Be a Pink Pau Wau

At the start of my morning meditations over the last several months, and especially since focusing on the transmutation of Lake Tahoe, I typically have visualized Lord Michael of the First Ray of Will and Power being about seven feet in front of me, with his aura connecting with mine. Behind me, I have affirmed, imaged and at times felt Lady Mariel, his feminine, angelic counterpart — she “has my back” and protects me especially from any soul-astral negativity that is being directed my way, as Michael helps me to deal with the upsets of mass consciousness on Earth. (See diagrammatic image to right.)

In my affirmations, decrees and visualizations, I have also perceived Lord Maitreya to the right of me and Lady Maya, his twin soul on the Seventh Ray, to the left of me. Together, Michael, Mariel, Maitreya and and Maya (“the four Ms”) encase me in a solar cross, my insignia as Solios of the Sun; as one who shines like the Sun/Son on all of God’s creations; with my being as the spiritual son of Sananda and Sol-O-Man.

Lords Michael and Maitreya are the co-titular heads of the Hierarchal Board of this Solar System, whose primary ruling body is the Council of Seven that meets on Saturn. Nearly every morning, upon entering meditation, one with the four Ms, I dedicate myself anew to serving selfessly, lovingly and devotedly in the Hierarchy’s Second Coming program; to paving the way for the redescent of Sananda/Buddha/Jesus and Sol-O-Man/Yasodhara/Mary to Earth to usher in the New or Golden Age of Aquarian brotherhood and sisterhood.

Mother Mariel Comes to Me

Therefore, ten days ago, in my morning meditation on February 19, 2023, I was surprised to see and feel Lady Mariel for the first time as being in front of me, not behind me. She appeared to me in multiple shades of First Ray sparkling blue light, like she had to Phillel in his dream back on June 2, 2006, after which he had referred to her as the Blue Angel.

In my current visitation by her, she felt particularly feminine to me, like unto a beloved grandmother, with her so-called wings encircling and hugging me to her heart. Standing off to the side, observing and helping me to stay steady, was Sol-O-Man/Mary, who partly as Mary is named after Mariel — Mary does the will of Mother God, as she so had stated following her Annunciation by Archangel Lord Gabriel. This present connection with Mariel and Mary was feminine-angelic-and-ascended-master-I Am heaven at its best!

After my adjusting to Mariel’s celestial presence and guardianship, she stepped back two-three feet and took our her brilliant blue sword of truth. With the tip of it, like unto a scalpel, starting at the top front of my crown chakra/head and continuing down the front of me to my feet, she expertly cut a slit in what she called my “birth sac” that was about two to three feet around my auric field and physical body. (See artistic image of Lady Mariel as the Blue Angel to the right.)

She explained that this spiritual “sac of light” was like unto the birth sac in which a fetus grows in its mother’s uterus or womb, until being born. It protects the fetus and provides it with nourishment, as well as spiritual love and light.

Mariel then took her “wing tips or hands” and gently pried open my newly opened birth sac, starting to peel it back and remove it from me. She said that over the next few days, I was to completely emerge from the sac and walk forward, not once looking backward.

Resurrection is at Hand

The past was over. My karma from the days of Cains and Abels was now fully and completely erased and reprogrammed, as demonstrated thus far in my work with transmuting Lake Tahoe. Until now, the birth sac had protected me in my long pregnancy to transmute and cleanse the past, in order that I might resurrect in the present and future. Throughout this journey, and especially recently, it had protected me from intrusion by those of residual Cain consciousness who have wanted to stop and control me, as I had allowed them to do in the past; who wanted me to abort my spiritual mission and not expose their superiority and dark, subconscious, submerged, negative thoughts and feelings.

She likened this current re-opening and re-birthing unto the Easter cycle that would begin on February 22nd with the start of Lent. This official date was somewhat arbitrary, so my own Lent period was starting three days ahead of it. Whatever the time, I now was NOT to focus on my Sixth Ray crucifixion, cleansing and death of the old, but rather to keep my cosmic, all-seeing eye single on the resurrection of my seventh or ascended light body.

I was to positively and repeatedly focus on the resurrection of the Christ within myself and all humankind. (See image to right/above of Jesus resurrecting from his tomb.) I, when I be lifted up, will draw all others and all life on Earth and in the astral planes unto me.

Pink Powwow

It took about an hour before I felt reasonably adjusted, balanced and harmonized with this extraordinary communion with, and spiritual surgery by, Lady Mariel, who now was and still is my favorite “obstetrician.” Then, to my total surprise, I felt the strong, undeniable, characteristic presence above me of the former Amerindian chief whose name is Black Cloud, who resides in the higher astral planes. With him were scores of other prior Amerindians who currently serve under him in the fifth, sixth and seventh astral planes. Black Cloud is the second in command under War Cloud, who from his perch in the highest levels of the seventh astral plane, oversees and guides all Amerindian forces in the astral realms.

Via telepathy, Black Cloud announced that many of his current astral Amerindian cohorts had come from throughout the Americas and begun to gather with him at Lake Tahoe for a huge interdimensional “powwow” that would start in earnest in about a week-to-ten days.

The purpose of this gathering or powwow was to complete our current focus as light workers on the transmutation and healing of the Cain negative karma from 26 million years ago, when the present Lake Tahoe area had been the governmental capitol of the superior Cains. Their primary error back then had been the misuse of the Third Ray of Personal Love, Feeling and Dedication to a Higher Cause. The selfish Cains had not loved one another but rather had treated the fallen subrace of humans as slaves. Due to this error, they eventually had been banished to Venus, the “pink” planet that exemplifies and radiates the Third Ray to the rest of the solar system, for their transmutation.

Black Cloud then referred to this present astral Amerindian gathering as the “Pink Powwow,” because pink is the color that corresponds to, and radiates, the Third Ray. (See below a photo of a feminine dancer dressed mostly in pink at an Amerindian powwow.)

