Be a Violet Flame

See yourself within a brilliant violet flame of transmuting light. Burn away any darkness that remains within you. Let go of any lingering longings, fears, attachments. Be healed by the cleansing of your mind, body and soul, the elimination and renunciation and dispersal of your shortcomings.

Transmute your dross into gold. Be your golden I Am Self, one with God.

Eliminate selfishness. Be selfless Christ love in action.

Let Go & Let God

Friends, fellow Sixth Ray flames, starting today, Monday, November 15, 2021, we begin the first of four weeks devoted to our 12th I Am power, that of elimination-renunciation-denial.

This Christ attribute externalizes via the sacral chakra in our astral body as the urinary system (two kidneys, two ureters, bladder and urethra) and the colon or large intestine (cecum, ascending colon, transverse colon, descending colon, sigmoid colon and anus). The urinary system removes liquid wastes in the urine, whereas the colon releases solid wastes in the feces.

In the 12 Powers approach, our 12th power is called elimination-renunciation. In the Seven Rays of Life, this power expresses the Sixth Ray of Cleansing and Transmutation, whose Chohan or Director is St. Germain; whose corresponding color is violet. This violet hue is the same as that of the power of elimination; and it appears in multiple shades.

The associated gemstone is an amethyst. Note the heart shape of the one above and to the right. It symbolically shows that we are always to transmute our dark side with love of the light. We are to love transmutation!


Jesus’ apostle Jude Thaddeus portrayed the I Am power of elimination-removal-release. He is the complementary partner of the 11th apostle, Judas Iscariot.

Judas is of the positive, male, Father principle or polarity; whereas Jude reflects and expresses our negative, feminine, Mother aspect. As a son or daughter of the Divine, we have the God-given power to to eliminate error and change for the better, to live on this Earth plane in divine harmony, healing and wholeness; and to heal humanity.

Via our Judas faculty, we birth our golden light body; we praise and laud God the Good. Via our Jude attribute, we likewise praise our Father-Mother Creator by eliminating any remaining mental, emotional, soul-astral or physical impediments that still cling to us after our rebirth.

We cut the cord to the past, to mortal consciousness. We die to our negative soul past and we breathe and live in our immortal, healthy present. We become the golden light that we are in I Am resurrected and ascended consciousness in our golden light body.

Love Transmutation

“Thaddeus,” as given by Charles Fillmores in his MBD,  means of the breast; of the heart; large-hearted; warm-hearted; courageous. Fillmore writes: “Love, tenderness, and fearlessness . . . seem to be the dominating characteristics back of proper elimination for mind and body.

“Fear, hate, revenge, and the like cause resistance and tension in the consciousness and the organism, thus shutting off elimination, while love puts away fear, and is of a softening, releasing, freeing, balancing nature.”

In other words, we are to love elimination-transmutation rather than fear this necessary and vital power, to move onward and upward, to re-evolve into our full expression as a child of God.

(Picture to right and above is of Charles in his elder years, peering via his physical eyes into the distance and via his third eye into the vast expanse of Spirit — he sees Fifth Ray unity and oneness, integration and healing. On his death bed, he saw the descent of the New Jerusalem. As we die daily, we are to do the same!)

Mother Love

Note, too, the definition of the breastIn physical terms, the newborn baby nurses at the breast of his or her mother who adores her precious child with a deep, all-consuming, abiding love.

It is our Divine Mama’s love that nurtures our power to release the residual darkness of our imbalanced soul past in order to rise into the abiding light of our I Am Self; to change from child to adolescent to adult to I Am master of peace, love, light and healing. To be born again at each new step, we have to welcome change, to honor it, to hold it lovingly to our breast. We lovingly let go and let Mother God’s divine love rebirth us.

Here’s what Charles Fillmore proclaimed on January 27, 1929: “We must think about God as Mother as well as Father. We must think about and worship the Holy Mother and talk to the Holy Mother, and enter into that Holy Mother consciousness within us.” Amen and amen and amen!

Also, please note in the above image of Jude Thaddeus that he is surrounded by violet light. Plus, he wears a gold medallion on a chain around his neck, with the medallion being over his heart chakra and having the picture or imprint of Christ Jesus on it.

Jude loves Christ Jesus, follows him, and eliminates anything that prevents him from doing so. He loves and welcomes the change in consciousness that Christ Jesus demonstrated for one and all. He loves the transmutation of mortal crucifixion that leads to the joy of immortal, I Am resurrection.

