May I Have This Dance? Part II

In describing my dance with my ex-wife MariLyn Joy, what follows is only a brief overview and focus that is primarily about me, not her. Why this approach?

First, I follow the same principle as you do: Do unto others as you would want them to do unto you. I certainly would not like it if MariLyn sent out an email to you or wrote a blog in which she publicly revealed her assessment of me. So I am not going to do that with her.

Second, I am a guy and as such I have only a limited understanding of what ladies go through, how they think and feel and act, and why. So, who am I to sit in judgment of MariLyn?

Healing the Soul

This second point was driven home to me in fall 2011, when MariLyn and I were returning from our month-long Mission to South America. In an early morning flight from the city of Manaus, in the center of the Amazon Rain Forest in Brazil, we traveled to Panama City, Panama, with the intent to rest 2 days there and to project to Central America before returning to TN.

MariLyn, all the previous night and into the morning of our flight, felt a tremendous influx of the higher spiritual energies, which left her feeling nauseous and discombobulated. I was charged, too. But, MariLyn seemed to be so stressed that she took out her frustration, anger and upset on me; or so I thought.

At our hotel room that morning, we tried to nap, with some success. But even then, things were decidedly ragged between us. Being a guy, with a superior intellect (ha), I thought I had it all figured out and I would be able to logically and systematically point her to the truth. No way, Jose’.

Lovely Ladies to the Rescue

So, I went out on the balcony of our room, and did my best to meditate. And there, hovering over me was Sol-O-Man, with Nada and Anna, MariLyn’s master teacher. Seldom does Sol-O-Man rebuke me in strong terms, but this time she strongly conveyed that I was “blind as a bat.” She said that I as a man, who has had mostly male incarnations, had no real idea what MariLyn, a woman, was going through, she who has had mostly female past lives.

Well, I resisted and tried to convey in thought that this was not so, that surely Sol-O-Man was overstating things. You can imagine how well that went over! So to drive home her point, she said that as a man I would never understand, know or experience what a woman goes through in pregnancy and in giving birth to and nursing a child. Point made and understood! Thank you, Sol-O-Man.

Sol-O-Man then conveyed that she, Nada and Anna would work with MariLyn and I would see the fruits of their motherly love of her. Indeed, about half an hour later, out walked MariLyn on the balcony, having miraculously returned to being the sweet, loving lady and wife that she is. Oh my!

So, if you ask me now why MariLyn did the things she did when she divorced me and went her way, I will honestly say that I don’t know. Oh, of course, I have my pet theories, backed up with lots of seemingly good evidence. And of course, at times, I still succumb to thinking I was right and she was wrong.

Mind you, MariLyn had her own soul challenges and shortcomings, but that is between her and her etheric teachers, between her and God. It is not my place or ability to judge her, even though I try to do so at times. Mortal consciousness, what can I tell you?

However, my I Am sanity is not restored until I love the Christ in MariLyn and bless her for all the good times we had together. The rest, as they say, is just mortal commentary, of little, lasting concern.

This sounds so easy to realize and do, but man is it hard work. Whew!

One Step Back

MariLyn decided by late 2016 to get a divorce, which she obtained in January 2017. I tentatively approved it because I knew she had her mind made up and there was not a single thing I could do or say to change the course she had set. And yet, being an optimistic idealist, at least in my better moments, I still hoped and prayed that we could be friends. Surely, despite my current sickness, she would come to her senses and see what a loving guy I was (this despite the fact that since childhood, my heart partially has been shut down).

Complicating matters, in spring 2017, MariLyn developed new bouts of atrial fibrillation, which she had not had since her two heart ablations in 2008-2009. She was devastated, having long since expected that this disorder was a thing of the past which never would resurface. However, apparently the stress of our present, fractured relationship had kicked off deep soul things in her that were manifesting as this arrhythmia. Furthermore, we would learn later that it was not at all uncommon amongst people who had had successful ablations to develop new symptoms five or ten years down the road.

Two Steps Forward

On August 29, 2017, I dreamt that I was with MariLyn at yet another holistic healing conference in the higher planes. After one of the meetings, we went back to our hotel room, where we eventually rested together on our bed. MariLyn rolled over on her side and lovingly put her arms around me. She looked at with much tender love, thankfulness and admiration, and then kissed me deeply. She said “I really love you with all my heart,” and it was clear that she meant it. I replied that I loved her too. It was a delicious, divine moment! And then I awoke.

