiritual level that it took me three days to adjust to, and to anchor, their vibrations and energies here on Earth. (See my previous blog here.)

Then, as so often happens after a strong, powerful connection with those in the higher planes of life, the next morning, June 22nd, I had a “blow back” dream or astral attack. When the doorway between dimensions opens another degree, not only etheric ascended masters, space visitors and angels come through it, but also astral entities are attracted to the light. Moreover, those on Earth in mortal consciousness tend to react negatively to the new violet light energy that upsets the status quo of their selfish power trips.

Especially those in the lower astral planes resist the changes that have come about in us and have radiated out to them. Therefore, they tend to to attack us, despite all our efforts to spiritually protect ourselves. Moreover, even those in the higher astral planes may try to thwart our efforts, which threaten their remaining selfish ideas and desires. Even some light workers on Earth react negatively to us, because our higher light exposes more of the residual darkness in them. As Jesus predicted, brother will fight against brother in the Latter Days.

Sananda told Nada-Yolanda when she was in her seventh major initiation that such astral/mass consciousness attacks were not due to her doing something wrong; they were not her fault. Rather, given the low level of consciousness on Earth and in the astral planes, they were just something that she and other light workers would have to deal decisively with, regardless of its source. Focusing daily and routinely on spiritual protection always is necessary, no matter how far we have progressed in our journey to I Am or Christ consciousness.

Unwelcome Alleged Helpers

In my June 22nd dream, I was in Hilarion House here at I Am Nation/Sun Temple headquarters in northeastern Tennessee. A series of trucks came down our road, filled with workers who had received orders from their superiors to fix numerous things that allegedly were wrong here at Hilarion House. I went outside to greet them and told them directly and bluntly that there was nothing wrong here, only that the house was under renovation that I was handling properly. But they would not listen to me, so sure were they that they were right, and that it was their duty and responsibility to fix the problems here.

Somehow, although I had the doors closed, they managed to get into the house, and started working on the electrical wiring, the air conditioning system and the floor. Time and again, I tried my best to get them to stop and to usher them out the doors. But even as one or a few of them finally left, others somehow got into other rooms of the house. And then, more such alleged repair people came inside and started cleaning out closets, working on the plumbing, etc., none of which had anything wrong with them.

This went on for what seemed to be a half-hour or more, with the workers getting more and more insistent on staying and treating me with utter disregard and disrespect. I even thought some of the more pushy ones might attempt to hurt me if I did not cooperate with them, even perhaps try to kill me. Finally, I awoke from this horrible nightmare. It was still pitch black outside, so I turned on all the lights in the house, got some food and took some vitamins to settle my nerves, and meditated for about an hour to get settled and to reestablish solid protection around the building and all of the I Am Nation’s 89 acres. I especially called upon Lord Michael and El Morya to protect Phillel and me. Phillel likewise has had scores of such astral infiltration and attack dreams over the years.

Hated in Jesus’ Name

After sleeping a couple hours, I got up, did my bathroom duties, had some breakfast and began my early morning’s meditation. I still was feeling the residue of my disturbing dream, so I focused once again on protection. My guidance was to surround myself in a golden sphere or globe of light, with gold representing the light body and the gold and white light of the Seventh Ray of Peace, Love and Rest. I was to stay in this ball of light not only for my protection, but also to not do any writing for my blog for at least two days, such that I would be fully grounded, balanced, rested and relaxed, and ready to move forward again.

Even as I did so, however, my love-heart center hurt, like someone had speared me in the center of my chest. Psychically peering inward at this, my aura there was indented, with its point being about 4 inches deep into my aura or heart chakra. The spear’s tip had penetrated partly into my aura but had not pierced my physical body, which nonetheless hurt, because the astral and physical bodies are interconnected.

Pressing physical acupuncture points in the central region of my chest elicited sharp pain. With the pain, I felt the hatred and self-righteousness of the one or ones who had pierced me, like I was on the cross when the soldier pierced the side of Jesus. The psychic pain of this was much more painful and disturbing than the minor physical discomfort I felt.

