Shine Like the Sun

Twelve days ago, on May 14th, deep in my morning meditation, Mother MaiTrix and Father LoGos lifted me in my seventh body above my crown chakra/cerebrum into ascended I Am, light-body consciousness in the etheric realms. When I felt fully adjusted to, and positively protected in, this place/space of peace and love, the word Solarium was strongly imprinted upon my mind.

While pondering it, Solarium morphed into Solariam, thus with an “am” instead of a “um” at the end of it. “I Am” represented I Am Who I Am, hence God. It also symbolized my own I Am, Son-Sun, Soliel or God Self. For the first time, I felt the extraordinary loving presence of the EloHer of the Sun, who appeared to me as brilliant Sun light, and surrounded and suffused me with Mother Love. Then, She instructed me to shine like the Sun.

Solar Healing

Upon slowly redescending and coming out of meditation, researching online the English word “Solarium,” it comes from the Latin Solarium that means sundial, place for enjoying sunlight; from the Latin “sol” that means sun, plus “arium” that indicates related places or devices.

Chiefly in the USA and Canada, “solarium” means a room, rooftop, balcony or terrace that is used for its abundant sunlight, especially when used as a medical treatment. Ultraviolet (UV) light in sunlight produces vitamin D in our physical body that turns on and amps up our immune system that destroys all potentially disease-causing agents. Moreover, UV light removes the depression of SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) that is caused by low levels of vitamin D during the winter.

Spiritually, Sun-Son light and love heal all dis-eases or distortions in our mind, soul and body. In our Solar-I-Am, we shine like the Sun, which heals humanity and lifts Earth from the third-into-the-fourth dimension of spiritual awareness and consciousness.

Male & Female

In ancient Hebrew, the word for “Sun” is Shemesh. Nearly every noun in Hebrew has a gender and is pre-determined to be either feminine or masculine. However, shemesh (pronounced as she-mesh) is among only a handful of Biblical nouns that are both feminine and masculine. Hence, to some degree, the ancient Jews perceived that Shemesh-Sun is both masculine and feminine. They knew to some extent that the Sun has a masculine EloHim and a feminine EloHer, who are part of Father-Mother God, hence of the Godhead.

Over time, the word shemesh morphed into the word synagogue, where Jews go to pray. Thus, a synagogue, temple or church is a spiritual, light-filled Solariam. When we are centered in meditation, sitting in the Silence in a dimly-lit room or being physically bathed in sunlight, whether we are in a temple-like building or out in Mother Nature, we are in our own I Am Solariam where we receive, live and have our being in the light of God. Once we are fully charged with divine peace and love, we shine our light on all of God’s creations. We shine like the Sun.

Seeing Is Believing

Two days later, May 16, 2024, in my morning meditation, suddenly a wondrous image of the face and head of an other-worldly feminine being appeared in front of me. This cosmic entity smiled at me and bathed me in peace and love that lifted me into an ecstatic, rapturous state of consciousness. Her face was in shades of brilliant, shimmering gold and white. Then her feminine face shifted into a similar looking face that appeared to be masculine. Back and forth this facial image went. The two faces/beings, male and female, were as one face/being/entity.

I was so transfixed by this powerful imagery and presence that at first I had little idea or comprehension of what was being shown to me. Eventually it dawned on me that this dual-yet-one face was that of the EloHer and EloHim of the Sun, who function as one spiritual team or entity. I had hoped and asked for two days that somehow Spirit and the agents of Spirit would show, and introduce me to, the masculine EloHim and feminine EloHer of the Sun. Here He and She were right in front of me, shining Their light on and into me, seeing and calling me forth as Soliel (my I Am or high Self name).

As the saying goes, seeing is believing. When we clairvoyantly see something that is beyond our wildest and highest imagination, we know that what we perceive is indeed true. Needless to say, however, this does not mean that Elos have human-like faces. Rather, They show themselves to us in imagery that we can comprehend.

Most importantly, the imagery is not of itself the confirmation of their presences, but rather it more so is the transcendent, almost overwhelming feeling that comes with the image. As I commonly put it, we know something to be true when we feel it in our heart of hearts. And per usual, in my case, abundant tears involuntarily flowed down my face. I felt like I might melt. I was in wondrous awe of the EloHer and EloHim of the Sun, yet they felt so familiar to me.

Name & Nature

In my meditation the next day, May 17th, I once again felt the distinct presences of the masculine and feminine Solar Elos. The insight came that somehow their names correlated with the word or name Solarium/Solariam. Indeed, They now gave their code names to me as Sol-A-Her and Sol-A-Him. (See image to right.)