12 Releases and Removals

So, changing gears now, how did you do the last four weeks, in dancing the good dance, of tripping the light fantastic with 12 past and present sweeties, with all manner of loved ones: parents, siblings, children, friends, even a few enemies?

Make a new list of the 12 on the left side of a page and to the right side list any lingering fears, doubts, worries, remorse, anger, bitterness or vengeful feelings that are still left over; mostly gone, mind you, but still a few straggly such thoughts, feelings and memories.

Are you at peace with these 12 sweethearts, fully at peace in harmonious, loving, give-and-take, equal exchange? If not, you may be having trouble with your organs of elimination. Maybe this is a bladder infection, bladder stones, or any number of such minor or even major problems with your kidneys, ureters, bladder and urethra. Maybe you are constipated or have diarrhea, or other such symptoms of your irritated and dysfunctional colon. Even if you have no physical symptoms, however, you still may have subtle soul flaws and blockages in your power of elimination.

So make the list and check it twice, see with whom you still are naughty and not really nice, not fully loving one another, not rightly nursing at the breast of our Divine Mother, She who loves and forgives everyone, She who applies tough and/or tender love as need be, just as you are to do. And then, begin to put these dark spots, these residues of past temptations into the violet flame for their transmutation.

It Takes Two

If you are a guy, you probably confined your 12 sweethearts to 12 lovely ladies, just as I did. That was appropriate and necessary, in divine order.

However, starting this week, you may want to add a few handsome men to your list. After all, it takes two to tango, two to rumba, two to jitterbug, two to walk together as one, two to have a conversation. Maybe you will end up with a list of six ladies and six men, kind of like the six pairs of Jesus’ apostles.

So, of your original 12 sweeties, drop the six ladies with whom you feel most transmuted, most healed, most joyous in the dance of life. Instead, one by one, add six guys to your list.

Start with El Morya-Mark who portrays the conscious mind or masculine polarity of our one mind, just as Nada-Yolanda represents the subconscious mind or soul, the feminine polarity; with Sananda-Jesus representing our superconscious mind and I Am Self.

So, how are you to dance with El Morya-Mark? Well, it probably, almost surely, will not be a rumba! Men typically do not dance with men. Rather, we talk the male talk and walk the male walk.

El Morya-Mark is the Chohan or Director of the First Ray of Will and Power. Will (Matthew) expresses via the lungs and the rest of the respiratory system; whereas power (Philip) expresses via the vocal apparatus, the muscles and limbs

Hence, we choose the will of God, we chose to dance, we choose to talk lovingly with one another but also to walk together as friends, teachers and students as one, fellow travelers on the path of life. Yes, we talk the talk, but we also walk the walk.

Thus, without First Ray will and power, there is no way that we can do the rumba of Seventh Ray love. The First and Seventh Rays have to function together as one. Will and power are to work seamlessly together  with peace and love, as we speak the word and walk and run together.

My Best Friend

From El Morya-Mark, I learned how to do all things by calling upon Father God to do them through me, as given in his fabulous text How To Do All Things: Your Use of Divine Power. He taught me how to go slowly, cautiously but boldly and confidently forward in my ongoing walk on this plane, with my feet firmly on the ground. I not only read about this but I watched him demonstrate it, being a man’s Man, in all his masculine, positive glory and power, while remaining down to Earth, humble and and compassionate, ever focused on loving one another. He was my Dad, my teacher, my best friend, whom I loved deeply. And still do.

And yet, Mark had a flaw in his amethyst-gemstone consciousness: He developed errors and psychological blockages that he refused to transmute. In a sense, he was a typical man, one who often lived in denial of his residual darkness, who thought that he was invincible. In incarnating, he took on all the mortal physical traits and biases and misconceptions that mortal man in third consciousness has had through the ages. This was his divine love sacrifice, to lay down his life for his friends, knowing full well that it was possible that he could be entrapped on Earth.

Despite his extraordinary spiritual heritage and power as El Morya as expressed in so many good works, as Nada-Yolanda received in her intunement on August 17, 1980, “Mark/Charles B. Gentzel . . . incurred a series of error patterns and concepts and misapplications of the highest, the best, the truth, the wheat of his I Am Self.”

Male Transmutation

Mark developed bladder cancer — he first noted blood in his urine in 1973. But he refused to not see an urologist until 1979 to get the necessary tests and cystoscopic exam, which accurately diagnosed his bladder tumor. Please note that it was cancer of the bladder, one of the organs of elimination-renunciation-denial. This symbolized that Mark had not transmuted his male mortality and attitudes.