Interpreting, by this time, MariLyn already had decided to move and go back to Minneapolis, Minnesota, where she had lived all her life before coming to Tennessee. Two weeks before the above dream, I had dreamt that at nighttime, I had gone to look at Hilarion House here where she currently still lived, and it was now abandoned, shuttered up, with no one there — she had left. So what in the world was my above dream about?

Love Conquers All

My conclusion was as follows: Deep down, despite her present outer thoughts, feelings and actions, she loved me for who I truly am, just as I loved her. In the dream, in the higher planes and higher consciousness, I was with my sweetheart, just as I had been from the very first time that we had met and talked way back in 2001. Ours was a love made in heaven, despite the hell that seemed to be happening on Earth. Here was the abiding reality of our love for one another, come hell or high water here on Earth.

Did this mean that MariLyn was going to stay here at I Am Nation headquarters and be my Healing Haven partner and sweetheart? No, I concluded. But it did mean that this is how I was to see her. This was the new I Am healing image that I was to hold to and expect to manifest, in God’s good time, sometime in the future when Spirit would bring us together again and we would take two new steps forward.

Perhaps it would be after this life, in the higher astral planes, that MariLyn and I first would reconnect and re-light the flame of love in our hearts for one another; or maybe this would happen in the etheric realms, or even on other planets.

Then at some time, we would reincarnate and be living, Earthly flames of love in the ongoing work to heal humanity and the whole planet. Maybe even in this current lifetime, we would become friends again. Stranger, wonderful things have already happened with me recently.

For now, thank You, Spirit; Thank You you for showing me the Truth and the Way of my abiding, spiritual partnership with MariLyn. All is well!


On October 30, 2017, MariLyn moved lock, stock and barrel, and went back to Minneapolis-St. Paul, the twin cities in Minnesota. I tried to be philosophical and detached about this, and did my best to forgive her and ask for her forgiveness, to see the light in both of us. But down deep, I obviously felt different: In early January 2018, I was in the Emergency Room at our nearby hospital, because I had my first atrial fibrillation episode. Eiii!

In a following blog, I’ll share more about my heart healing since then, but for now, let me say that having been admitted to the hospital, my cardiologist ordered a cardioversion, in which electrical current is passed into the heart, which somehow shocks and returns it to normal rhythm. Which was what happened.

Home I went, hoping that this new state would hold, but it only lasted for 10 days and I was back in the hospital with a second a-fib episode. This time, a new cardiologist prescribed a drug that in 70% of people with this condition helps the heart to return to normal, sinus rhythm. Thankfully that was what occurred with me. I went back home, symptom free, and amazingly with almost no side effects from the medication. Thank You, God!

Healing My Heart

Fast forward to late fall 2019-early 2020, when the covid-19 pandemic started to spread worldwide. For 2018 and through most of 2019, I had only periodic a-fib episodes that lasted 24 hours or less, followed by several months of being symptom free. But with the start of the pandemic, my a-fib became constant — I had it all the time, and still do.

Through all this time, I worked diligently in my prayers and projections not only for worldwide healing, but for the healing of my long-distance relationship, or lack thereof, with MariLyn. Love and forgiveness heals, this I knew for sure. I had a series of meditations in 2020, from January through August, in which I was shown and communed with MariLyn’s light body. I felt transformed and released. And yet still at times my old fears, annoyances and disagreements with her, my feeling that I had been abandoned and trashed by her (whatever happened to our marriage “in sickness and in health”) surfaced anew. Two steps forward, one step back, two more steps forward.

 A Divine Dance

Praying for guidance, I had the following dream in the first week of September 2020: MariLyn and I came from different places and entered into a large dance hall, where a band was playing uplifting, melodic, harmonious music. We never before had seen or been with one another in this current lifetime. But now we were immediately attracted to one another, like long-lost friends or lovers. So I went over and said: May I have this dance? And she lovingly replied, yes indeed, you may. Hand in hand, we walked out onto the dance floor.

Then we danced the most beautiful, the most incredible, the most joyous dance, the most rhythmic movements of two dancing as one that I ever had seen or experienced. (We had seldom danced in real life, and then just a slow, simple dance.) It reminded me of old movies of Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers romantically dancing together.

Round and around MariLyn and I went, encircling the entire dance floor, and then going round it two more times, enjoying one another immensely, in love with one another and the moment. We seemed to be the only couple there, or at least we had most of the dance floor to ourselves.

