Go Tell It on 13 Mountains

Here’s our song for today, a collaboration of Home Free with Texas Hill: Go Tell It on the Mountain. Amen. Let’s do it. Let’s spread the word worldwide. Click here. 

Atop Mt. Ta Cu in Vietnam; above Mt. Denali in Alaska; at the top of Grand Teton Peak in the Teton Range at Wyoming, USA; atop Montmartre in Paris, France; on the Mount of Olives in Jerusalem; and all the other sites of the Thirteen Spiritual Temples or power centers or vortices of sacred light  around the globe. The planetary grid is reborn, re-juiced and rejuvenated.

Moreover, not only is Jesus re-born, but Mary is re-born; not only is the Buddha re-born, but Yasodhara is re-birthed. East and West as whole holy circuit and temple is re-born. The Whole Earth is re-born as the Heart Center in the solar system.

You and I are reborn. So, let’s go and tell it on the Mountain that we re-born and all on and about the Earth are re-born. The masculine and feminine Elohim sing our praises. The masculine and feminine Angels sing Gloria Excelsis Deo. The ascended masters and space visitors trumpet their blessings and do their jig. The devas and elementals jump for joy. All are born again; our beloved home, Earth, is born again; the solar system is born again; love blooms anew in every heart, everywhere.

Thank You Father-Mother God. Your Sons and Daughters are reborn. Your/Our beloved Family is re-born! Om.