Elohim, angels, ascended masters, visitors from other planets and the Sun, plus galactic helpers, especially those of the Third Ray, also would attend this pink interdimensional gathering. The waters of Lake Tahoe were about to be “pinked” to overflowing, which in turn would radiate to the whole world.

Pink Healing

In my research after this above experience, I found for the first time that the term “powwow” derives from Pau Wau that means “medicine man or shaman” in Narrtick, a language spoken by the Algonquin Amerindians in early Massachusetts, at the time of the Pilgrims. Such English settlers began misusing the word to refer to any gathering or meeting of Amerindians.

Thus, Pau Wau, which became “powwow” in English, originally was a Native American term for a shaman or medicine man, but it has come in modern times to also mean a type of Amerindian meeting, gathering or council. In current popular, white American culture, a powwow refers to a social gathering or a meeting for discussion, such as at where we work or with family members, which term however Amerindians generally find demeaning and disrespectful. For a Pau Wau especially is a gathering of the chiefs, leaders or “medicine men” of the various tribes, the tribal elders who are the most holy and highly evolved; who are joined by their disciples and followers.

Amerindian so-called powwows or council gatherings have been held for centuries, probably for millennia, in the United States that serves as the New JerUSAlem, as well as in Canada and Central and South America. Their modern form with singing, drumming and dancing, plus the sharings between the medicine men and tribal leaders to determine future works and projects, and also with healing ceremonies, began to take shape in the the 1800s amongst the Plains Amerindians. (See photo to right/above of the Great Omaha powwow dance circa 1891.)

In the 1900s, many white Americans, some no doubt recalling their past lives as Indians, became fascinated by such Amerindian powwows or gatherings, which were attended not only by Americans but also people from throughout the world. (To right, see photo of a modern powwow, with drumming, chanting and dancing.)

Today, nearly every weekend, there is an Amerindian powwow someplace in the Americas. Part of the purpose of these is social, the coming together of people of like backgrounds and minds, who support and love one another. But, always, the key focus is on the spiritual side of life and the higher Amerindian, universal, spiritual teachings. (Click here for a short but detailed history of the development of powwows in the USA to the present time.)

Be a Pink Medicine Man/Woman

With my new awareness and understanding of the word powwow as Pau Wau, it dawned on me why it was Black Cloud, not War Cloud, who had contacted me and alerted me about the upcoming powwow at Lake Tahoe. It was because Black Cloud when on Earth in the 1500s had been a revered medicine man (as will be discussed below). In other words, he had been a Pau Wau who helped his fellow tribesmen and tribeswoman to be healed of their selfishness, which was and still is the root of all mortal, third-dimensional disease. Thus, he had been, and still is, a Pink Pau Wau.

In turn, therefore, you and I are to become and act as a Pink Pau Wau this week; a holistic healer or medicine man/woman, in preparation for the upcoming full pinking, transmutation and healing of Lake Tahoe. Pink light and pink, selfless consciousness are to be our primary healing tools and methods. They will be our pink “medicine.”

See & Be Harmony

Two days later, on February 21, 2023, deep in my morning meditation, my forehead just to the left of its center was stimulated, which is the contact signal of Harmony, who is Hilarion’s twin soul on the Fifth Ray of Unity, Integration and Healing. Originally, as given via Nada-Yolanda in 1962, we knew her by the name of Lady Master Meta (or just as Meta). For about the past 2500 years, following her work with the Essenes, she has been the primary guide of light groups all around the Earth. Jesus had studied with the Essenes for many years. (See our Mark-Age text MAPP to Aquarius, page 99.)

The name Meta, which like all high Self names is a code name, stands partly for “Metaphysics,” hence the linking of mortal with immortal, third-with-fourth dimensions, via the all-seeing third eye which is feminine/soul/astral in nature. The letter “M” in Meta stands for Mother, for she is the mother matrix of the Fifth Ray.

About ten weeks ago, on December 13, 2022, she first had revealed her name Harmony to me. From this first introduction, the name fully resonated in me as being the truth — it seemed to be the perfect name for her. She explained that the “H” in Harmony was the same as the “H” in Hilarion (her twin soul), who is the etheric director of Healing Haven with its two “Hs.” Put the two letter “Hs” together and you have the Healing Haven logo, for the healing of mind, soul and body. (See image to right/above of the Healing Haven logo.) In Harmony’s teamwork with Hilarion, she focuses primarily on soul/emotional healing, whereas Hilarion concentrates primarily on mental and physical harmonization.

Weeks earlier, in a vision, the two letter Hs had appeared before me at right angles to one another, to give them a third-dimensional look, not just a two-dimensional one. Hilarion and Harmony thus work together as one H, with healing occurring when they are rightly united and integrated together in one composite whole or partnership. Yes, we are to use metaphysical principles and practices in healing our mental and physical bodies. But we also must attend equally to soul/emotional healing via dreams, visions, counseling and recall of the past in this and past lives. Healing thus is not just masculine, of the conscious mind and physical body. But it also is feminine, of the subconscious mind, feelings, soul and astral body. That brings us into harmony with our I Am or superconscious Self.

Third & Fifth Ray Balance

Pondering all of the above, as well as the following contacts in the last couple months with Harmony, it dawned on me that the pinking of Lake Tahoe also had to be balanced and harmonized with the greening of this key alpine lake. In other words, the Third Ray of Personal Love and Service has to be combined with the Fifth Ray of Unity, Integration and Healing, whose corresponding color is green. For, these two rays are twin rays, and thus work together as a team.

Furthermore, in my communions, the upcoming week’s work with Lake Tahoe was being prepared by Lady Mariel of the First Ray, Anna of the Third Ray and Harmony of the Fifth Ray, with all of them being feminine. This means that a primary focus will be on healing the soul of man, going back eons to the days of Cains and Abels; and it will involve the medicine men and women of the former Amerindians who now are in the higher astral planes. There can be no healing unless Earth, astral and etheric planes are aligned together as one, harmonious continuum; unless conscious, subconscious and superconscious become united and integrated as one in each child of God. My role and soul mission as Director of Healing Haven is to be the representative or grounding point for this combined, masculine-feminine, holy healing and harmonizing work.