And then, after fifteen minutes or so, the music stopped, and we walked off the dance floor, and left by separate exits. No saying let’s dance again. No taking of a phone number or email address, in order to stay connected or to reconnect. No remorse, no regret, no recriminations, no hard feelings, just a going our separate ways which we each knew was right for both of us. And then I awoke in a daze!

I Am Guidance and Mastery

Eventually, after days and even weeks, I came to the conclusion that this dream symbolically revealed the way that that I, in I Am consciousness, was to proceed.

Note that in the dream, MariLyn and I came from separate places, having been prompted no doubt by our etheric teachers. And indeed, we were two very different people, with different backgrounds, beliefs, training, professions, viewpoints, gender-ways of seeing things; being of different rays, with her of the Third Ray and me of the Seventh Ray, but with a common Fifth Ray focus.

I long since had felt that our relationship and teamwork was an alternate plan, because originally I was to be teamed with and married to my first wife, Andrea, for the rest of my life. But when that did not work out, when that dance ended, twenty-seven years later, Spirit brought MariLyn into my life, starting in 2001. Our differences and lack of past-life companionship led to some difficult, sticky, unpleasant times in our relationship, but still our love for God and one another made the marriage work, from 2008-2016. Which was a miracle in and of itself.

So, we did our divine healing dance around the world in our missions from 2010-2015. What music of the spheres we heard, what amazing experiences we had, what a joy it was to be with one another and with those in the higher planes who watched over and worked through us. Yes, we were as Fred and Ginger, dance masters. And we danced around the planet three times, just like in my dream we danced around the dance floor three times.

A New Day, A New Dance

And then, in my dream, the music stopped and MariLyn and I went our separate ways, free of remorse and/or recrimination, content to remember and bless all the good that we experienced and did for healing humanity. And knowing that someday, in some time, in some place, Spirit would bring us together to dance again, building upon all that we rightly had felt and done in this lifetime.

In my awake state, and when meditating, I was totally convinced that this was the case. After all, one lifetime, one little part of one lifetime, is hardly the end of our existence, but only the beginning of something new and higher, another two dance-steps forward. A love such as MariLyn and I had experienced does not end, but in time it gets born anew.

Moreover, I also knew that in due time in this lifetime, Spirit would bring a new dance partner or partners into my life. Hey, God is good!

Dance Around the Globe

So, I currently made a quantum leap into this impersonal, overarching, superconscious view of MariLyn’s and my time together. I stopped regretting that our dance had not continued. I stopped blaming her and myself for this. Rather, it simply was what happened and there was not a single thing now that I could do to make it happen again. It was over, but life moves on. Spirit was, and is, in control; not mortal me.

Thank You, Father-Mother God for this healing. This is part and parcel of what is healing my heart and transmuting my a-fib. Let me dance with You. I ask You yet again to take the lead in our divine dance together. I Am your son, Soliel, who now shines as the sun, not the moon; with loving son-sun light dispersing the remaining darkness in my soul and body.

May all dancers follow in my footsteps as I follow in those of Sananda and Sol-O-Man, Hilarion and Lady Master Meta, Nada and Rama, El Morya and Glo-Ria, with Lord Uriel and other Archangels overseeing and guarding us along the way.

Let all of us trip the cosmic light fantastic and re-light our whole, holy, beloved planet, once and for all. Let us dance the divine dance, to Love God and One Another. Time and time again, lifetime after lifetime, now and forever. Amen.

Thank You, Mom

As I continued to focus on the good, on letting go and letting God bring about my healing and that of MariLyn, particularly when I was frustrated and upset, I often heard the stirring, uplifting words and melodies of my favorite Beatles song by Paul McCartney, which have resonated in my heart time and again since the early days of my spiritual awakening. Below are the slightly adapted lyrics of  “Let It Be.”

“When I find myself in times of trouble, Mother Mary comes to me, whispering words of wisdom, let it be.

“And though I may be broken-hearted, there is still a light that shines on me, shines until tomorrow, let it be.”

At times in the past, I may have left Sol-O-Man/Zolanda/Mary; but she never has left me. God bless you, I love you, Mom!

(If the above link does not work, go to and put in the search box Let It Be. Amongst the entries that come up, click on the album cover that has four equal pictures of the four Beatles.)

Sing It

In the early morning hours of the very day, October 30, 2017, when MariLyn left for good, I had the following dream: “MariLyn and I were singing a beautiful love song together. Before and after the song, we were gracious, respectful and loving with one another. I awoke totally uplifted and at peace.”