Despite multiple, multi-leveled  treatments, including speaking the word, auric balancing, hands-on healing, radionic diagnosis and treatment, nutritional supplements, and conventional radiation and chemotherapy, his bladder cancer metastasized to his liver, which is an externalization of the power of love, hence he had not loved his transmutation (with his liver cancer being the primary cause of his pending death).

Moreover, he developed a cataract in his right eye, such that he could barely see through it — he consciously was blind to the causes of his condition and thereby could not heal them. Therefore, he made his transition (died), with the staff in prayerful attendance, on April 24, 1981.

Dark Night of the Soul

As recorded in my prior blog, Nada-Yolanda was devastated, having lost her anchor, her masculine, First Ray protector, partner and co-worker. It would take about five years before she rose out of her resulting depression.

I, too, entered a very dark place — it was perhaps the darkest descent I have felt my entire lifetime. My heart was broken, for I had lost my father, my mentor, my best friend, the man who was teaching and showing me how to be a man; which Yolanda never would be able to do.

Previously, in 1973, another potential father to me, WAINS, who was then the third Director of Mark-Age and the head of the Healing Haven department, was dismissed from the Mark-Age staff due to his insubordination of Mark and Yolanda. My personal father when I was a child was not much of a role model, certainly not someone that I emulated. My two primary spiritual teachers before joining Mark-Age were women.

Moreover, if El Morya-Mark, the Chohan of the First Ray, could fail and fall, could not complete his mission on Earth as originally scheduled, then what chance did I have? I was scared stiff (Iscariot). My heart hurt like hell.

Persist and Persevere

But somehow, by the grace of God, Yolanda, Phillel and other staff members, as well as you in our Mark-Age family, persisted and moved forward into a new interdimensional partnership with El Morya. He was stationed in the higher astral and lower etheric planes as the leader of the light workers in the astral planes. And he still was, and still is, the Executive Director of the Mark-Age unit, although he did and does so from his astral perch, not physically here on Earth.

How could he have failed? Sananda had channeled several times via Nada-Yolanda that no one on Earth, no matter their degree of spiritual evolvement, was beyond temptation, was guaranteed to make it on this dark, dense, negative Earth level that had been in darkness since a segment of mankind fell into matter some 26 million years ago. Therefore, the Hierarchal Board of this solar system, in planning for these End Days of now, had developed seven alternate plans.

Thus, in 1962, Glo-Ria/Gloria Lee Byrd, Mark’s twin soul, who was to be one of the four most prominent Mark-Agers, after a 66-day fast, made her transition in 1962. Then, as shared above, WAINS was dismissed in 1973. Mark made his transition in 1981. And that left Nada-Yolanda, who somehow had the moxie, the guts, the love of transmutation to make it all the way through her seven major initiations, until she healed her soul relationship with Edward, and opened a clear channelway into the etheric realms for all the rest of us to enter. Upon her transition, she ascended in her light body. God bless you, Nada-Yolanda!

TALKS: Truth And Light Konferences

When still on Earth, Mark loved to talk and exchange with others. He said he received the most inspiration and the best new ideas when he was sharing with and guiding staff and visitors. He had a remarkable ability to speak authoritatively, yet in a friendly, down to earth manner; to be a teacher even as he treated others as equal children of God; who cut right to the quick of any problem or dilemma and explained clearly and logically how to deal in the best way with such difficulties and challenges. And his advice nearly always was right on! Yes, he was a master of the First Ray, of speaking the word, in thought and via his physical voice.

His approach and style is clearly evident in the two MAM tapes that he recorded in June 1978, which are included in our current I Am Nation Newsletter that is now on its way to you who subscribe to it. He labeled the these taped broadcasts TALKS: Truth and Light Konferences. In these, he shared all matter of talks that one can have in person, from the distance, with those who were open to such sharing, and with those who are resistant to such spiritual exchange. These are amongst my all-time favorite broadcasts/writings by Mark. It is him to perfection.

Cosmic Singing

Moreover, he has “talked” with me through the years since 1981, in my dreams, in visions, in the silence, sometimes seeming to be right in the room with me, other times behind a veil such that I have not even known that my guidance was coming from him, only to realize later that this was so.

I dreamt once that he took a light-filled scalpel (a sword of truth), cut off my right arm at the shoulder, and attached a new arm to my body — therefore symbolically transforming my power aspect, my ability to handle things with power and love. Another time, my dream was about him grafting a section of his spinal cord onto my spinal cord, to shore up my strength, stability and steadfastness.