All is in Divine Order

Harmony, throughout her sharing and presence with me in this meditation, felt so familiar, like that of a beloved mother, aunt or older sister. She now thanked me for rightly receiving and sharing her name as Harmony, which was deeply comforting to me, as no one previously had received this; not Yolanda, Phillel, or any others with whom I am familiar.

Harmony also commended me for my past contacts with, and sharings about, the so-called thirteen sisters, the feminine co-leaders of the Sun and the twelve planets, with Harmony being the co-leader with Hilarion of Uranus, the primary Fifth Ray planet in the Solar System. She said there was nothing of any major significance in regard to my receivings from and about these sisters, other ascended masters and galactic visitors that had to be corrected. In other words, I had seen clearly, not through a glass darkly, as Hilarion when he was Paul had described. It did not mean that I was perfect in a soul/mortal sense, but that my third-eye window, mirror or doorway was as clear as possible at this stage of my ongoing spiritual growth.

Harmony also confirmed the experience with Lady Mariel, in which she had cut open my birth sac and I had started to step forward into a new way and new day of using my God-given healing talents. Harmony said that new such powers now would be added unto me, since my soul record in regard to my Cain karma was fully healed and balanced. As a key part of this, I was to keep my eye single on the Christ or I Am Self within all others, despite their current level or clarity, or lack thereof.

I could no longer focus on the past, or I would descend back into it. Yes, I could see the darkness in others, even the residue of it in myself, but my right work and application would be to see the upcoming healing of mind, body and soul in one and all. With the new power flowing through me, I could not allow myself to be negative, but rather was to be positive, positive, positive, positive; in all that I thought, felt, said and did.

Shed the Symptoms

Despite this excellent, reassuring report from Harmony about my soul health, I was having a number of minor physical symptoms that seemed to indicate that I still was not fully in balance. When I asked her about this, she reminded me of Nada-Yolanda’s experience of May 16, 1997, when she had had similar symptoms. Like her, my symptoms included coughing, inflammation of the linings of my nose and whole respiratory system, itching and outbreaks of my skin in several parts of her body, various aches and pains in my joints, and difficulty sleeping.

At that time, Hilarion had channeled via Nada-Yolanda: “This is the result of the tremendous influx of light/energy substance [for the last six-to-seven weeks]. The light dislodges all residue and toxins in the cells, as well as all negative or unwanted patterns in mind and soul records. The latter two you diligently have removed, to the best of your ability at this particular juncture. . . .

“Take off some time to rid the physical body of residues in the blood and the cells that are accumulated naturally in the daily intercourse with others; and in your Earth environment, including intake of air, food and water, much of which are polluted. No alarm. No neglect. Just normal for this process. Keep breathing in light substance to counteract these eliminations.”

I thanked Harmony for this now remembered explanation from Hilarion and relaxed anew, more aware that I was not doing something wrong, but that my symptoms in large part are due to my doing something right, by receiving the new guidance and higher energies from the angelic and etheric realms.

To aid my physical cleansing and rebalancing, I imaged each of the seven letters in Harmony’s name in my seven chakras (starting with the letter H in my crown chakra), and focused on and rested in green healing energy. Over the next couple days, the symptoms resolved such that I felt like I had been made new. My soul was whole and my physical body now was mostly in balance. Thank You, Harmony and Hilarion!

Enhanced Logo

To conclude this above exchange, Harmony recommended that I update the Healing Haven logo, which had been given to Nada-Yolanda by Hilarion way back in 1976. Harmony shared that it was primarily masculine in nature and design, what with straight lines and right angles in the two letter Hs in it. It needed some curved lines and some reference to the third eye, via which Healing Haven primarily functions. In other words, it needed to be rightly feminized in order to be inclusive, balanced and integrated.

Some thoughts about this already had flowed through me in the preceding days, but now I began to adapt and redesign the logo. So far, and I am not that skilled at computer drawings and renderings, the new design is to the right. Note the overall shape of the surrounding, all-seeing third eye, with its curves. Somehow, I may put the word Spirit in this logo, since Spirit is the primary Source of all healing work.

After the meditative communion with Harmony finally came to a close, when I got up, went into my kitchen and started preparing my breakfast, I felt Harmony’s presence still with me. She now conveyed that I had known her in the days of the Essenes, when I had been the younger brother of Mary, Mother of Jesus. Whether this was interdimensional exchange with Meta back then or whether she was incarnated at that time, I do not know.

But from what Harmony/Meta/Myrtle Fillmore shared with me, especially my now feeling that she was and had been my physical teacher or like a personal mother to me, I suspect that the connection was indeed on this earthplane. Time will tell. In any case, I feel closer to her and her healing love vibration and essence. I love you, Harmony. You harmonize my soul and the soul of every man, woman and child!

Mother Healing Love

Harmony also shared that she now awaits you who read this account to feel and welcome her heavenly healing presence, her mother healing. Having contacted me, the doorway is now open anew for her to be with and guide you (What one does can be done by all others — it only takes one to open the door and to show the way.) So, please do ask and you shall receive. Maybe you will want to read books about Myrtle Fillmore, for she was an incarnation of Harmony. Maybe you will feel green light around you, which has a feminine feeling to it.

If you are presently incarnated on Earth as a woman and have had children, you already know what it feels like to be a healing Mama, one who hugs and kisses away her beloved son’s or daughter’s pain and discomfort. If you are a guy, you obviously had a mother, who hopefully was a loving mom. But if not, there are plenty of such loving moms and grandmothers for you to connect with.

Therefore, go with the flow. See how all of this newness of feminine healing and love comes to you. Remember, whether you are male or female, healing your soul is not possible without the input of higher plane mothers. You cannot just consciously think yourself out of your soul difficulties or wave a mental wan to disperse all the darkness in your soul that goes back eons of time. You must also feel mother love in order to do so; to work through the various layers and levels of your soul disharmonies.

