Be a S

Today, November 2, 2023, shift your focus from Sol-O-Man/Yasodhara the Buddhi to Sananda/Siddhartha the Buddha, who is your/our Buddhist Papa. Take sufficient time in your meditation to relax, let go, be at peace and enhance your spiritual protection. Then, focus on the capital letter “S” that begins Siddhartha’s name.

“S” stands for Spirit, for one’s I Am Self, and for Sananda who portrays the high, Buddhic/Christ or God Self in all children of God.

Whereas Sol-O-Man/Yasodhara symbolizes our feminine subconscious mind and astral body, Sananda/Siddhartha portrays our masculine conscious mind and physical body.

Paint It Gold

Raise your right hand to the area above and to the right of your crown chakra/cerebrum. With your right forefinger as your light-filled pen or paintbrush, begin to draw a golden letter S. It curves leftward above and through the upper half of your head, sweeps down to the left side of your upper body and then flows rightward into your heart chakra. Pause a few moments and feel Siddhartha’s love for you, and your abiding love for him. Hi Dad!

Then continue the flow of the S as it extends to the right side of you, about 2-3 feet away from your physical body, such that it extends out to the edge of your auric field. Proceed in seeing and drawing the bottom loop of the S going below your feet. Now you are enclosed in a golden S that is of Sananda/Siddhartha, which enlightens your conscious mind and quickens your entire physical body.

Sit in the Silence with Siddhartha the Buddha. As inspired by him, receive new I Am ideas and images about how you can be more understanding and compassionate in all that you think, feel and do.

In and through your conscious mind, be the golden Buddha that you are. Walk the walk of an illumined light worker on Earth. So be it.



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