Be a Ten

Today, June 17th, we begin our 3-day focus on the Tenth Planet and Temple Ten on Earth, within us and in and around Córdoba, Argentina, in the southern half of South America (see map to right of the 10-sided decagon of the Tenth Temple; click here10 for a large map). The spiritual, Earthly, code names of the two leaders of the Tenth Planet are those of the Greek-Roman Apollo and the Roman goddess Diana.

In our Solar System, as revealed via Nada-Yolanda, there are twelve planets, nine of which are third-dimensional and three of which are fourth-dimensional. Our physical eyes, telescopes and space probes cannot detect these three etheric planets. The location of these three, physically invisible planets is not known.


Although the Tenth Planet cannot be seen physically, via our ESP or psychic powers, its vibrations definitely can be felt when visitors from there come to help us on Earth. The masculine co-leader of the Tenth Planet is like unto the mythological Greek-Roman god Apollo, who was said to be the god or archery, music and dance, truth and prophecy, healing and diseases, sunlight, poetry, and more; thus the ideal man or godlike being. (See image of statue of him to right.)

Christians equated Christ Jesus with Apollo. Indeed, Sananda/Buddha/Jesus is the Christ of planet Earth, its masculine co-leader with his feminine twin soul, Sol-O-Man/Yasodhara/Mary. In turn, we are a Son or Daughter of our Father-Mother God. Our conscious, masculine mind is to be like that of Apollo and Sananda.


Apollo’s feminine counterpart was his twin sister, who in Roman mythology was called Diana (her Greek name was Artemis). Diana was the queen of the night and the moon, virginity, chastity and birth. When her mother Latona bore her, she felt no pain. (See modern painting of her to right.)

Apollo and Diana being twins means that they are twin souls who express etheric consciousness. Being twins, they do not engage in physical sex, but rather exchange spiritually in their higher bodies. Diana represents our feminine soul or subconscious, regardless of whether we are in a male or female body. The Earth’s moon likewise is considered symbolically to be feminine.

To use the modern vernacular, both Apollo and Diana are perfect 10s. The number “1” in “10” is for the masculine Apollo, whereas the number “0” symbolizes the feminine Diana. They are the most evolved male and female souls on the Tenth Planet. We are to follow in their footsteps, as well as those of Sananda and Sol-O-Man, in order to become a “10” in our own individual 10th Temple here on Earth.

Second, Fifth and Seventh Rays

The Tenth Planet demonstrates and radiates the combination of three of the Seven Rays of Life, via which God creates manifestation. These three are: the Second Ray of Understanding and Wisdom whose color is yellow; the Fifth Ray of Healing whose color is green; and the Seventh Ray of Peace, Love and Rest, whose colors are white and gold.

In your meditations and reflections today, focus primary on the Second Ray and the color yellow. See yourself within, and protected by, a yellow flame of cosmic light that especially quickens your mental and physical bodies, which are the masculine, conscious side of you. Thus, they equate symbolically with Apollo. In today’s visualizations, your yellow flame will have tinges of green, white and gold in it, but it is mostly yellow.

In your yellow flame and consciousness, you may see, feel and realize that Apollo has descended from the etheric realms, down through the astral planes, until he stands or sits beside you on your right side. His flame/aura/presence is larger and more powerful than yours, but not so much so that it disturbs you. Rather, his vibration is soothing and enlightening. You feel right at home with him, and even may remember that you once were on Planet Ten, where you knew and served him.

As Within, So Without

Be primarily yellow. Be a 10. Be 1 in the 1 Who is Father God, Who is Divine Mind. Then, radiate yellow light to the Tenth Temple in and around Córdoba, Argentina. Begin to see all of the southern half of South America being suffused with yellow, Second-Ray light, understanding and wisdom, which also has some green and gold in it. By the end of this day, be one-third of the way to becoming anew the Temple 257 that you are in I Am, ascended consciousness.

Give thanks unto Spirit for the ongoing pouring out of Its divine energies on and into you in this Pentecostal cycle. Also, thank Apollo and the scores of Planet Ten male associates who have come with him here to Earth to help you to be a 10. Amen.