Moreover, if you do not remember at least the gist or key lessons of the past, then you are basically doomed to repeat them. Therefore, you must connect first and foremost with Mother God, Who knows all about every part of your soul record and will reveal it to you in Her own time and way. You also are wise to connect with Harmony and her Fifth Ray feminine cohorts as part of your soul harmonization and healing


Speaking of special, spiritual, loving Moms, let’s now connect anew with Nada-Yolanda and her work and past incarnation as an Amerindian medicine woman (Pau Wau) or seer. As noted in our now out-of-print booklet Linking of Lights, Volume Six, and in Autobiography of a Prophet by Nada-Yolanda, when El Morya/Mark, Wains/Jim Speed and Nada-Yolanda, the three Directors of Mark-Age, traveled near Albuquerque, New Mexico on January 30, 1962, they stopped at the small Amerindian village of Isleta, ten miles to the south.

Entering a Christian church there, Yolanda received her first communion with War Cloud, the leader of the astral Amerindians, who revealed her incarnation as Princess and interdimensional seer Lobo-Tan, when the Spaniards had first arrived in this area to establish this very church or mission. She  was of the Wolf Clan, hence the “Lobo” in her name; and was a Tanoan Indian, thus “Tan.”

In this contact and following meditations, Yolanda received from her Nada Self that she was converted to Christianity, eventually becoming the first Indian maiden to marry a Spaniard, thus providing a bridge between the two cultures and races. . . Her role as Lobo-Tan was part of the Hierarchal Board’s plan to unite in spiritual awareness the Spanish, the English and the Indian peoples.

War Cloud & Black Cloud

Yolanda further intuned that the name “War” in War Cloud served as a reminder of the Battle or War of Armageddon that must be fought equally on all planes during this purification period. The name “Cloud” refers to clouds in the sky that symbolize the astral planes above the Earth, with these astral realms serving as the doorway from the third-dimensional Earth to the fourth-dimensional etheric realms. War Cloud was the tribal Indian chief when Yolanda was Lobo-Tan.

His second in command (or chief petty officer in current Navy terms) was the highly respected medicine man known as Black Cloud, so-called because his spiritual powers included the ability to call forth black rain clouds even during the most extreme droughts.

Black Cloud had found the infant Lobo-Tan in the bushes of a stream, much as the biblical Moses had been discovered. Many Tanoans believed she had been delivered to them by the “sky people” (visitors from other planets). Black Cloud trained her in the mystic arts, further developing her natural psychic gift. She was accepted as the prophesied woman-child who would lead the Tanoans back to the Great Spirit. In this sense, she was a Paw Wau or medicine woman

When the Spaniards came, Lobo-Tan recognized that they brought with them the Christ teachings and principles that were to be united with, and fulfill, the teachings of the Amerindians. But the Spaniards did not live up to their Christian training and beliefs, dominating and conquering the Tanoans rather than respecting them as fellow children of the One God or Great Spirit; as well as mistreating other nearby tribes. In other words, they acted in Cain consciousness.

Therefore, a band of Apache Indians, who felt that they had been mislead and deceived by Lobo-Tan, captured her and tortured her while taking her to the Grand Canyon, where, to test her powers, they threw her into that great chasm to see if she would perish. Although they searched for her body, they never found it. Thus she came and left in strange manners.

Restoration of Lobo-Tan’s Powers

The next day, January 31, 1962, Yolanda was directed to the Sandia Mountains, rising to 10,000 feet at the eastern edge of Albuquerque, where spiritual initiations had taken place in these ranges for centuries. (See image of these mountains to right.) At the foot of the mountains, Yolanda clairvoyantly saw herself dressed in ceremonial Indian garb, escorted by Black Cloud to a chapel in which War Cloud presided over a ceremony to reintroduce and restore Lobo-Tan’s spiritual powers. With this accomplished, she charged the mountains with divine power and love, and began to realize that she was the primary leader on Earth of the devic-elemental forces.

Afterwards, while Mark drove Wains and her to the nearby seventh Hopi village to visit its chief, Sananda contacted her and said: “The Indian group on the astral planes must be united with the physical program workers of Earth in order to form a natural bridge in this planet’s transmutation from third-to-fourth-dimensional consciousness. . . . Many highly evolved souls have requested Indian incarnations, in both the physical and astral worlds, in order to construct this bridge between the third and fourth dimensions. . . . They represent the specialization with the devic kingdoms that must become part of the awareness of anyone who expects full Christed powers.”

Communion with Black Cloud

Nine years later, on May 25, 1971, during  another visit to New Mexico, Yolanda dreamt that  she forgave those Indians, apparently of the Mescalero Apaches, who had thrown her as Lobo-Tan into the Grand Canyon.

About one week later, on June 3, 1971, while Mark and Yolanda were once again at the foot of the Sandia Mountains, Yolanda reported: “Black Cloud has convened the Indian forces, and through Nada-Yolanda performs the necessary ceremonies that transfer their allegiance and their activities to the will of the Great Spirit.

“It has taken approximately nine years [since Mark and Yolanda’s first visit there in 1962] to prepare these people, these forces about the understandings, the councils and the various factions, since the coming together of this New Age plan and program. Sananda is present but he does not participate. He merely accepts that this is part of the plan on the astral levels. . . .There has been much work on the inner plane, of which we are not consciously aware.

“Black Cloud will utilize the powers and authorities, according to the greater overall plan. He has taught his people well to look now only for the will of the Great Spirit.”

All Are Indians

Black Cloud then channeled the following via Nada-Yolanda: “We all are brothers [and sisters]. As brothers, we must come together under the Great Father Spirit Which created us all. With this pledge all powers of accumulation will be given for these deeds. All forgivenesses are sealed in the heart of each man and each leader, who is responsible to his many lives and to his many pasts. With this understanding, we carve new paths into the future, that all men can walk the one path and discover the one goodness and become the one heart.

