When You Believe

Here’s our song for today by Lucy and her sister Martha Thomas: When You Believe. Click here to see and hear it.

This song makes me think of Sananda-Jesus who often said: By your faith (belief), you are healed. I love the icon to the right from Monastery Icons of the blue Jesus. Blue is for faith, will and power of the First Ray, while his golden aura and white undergarment are of the Seventh Ray. The icon is titled: Jesus, Light of the World.

Call upon Christ Jesus to heal your head and heart, to fill you with blue healing. He and Sol-O-Man/Mary, his twin soul, are with you always and in all ways. By your faith in the Christ in him and yourself, you are healed!

Click By Your Faith for a large image that you can download and print. It will go to your download file and then you can select it there (at least it did on my computer). I have a beautiful copy of it in a bronze frame (sort of a gold color) on my wall in my new office.

I felt Sananda-Jesus’ faith-filled, loving, healing presence this morning in my deep meditation. He inspired my posting this song and image. So, yes, my dear friends, he is with you and me in our head and hearts and all of us. Just ask him to show himself to you. Ask and you shall receive!

Is it not time for the power-mongers of the world, starting with those leading China, to put their faith in the Prince of Peace and Love, the Prince of Healing!? By our faith, we will help them to do so. Amen.