Be Healed

Friends, fellow heart healers, my story, my dance continues. This blog is about the the transfiguration and redescent of my I Am light body, with its golden heart, the heart of a golden giant. It is about all of us being one in the One and dancing as one in the body of Christ. It is about being healed!

Mental Health

In 2016-2017, even as I moved through my hellish dark journey in the psychiatric and psychological professions and locations, which for the most part are devoid of the spiritual realm and reality, I also reviewed everything I previously had written about Nada-Yolanda as she transited through her seven major initiations to Christhood: birth, baptism, transmutation via personal love, transfusion, transfiguration, crucifixion-resurrection, and ascension & redescent. (See MAPP To Aquarius, pages 254-259.)

Way back in 1976, I started to re-read every single entry in Nada-Yolanda’s extensive spiritual diary, only to discover how she had developed and expressed her 12 I Am powers as she went through the seven major initiations, how her chakras had been opened in slow, gradual, step-by-step fashion. I wrote about these major initiations in 7 Mark-Age booklets, one initiation per booklet, which we published from 1989 to1995.

Music of the Spheres

Re-reading these seven booklets and Nada-Yolanda’s diary restored my sanity!

As I read and studied, from out of the darkness, I saw the light, moved into the light, welcomed the light and love in my heart and soul. Herein was my spiritual role and mission and I Am identity, the best of my Healing Haven functions, my I Am Self in loving action. Herein was the Way that we transmute our mind, soul and body in birthing and ascending in our spiritual light body. Herein was the I Am psychiatry and psychology of the New Age to come.

I could only re-read Nada-Yolanda’s diary, her channelings and my work about the Seven Steps to Christhood for about a couple hours per day. That’s all the energy that I had. And then I had to kick back, to rest, to recuperate, to release the past, to enter the Void or Emptiness, to Be, to do nothing in an outer way, to deal with and disperse my residual anxiety.

I filled my emptiness partly by listening to wonderful, inspiring, transformative music that lifted me heavenward. It ranged all the way from Beatles songs (such as Let It Be and Heal Comes the Sun), to old time gospel songs as sung by Willie Nelson and others ( A Closer Walk with Thee), to Negro spirituals (He’s Got the Whole World in His Hands), to Beethoven (especially his Seventh Symphony with its glorious fourth movement Ode to Joy – one of my all-time favorites) and to Mozart and Handel, to operas such as Mozart’s The Magic Flute (another favorite).

Prior to this time, I simply did not have sufficient time to enjoy and to be healed by such music, although I always have loved good music. But now I made the time, in fact I had all the time in the world to listen to those singers whose voices were the greatest musical instruments there are. How can one be depressed and fearful when listening to such wondrous music and song? How can one possibly sit still and not get up and dance?

I also listened to, and reveled in, Nada-Yolanda’s song tape called My Soul Sings, in which the ascended masters and her I Am Self sang through her, she who in mortal consciousness could hardly carry a tune. At other times, I was moved by songs about the 12 powers. Afterwards, I went on long, healing walks, one with nature, whose beauty and melodious sounds soothed my soul.

Good music, good songs, walking and dancing heal! According to Nada-Yolanda’s intunements, in the higher astral plane hospitals and healing centers, music is an important part of one’s soul therapy. I remembered that when Yolanda had her right forefinger amputated on July 9, 1997 (when she was in the sixth phase of her seventh major initiation), she awoke from her anesthesia in a panic in the recovery room. Afterwards, she  encouraged her surgeon to play soothing music in this room, to help others recover. Which he seemed not to accept or implement. Too far out, too “woo woo,” in his estimation. Poor guy!

Good Books

When I wasn’t listening to music, I read extensively; again something I had not been able to do in the past, because I only had studied items dealing with holistic healing. In particular, I read accounts of nearly all the American Presidents, especially those who represented and portrayed each major initiation: Birth – George Washington; baptism with fire and water – John Adams and Thomas Jefferson; transmutation via personal love — Abraham Lincoln, my favorite president, the Father of the USA, the New JerUSAlem; transfusion — Teddy Roosevelt; transfiguration – FDR; crucifixion-resurrection – John F. Kennedy for crucifixion and some other unknown president for resurrection (I wonder if Barack Obama fits the resurrection label as the first African American to lead the nation); and ascension and redescent — no known president at this time.

