Understanding & Wisdom of Lao-Tzu

Here are some wonderful quotes from the Chinese sage Lao-Tzu who lived in China about at the same time as the Buddha in India. Lao-Tzu was an incarnation of the ascend master, Kut Humi, who is the Chohan or Director of the Second Ray; his twin soul is named Ella. Lao-Tzu is more so a title rather than being a personal name, for it means “Wise Old Man.” Lao-Tzu is one of the two co-founders of Taoism. Ella was incarnated at that time with him. Click here to see and hear the YouTube video. I long since have been a big fan of Tao-Tzu and have come to also love Ella.

Taoism is famous for its yang-yin symbol, to show how masculine (+) and feminine (-) work together as one, equal, complementary pair. In the West, we are more likely just to draw a straight line down from the top of the circle to its bottom, thereby making two equal, but totally opposite sides or segments. But conscious (+) and subconscious (-) aspects of our one mind interact with one another in harmonic resonance, sometimes more so feminine, sometimes more so masculine.

White symbolizes masculine, black portrays the feminine polarity. White is of the light above, whereas black is the darkness of below, in the Cosmic Womb or Void of Nothingness wherein the Child is created physically, grows to maturity, and is born.

May your yang and yin be linked together as one, married to each other, able from both sides to give and take for the good of the whole. May our conscious-subconscious unit be one with our superconscious mind.

May all in the East birth their masculine Buddha/Lao-Tze consciousness, and their feminine Buddhi-Ella consciousness. May East and West be one in the One.

DJ Doc West  (yang) and East (yin)

4 thoughts on “Understanding & Wisdom of Lao-Tzu”

  1. You can pronounce LOV Him and LOV her when you look at your round diagram beginning with E L O V H I M, etc. The English letter L sounds like
    EL. So, we can say LOVE shows up again and again.

    1. Thank you so much, Jane, for this new interpretation of Elo-V-Him and Elo-V-Her. “E” stand for the Divine Masculine pointing to the right. “Lov” is the divine feminine. Together they produce Him and Her, the Divine Son or Daughter. Wonderful! And “Lov” is the key to this Cosmic Creation.

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