Be a I Am Amethyst

Today, 6/6/23, we see and experience our Sixth Ray violet flame slowly but surely crystallizing and becoming an amethyst crystal. Via this violet gem, we manifest and demonstrate Sixth Ray cleansing, purification and transmutation in our everyday life.

When a physical amethyst is formed, it may become a cluster of elongated crystals, each of which has six sides, and hence is hexagonal in it structure. (Hex is Greek for “six.”) The  peak or top of each crystal is a pyramid that likewise has six facets or faces. Amethysts may consist of a whole range of violet hues, from the lightest to the deepest and darkest shade.

The word amethyst means “not drunk.” Mortal man is drunk with the physical and astral sensations of Earth. Within our I Am amethyst, we only drink of, and are uplifted by, violet liquid-light. At Pentecost, some of those viewing Jesus’ disciples thought that they were drunk with wine. But instead they were “drunk” or filled with the Holy Spirit, that of their I Am Selves and those in the higher planes of life.

Violent Crystal Cylinder

Settle into the Silence in your meditation. Let your mortal/soul thoughts and feelings go. Cease thinking about someone or condition that is is a pain in your flesh. Be at peace. Be one in the Violet One. Call upon God and all Sixth Ray agents of God to transmute you.

Then see yourself surrounded by, and within, a huge, oblong amethyst crystal. (See to right.) Sixth Ray Elohim, angels, ascended masters, space visitors and higher astral plane guides help you to hold and manifest this cylindrical amethyst that is all around you. Let your Sixth Ray assistants show you the right shade of violet of this etheric gemstone.

The six facets of the violet crystal are about six feet out from all sides of your physical and astral bodies. The apex of the six-sided pyramid that is at the top of the whole amethyst is about twelve feet above your head. The bottom of this amethyst is anchored solidly on the floor or earth beneath your feet, and extends into the earth itself. Thus, the entire height of the crystal is about 24 feet (4×6 feet).

Up and Down

Symbolically and literally, the amethyst crystal column points upward, to and through the seven astral planes to the three etheric planes, and then to the celestial realms. Over and above the etheric and celestial Sixth Ray beings are the masculine EloHim and feminine EloHer of the Sixth Ray.

Be aware, also, that galactic visitors from beyond this solar system likewise are visiting and being with you; they, like your other Sixth Ray team members, come down through a cylindrical, six-sided shaft of violet light that superimposes over and around your individual, oblong, amethyst column. In 1961, St. Germain/Dr. Hannibal channeled via Nada-Yolanda that on his mothership #1235 in the etheric realms were representatives from all planets in the solar system, and galactic visitors from beyond it. So, link in consciousness with Dr. Hannibal who oversees all light workers in the Western Hemisphere, and with your galactic friends.

So, that makes 6 types of violet helpers: 1) higher astral guides; 2) ascended masters; 3) visitors from Saturn and other planets; 4) galactic visitors;  5) angels; and 6) Elos. Symbolically, each group relates primarily to one of the 6 facets of your amethyst.

Crucifixion & Resurrection

Inside your I Am amethyst, ask Spirit to show you what you still need to transmute in your mind, soul and body. Know that you have the violet power to remove this darkness once and for all. Upon seeing what your error or weakness is, decrystallize it and cross it out. Let go more of any remaining aspect of your mortal selfishness and replace it with selfless service to all other children of God and all of the lower kingdoms on Earth: animals, plants and minerals.

Rise anew and resurrect in your sixth or resurrected body, just as Christ Jesus did in his sixth major initiation of crucifixion-resurrection. Birth the Christ child that you. Let your violet shine in some new, definitive way in your daily actions and activities.

From within your hexagonal, cylindrical amethyst, radiate six shades or more of violet light out through its six faces or facets to all those near and far away from you, to stimulate and augment their transmutation.(See image to right.)

Transmutational change is the code for bringing forth the New Age of Aquarius. To one and all, we say: Be ye transmuted by the violet renewing of your mind, body and soul.


I Am a violet amethyst. I Am crystallized violet light. I Am in love with transmutation in these Latter Days or Purification Time. I Am acting in Sixth Ray heavenly consciousness on Earth. I serve Sananda, Sol-O-Man and all of the 144,000 elect.

So be it.