Given Yolanda’s channelings about mankind’s ancient history of the Cains and Abels, when the Cains treated the fallen subrace as slaves, it was clearly evident how the USA has struggled with this problem throughout its entirely history. For slavery has been the near fatal flaw in the true democracy that has developed here in the states, as an example for all other countries. Enslavement of others, those not in power, has been prevalent through all past cultures and times, right up to this current period of now (e.g. Chinese communist leaders refuse to allow fellow Chinese citizens the right to have free will, which in reality is a gift from God to His-Her children, Chinese or otherwise).

Popular Authors

My two favorite presidential authors were/are Doris Kearns Goodman (biographies of Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, FDR and JFK) and David McCullough (biographies of Washington, Adams and Truman); plus his fascinating books about the building of the Brooklyn Bridge and the development of the Panama Canal, as well as several others books, all of which I read two or three times.

In lighter, but similarly spiritually uplifting books, my favorites were by John Grisham, a lawyer turned popular author, who spins incredible tales that you simply cannot put down. I decided never to read his books at night, because I would always be tempted to read just one more chapter, and then an hour or more later, I was still immersed in the rapid-paced plot of the book. And could not get to sleep.

The other author I loved was Tony Hillerman who wrote a long series of fascinating murder mysteries set on the Navaho Nation in the southwest USA. I especially loved the description and presentation of Navaho spiritual beliefs and practices. In a vivid dream recall, years previously, I had remembered that I had been a Zuni Amerindian, who live right next to the Navahos. And now that Tony has passed on, I read books by his daughter, Anne Hillerman, likewise set in the Navaho lands, whose tales are equally fascinating.

See And Be

Yet another part of my healing journey was watching videos, which I purchased and played by the dozens. Some were serious and spiritually inspirational, such as those about Mahatma Gandhi, Gautama the Buddha and Jesus the Christ. Some were on the lighter side, funny and playful comedies that I thoroughly enjoyed — yes, as Norman Cousins wrote, laughter is the best medicine!

I also ordered and played multiple DVDs from “The Great Courses.” These included talks and extraordinary pictures and videos about Albert Einstein (my favorite scientist), the USA’s Natural Parks which I love, astronomy which stretched my mind out into the cosmos, the Old and New Testaments, tai chai, acupuncture, nutrition, brain anatomy and physiology, tours of China and Greece and other countries, Renaissance art, Leonardo da Vinci, and many others. I was back in school, in the University of Life, and I loved it.

Occasionally, I went to see movies in nearby theaters, and then had an excellent, yummy meal afterward (often Mexican or Chinese food, sometimes Middle Eastern falafel and fixings), did some shopping and came home. But mostly, I was content to stay in our spiritually protected forcefield, where I more and more felt the overshadowing presence of Sananda, Sol-O-Man, Nada, El Morya and Hilarion. However, most of the time I still was not fully sure it was one of them, as my brain was still not fully back in gear. I was still taking small amounts of my anti-anxiety medication, which altered my brain chemistry such that I could not trust what I was receiving, unless it was thoroughly verified over weeks and months.

Slowly, in what seemed to me to be a snail pace, a crawling on my belly, as I watched videos, continued to read, and listened to some music every day, I relaxed, got centered anew, slept better and more deeply, walked further and longer, morphed into the new me. My heart opened anew, my joy of life returned, my desire to get on with it welled up ever more strongly, time and time again. I took less and less medication. My heart chakra and physical heart definitely felt improved, even though I continued to have a-fib.

 Seventh Step

By the end of 2018 and lapping over somewhat into 2019, I had completed the total review and rewriting of a new draft abut Nada-Yolanda’s seventh major initiation, which she enacted from 1992-2005. I read every single entry in her spiritual diary in those years and noted them in a short description on what turned out to be multiple pages of paper. I also read everything that Mark-Age published that came from Nada-Yolanda’s channelings and inspirational writings from 1992 to 2005 (including Prophecies:2000-4000 A.D, published in 2000; Metamorphosis: From Mortal to Immortal, published in 2001; and Contacts from the Fourth Dimension, published in 2007).