Asking Spirit for guidance about how to deal with this, what came to me were the words of Jesus, as recorded in the Gospel of Matthew 13:13: And you will be hated by everyone because of my name, but whoever will endure until the end, he will be saved.

And in the Gospel of John 15:18-27: “If the world hates you, remember that it hated me first. The world would love you as one of its own if you belonged to it, but you are no longer part of the world. I chose you to come out of the world, so it hates you. Do you remember what I told you? ‘A slave is not greater than the master.’ Since they persecuted me, naturally they will persecute you. And if they had listened to me, they would listen to you. They will do all this to you because of me, for they have rejected the one who sent me. They would not be guilty if I had not come and spoken to them. But now they have no excuse for their sin. Anyone who hates me also hates my Father.

And finally, I thought of Jesus driving the money changers out of the temple, and later on the cross saying: Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do.

In these above quotes and teachings is the progression from Sixth Ray transmutation to Seventh Ray peace and love. Forgiveness protects and heals us and others!

Faith in Love

That afternoon, at our weekly 3 PM Hierarchal Board Meditation, both Phillel and I focused on protection, each of us starting off with the imagery of a golden globe around us, then uniting our two globes together, and next reinforcing the golden dome or globe around our property. In this golden consciousness, we radiated peace and love to everyone all around the planet.

At the end of these visualizations, suddenly a royal-blue-colored small sphere appeared in the center of my heart chakra that was a much larger golden ball of light. This felt wonderful, like a missing key or component of the golden globe that unknowingly I had been missing. (See image to the right.)

Interpreting this, it meant that I was to have greater faith (First Ray royal blue) in the power of love (Seventh Ray gold). Each new small step starts with First Ray faith: having faith in our Father-Mother God, having the faith of our I Am or God Self. From there, we proceed through all the 12 powers of the Christ Self, until we birth anew our light body, whose color is gold.

In like manner, we proceed and pass through in step-by-step, gradual fashion each of the Seven Rays of Life. When we have full and abundant faith in love, we heal humanity, starting with our own remaining soul-mortal doubts, fears, worries and such; and then radiate our love to others, which harmonizes their minds, bodies and souls. Love conquers all.

Keep On Keeping On

If we allow our fears of failure to persist, they will grow and multiply. Rather, we cut them out with the sword of truth; we transmute them in the violet flame. If we still feel guilty and ashamed of our past failures and mistakes, if we feel inferior or superior, then in time our physical heart hurts and malfunctions. Our own fears and lack of Self-confidence makes us a ready target for those who wish to dominate and destroy us.

Mind you, some people will hate us anyway, even when we have abiding faith and love — in fact we will be hated precisely because we do have abiding faith and love. But, our own residual doubts, fears and lack of self-confidence make matters much worse. So, as always, we follow the dictum: physician-healer, heal yourself. No matter what happens or its cause, we persevere, persist and endure in loving God and loving one another. By so doing, in time we will reach the top of the mountain, the heights of spirituality on Earth.

Keep Your Eye Single

Two days later, on June 24th, I could barely stay awake in my meditation time as I felt the strong influx of higher spiritual energies. One time after falling asleep, I dreamt that someone who previously had disliked or even hated me and had refused my efforts to be a friend with this individual now stood to the left of me. Amazingly, this person was now friendly, loving, supportive and fully comfortable with and appreciative of me. It was a total transformation that moved me deeply.

Pondering this rebirth, it eventually dawned on me that what I was being shown was the I Am or high Self of this person, with whom I already was one. Whether this person actually had transmuted past thoughts, feelings and behaviors in regard to me, I did not know. Rather, I was to keep my eye single on this individual’s Christ or spiritual Self, which already is whole and holy, as I saw so clearly in the dream. In time, whether it took months, years or even lifetimes, that would lead to this soul’s basking in the violet flame to bring forth healing and transformation. I was to keep the faith that this indeed would happen in God’s good time and way. In the end, love would be triumphant. So be it.

