Shine like the Sun

In the legendary, primarily symbolic description of Siddhartha and Yasodhara, they were married when they both were 16 years old. Theirs was a love match, that of a prince and princess, which grew into an ever expanding, loving, co-equal partnership.

Their deep understanding of, and love for, one another paved the way for their spiritual awakenings and enlightenments when they were in their early 30s.

With their spiritual illuminations, together as one, Yasodhara the Buddhi and Siddhartha the Buddha became like the Sun that shines upon and illuminates all women and men not only in India and nearby Nepal, but also worldwide.

The Sun symbolizes our I Am Self, superconscious mind and light body. In these Latter Days, even in the midst of major planetary Sixth Ray cleansing and purification, here comes Seventh Ray sun-son-daughter-light to spiritually awaken one and all, to uplift the planet from the third into the fourth dimension, preparing the way for the return of Sananda/Jesus and Sol-O-Man/Mary.

 Two as One

Today, November 2, 2023, in your meditation(s), sit silently and serenely with Sol-O-Man/Yasodhara the Buddhi to your left and Sananda/Siddhartha the Buddha to your right. Welcome them and bask in their presences. Feet them primary in your heart chakra/heart.

“Sol” in Sol-O-Man refers to the feminine “soul of man” but also to the divine feminine vibrations of the Sun or I Am Self, hence the dual meanings of the syllable “Sol.” Sananda has referred to himself as Sun-Anda, thereby showing his symbolic and literal connection with the Sun of our Solar System and the I Am Self in all children of God.

With your being one with Sol-O-Man/Yasodhara and Sananda/Siddhartha, the three of you form a cosmic, universal trinity of Father-Mother-Child. As such, while you are in Christ/Buddhic consciousness, a brilliant sun sphere appears in your inner vision, with this sun being located in front of your heart chakra, just a few feet away from you. This image of the Sun/sun is about one foot in diameter.

Slowly, Sananda/Siddhartha and Sol-O-Man/Yasodhara guide and usher this holy sphere into your heart chakra, which quickens and illumines it and all of your other major chakras and their corresponding physical organs and systems. You become enlightened and illumined.

As this experience progresses, think of Sol-O-Man/Yasodhara’s feminine energy being in, or representing, the left side of the Sun sphere, whereas Sananda/Siddhartha’s masculine peace and love is mostly in the right side of this brilliant Sun. Her “S” and his “S” come together to form one much bigger S, like unto the Sun of this Solar System. For, when two or more are gathered together in I Am light and love, there is the Sun of I Am, Buddhic/Christ awakened awareness and cosmic consciousness.

Let your Love-Light Shine

Continue to bask and rest in Siddhartha the Buddha’s and Yasodhara the Buddhi’s combined, male-female peace and love. Be their beloved son or daughter who wants to be just like them.

Ask them as your spiritual, Buddhist parents to help you to become more of the Sun/Son of God/Daughter of the Divine that you are. During the day, implement their advice.

Let your love-light shine. See and call forth the spiritual awakening, illumination and enlightenment of the whole planet.

Om. I Am. We are. All is well.