I marveled anew at what Nada-Yolanda had demonstrated so clearly, so graphically, so dramatically throughout her seventh major initiation, following in the footsteps of Sananda-Jesus. We know little about his seventh step other than a brief mention in the Gospels that forty days after his resurrection (having completed his sixth major initiation), he ascended into heaven in his fourth-dimensional light body. What Nada-Yolanda accomplished was to show how she went through seven phases in her seventh initiation, therefore lighting the way for others who are to follow in her and Sananda-Jesus’ footsteps. It is an amazing, astounding, enlightening work and journey, one that still today leaves me in awe of her and her incredible demonstration.

Even as I felt elevated and healed by seeing and understanding all this, I literally at times shuddered at the fact that I almost had committed suicide, almost had given up and gone my own way, almost had come right up to the edge of the roof of the temple, with my toes being over it, had heard the taunts of those in the lower astral planes and even fellow healers on Earth at lesser levels of spiritual development, and had almost jumped to my soul death.

This was still a scary thought (Iscariot) and remembrance, one that set me turning around and scampering back up to the apex of the temple of my being, whereupon I continued with my ascent into etheric, I Am, Christ consciousness. And I gave thanks time and again to Spirit and to all the agents of Spirit who invisibly had and continued to guard me, assist me, prompt me, redirect me and love me in my ongoing spiritual journey.

Transfiguration & Healing

Moreover, in writing about Nada-Yolanda’s seventh step, I saw anew my own passage through the various phases of my own seventh major initiation. All major initiations have seven minor phases in which one experiences anew, at a higher level, the seven major steps to Christhood.

Thus, in the first phase of the seventh major initiation, we birth our spiritual power to ascend and redescend. In the second phase, one undergoes baptism with fire and water, the rising into the fiery light of our fourth-dimensional, light or etheric or electrical body, then its redescent down our spine and nerves; following by the cleansing of water, the going into the wilderness to face and master our remaining temptations (been there and done that).

In the third phase of transmutation via love, we ascend into a new, masterful expression of our personal love nature, our ability to transmute water (our blood) into wine (our Christ life flow). Thus in her third phase, Yolanda focused anew on healing her personal love relationship with Edward, her beloved soul mate.

In the fourth phase, we manifest and demonstrate our I Am, ascended Christ talents, usually in a public setting. In my case, this had occurred in 2010-2015 in MariLyn’s and my travels around the world, re-opening the 13 spiritual temples or power centers, projecting the four-step Christ matrix of peace, love, cooperation to the whole world. Then, from 2015-2020 or thereabouts, I had passed through my fifth phase of transfiguration and healing and cosmic oneness.

Heal Humanity

In this last five-year period, I had focused on healing those in the psychiatric and psychological fields of mental health, as well as the healing of my own psyche or soul. After my descent into hell and seeing anew how hellish it was, I had projected to healers of every description and pathway, in the East and the West.

I had recalled anew and been transfigured by my past lifetimes that go back 26 million years ago to the days of the Cains and Abels, when I had incurred the soul karma, the blockage and the distortion of my personal love aspect that is the core, original cause of the current atrial fibrillation of my heart. I even began to glimpse the time before that ancient fall, before I had flinched. Seeing my vibrant health and wholeness before my downfall, I knew I could return to his holy part of my being, this ever-present I Am Self in all its love and glory. In this would be my healing and that of others.

Recalling and dealing with my ancient descent into selfish darkness, of recalling my Cain past, was by far the scariest thing I have done in this lifetime, or even in all my past lifetimes that I remember. Always in this slow, gradual, healing process, I did my best to remember that if I had created something in the past, I could recreate it in the present, with an eye to the future. What we feel, we can heal! But if we do not know the past, then we are doomed to repeat it.

Like Christ Jesus in his transfiguration on the mount, when he projected holographic images of his two past lives as Moses and Elijah, I also remembered and reincorporated all the good lifetimes in my soul history, all the spiritual talents that I had perfected in prior lives, not only on Earth but also on and about other planets throughout the solar system.

Thus, everything was in divine order, all was well, everything fit together in a new and profound overall picture, a new step of healing and integration and healing. It did my heart good! Despite my current problems with a-fib, I knew without a doubt, or with only a little doubt and fear, that my heart would be fully healed, as long as I continued to apply the spiritual, universal healing principles and practices. For this had I prepared, for this had I come, for this am I laying down my life in loving my friends and fellow healers.