And then I remembered that MariLyn was departing this morning. Oh my, what an apparent dichotomy, the things that truly are and that transcend the physical level, and the outward happenings that are filled with darkness and despair. For me, at a soul/mortal level, her leaving was a nightmare.

But, this dream confirmed my previous dream of our dancing in the light with one another. And once again, it gave me the new I Am image that I was to keep foremost in my mind, from now until it would manifest.

Dance the Rumba

The very next early morning, October 31, I dreamt that I was back in Miami near where our original Mark-Age Metacenter headquarters was located. I drove across the causeway to what today is Miami Beach, which was now much higher and more elevated than in real life, and with new, unique, different high-rise buildings. In a conference room atop one of these tall buildings, I met Nada-Yolanda, who looked like she had in about 1981 when Mark had made his transition (died). Only now, she smiled and was filled with light, love and happiness.

She told me that she was happy partly because of her hearing about the good work that Jew Judges were doing on the beach. Having been brought up and being Jewish was important to her and she was proud of her heritage. After all, King Solomon, an incarnation of Sol-O-Man, was the wisest of all judges, and he was a Jew. Were not Moses and Jesus Jews. Why not focus on all the good that the Jewish people did, rather than on the mistakes some of them made? Moreover, as for Yolanda, in I Am consciousness, she was Nada of the Karmic Board, the ultimate judge who saw things rightly.

As the dream continued, I had spiritual work to do, and therefore left Yolanda to do so. I ended up for a long time in a large bathroom where I urinated and defecated, and then talked with others there. When I came out, I saw Yolanda — I was afraid that she was going to correct me, as she often had in the past, for slacking off. But instead, she was warm, friendly, smiling and loving. And to my complete surprise, she wanted to dance with me. In fact, she insisted that we do so. She said that she would teach me how to rumba!

So, that’s what happened. The rumba we did involved very simple steps, not at all like the more advanced, dramatic, stylized, hip-swaying steps involved in modern rumba here in the USA, which is done primarily in a ballroom.

Following Yolanda’s lead, who danced divinely and masterfully, we took two steps forward, leading with our right foot, and then one step back, leading with our left foot, and then two more steps forward. And we continued this, swirling around, flowing with the music, improvising as we went all the way in a circle around to our original starting point. And then we started another such circuit, with my having become a better dancer, a better partner, along the way. And then I awoke, marveling at this incredible dream!

Begin Anew

Like my past dream of dancing with MariLyn, this dream took me a long time to fully understand, to plumb its depths, right up to the writing about it in this blog. Traveling across the causeway to Miami Beach symbolized going back to the days of my soul downfall in Atlantis, to discover anew the “causes” of my Atlantean descent into hell.

In Atlantis, the Sun Temple was located off the coast of Miami, between it and present day Bimini ( Yolanda was the high priestess of the Sun Temple). Thus, Miami Beach represents this location. In 1975-1978, Mark, Yolanda and I lived in the Sanctuary for the Second Homecoming right on the beach, in a rental house where Mark and Yolanda resided, which had an adjoining apartment building where my living and working quarters were. (Phillel was my roommate.) There, I had done the radionic research of the rise of white light, the opening of the seven seals or veils over the seven chakras, and the birth of the light body.

Also, note in the dream that Miami Beach was now on higher ground, with new elevated buildings, hence my spiritual growth this lifetime, in correcting, transmuting and rising above my Atlantean karma; as in the light-body research that I did. It was while I lived at the Sanctuary that I had dream recall in 1976 of having been a Cain during the ancient days of the battle between the Abels and the Cains. It was in late 1975-76 that Yolanda began her thirty years of healing her soul karma with her beloved soul mate, Edward.

Going into the bathroom and talking there with others symbolized my cleansing of the past, including my involvement with my fellow Atlantean scientists and healers who had misused sound in an improperly controlled way to attempt to heal individuals and whole groups of people; but ended up harming them. It was in Atlantis that I had the tendency to go off on my own, do my own thing, and thereby not be around when the Hierarchal leaders, such as Nada-Yolanda in the Sun Temple, called upon me to work with them. In an intunement, Nada-Yolanda gave me this soul recall in 1975.