“Love is the key. We understand this and we shall live this. All is in readiness. Many moons will pass across the Earth’s sphere before we know all the goods that shall come to pass because of this time together and dedication. We kneel to the Spirit in each thing that exists. In this way we recognize the Great Spirit Which is in all things.

“So, let us love one another and hunt for the future that the Great Father has created, and for which we still hunger. Our thirst is for righteousness and truth. So, we call upon the rain clouds to show us we are true sons of the Great Spirit and to nourish our bodies and our minds and our souls and to cleanse us as well as to feed us.

“We understand the depths of these things and the symbols which we perform, because we are true Indians. An Indian is a son of the Great Spirit Which exists and is not seen. This is the meaning of the Indian brotherhood. All men then are Indians as we are, from our birth and unto the end of time [Robert’s bold].

“We acknowledge all that has taken place and we accept it peacefully; peacefully and for the good of all things, that they may become true brothers and Indians in the sense of the Father Who created us to care for the land, to protect the land and to pass the land on to the next generation who follows our footsteps. Amen. I speak in the name of all brothers in all lands, because the land of all is one land.” (End of this channeling.)

Two Affirmations

After Black Cloud finished, Yolanda of the Seventh Ray responded: “As Nada-Yolanda, representative of the brothers and all true Indians of all lands who live on the physical plane at this time, I accept the challenge, in the name of all true brothers, that we fulfill that with which we have been joined through the Indian astral forces under the command and direction and leadership of our one brother who is known to us as Black Cloud.

“We of the one understanding on Earth pledge to bring all balance, harmony, truth and union, according to their trust in us. With this I will break the bread symbolically and will share it with our brothers here on the physical, who likewise will give their sustenance on the Earth toward these goals so that all become one again, as we were from the beginning. In the name of truth, in the name of [Father-Mother God], in the name of all sons, which we are, I give this pledge, now and forever. Amen.”

Then, El Morya of the First Ray channeled via Nada-Yolanda: “I speak as Mark Age of El Morya, leader of all light workers on the Earth plane for the hierarchal plan and program. I request and require all light workers on Earth now to come into fulness of their soul mission for the hierarchal plan, to follow only the will of Spirit, to speak only the word of God, so that the power of God may flow through this plan and bring to fulfillment the evolution of man at this time for this cycle, and that it begin here and now at this place and spread increasingly outward in rapid succession. May this now begin the outer manifestation of the works of the hierarchal plan for the awakening of the masses. So be it.”

Needless to say, these three messages from Black Cloud, Nada-Yolanda and El Morya are as important and operative today as they were when they first were given some 52 years ago. Let us all take them to heart. Amen.

Coordination with Devas

The next day, June 4th, when Mark and Yolanda were traveling via car east from Amarillo, Texas, on their return trip to Mark-Age MetaCenter in Miami, FL, Dr. Hannibal (an aspect of St. Germain who is the Chohan of the Sixth Ray of Cleansing and Transmutation) channeled via Nada-Yolanda:

“Astral plane coordination has been cleansed and has been cleared as of this date and time. This work was accomplished fully and was deeded by spiritual contract in New Mexico during this cross-country expedition. Under the orders of Black Cloud, a chief of Indian forces who have held the higher and superior intelligences of the Lemurian-Atlantean people contracted to to do this devic work for the planet, we have been able to ensure the linking of lights, the linking of the Christ Selves, the linking of the enlightenment for mankind, up and down, in and out, and roundabout every real and secure communion.

“Chief Black Cloud is of very honorable and long-dedicated soul unfoldment. He has been in his present position for two million years, as you might record or think of time. This does not mean he has not grown, has not evolved, has not incarnated and has not changed positions many thousands of lives or expansions of incarnated expressions elsewhere and other times.

“But because he has worked upon the Seventh and the Sixth Rays under Hierarchal Board masters for many eons of time, he has recorded and has received the particular position that is realized on the astral level as the chief of spiritual growth and development. All the many souls involved in linking with Seventh Ray devic control are now in a position of comprehending, and willingly cooperating with, the cleansing, transmuting and loving fulfillment of that which must come about in this program now.”

Do Your Best

Dr. Hannibal, who is the etheric commander of light workers in the Western Hemisphere, continued: “Astral developments involve your own past lives, the history of the planet, and those co-workers with whom you have been associated in your past soul experiences while developing the Earth planet as a schoolroom and home in the many mansions of the Father-Mother God Creator.

“So, because of this we must have this cleansed and cleared and cooperative and coordinated in the very same way that we mention the linking of thoughts and levels of progress and understanding with the majority of souls on the Earth, via the consciousness, via the understanding, via the love in those souls wherever they may be, since they concern the Earth evolvement, the devic forces that control the elements of the Earth, and your own soul experiences through the two hundred and six million years of experimentation upon the Earth planet. We have to bring this into balance, harmony and orderly progress.

“All we ask is that you do not rely upon astral influences and astral experiences as the guides to your physical existence, for this is totally in error. The guidance always must come from the highest planes. . . .

“Where man fails to understand the interrelationship and the cooperation of his sisters and brothers on the astral is that he forfeits his free will to make certain decisions. The higher spiritual shamans did not do this. [To the left, see painting of a shaman doing a healing ceremony.]

They merely asked for assistance and cooperation, and any information that could be given them beyond their physical knowledge at that time. So those are who are on the astral, who had gone on ahead into the inner planes of life, were able to call forth and to add to this physical knowledge and experience, but never deprive them of their own free will.

“So you must relearn and repeat all in order that you reopen the ladder between the heavens and the Earth; ascending and descending at will, according to the best plan for you at that time, in the place where you are, in the job you must perform, in the lesson you must learn.