Divine Dancing

In getting ready to write the past couple blogs, I reviewed my three extraordinary dance dreams, which I shared in a previous blog. I realized that dancing is a perfect metaphor for the fifth step of transfiguration. For, in it, one receives new I Am images of Christ empowerment, for using our will and power attributes to dance harmoniously in loving oneness with one and all. Via our I Am power attribute, which externalizes via our voice, muscles and limbs, we speak and dance in divine fashion, swaying and moving to the music of the spheres, which clairaudiently we now can hear more clearly than ever before.

We dance with all our past and present sweethearts, we set the stage for such a new dance in the future, in this life and future lives. We dance as the divine beings that we are, in full control and mastery of all our movements, of hugging with our whole, holy heart, of holding one another in the light whether such dance partners are physically with us or far apart in any part of the globe or even in other dimensions. This is cosmic oneness, this is ascended I Am consciousness in action on this physical plane as it transmutes from the third to the fourth dimension.

Note in my past three dancing dreams, which I shared in a previous blog, that my first dance was with Nada-Yolanda on October 31, 2017, the very next day after MariLyn left for Minneapolis, which broke my heart. Nada, appropriately enough, is the ascended master of soul healing and psychic-soul talents, she who had danced from the distance for 30 years before she got it right with her soul mate, Edward.

In the dream, she taught me the rumba and literally and figuratively blew my mind, my mortal-soul mind — her dancing with me was out of this world! She showed me how to take two divine steps forward, one soul step back into the still dark recesses of my subconscious, then two new steps on the ladder or stairway to the stars, to the lights of the world. Thank you, Nada! Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Then, in my second dream dance drama, four months later on March 1, 2017, I was in my former childhood home in Dansville, wherein my Mom (Aleta) tripped the light fantastic right in front of me in our living room. Like the “professional, I Am dancer” that she is and has been in past lives, she levitated and ascended in her light body, hovered serenely in the air, and then performed a series of dazzling twists, flips and turns that were a wondrous joy to behold. My Mom, she who was so challenged on Earth in using her I Am power characteristic, especially after receiving brain-damaging EST and having Parkinson’s Disease in her later years, was now functioning in her ascended light body. Oh my!

And yet, she still didn’t have full control of the dance, for when she redescended to the floor, she injured her foot/ankle, which is an instrument of power. She had problems with being well-grounded, just like me. She still was not fully able to walk the walk, to dance the divine dance. And we were not dancing together. But she was well on her way, as was I.

I Am Dancing

Please take notice that it took an additional three and one-half years — that’s three and one-half years! — before I dreamt of dancing with MariLyn in our light bodies. In the first week of September of 2020, I dreamt that MariLyn and I both heard the cosmic music and heeded the cosmic call to go to a dance hall. We came from separate directions and had not known one another prior to this in our current lifetime. But, when we met, we were magnetically attracted to one another. I asked her, May I have this dance, and she said yes!

And then we did our own incredible version of the rumba — we danced as two divine beings, empowered and graced by God, two who were one in the utilization and expression of our I Am love and power, two who moved rhythmically to the music of the spheres, not the grosser music of this Earth plane and our mortal desires.

Entwined together, we swirled and twirled around the dance floor three times, even more masterfully than Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers; one time each for the conscious, subconscious and superconscious levels of our whole being. We were married as one, two who loved our One Father-Mother God, two who were a son and daughter of the Divine. What an incredible, yet entirely normal feeling this transcendent dream dance was!

And when the music stopped, we left by different routes, each following our own interior, spiritual guidance. Unlike in the breakup of a mortal marriage, we did not sit in negative judgment of one another, but rather we judged wisely and lovingly that each of us was a loving child of God. We could see into the future and know that we would dance again in the light, in some new and higher way, in some new time, in some new place and dimension, always in service to healing humanity. Wow and double wow and triple WOW!