Travel to Temple of Saturn

That afternoon, at the end of my lunch, Sol-O-Man strongly overshadowed me and advised me to lie down in my bed. Upon doing so, I felt strong heart chakra activation, plus acceleration via a space beam of my crown chakra/cerebrum. Dr. Hannibal was with Sol-O-Man. She as my master teacher had come to authorize what was to occur next under Dr. Hannibal’s Sixth Ray guidance and mastery.

Dr. Hannibal and Sol-O-Man lifted me in my light body aboard a small etheric spacecraft wherein they were stationed. When I was settled there, Dr. Hannibal with Sol-O-Man took me on a voyage to the Temple of Saturn whose central forcefield is located around Mt. Denali in central Alaska, USA. As we came to this site, I saw Dr. Hannibal’s huge mothership #1235 hovering over it, which was surrounded by about 50-60 smaller spacecraft. Their positions reminded me of the rings around Saturn.

The forcefield of the Temple of Saturn extended northward to the Arctic Circle and beyond to the North Pole. There, it interconnected with the forcefield of the Temple of Neptune whose center is at Olkhon Island, Lake Baikal, Siberia, Russia. Above it was Summalt-Peter’s spacecraft #7423. During the prior Alaska Mission, I had been shown this same Western and Eastern Hemispheric connection.

Summalt is the etheric commander for the Eastern Hemisphere in the hierarchal program. In a prior lifetime, he was Simon Peter, Jesus’ Apostle who represented the faith faculty. Both Dr. Hannibal in ship #1235 and Summalt in his ship #7423 serve Sananda-Jesus aboard his ship #10, the Star of Bethlehem.

Elohim of Purification

Suddenly, filling my entire third eye screen, appeared a huge, otherworldly face, looking unlike anyone I psychically had seen before. The face came into and out of focus, like it was being shown to me from a higher dimension, being phased in and out. Some facial features were recognizable but without a lot of details. The person-entity appeared to be androgynous, although more so feminine than masculine. He-she-it smiled lovingly at me, visually embracing me in his-her gaze. It took ten minutes or more, but eventually the realization came of who this was: It was the Elohim of Purification.

Elohim are one or more of the seven Elohim in the Godhead, heading the seven rays of life. They are the original creators of manifestation for Spirit. Under the Elohim are the seven archangels of the seven rays who with the Elohim co-create, maintain and dissolve forms. Under the angels in the spiritual chain of command is mankind who in turn oversees and guides animals, vegetables and minerals.

Prior to this, the only Elohim that I had communed with was the Elohim of Peace and Love of the Seventh Ray. This Elohim had initially contacted me when my ex-wife and I were in the airport before flying into Alaska on the Shasta-Alaska Mission in 2014, and had contacted several times when we were at Mt. Denali. However, this Seventh Ray Elohim never had shown me an image of its face, but rather had appeared as a brilliant sphere of light.

The facial image that I presently saw of the Sixth Ray Elohim more than likely was symbolic, not literal, making me more comfortable with this communion. To use a common phrase, I came “face to face” with the Elohim of Purification. (To see Phillel’s contact and communion with the Elohim of Purification, click here, and then scroll down to the last section of this blog to “Port of Entry.”)

Violet Earth

Also present with the Elohim of Purification were Archangel Lord Zadkiel of the Sixth Ray and his feminine partner Lady Zadkiel, plus St. Germain’s twin soul, who calls herself Lady Violet. With the Elohim of the Sixth Ray leading the way, violet liquid-light poured into and around the Temple of Saturn, thereby opening it still further. By the end of this projection, this completed the re-empowering and re-birthing of this temple for this period of now.