“This is all that required of any man [or woman] at anytime, in any position, everywhere throughout existence: to do his best, to fulfill his function and to express his highest potential in the role and mission of that personality where he is incarnated at that particular moment. Nothing more ever will be asked of you at any time or place.” (End of this quote.)

Smokie Mountain Devas

Three days later, on June 7, 1971, at Newfound Gap in the Smoky Mountains (see image below/right) that are located jointly in southeastern Tennessee and northwestern North Carolina, about fifty miles south of I Am Nation/Sun Temple headquarters in northeastern TN, Nada-Yolanda received:

“The devas in the Smokies are evolved to the point where they see and recognize no god but the one God. But they are aware of the chain of hierarchal command within the universe. In this respect, Nada-Yolanda, as head on Earth of the Seventh Ray, is the recognized incarnate chief of all devic and elemental forces. Newfound Gap . . . at 5000 feet is the seat of devic control or command for this particular mountain congregation.”

With Yolanda’s transition and ascension in 2005, I, Soliel-Robert, as a Seventh Ray worker directly under Sananda and Sol-O-Man, having trained here on Earth under Nada-Yolanda, became the new Earthplane chief of all devic-elemental forces. That is partly why this current information about War Cloud and Black Cloud, and working with the astral Amerindians and the devas, has been given to and through me, to share with you.

Soul History

In the 1990s, via a vivid dream or night vision, I recalled that in past life as a Zuni Indian in southwestern USA in the 1500s, some of my Amerindian soul talents, especially concerning healing, had been reestablished on Earth. Since my spiritual awakening this lifetime in 1967-1968, I have been drawn to Amerindian practices and teachings, and over the past fifty-five years have incorporated them in my Fifth Ray mission in Healing Haven.

Since the early 1970s, I also have remembered being incarnated in a series of lives in Atlantis at the Earth Temple that was located centrally on modern-day Long Island, NY. I had trained there under Sol-O-Man, who as Zolanda was the high priestess of this temple. When it became clear that Atlantis would fail, Zolanda had trained the race that would become the Amerindians in the higher spiritual truths, especially in the work with the devic-elemental forces. Then she directed them to go forth and populate all of the Americas, preparing them for the coming of the white man and for the Second Coming of Sananda and Sol-O-Man in their redescended light bodies.

Regeneration of the Temple of Venus

The Third Ray Temple of Venus, as per Nada-Yolanda’s intunement in 1966, is located in northwestern Wyoming in the area of the Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks.  During the Teton Mission from October 1 to 10, 2013, in my morning meditation on October 5th, War Cloud descended from the seventh astral plane and stood to my left. His light body suffused his astral body so fully that his feathered headdress and garments radiated brilliant white light. He was about 12-feet tall, with his head above the ceiling, indicating that his home or headquarters was in the highest of the seven astral planes, but also that he was a master of the 12 planes of Earth: 2 physical, 7 astral and 3 etheric planes.

War Cloud explained that in the past he had evolved from the highest or seventh astral plane into the etheric realms, but out of love and devotion, he had chosen to position himself in the seventh astral plane in order to directly oversee and guide the Amerindians in the seventh, sixth and fifth astral levels, as well as those in the lower four levels who were receptive to him. Moreover, he shared that he was a master of working with the devic-elemental forces of Earth, which is the specialty of the Amerindians.

Put on your War Bonnet

Three times in a row, War Cloud now loudly sounded “War Bonnet” three times. I knew that this feathered headdress is called a war bonnet, but I had no idea what that might have to do with me. While pondering this, Black Cloud appeared and stood to my right. He was a little bit shorter than War Cloud, to symbolize that he was the second in command. Nonetheless he was still powerful in stature and in consciousness, filled with dazzling light. Above him and War Cloud were Sananda and Sol-O-Man, Lanto and Anna of the Third Ray, and Lord and Lady Chamuel of the angelic realms. But my primary and unwavering focus was on War Cloud.

(In 2007, Nada first had brought Lanto into my forcefield. Three years later, in 2010, Anna, Lanto’s twin soul, had first appeared to me in a dream that I shared in my last blog — from 2010 to 2015, I called her Lady Lanto, until she gave me her name as Anna in 2015. Before going on, and especially during, the Teton Mission, Lord and Lady Chamuel had contacted and worked through me on numerous occassions.)

Shortly, War Cloud telepathically conveyed that the three war bonnets that he had decreed were those of Sananda as Prince of Earth, him (War Cloud) as the leader of the astral Amerindians, and mine as a leader of light workers on Earth. Then War Cloud placed the third headdress on my head, which electrified it, with chills coursing through my whole body. (See image of war bonnet to right.)

Each of the bonnet’s white eagle feathers symbolized one of my soul talents and/or one of my connections with the many masters in the higher astral and etheric realms whom I have served for eons. Now I was to become an “eagle” and was to direct and participate in the “gathering of the the eagles” or fellow light workers. This current War Bonnet initiation linked solidly together the etheric, astral and physical realms.

War Cloud now commanded all light workers in the physical, higher astral and etheric planes to put on their own individual war bonnets. He said that a major reason why past spiritual programs had failed is because light workers had not had sufficient zeal, which is an expression of the color pink of the Third Ray. Without all-consuming zeal, past light workers had succumbed to and been beaten by the Cains, who had a fiery determination to maintain their superior-minded, selfish control.

Concluding the ceremony, War Cloud beseeched light workers to zealously befriend Mother Earth, as Amerindians have done since the days of Atlantis. This included all the waters of Earth. At this time, War Cloud did not refer specifically to Lake Tahoe. But in retrospect, it now is obvious to me that he knew about and was preparing me for the later work with currently transmuting this lake at the border of California and Nevada, just about 550 miles away; and thus in the extended Temple of Venus forcefield.

Pink War Bonnet

Two days later, on October 7th, War Cloud appeared before me again. He said that now that my Amerindian, soul powers had been restored, I was to learn to use them in placing a “war bonnet” on other light workers to awaken anew their past Amerindian talents and powers.

