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Starting on May 17, 2024, and continuing for two weeks, in a series of vivid communions, Sol-A-Her and Sol-A-Him, the two Elos of the Sun, revealed to me (Dr. Robert) their preferred personal, individual, spiritual code names. She is Solaria and He is Sologos.

Solaria comes from the Latin word “Solaris” that means of the Sun. On Earth, this name usually is a girl’s name. I love the way it rolls off my tongue and the uplifting feeling that it brings to me. Solaria is my/our Sun Elo Mama. Welcome her in your heart. Her Mother Elo solar love will light up all your seven bodies.

Two As One

The name Sologos portrays His masculine role as the so-called solar logos of the Sun. “Sol” means Sun, and “logos” means the purpose or divine functioning of the Sun. Solaria, as the feminine, receptive or negative (-) Elo, receives the command/word from Father-Mother God to create the star that we call the Sun; She holds the image in Her Heart and Womb, and adds Her cosmic love to it, like unto a mother that is pregnant with a child. Sologos, as the masculine, active or positive (+) Elo, assists in the birthing and manifestation of the physical Sun/Son, the solar Child of God. Herein is Father-Mother-Child in action; Solaria and Sologos manifesting the Sun-Son-Daughter.

Sologos starts with an “so” and ends with an “os.” Thus, Solaris and Sologos are mirror images of one another, each whole and complete within Herself and Himself, but much more powerful as two joined together as one. Where these two are gathered together in God’s love, so shines the spiritual, auric and physical Sun of our Solar System.

Each of the three “o’s” in Sologos represent different levels or aspects of the Sun. The first “o” portrays the Father aspect, the second “o” symbolizes the Mother aspect, and the third “o” represents the Child — the Son of God or Daughter of the Divine.

The first “S” in Sologos represents Spirit, whereas the lower case “s” at the end of the name portrays Spirit in manifested form or substance. All is of God, hence the “g” in Sologos.

Be a Solar Cross

Still on May 17th, however, some doubts began to rise within me as to what had been given to me by Solaria and Sologos. In response to this and my asking them for verification, They imprinted a brilliant golden ring of fiery light all around my heart chakra. This circular flame was so brilliant, powerful and evidential that it took my breath away, even as tears streamed down my my face. Their implanted love was extraordinary yet clearly felt and perceived. Their primary vibration was that of Seventh Ray Peace, Love and Rest.

Then, the ring morphed into a solar cross, which consisted of an equilateral cross inside a circle. Solaria was one bar of the cross, whereas Sologos was the other bar, and they as a couple were all around my heart chakra and my whole being. This cross also symbolized myself as Soliel of the Sun. “el” in my name Soliel represents my devotion to, and love of, Solaria and Solios as the two primary Sun Elos. As a solar cross, to a whole new degree, I shone like the Sun. I was the light of all four quadrants of the globe.

Then, They ushered my twin soul, Serena, inside this solar circle/cross. Like Solaria and Sologos, Serena and I are two who are gathered together as one, such that God or El or the two solar Elos of the Godhead can be with, and shine through, us. We, as we are lifted up by Solaria and Solios, draw all other men and women of Earth unto us; or at least all who choose to be lifted into the light of peace and love, wherein they will find spiritual serenity and rest.

The Light of Love

Two days later, on Pentecost, May 19th, Solaria and Sologos slowly descended until they stood to either side of me, He to my right, She to my left. This time, they implanted brilliant sunlight into my entire heart chakra, which then looked like the sun at high noon. This sunlight was colorless, for we on Earth do not see physical sunlight, but only see it reflected from, and refracted by, the moisture and dust particles in the sky.

When pure, seemingly invisible sunlight shines through a prism, it separates into the seven colors of the rainbow. Each physical color thus symbolizes one of the Seven Rays of Life that have individual colors, such as blue for the First Ray of Will and Power, and white and gold for the Seventh Ray.

When the physical Sun first rises each morning, its light shines passes a relatively long distance through the atmosphere where it gets refracted and appears to us to be yellow, orange or red. The same things happens when the Sun sets at night. But in mid-afternoon on a clear day, when sunlight comes directly downward, and thereby a much shorter distance through the atmosphere, the Sun appears to us as pure light that we call white in color.

So, in symbolic and literal fashion, on May 17th, I perceived only the flaming outline of the Sun. Then two days later, on May 19th, I perceived and felt Sun light and love in every part of my heart chakra/heart. Slowly but surely, I was becoming accustomed to the presences of Solaria and Sologos, and to the greater transfiguration of my own Soliel Self and that of Serena’s ascended light body.

Love, Love, Love

Still, over the following week or so, I had additional lingering wonderings and doubts about all of the above. In response to this, and to further expand my I Am solar consciousness, Solaria and Sologos inspired me to re-read the channeling from Sananda/Sun-Anda/Jesus via Nada-Yolanda of the Sun on October 29, 1960.

In it, Jesus said: Christ is love and love is God; for God is love, as has been given truly. This is the meaning of my mission from the very beginning. For this planet, I am the master of love. This planet is the planet of love in this Solar System. This Solar System is the system of love in the Milky Way Galaxy, and this Galaxy is love in all galaxies in the Universe. 