In another night vision, he sang the most astounding aria I ever have heard, at least in my waking life, beyond anything that the most famous male opera tenors have sung. I was utterly uplifted by the words, the vibrations, the power of this song. And then he started to teach me how to sing in this way, to find anew my own spiritual voice and power. In following dreams, I too sang in a new, extraordinary, out-of-this-world way.

Imagine that: I was one of 11 tenors who sing with El Morya, he who resonnates to the number 11. And you can be, too! Hey, we need at least 11x11x11x11 such tenors to heal the four lower bodies of man, to lift him (and her) into the music of the spheres, from which he-she came.

Mostly recently, just two days ago as I write this, on November 14, 2021, he anchored his light body so deeply into my lungs and heart that I could barely breathe or function. In time, he conveyed to me what has become the structure and focus of this blog, that of working with six ladies and six men, including him, something that I never had considered doing. Even as I write this, tears of wonder, awe and gratitude flow down my face, not just for this present exchange but for all the many times in the past that he in Elder consciousness has been my friend.

Go to it, Guys!

So, how about it guys? Are your ready to walk and talk with El Morya-Mark this week as you take out your sword of truth and with his expert help you cut out and eliminate the remaining darkness within you? He’s knocking on your psychic door, there to help you in your hour of need, ever present in I Am consciousness to support, to assist, to nudge your forward and upward and onward. He is there to help you say, Yes I can!

When you open your cosmic eye, when you open the doorway that separates you from those in the higher realms, in and though it will come El Morya, who will ask you: Can we talk? Let’s go for a walk. How about we trip the light fantastic? And of course, you welcome him with your whole heart. After all, he is your friend, the very best friend any guy could have.

See him right before you, sitting in a chair that you have set out for him. If you don’t psychically see him, simply affirm and know from within that he is there. Then have a talk, a truth and love konference. Ask and receive. Let go of any feelings of unworthiness, of any shyness, of any fear that you have that such is not possible or will reveal something unpleasant about yourself. You can be sure that he will have good advice for you, lots of love for you, power to spare, until you will get up and feel like dancing a jig.

Or, ask him to take a walk with you around the block, in a nearby park, in your favorite natural setting. Walk and talk: yes, you can do two things at once. It’s easy. Go with the flow. Come home refreshed and ready to get on with your transmutation, ready to face anew the challenges in your life that previously seemed overwhelming, ready to have power over them rather than be a slave to them. And before El Morya/Mark leaves, please do thank him and give him a hug!

And then, to round out your new list of six or so guys, add your papa of this lifetime, maybe a grandfather, an older brother, someone at work like a boss, a teacher in any kind of class you are attending or have attended in the past. Perhaps you add one of your sons and you figure out how to be a better father to him, or one of your grandsons, with whom you can be an even better grandpa, how you can talk and walk with them with greater mastery and deeper love. Let Spirit show you who it is that you are to include on your list, in your prayers and in your talks and walks. Let El Morya and other masculine etheric teachers show you the way.

Lady Loves

Now, for you ladies: First of all, thank you for waiting, hopefully patiently, until I finished with my focus on men. Now you get equal attention, equal love, equal power to transmute all things within you and others.

Probably, as a woman, you originally focused primarily on men in your list of 12 sweethearts; and again, that was as it should have been. First things first.

Glow with Feminine First Ray Power

But now, eliminate the six men from your list with whom you feel most healed, most able to dance, most at one. In their place, focus on six women in your life. See how your I Am Self guides you, but you may well start out with Glo-Ria, who is Mark’s twin soul, she of the First Ray. (Plus, you already may have danced a bit with Nada-Yolanda of the Seventh Ray in last week’s blog — unlike men, women do dance together.)

To help you connect with Glo-Ria, read our Mark-Age text Life in our Solar System, in which Glo-Ria describes and channels via Nada-Yolanda her account of moving from Earth into the higher astral planes, then to the lower etheric realms, and from there  out to the other planets in the solar system. This is the most extraordinary and vivid account of the process of transition from Earth to the invisible, higher dimensions of any book available today.

Be a First Ray Tower

First of all, call upon Glo-Ria, El Morya and Lord Michael to assist you in visualizing and precipitating a citadel or cylinder or tower of First Ray Will and Power around you. To start, see this cylinder being 12 feet in diameter, hence 6 feet to either side of you. (Later it may expand in diameter, so as to allow multiple visitors at a time in it.)

