Be a Blue Flame

Today, Sunday, May 21, 2023, we begin the first of three days of focusing on, and manifesting, the Temple of Neptune within and around us, and on Earth at Olkhon Island, Lake Baikal, Siberia, Russia.

In our Solar System, the planet Neptune exemplifies and radiates the First Ray of Will and Power. The corresponding color for this Ray is blue. (See image to right of blue Neptune.)

God is One, Indivisible, Ever Present, All Knowing, All Powerful, All Loving. In creating manifestation, however, God expresses via two polarities that we call Father and Mother.

Utilizing the First Ray, Father God speaks the word (wields the sword of truth) to implant His will and power in and through us, and everywhere on Earth. Mother God receives the word and eventually manifests it via us as a Son or Daughter of God. Father-Mother God desires good for us.

Blue Fire of Light

The First Ray is also called the Blue Flame. So, for today, we are going to see ourselves within and infused throughout by a blue flame of light. Be still in your meditation(s) and ask that God’s will be done in and through you. Of yourself, you do little or nothing, but Divine Power does all things through you as a co-creator with the Creator. Ask and receive.

Be surrounded in the blue flame that extends 3-4 feet around your entire physical body, thereby encompassing and protecting your auric field. The top tip of this flame is about 7-10 feet above the Earth/floor below you to above your head, with it extending up through the astral planes to the etheric realms and the First Ray ascended masters, angels and Neptunian space visitors who are guiding and guarding you. (See image to right.)

Breathe in the blue light, take it into your throat chakra and entire respiratory system that transfer it to all your chakras and corresponding organs and systems. Then ask Spirit how you are to put Its willpower into action.

How are you to have greater faith that you can do all things by having Spirit do them through you? How can you be more masterful in speaking the word, in calling forth good within yourself and others? What lingering mortal/soul memories and feelings do you have of feeling powerless to rightly deal with any present situation or person? How can you uplift these mortal, third-dimensional remnants in your mind, soul and body?

Do so by being a blue First Ray flame that lights up your seven bodies, your apartment or house, and the neighborhood around you. Remember, too, that the blue flame is behind you, so no one of lesser consciousness who is a subtle or obvious power mongerer can invade your space or have power over you. You are divinely protected. Yes, there probably will be some “blowback” from others who are jealous or afraid of you, but you will be able to easily handle and dismiss this nonsense.

Instead of worrying about the past or present trials, confidently and powerfully move forward. Let others decide for themselves if they want to follow you. As for you, serve the Lord. Move into the Promised Land of I Am consciousness. Affirm time and again: Thy will be done with Thy own power. Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Four times “yes” for manifestation and crystallization.

Be the Temple of Neptune that you are. Be blue through and through. Amen. It is done.