Be a Y

Starting today, November 1, 2023, we begin two weeks of linking and being with Yasodhara the Buddhi and Siddhartha the Buddha, who in the 6th-5th centuries BC in northeastern India were incarnations of Sol-O-Man and Sananda, the Seventh Ray co-leaders of Earth. (See painting of Yasodhara to right.)

In Sanskrit, the root word “Buddh” means enlightened, awakened and illumined. “Buddhi(with an “i”) is feminine, whereas “Buddha” (with an “a”) is masculine.

In the Second Book of Acts, Mary shared: “[Siddhartha] became enlightened, the Buddha, preaching the path of truth and righteousness, so that many followers turned to the holy life. . . . Meditating earnestly on all knowledge, I [Yasodhara], too, became enlightened, [the Buddhi], knowing all truth.”

Be Receptive

Begin your linking with Yasodhara by focusing on, and visualizing, the capital letter “Y” that starts her name. “Y” is the universal symbol that represents Divine Feminine receptivity to Mother God. Although the Y shown to the right is black, see your Y as being gold and white, representing Seventh Ray peace, love and rest.

Sitting or standing in centered contemplation, reach up your two arms to form a V. Extending downward from the apex of this V is a vertical pole that represents and is aligned with your spinal column. The base of this vertical pole is solidly on the floor or ground below you. You now are a Y.

Two as One

Ask to come into communion with Sol-O-Man/Yasodhara and then patiently wait for this to occur. Imagine, see and feel her loving, peaceful, enlightened presence above you. Like you, she is in the form of a gold Y, but her Y is about 7-10 feet tall. She is your Buddhist, Eastern mother and mentor. You are her beloved child and disciple.

Slowly, carefully, masterfully, with maternal care and affection, Yasodhara descends to you, until the base or bottom tip of her vertical pole anchors into, and surrounds, your crown chakra/cerebrum, your central computer station. (See drawing to right.)

Have renewed faith that you, in I Am consciousness, are now one with Sol-O-Man/Yasodhara. After she inspires, uplifts and enlightens you, begin in some new way to be Divine Feminine love in action on Earth.

Let new peace flower within you; and then radiate it out to the whole world, especially to India with its 1.4 billion citizens, which is now the most populated country in the world.

Om. Om. Om. Om Shanti.

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For background information about Yasodhara and Siddhartha, the Mission to India in spring 2014, and the Second Ray Temple of Mercury in northeastern India, click on India. This will bring up my past Typepad blog titled “Mission to India.” Read this. Then, at the top of this blog, to the right of the title, click on the two, right-pointing arrows, which will take you to the next blog. It is not about the Mission to India, so again click on the two arrows to move forward, and keep doing so until the blogs are all about India. There are about 20 blogs devoted to Yasodhara, Siddhartha and India.