Around your head, focus on faith; around your chest, surround yourself with God’s will; encase your lower body with divine power, all the way down to your feet. See, feel and know that Spirit is protecting you from any intrusion by negative forces, emanating from the lower astral planes or those in mass consciousness on Earth.

Envision this citadel or tube of power extending up from the top of your head, in and through the astral realms, into the etheric and celestial planes. You can think of it as being like an elevator shaft, via which you rise in your light body and commune with the ascended masters, space visitors about their etheric craft, and guardian angels. With your right forefinger (your conscious power), you press the top-floor button, and up you go, powered by Spirit and the agents of Spirit, who lift you and protect you in your interdimensional journey.

Chat and Saunter through the Garden

After you rise up in your light body in the higher planes, redescend and realize that Glo-Ria is guiding your return to this Earthly dimension. See her above you, then coming down and standing right in front of you. Or maybe you sense her behind you — she has your back. Perhaps she whispers in your ears the new I Am guidance that you are to incorporate and follow in all your actions with other women (as well as with men folks).

Maybe you sit down together and have a delightful, heart-to-heart, woman-to-woman chat. Maybe you take a walk together through your garden, in a neighboring park, down the street and back, anyplace in this garden of Eden that it is to become. And no, you as Eve are not going to eat of the forbidden fruit of selfishness on the tree of life, nor is Adam for that matter — you/we have been there, done that and now are going to bring forth good, loving fruits in all our relationships with men, women, animals and the very Earth itself.

(Guys, it is imperative that you also work with protection before you commune with El Morya or other masters, higher plane astral guides, angels or space visitors. Use this same technique of seeing yourself within a citadel or tower of power — as per usual, you have to catch up to the ladies who are leading the way. Then call upon and await the communion with El Morya and others, with Glo-Ria and Nada, with Sananda and Sol-O-Man, with Jude Thaddeus, with St. Germain and his Sixth Ray cohorts, with visitors from Saturn that radiates the Sixth Ray for the whole solar system.)

Feminine Wisdom

In talking and walking with Glo-Ria, remember that as Gloria Lee Byrd on Earth, she was married and had two children, in what was at times a difficult marriage. Her husband did not understand, accept or honor her spirituality when she became a Hierarchal channel. She knows the ins and outs of being a spouse, a mother, a woman who lives on a still at times male-dominated planet, being spiritual in a world that is blind to higher truths and realities. And she knows how to wield the sword of truth!

So, talk with her. Ask her anything that comes to you. Seek her out and you will find her in some unique way, in a dream, in a intuitive knowing, in a sense of oneness with her, woman to woman, when reading her channelings. Let go of any hesitation, any fear you have of having such an exchange, any doubt that you are not worthy of her time and attention. She is your soul sister, your mother of mothers, your dear friend.

And keep a journal of what she shares, of what you feel, of how it does your heart good, of how it helps you to let go and let God, to transmute your soul and physical body of its remaining ills.

Then add your Mom of this lifetime to your list, maybe your grandmother(s), a favorite aunt, an older or younger sister, a lady at your job, your female boss or co-worker there or in your church or in spiritual study group. Of course, you don’t have to stop at adding six soul ladies to your list, or to have more or less of them. Just get started and see how it goes. Make it up as you go along. And judge it by its fruits.

Maybe you end up with nine men and only three women in your final list, or vice versa. Six and six is just a starting point, like unto the six pairs of Jesus’ apostles. (And don’t you think that if Jesus was incarnated today that he would have six male disciples and six female disciples?)

Love your transmutation with one and all!

Father-Mother God

Beloved Father-Mother God, thank you for Fathering and Mothering us, for helping us to be a better dad or mom, to be a more loving son or daughter; to be a more loving spouse; for helping us to help others, for guiding us in our cleansing and transmutation, prior to our beginning anew when the new year starts, for helping us to dance and talk and walk rightly and lovingly with one another all around the globe.

In our multiple pairings, in the marriage of the conscious and subconscious aspects of our one mind, we are transmuted in the violet flame. Via Your Divine grace, power and love, we become superconscious, white and golden light, one with You, now and forever. So be it.

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  1. Thoughts, focusing on the lists of men and women who have been the major/minor challenges in my life. Right now, there’s not a lot there, but
    by digging deep, moving past resistances, I feel certain pent-up areas of emotion. There are a few people that I feel some discord with at the current moment, but that really seems to be minor stuff. By letting go to Spirit, I trust that I will be given what I need to see and work on. Thank You, Lord.

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