Moreover, violet light now flowed northward to the North Pole and interconnected with the Temple of Neptune forcefield that is centered around Olkhon Island, Lake Baikal. From the linked Sixth Ray Temple of Saturn and the First Ray Temple of Neptune, the violet flame radiated to and suffused each of the other ten planetary temples or spiritual vortices, thereby lighting up the whole planet in violet light.

Voyage to Saturn

I rested for about 15 minutes, thinking that this meditation and experience had come to a close. Instead, the power now amped up another degree. Dr. Hannibal and Sol-O-Man then took me in a small spacecraft on a journey to the planet Saturn, the Sixth Ray home of the Council of Seven. The Elohim of the Sixth Ray oversaw and protected this interplanetary travel, as did Lord and Lady Zadkiel, and Saturnian space visitors.

When at Saturn, I was taken in my light body down to the surface of the planet, where I ended up at a meeting of the Saturnian Council, with all seven chohans and archangels in attendance, along with Lords Michael and Maitreya as the co-titular heads of the Hierarchy. They acknowledged my presence, warmly welcomed me and then got about their business as I observed them. They discussed what the next step would be with the ongoing re-opening of the Sun Temple and the twelve planetary temples on Earth, in conjunction with the positive changes occurring throughout the solar system in its own transmutation to a new level.

Needless to say, I was awestruck and humbled to be there at this meeting. On the other hand, it all felt so normal, like I had been there many times before. Memories of past visits began to seep into my conscious awareness, but without much specific content. Having this set of experiences made the Council of Seven all that much more real to me, not just something I had studied and written about, or intuitively felt deep within me.

Concluding this meeting, all the council members radiated violet light around Saturn, and then out into the Solar System, quickening each of its planets. The Earth was reconnected anew with the Federation of Planets. No more details were given to me about all of this.

Slowly, this entire scene faded away, and I became aware of being back in my bed. It was difficult, however, to get re-grounded here on Earth, as my forcefield had been stretched to its highest possible degree without my losing contact with my earthly, physical form. I laid in bed for another 30-45 minutes, just vibrating and marveling at this entire set of experiences. I gave abundant thanks to the Elohim of Purification, the angels, the ascended masters, the Saturnian space visitors, to my galactic friends, and to those light workers in the higher astral planes of Earth.

Sol-O-Man & Dr. Hannibal

A few hours later, after my supper, I was enjoying my favorite snack, a big bowl of popcorn, as I read a book. To my total surprise, Sol-O-Man and Dr. Hannibal suddenly stood just a few feet in front of me. I saw the outlines of their bodies, plus I felt the etheric energies and substances within these bodies, which distorted the image of the wall behind them. They proceeded to have a friendly, intimate chat with me, like any physical loved ones might do. I was deeply touched by this. They were not so much etheric ascended masters as they were friends and family.

Eventually, Sol-O-Man telepathically said to me, Robert, you really do have to give up your residual feelings of insecurity and lack of worth, your excessive worryings about your mission and if you are rightly carrying it out. Dr. Hannibal and I could not be more pleased with you, your integrity, your spirit, your willingness and ability to always follow our guidance. What more could anyone ask of you? Hannibal nodded his head and said simply: I love you, too.

All this was in reference to my vision of the royal blue sphere in my golden heart chakra. It was time to have abiding faith in who I Am: Soliel of the Sun, and in what I have come to Earth to do and am doing. Any excessive doubts, fears, worries and such are to be cleansed and transmuted. All is well and in divine order. And with that, Sol-O-Man and Dr. Hannibal disappeared from my psychic sight, but I felt their indelible presence and love more deeply embedded in my heart. What a day!

Seven Elohim

After sleeping fairly well that the night, in my following morning meditation, I had no expectation that Spirit and the agents of Spirit would give me anything new. I already felt full to overflowing and thought that my meditation would just be an opportunity to get more grounded after yesterday’s experiences.