I was deeply struck by the spiritual simplicity yet cosmic power of these two monikers, which describe their spiritual natures in ways that anyone of Earth can comprehend and feel. Its like when a child first knows and speaks the names of his or her parents: Mama and Papa.

“Sol” stands for the Sun. “A” symbolizes God as the All-In-All, hence Almighty God, the Architect of the created cosmos. The “A” being in the center of the two names mean that Sol-A-Him and Sol-A-Her are God centered.

“Him” and “Her” refer to the male-active and female-receptive polarities. Together as one team, Sol-A-Him and Sol-A-Her form the solar logos, which by definition is a spiritual entity that manifests a star or sun. Sol-A-Him and Sol-A-Her comprise the “lattice,” “matrix” or spiritual, higher-dimensional energy field of the Sun, just as Lattice-LoGos and Mother MaiTrix comprise the internal gridwork or framework of planet Earth.

Above & Below

“H” in Him and Her also signify the physical elements Hydrogen (atomic number 1 and Helium (atomic number 2). In the center of the Sun, two atoms of hydrogen fuse together to form helium. This fusion releases tremendous amounts of energy and light, which rise to the surface of the Sun and radiate from it throughout the Solar System. Herein personified is the cosmic, universal law and formula given by Sananda/Jesus: Where two or more are gathered together in my name, there I Am in the midst of them.

Mortal man currently believes primarily in and practices fission, which is the splitting of an atom or the splitting apart of one human, group or nation from another, via hatred, jealousy, competition and war. However, spiritual or immortal men and women believe fully in, and practice, fusion, which is lovingly joins together individuals, groups and/or kingdoms, which forth peace and cooperation.

Physical fission separates and destroys; it produces harmful radioactive waste that may last for thousands of years. By contrast, spiritual fusion leads to unity, oneness, cooperation, coordination and health in man, animals, plants, minerals and entire planets in one Solar System. Fission leads to us-versus-them consciousness and power-mongering. Fusion leads to loving friendship.

Eons ago, when Sol-A-Her and Sol-A-Him fused together, they produced the cosmic energy and light that eventually congealed and became the physical Sun. But the Sun is more that just a physical body. Rather, it more importantly is a spiritual body, whose Divine Energy enlightens, energizes, infuses, suffuses and sustains all planets and all beings and life forms on these twelve planets in the Solar System.

In like fashion, we humans are much more than just a physical body. We are Sons and Daughters of the Divine who are destined to love God and Love One Another. To transform Earth to Heart, we shine like the Sun!

Every Day Is Sunday

Today, Sunday, which especially honors the Sun-Son, and for another six days or more, in your meditations and other quiet times, enter into your Solar-I-Am. It can be inside or outside of your apartment or house; on your porch or balcony, or in your meditation room; during the physical brightness of day or the seeming darkness of night.

Perhaps you start this beloved day by going outdoors and viewing the rising of the Sun. As it gets higher and higher, feel the inflow of physical sunlight on your skin, which seeps and fuses into your body. As this occurs, realize that Sol-A-Her and Sol-A-Him are already with you, and always have been since you have been on Earth. For They have formed and now sustain the Sun that radiates its solar light-love to you. Thus, physical sunlight carries spiritual light from Sol-A-Her and Sol-A-Him to you.  Open up your heart and let Their light shine into and through you to others.

Ask and expect Them to reveal themselves to you in other ways, like in visions, dreams, clairaudient voices and/or clairsentient knowings, such that you know in the depths of your mind and heart that one or both of Them are with you. You may at first feel overwhelmed by their Presences, with tears flowing down your cheeks. Other times you mostly may feel a new and deeper peace. Perhaps you primarily feel better about being your Self/self, that indeed you are a Son or Daughter of the Divine.

Filled with Their love and light, be a better friend to other light workers, family and friends. Help them, listen to and commiserate with them, laugh with them over the nonsense that is now in their or your life here on Earth — this, too, shall past. On occasion, when it is rightly called for, wield the sword; speak words of truth to cleanse, transmute, uplift and heal others.

Focus on fusion, not fission. See the good and let the evil go back to God to be burnt away. Let Father-Mother God shed His-Her light through you to all life forms.

Be a Solariam. Be a Sun Temple. Be the “Sol-A-Her” or “Sol-A-Him” that you are. Shine like the Sun!




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