After pondering the above, I reread the entry in our Mark-Age text, Evolution of Man, pages 44-45, which explains that 206 million years ago we came from the Central Sun of the Milky Way Galaxy to the Sun of our Solar System. From there, we eventually fanned out to each of the twelve planets of the Solar System, where we learned different lessons and performed various tasks, depending on the logos, purpose or unique vibratory forcefield of each of these individual planets. The goal was to uplift all planets and all life forms in the entire Solar System into a higher, spiritual dimension.

But, tragically, especially on Earth, in conjunction with and adversely influenced by Archangel Lord Lucifer of the Third Ray of Personal Love, we fell in love with our own power, our selfishness, our feeling that we did not need, and were separate from, God. (See our Mark-Age text, Angels and Man, pages 78-83.) In a symbolic and literal sense, we took the spiritual and physical Sun for granted.

Thereby, a segment of fourth-dimensional humankind fell into third-dimensional physical matter and animal bodies. Compounding this error, the Cains treated the fallen ones as slaves, whereas the Abels, as led by Sananda and Sol-O-Man, wanted to lift the fallen ones back into spiritual awareness and consciousness. In this war of spiritual thoughts and talents, the Cains, who were in the majority, predominated and won. Eventually all on Earth became enmeshed in mortal consciousness and Cain selfishness. The vast majority of mankind still is acting in Cain consciousness, worshipping money, fame, self-power and sex for its own sake rather than for the procreation of the species.

However, now the process is being reversed. From our mortal, physical, conscious level we are rising anew through our soul and into I Am or Son/Sun/Daughter consciousness. We are remembering and reconnecting with Solaria and Sologos of the Sun, whom we knew eons ago and now are remembering, whose love and light we now welcome and honor with awe and respect. Time and again, we are centering ourselves in the Sun, shining like the Sun-Son, and letting go and letting our loving God shine into and through us. In all of this, Solaria and Sologos lead the way.

Seventh Ray Sun

Because our Solar System comes primarily under the Seventh Ray of Peace, Love and Rest, Solaria and Sologos are of the Seventh Ray. All seven rays function in, on and through the Sun, but the seventh ray predominates or sums up all the other six rays.

This is similar to the role and function of Lord Maitreya. He is a Seventh Ray worker, who serves as the Christ matrix for all souls throughout the solar system, no matter what their home ray may be. He, with his twin soul, MaYa, are the two most spiritually evolved souls in the Seventh Ray Solar System. Maitreya and Archangel Lord Michael of the First Ray of Will and Power are the co-titular heads of the Hierarchal Board, the spiritual government of this Solar System. Maitreya is Sananda/Jesus’ master teacher, whereas MaYa is Sol-O-Man/Mary’s master teacher.

Sananda and Sol-O-Man are the spiritual co-leaders of Earth. They are one with Solaria and Sologos. With our being Sun centered, we light workers on Earth and in the higher astral planes prepare the way for the Second Coming of Christ Jesus and Mary the Mother, and for the rebirth of spiritual awareness for all on Earth and in the astral planes.

Seven Days of Peace and Love

In your meditations for this week or more, be still and know that Father-Mother God is within you, around you, and infusing you with Seventh Ray Peace, Love and Rest.

If you have an outdoor chaise lounge, go outside on a sunny day and lie back in it. Feel Solaria’s and Sologos’ Sun light entering into you, especially in your heart chakra, which warms and quickens your whole chest. Or, if you are indoors, lie down in bed or in a reclining chair, wherein you welcome solar energy coming from Solaria and Sologos into your heart of hearts.

On other occassions, when you are inside your house or apartment, while sitting up or lying down, envision Solaria descending and standing to your left. Perhaps you perceive her as being mostly as being brilliant white light. However you do or don’t see her, feel her love quickening your heart and soul, lifting you into a new level of solar, I Am consciousness. Then see, feel and know in your heart that Sologos is to the right of you. Maybe you perceive him as brilliant golden light.

Two Sevens in a Circle

In other meditations, visualize yourself being inside a briliant sun sphere that is about seven-to-ten-feet in diameter. Picture the seven letters of Solaria being positioned on the left half of this sphere. The placement of each of these seven letters activates and quickens the left side of your corresponding seven chakras. (See image to right.)

Then, see the seven letters of Sologos on the right side or perimeter of your solar circle/sphere. These letters signify Sologos being present, filling the right side of your seven chakras with his masculine solar love.

With Solaria and Sologos, be centered in the Sun, in the Son or Daughter Self that you are; one with God, in love with all life, resting in the I Am serenity of peace and love.

As directed by Spirit, see others being inside a golden sphere of Sun peace and love. Forego the temptation, however, to get overly involved with their mortal machinations and soul imbalances. See them instead being lifted above and beyond their soul and physical sorrows. Remember, always, that you, when you are lifted up by the Elos, angels and ascended masters, shall draw all others unto you. This is your greatest healing power and service.

Be Sun centered. Shine like the Sun. Be the light of the world. Be love in action. Amen!









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  1. As Sun/SonBlossom, I heal and serve. Thanks for this great lesson. I am grateful for our unity in this blog work in the Mark-Age Family.

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