However, after about an hour of receiving nothing, suddenly my whole inner vision lit up with brilliant light. It had no discernable color or emphasis. But it was the most dazzling, extraordinary, higher vibrational energy I ever had experienced. Periodically, I gasped and moaned a bit as I tried my best to receive and anchor this extraordinary energy in and through me. It was almost overwhelming, but somehow I managed to stay mostly conscious and to work with it.

After questioning all of this, Sananda-Jesus appeared in my inner vision. However, his light body was small compared to the total light in my third-eye screen and view. He assured me that what I was experiencing was right and good, and that I was to continue to go with the flow of it. His size indicated that the higher light and power that I was seeing and feeling was beyond even his level of I Am consciousness.

The brilliant light lasted at least 30 minutes, probably longer. Questioning time and again who or what it was or who it represented, nothing came to me. Finally, near the end of the meditation, the strong impression came that I was in communion with Father-Mother God. And then finally it dawned on me that what actually was happening was that all seven Elohim were present and were radiating their combined light, love and life into and through me to the whole planet. After all, the Elohim are a part of the Godhead; they are the first to step down divine light and consciousness into manifestation.

Their combined forcefield was totally incredible, beyond description. Yet, somehow, I was able to receive and hold it, and to radiate it out to everyone and every place around the planet, starting with the thirteen temples. The Elohim then told me that their combined presence indicated that the Easter-spring cycle was now complete. The transition period into the summer cycle was now beginning.


It took me two days after this to settle down, to get fully anchored and grounded in this new spiritual awareness and consciousness, to accept that what had been given to me was as accurate as it could be, given that I was still here on Earth. No corrections or additions were given about what I had experienced and deduced. In fact, on the second of the two days, I clairaudiently heard a divine voice, I believe from the Elohim of Purification, which said: Well done! Therefore, all that remained for me to do was to write up all of this for this blog, to share it with you who read and apply it.

The next day in meditation, on June 27th, I felt deep stimulation of the top center of my head, in the area of my pineal gland, which is the endocrine representative of the crown chakra. The image came of a huge flower closing up, like a flower does at the end of a day. In order to receive the above experiences and revelations, Spirit and the agents of Spirit had opened my crown chakra to its greatest degree yet. But I could not stay fully in that opened state, in that communion with the masters, angels and Elohim. It was time now to pull back, to get my rest, to let things be, to rest in the peace of my I Am Self.

Then in time, I and others will move more actively into the summer cycle, starting anew. The realization came that we are only a little more than halfway through this year’s Tour of the Thirteen Temples. Not until we have completed this yearlong project will the seven Elohim come again to anchor in the full, completed linking of the Sun Temple and the twelve planetary temples on Earth; as well as the linking of the Earth with Saturn and other planets.

Be A Violet Flame

Fellow agents of transmutation, for the next few days, link with St. Germain/Dr. Hannibal. Ask him to help you with your remaining cleansing and purification. Know that he is with you, for you, adding his violet flame to yours, whether you be in the Western or Eastern Hemisphere.

Keep seeing the purity within the core of each person who outwardly may disrespect you, distance himself or herself from you, or even despise and hate you. Time and again, see the Christ in this soul who after all is suffering much more so than you, because he or she is imbalanced. What you see, in time will be.

Envision the glorious violet light anchored in and around Alaska, which radiates to and throughout the planet, to all the other temples or powers centers worldwide.

Be at one with Saturn and the Hierarchal Board that meets there.

See yourself communing with the seven Elohim, starting with the Elohim of Purification. Whether this actually occurs now or not, your visualizations of it and receptivity to this exchange in time will lead to your direct, actual experience of it. Love the Elohim who love you, now and forever. Welcome them in you heart of hearts.

Give thanks to Spirit and all the agents of Spirit for your ongoing transmutation, for your rebirthing of your own Temple of Saturn, for the the re-empowerment of the Temple of Saturn in Alaska. Be the violet flame that you are.

Rest in the peace of your I Am Self!

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