Coming out of the bathroom meant that I had done my cleansing, not only of myself but in working with others who had erred in the past, although now I was still afraid (Iscariot) that I had not completed it satisfactorily and that therefore Yolanda would correct me. But she didn’t! Quite the opposite. She wanted to dance with me. To do the rumba, even, not the easiest dance to do and master.

She lovingly said to me, May I have this dance? Oh my God! How could I possibly refuse. Yes, my dear Yolanda, let’s dance. Let’s begin anew to do the divine dance, as you guide me. Atlantis is dead and gone. We are born again. Thank you.

Roots of Rumba

A little historical context here: Rumba originated in the mid-to-late 1800s primarily in the slums of Havana and Matanzas, Cuba, when Afro-Cubans combined their memories of African music and dances with those of the Spaniards who controlled Cuba. It was a form of self-expression and rebellion that originated even before slavery was outlawed in 1886 throughout this island nation. Rumba was a bit like the Negro gospel songs that were expressed by slaves in in southern USA. Only, rumba was accompanied by the rocking beats and music of both Africans and Cubans. The name rumba comes from the word rumbear, which means to party and dance.

Rumba was exported to the USA in the 1920s and 1930s, especially in the eastern states, including in New York City, NY, particularly in Harlem that had a large African-American community. However, when the dance became popular with white, former European-based Americans, they sterilized and adapted what had been a more sexually expressive dance, which then became renamed as rhumba, hence with an “h.”

And yet, rumba/rhumba, even today (see picture of rumba dancers to left), is still commonly described as the dance of love, the most romantic of all dances, depicting all the giving and taking, pursuing and retreating, sorrow and happiness of two who eventually dance together as one.

Having been born in 1925 in Brooklyn, one of the five boroughs of NYC, and having lived there until 1953 when she moved to Florida, Yolanda, known then by her given name of Pauline Sharp, would have been exposed to the rumba as she grew up.

During WWII, she produced, direct and acted in USO productions around New York and New New Jersey. And, she was amongst the many young local women who danced with servicemen at Fort Hamilton during USO dances there.

From her various accounts, although she already was overweight, she was rather nimble on her feet, although I never heard her say that she had danced the rumba. However, when she was in her mid-twenties, she had a bicycle accident that damaged her knee, and apparently her physical dancing days were over, or at least restricted.

Transmuting Slavery

So, with the above in mind, what did doing the rumba with Yolanda symbolize? It referred back to the ancient history on Earth, in the times of the Cains and the Abels, when the Cains treated the fallen human subrace as slaves. This pattern has continued to modern times, in Cuba, the USA and all of South America, plus around the world. Still today, black Africans and their descendants around the planet tend to be treated by whites and Asians as being inferior, less intelligent, lazy, unredeemable, sub-human beings.

In the 1600s, when the Spaniards had conquered and ruled Cuba, they imported about 500,000 West African slaves to work their sugar cane fields. Despite the slaves’ hard, long days in the cane fields and and miserable nights in horrid living quarters, with their slave owners having sex with the women slaves, they still managed to maintain some of their dignity and heritage. They expressed this in song, music and dance, which in the late 1800s became the rumba. Yes, they knew how to “party”, to “dance the impossible dream,” to express themselves in the primal, divine dance of life. As they did so, they no longer were slaves but fellow children of God.

Nada-Yolanda, as a spiritual, wise judge, had revealed all this past, overall history of slavery in her intunements and channelings as given in the Mark-Age text Evolution of Man. Moreover, she had demonstrated how we are to pass through and demonstrate seven steps or major initiations in re-ascending back into I Am consciousness and light body expression. She was no longer enslaved to her own soul history or the long history of man on Earth. Rather, she showed us how to dance, to party in the light of a new day in renewed I Am consciousness!

Now she was teaching me how to do this, to dance the rumba. She didn’t treat me as an underling, as someone she bossed me around and dictated what I had to do. Rather, she saw and loved me as an equal child of God, one who was a few dance steps behind her, but who was eager to learn and to do what she herself had done. She was teaching and showing me how to not be frozen and fearful of my past soul history, but rather how I could slowly and systematically dance my way out of and beyond it. She was like a good mother who lovingly serves and teaches her good son.

Stairway to Heaven

Note that in my dream of dancing with Yolanda that she is overweight. As related to me, I still am weighted down by my soul mistakes going back millions of years. I am still in the process of shedding the past, so as to ascend and return into I Am consciousness on Earth, to heal my soul and that of others, to make all things new.