Shortly, MariLyn, my ex-wife, who was with me in our rented apartment in the Tetons, came out of her bedroom and sat next to me in the living room where I was meditating. With War Cloud now was his Seventh Ray, feminine twin soul, who had been present, but not distinctly seen or felt since we had arrived at the Temple of Venus site. With her now were about thirty Indian maidens, whose presence I had noted two days earlier when I was doing an auric balancing with MariLyn. Above the maidens were Lady Lanto (Anna), Sol-O-Man and Nada. Above them was Lady Chamuel of the Third Ray, plus numerous of her feminine angelic co-workers.

I stood and reached up my hands to War Cloud’s counterpart in order to receive MariLyn’s ceremonial headdress: it was pink with pink feathers, hence of the Third Ray, whereas mine previously had been white for the Seventh Ray. Slowly, War Cloud’s twin soul and I, working together interdimensionally as one, slowly lowered the pink war bonnet onto MariLyn’s head. MariLyn was “in Amerindian pink.”

Paint It Pink

Two days later, October 9th, Dr. Hannibal lifted me into his mothership #1235 that was positioned over the Tetons. He showed me an image of a huge paint can that had pink paint in it. Then he reintroduced me to the galactic being called “Opens-lids-of-paint-cans, who had worked through me at Olkhon Island, Lake Baikal, Siberia in 2012 to open the “lid” or veil in the seventh astral plane over this Temple of Neptune site, such that higher etheric energies then could pour down into the Temple’s forcefield.

Dr. Hannibal explained that in our upcoming visit to Boise, Idaho from October 10th to 13th, where we would visit MariLyn’s relatives, Opens-Lids would open the astral veil there such that MariLyn and I could “paint that area pink.” Boise is about 325 miles west of the Tetons. Like Lake Tahoe, it is in the extended forcefield of the Temple of Venus, whose central site is at the Tetons, but whose radiations extend about five hundred miles or more in all directions.

During our three-day stay in Boise, the veil was rent and Third Ray pink light and energy flowed down into and suffused the whole region. As this occurred, I was shown a vision of a paint can that had been sitting with its lid on and not used for a long time. So, when the metal lid was pried off, there was a thickened crust at the top of the paint, which had to be removed. Moreover, the paint had to be stirred and blended. In so doing, much residue of congealed pink paint surfaced from the bottom of the can, hence the surfacing of memories of past errors and mistakes in this region.

Indeed, despite mostly pleasant and productive exchanges with MariLyn’s family, she and I dreamt about astral entities psychically attempting to attack us and trying to prevent us from doing as Spirit had directed us. In response, we linked ever more strongly with Lanto, Anna, Lord and Lady Chamuel of the Third Ray, as well as with Dr. Hannibal whose spacecraft had followed and paced us to Boise. By the end of the Boise visit, in my inner vision appeared pink light over the whole area, anchored down into the lakes and rivers of this region. Dr. Hannibal shared that the “lid of Lemuria” had been lifted and removed, for Idaho and surrounding states had been the most developed potential area for the Lemurian civilization. As evidence of this, MariLyn’s family, including her former mother and father in the astral planes, had been transmuted and reborn to one degree or another.

Once again, now in retrospect, it appears clear that this past experience laid the groundwork for the current work with Lake Tahoe. For the upcoming week, we will “paint The Lake pink,” not with actual, physical paint, but with pink liquid-light that will transmute it fully and fill it completely with pure personal love of the Third Ray.

Pink It

For the next seven days, in your daily meditations and projections, focus primarily on filling to overflowing the waters of Lake Tahoe with pink Third Ray light/energy/consciousness. At the start of each of your morning quiet times, see yourself surrounded and protected by Lord Michael who is several feet in front of you, Lady Mariel is behind you, Lord Maitreya is to the right of you and Lady Maya (Maitreya’s twin soul) is to your left. See their continuous auras forming a protective, circular forcefield around you; like them holding together their hands or wingtips in a unified foursome of the four Ms, with you in the center of them. (See drawing to right.)

This daily affirmation and visualization will remind you anew that your spiritual work and projections are directed, initiated and supported by the Hierarchal Board of this Solar System. Whether or not you see or feel the presences of the four Ms around you, know that in consciousness they are with you, for you, and lifting you into I Am pink consciousness and light. You are protected and inspired.

Link also with Hilarion and Harmony of the Fifth Ray of Unity, Integration and Healing; and with Lord Raphael, Archangel of the Fifth or Green Ray, and his angelic counterpart Lady Raphael. Although your primary focus is on the Third Ray with its pink light, the Fifth Ray will complement and bring balanced use of the Third Ray, since the two rays are twin rays. In particular, be at one with Harmony and feel her feminine, harmonious, healing mother matrix energy and consciousness. She, along with other lady masters, oversee and direct the soul healing of mankind.

Be United with Astral Amerindians

Especially unite in consciousness, and feel at-one with Black Cloud as a Pink Pau Wau, along with his feminine twin soul whose name has not been revealed. Black cloud will bring forth “pink rain clouds” in the sky whose waters will pour down upon and through you as a pink medicine man or woman (Pau Wau), and into The Lake. Connect also with War Cloud, the leader of the astral Amerindians, and his twin soul, name unknown.

Unite also with the Washo (also spelled Washoe) Amerindians whose tribe originally inhabited the region around Lake Tahoe. Connect in with other Amerindian tribes in this area. Realize, too, that hundreds or even thousands of Amerindians from throughout Canada, the United States, Mexico, Central America and South America have come to this gathering or so-called powwow. See such Natives being primarily at the lower levels of the mountains, plus along all the shores of the lake, even in boats upon the lake.

Finally, link with the primary astral Amerindian leaders in your area. Thus, here at I Am Nation/Sun Temple headquarters in northeastern Tennessee, the primary leader is Golden Eagle, whose name and presence was first noted by Phillel; who works with and through Phillel and me, providing protection from attempted intrusion by those in the lower astral planes. With Golden Eagle is his astral feminine partner or co-workers, as perceived by Phillel, and with whom I also have connected.

