Be a Violet Flame

Today, Monday, June 5, 2023, we begin our first of three days of zeroing in on the Temple of Saturn that is within us, and outwardly is at and around Mt. Denali in southcentral Alaska, which is the tallest mountain in North America.

Saturn exemplifies and radiates the Sixth Ray of Cleansing, Transmutation and Purification. It shines with violet light that carries the vibrations and energies of this ray. (See image to right of this ringed planet where the Hierarchy’s highest governmental body, the Saturnian Council of Seven, meets.)

As an individual Temple of Saturn, you are a violet flame that purifies and transmutes your mind, soul and body. This prepares you for new and higher birthing of your I Am light body.

Burn Brightly

In your meditations and communions today, take a few deep breaths to help you to become centered and clear-minded. Then, begin to see yourself within a violet flame that is 10-12 feet tall. (See image to right.) Although it burns brightly, it is cool and comforting when you see and feel it around you. In this soothing flame, you shed the remnants of any thought, feeling, soul memory or physical habit that is still impeding the renewal and resurrection of your individual Temple of Saturn

The Elohim and EloHer of the Sixth Ray oversee and sustain your flame, as do Lord and Lady Zadkiel, who lead the Sixth Ray angels of this solar system. Chohan or Director St. Germain of this violet ray and his twin soul, Lady Violet, likewise radiate their violet-purple light-energies to you, as do your Saturnian brothers and sisters who have come to Earth in their spacecraft.

Sixth Ray workers in the seventh astral plane guide you and protect you from negative lower astral resistance and infiltration of your auric field. On Earth, you are the sixth member of this interdimensional Sixth Ray transmutation team comprised of: 1) Elos; 2) angels; 3) ascended masters; 4) Saturnian visitors; 5) higher astral plane guides; and 6) you.

Ask and Receive

You may or may not see, feel or discern that the multiple higher plane helpers are with you. Whether you do or not, bask in the violet flame around you, knowing full well that you are part of your team of Sixth Ray workers. One thing to be cleansed may be your feeling of being separate from your team, of being alone and lonely here on Earth. We are never alone. God and the agents of our Creator always are with us. Feeling separate from God is our original sin or mistake by which we fell into the third dimension. Let it be purified!

Ask your I Am Self and your Sixth Ray team members to show any other major area within you that still needs to be transmuted, which is left over after your previous, successful, Fifth Ray green healing and integration. Then put this mental, soul or physical pattern and programing in the violet flame. Let it go. Let it be burned, like putting a piece of wood in a physical fire. Let the violet flame transmute and purify it. Burn, baby, burn!

As you do so, remember and reaffirm that you are a golden being of light, a golden giant. But your gold still has some tarnish on it. That is the dross that needs to be burnt away.

Enjoy and be thankful for the release that you now experience. It may feel a little like you do when you take a hot shower and scrub away the gunk in your hair and on the rest of your body; or even like after you go to the bathroom. So, let go and let God transmute you.

Be Violet

I Am violet. I Am a violet flame. Following my purification, as so guided by I Am Self and my team, I radiate violet light to anyone of those who are near to and far away from me. I see each one being the violet flame that he or she is. Where two or more are gathered in I Am consciousness, there is the violet flame in action.

Thank You, Father-Mother Cosmic Violet Flame, and all of Your transmuting team on and about the Earth and throughout the Solar System. So be it.