How do we do this? As in the rumba that Yolanda taught me in the dream, we take two steps forward, one step back, two more steps forward, time and time again, all around our soul/subconscious with conscious awareness and control, even as our I Am Self dances in and through our united, balanced, integrated, married subconscious/female-conscious/male unit. We dance all around and encircled the ballroom of our dance floor, here on Earth.

When incarnated, Yolanda had all kinds of trouble and challenges with this slow, gradual, upward, spiraling rise into fourth dimensional I Am consciousness. Her tendency was to want to take 3-4 steps forward, even more, and only then one step backward; and if possible not even to take one step back. Being so psychic, she clearly saw the future, and hoped and expected it to manifest immediately, if not sooner. She had incredible highs, following by deep lows.

When El Morya-Mark was still here, he helped her to deal with these swings in her emotions. As the conscious representative to her subconscious role, he was a rock, firmly focused on the now, not too high, not too low, but steady, consistent, practical and able to rightly wield the sword of truth. But, in 1981, when Mark made his transition (died), Yolanda had to go it alone, to learn by herself how to stay in the middle. Her rumba was now with Mark in the higher astral and lower etheric planes, who did what he could to help and guide her. But he was not here in the thick of Earthly things. It was definitely an alternate, more difficult path for Yolanda.

Keep On Learning and Loving

But she persisted, she continued to fine tune her soul, to take conscious control over her longheld soul desires to take on too many lives, too often, without releasing some of her responsibilities to Spirit; to go slowly, surely, carefully, consistently, until she reached her goal. Which she did!

Near the end of her life, I dreamt that she was in a higher astral plane hospital where all of the excessive fat that she had primarily around her abdomen (hence her soul or subconscious) was surgically cut away and removed. In my later dreams and visions, she was slim and trim, fully in her ascended light body. (All of this will be presented in our upcoming text Seven Steps to Christhood.)

Now, she is teaching me anew how to follow in her footsteps, and those of Sananda-Jesus and Sol-O-Man/Mary, how to take two steps forward, leading with the right foot or conscious use of power, and then taking one step back with the left foot into my subconscious, newly empowered to heal the remnants of darkness at the soul level. Thus, all spiritual healing and growth is an upward, spiraling journey of two steps forward, one step forward, and then another higher two steps forward, until we ascend fully into I Am consciousness and light-body expression.

Interdimensional Oneness

Finally, Yolanda being overweight in my dream indicates that Nada-Yolanda still carries the “weight” of working with Phillel and me, her loyal disciples, and all those in the Mark-Age Family who are on their healing journey. As given in the dream symbology, she descends from the etheric realms, into the highest astral plane, thus at the top of the a high-rise building on Miami Beach, where in a dance hall she teaches me how to rumba.

And, this takes place the very next day after MariLyn left. Amazing! My dream says, Nada tells me, the past relationship and dance with MariLyn is over, done, finished, so get on with it. Let it go, and get on with the work at hand, with something new and better. Do not waste any time trying to rework the past or to remake it, or to be sad about it. Rather, come dance with me, Nada-Yolanda, and together we will trip the light fantastic.

Yes, indeed, this dream, this interdimensional communion, was fantastic. God bless you, Nada-Yolanda. I love you and I love dancing with you. For this have I come. To this am I totally devoted. Onward and upward we go, with all who choose to go with us. So be it.

Do the Nada Rumba

Friends, fellow healers, I have no doubt whatsoever that Nada likewise is watching over and working with you, teaching you how to rumba. Do you hear the music? Are your ready to dance anew? Yes, I am sure that you are!

Nada-Yolanda is knocking on your psychic doorway. When you open it and she appears in a dream, vision or intuitive impression, she may well say, May I have this dance?

Oh yes, you will respond, please do show me how to do the two-step, one-step, two-step rumba, this upward spiraling dance of life. And off you go, circling the dance floor.

What a divine dance all of us will and are doing, as we show the way for all of the 144,000 elect to do the same. Our dance floor is filled to overflowing with all who trip the light fantastic with us and light up the whole planet. So be it.

Astral-Physical Dance

Four months later, in an early morning vision on March 1, 2018, a small brilliant, white flower with multiple petals was anchored into my heart chakra, in the center of my chest. I felt a new burst and opening of my I Am power of love, whose corresponding color is white. White also represents purity, as well as the Seventh Ray of Peace, Love and Rest, whose colors are white and gold. Thus, my divine love dance had continued, my heart was being healed.