Amerindian Voice & Drums

To help you connect with the astral Amerindians, listen to the following uplifiting Amerindian song/chant by longtime Mark-Ager Corinne Thorsell who lives in British Columbia, Canada (see her current photo to right). In the early 1970s, she attended gatherings and sweat lodges led by Raymond and Amby Harris, who lived near the small town of Ethete in northwestern Wyoming, just 120 miles from the Teton Mountains. Raymond was an Arapahoe medicine man or Paw Wau, beloved and revered by his peoples. As Corinne shares, he and Amby were true representatives and devotees to Third Ray Personal Love and Service.

Raymond and Amby (see photo of them below/right from 1972) taught Corinne how to sing authentic Amerindian chants, accompanied mostly by a drum. When Corinne read Black Cloud’s channeling via Nada-Yolanda about all people being of one heart, that all men and women are Indians, she was inspired to write and then to sing her own sound titled One Heart. It was recorded in 1994. Every time I listen to it, I feel lifted into holy Amerindian consciousness. I suspect that you will too. Click twice on the play button below to hear it. The first click turns the white button to red, the second click starts the song. If there is a problem with this, please let me know.

Interdimensional Powwow

Once aligned with War Cloud and Black Cloud, see all of the remaining seven chohans and seven archangels who comprise the Council of Seven, the primary governing body of the Hierarchy, descending and standing on the highest peaks of the mountains that surround all of Lake Tahoe that is 12 miles wide and 20 miles long, with 72 miles of shoreline. (See photo of The Lake to right.)

With them are a large number of visitors from other planets, especially those from Venus that is the primary Third Ray home in our Solar System.

These visitors, including those from the Milky Way Galaxy and beyond (such as Open-lids-of-paint-cans), have come in their spacecrafts that are positioned over and around this former site of the central Cain government some 26 million years ago. (Maybe this week, we will hear reports of UFOs in the sky about Lake Tahoe!)

Transmute Water to Wine

It takes time for grapes to be turned into wine, sometimes even years. But we only have seven days remaining in this present cycle to transmute Lake Tahoe, to “paint” and fill it with the pink wine of love-life-life. This is the final blog in this series about doing this.

So, become as a Pink Pau Wau and take up your place above the lake, along its shores, out in a boat or down in the water. Realize and experience anew that you are filled with pink light. Become one with the local Lake Tahoe devas and elementals under the guidance of the angels.

Be a pink medicine man or woman whose powers include interdimensional communication, not only with astral Amerindians, but with ascended masters, angelic guardians and male and female Elohim. Especially connect with the EloHim and EloHer of the Third Ray, who watch over and direct this entire gathering and project.

Step By Step

See how Spirit and the agents of Spirit guide you each day in the pinking of the waters of Lake Tahoe, such that they become the waters or wine of holy life. Each day will bring some new technique or connection with those in the higher planes, some unique way in which you pink the lake. Somedays, you may simply affirm and decree that such pink transmutation with personal love is taking place. Other days you may have new meditative visions or night visions (dreams). Sometimes, your heart will be filled with pink love that you know is being transmitted to Lake Tahoe. Sometimes, nothing seemingly will happen in your meditations and attempts to project higher pink energies, for you need time to rest and assimilate what already has been given. At such times, know that all is in divine order.

Finally, however, on day seven of this wine-making week, you may have a similar vision as was given to me after six days of my researching and writing this blog. I woke up that seventh morning, feeling charged to the gills, so to speak, but comfortably and confidently so. Therefore, I stayed in bed, focused on my heart, and asked anew that it be healed and that the waters of Lake Tahoe would be transmuted with pink light.

Twenty minutes later, out I went into I Am, ascended consciousness in my light body. Upon returning to conscious awareness, I was shown a vision of myself floating on my back in the central area of Lake Tahoe. I wasn’t below the water or above it, but rather lying on it, just as I was then lying on my back in my bed. In this visionary experience, I made no physical effort to stay afloat, but rather just rested in the peace and love of my I Am Self. All around me in my aura was brilliant white light, that of the Seventh Ray of Peace and Love, which seeped down and into the waters that carried this Christ light-energy-substance throughout the lake. This light created not red wine but rather white wine.

Of myself, I did little or nothing to accomplish this, but my I Am Self and all the agents of Spirit assisting me did all the work in and through me. Before this, my aura had been mostly pink, with some green light of the Fifth Ray at times, plus some blue light of the First Ray, even violet hues at times for Sixth Ray transmutation. Now, on the seventh day, I rested in the white, pure peace and love of my indwelling I Am Self and light form.

Thus, my preparatory work for this blog was done. It was complete. I was given my own unique experience such that I could share it with you. All I needed to do was to get this long, somewhat epic, blog written, even as I remained peaceful and loving in the past couple days, despite all kinds of things going on around me and in the world.

Pink and White Love

So, my dear fellow light workers and Tahoe re-energizers, from the beginning to the end of this week, come with me to Lake Tahoe and rest in the peace that surpasses all understanding. Rest in the selfless Third Ray love that changes water to wine, blood to Christ life flow, the third dimension to the fourth dimension. Rest and welcome Sananda and Sol-O-Man as they descend to Earth and walk on the waters with you.

If at times in the week, you still get caught up in your residual doubts and fears, and sink down into the impure waters of your soul, they and others ascended masters, angelic guardians and higher astral plane guides will lift you back to the surface.

Then you will be fully in the pink, fully at one with the pink waters of Tahoe, one with the Third Ray workers throughout the Earth, the other planets and out into the Milky Way Galaxy. Then you also will be white and golden light. You will Love God and Love One Another

On day seven of creation, God rested. On day seven of changing Tahoe water to wine, we rest and drink a toast of the wine of life, which we serve up to one and all. We enjoy a wedding feast. Lake Tahoe is pink. So be it!