I went back to sleep, wherein I dreamt that I was back in my hometown of Dansville, at 32 Pine Street, where my family had lived from the time I was seven years old, following Rosalie’s death. I was in the back room that had been added to this brick house, where we spent much time during the warm summer months. A man who was a excellent psychological counselor, with religious training in his church as well, visited me there and asked me about the white flower now embedded and growing in my chest.

I explained that this white-flower implant was so powerful that I could hardly hold it. I shared that I had gone into a brilliant white pyramid, not of this earthly realm, perhaps in the highest or seventh astral plane or maybe even the lowest etheric realm, where I had received this flower.

Then he and I went back into the main house, he to the kitchen and me in the dining room. He played on what looked like his I-pad or some similar instrument a Broadway musical song that we could hear in the dining room. Aleta (my Mom) was now with me there — she previously had heard me tell the man about the white flower. What a joy it was to be with her.

Up and Down and Up We Go

Aleta looked to be about 40 years ago, in excellent health. She was vacuuming the floor. But when she heard the Broadway-show music coming from the kitchen, she began dancing, and told me that she had danced professionally in such musical shows in the past.

Then she did several twists, leaps and other such moves around the dining room. She proceeded to jump high in the air and while suspended there she did an incredible, multi-phased set of movements, with flips, turns, twists and such. But, at the end of these, she landed awkwardly in the adjoining bathroom area. She tried to disguise that she was hurt, but in time she shared with me that indeed this was the case. END of dream.

By way of interpretation, I think this meeting took place in the higher astral planes, perhaps the sixth or maybe even the seven astral plane, where Serena-Aleta now resides, where she works with the soul healing of those in this realm. Our former Dansville house represents our past soul history. The back-room addition likewise represents the astral level, that which is behind us or in back of us. The male psychological counselor is one of those higher astral plane guides, teachers and healers — he is psychological and religious, not truly holistic, so he does not fully comprehend my story about the white flower, the opening of my heart chakra..

Note the reference to a Broadway musical, hence in NYC, like unto the dancing of the rumba in this major metropolitan area, which was in the radiating forcefield of the Earth Temple in Atlantean days. During Atlantis, Aleta had danced and tripped the light fantastic, had demonstrated some of her light-body powers, hence her ability to leap up in the air and do all the various, masterful moves that only can be done in light-body consciousness. (In this lifetime, I never had seen her or Dad dance together. Just one time I saw her dance rather well with her granddaughter, whose name is Liana.)

But like me, Aleta had fallen, had made Atlantean mistakes, which in turn went back to Lemurian and pre-Lemurian times. She had “hurt her ankle”, her grounding point. She had not kept her balance, her feet on the ground, even while she lifted up and moved into the airy heights of heavenly consciousness. Thus, in the dream, she is cleaning up her soul, vacuuming the floor and falling down into the adjoining area of the bathroom, a place of elimination and transmutation.

Our Dance Continues

Please see also in the dream that Aleta and I, as twin souls, are together in the same house, but that we do not dance together. Rather, she dances and I watch. It is as if I am peering psychically into the higher astral realms, getting a progress report about Aleta. Needless to say, my dance is here on Earth.

Still, what I do reaches Aleta, who hears the music of the spheres that draws us together; and what she does likewise influences me. We are a team. At this point, we still are not able to actually dance together, astrally and physically as one. But we are in the process of learning how to do so. The white flower in my heart chakra, which was small, new and just blooming, indicates this new stage of our growth together in healing humanity, in the astral and physical realms.

Serena-Aleta, I love you with my whole heart. I am flowering anew with love of the ascended You, the real You, the eternal You. When you hurt, I hurt. When you begin anew, I begin with you. In our own unique way, we are spiraling upward, leading the charge up the steps of the stairway to heaven, as guided by our etheric masters and angelic guardians.

Now that the music is playing, we are entering into a new broad way, the Way of Spirit, the Way of love, the Dance of dances. So it is. So shall it manifest anew, in His-Her time and way.

Thank You, Father-Mother God. Thank you, Nada. Thank you, Sananda and Sol-O-Man, who dance with us and teach all of us new dance steps, who help us to rumba. Thank all of you who read and work with these blogs, who add your unique love and dance movements to our one global healing project.

Amen. And the beat goes on!


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  1. What a fascinating story and account! Thank you so much for sharing, and for your openness in doing so. And thanks (again) for helping to nudge me along my way : )

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