Looking back on the message of this dream, the key is that I no longer sat in judgment of her, no longer blamed her for our marital breakup, no longer wanted my “pound of flesh.” Rather, I loved the Christ in her, and even began to realize that her going back to Minnesota might have been the best possible thing that could have happened for both of us; as was my choice to remain here at I Am Nation HQ. For, following this dream, I was able to move forward, onward and upward in a whole new way, without devoting lots and lots of my healing attention to our marriage. And she was able to work on her personal soul karma back in her home grounds of Minnesota. So, thank You, Christ MariLyn! Thank You, Spirit, for guiding me to stay here and to keep on moving forward and upward in my spiritual mission.

I emailed MariLyn and shared with her this dance dream and my short interpretation of it. Lo and behold, she wrote back and said she agreed with it, and added her own insights about it, which in themselves were divine. Imagine that: This was the first time in three-and-one half years of separation that we outwardly had agreed about anything, that we actually got along well together, that we truly loved another. And with that, I let her go to God.

And I prepared myself inwardly for my new birth, my new dances, my new sweeties and my new, upcoming sweet healing opportunities. I was humbled yet once again and fill with the divine grace of the goodness of God, and wholeheartedly thankful of Him-Her and all of His-Her agents who have taught me how to dance, to trip the light fantastic, to dance right out of my dark tomb into the light of a new day!

Born Again

My rebirth started just one week later in my dream on September 8, 2019. In it, I was at my family’s former home on Pine Street, in Dansville, New York, where we had lived from the time that I was seven years old, following my sister Rosalie’s death and my Mom’s ensuing depression and undergoing EST (shock treatments). I was in the dining room, working on my laptop computer about Yolanda’s soul healing work with her soul mate Edward throughout her seventh major initiation; completing a last edit of it for final publication in our upcoming text Seven Steps to Christhood (which we hope to accomplish in 2002). I had on a light-grey shirt.

To my utter surprise, when I unbuttoned my shirt, imprinted on my chest were the light-filled words Love God and Love One Another. I went into the adjoining kitchen to show this remarkable phenomenon to my mother, Aleta, who was preparing food for me. She looked totally radiant, filled with light, happiness, love, faith and power (she was transfigured by her Serena light body.) She appeared to be about 40-50 years old, which is how I looked.

After carefully inspecting and marveling at the mantrum on my chest, she told me how much and how deeply she loved me, and she gave me one of the most loving hugs I have had from anyone — she hugged me with her whole, holy heart!

Needless to say, I was deeply and thoroughly quickened, uplifted and transformed. With this transmutation, gone were all the old, sorrowful soul scars of my heart, which went back to my childhood, and no doubt into former lives. They were replaced by the loving exchange and new partnership with Serena, for ours was definitely a light-body hug!

She’s Back

By way of interpretation, this house represents my soul history, my past subconscious memories. It embodies all the pain I felt when Mom had been taken away from me and placed in a mental hospital. She had returned, but she never danced again in her higher Mom aspect, although she did everything she could do to love, nurture, protect and guide my brother and me.

The pain evidently goes all the way back to the days of Cains and Abels when Sananda discovered the power of the mantrum Love God and Love One Another. For all my soul history, culminating in this lifetime, I have done my best to adhere to and practice this two-pronged, yet one approach. Now it is emblazoned on and in my chest, in my lungs (will) and my heart of hearts (love).. And just like when exposing this to Mom, I am to expose and demonstrate this with all others who will come into my life. And is to do the same in her astral functioning.

I have my Mom back. I have her back in my life as Serena, which is her high Self name. I have never in all my multiple dreams of her in the past seen her as she looked and felt in this dream. Note too that her feet now were firmly planted on the ground, no longer with a hurt and dysfunctional foot/ankle. And she was cooking food to serve to me and eventually others, all of the 144,000 elect — she is serving me as I serve her, we are serving all others. She is alive and well in her role in the higher astral planes, one with me on this physical level.

Only later did I realize the meaning of our being about the same age in the dream: She was no longer only my past physical mother but now we were equal partners. Thus, she was my twin soul, in Serena consciousness, and we as Serena and Soliel were linked together as one.

What is past is past. Now we were ready to move forward. It was and still is the most unbelievable feeling, to be in this communion and new dance with her, beyond what I ever have imagined or hoped for. It was a glorious gift of God to her and me, a remaking of our ongoing twin soul relationship on the Seventh Ray, as a divine son and daughter, following in the footsteps of Sananda and Sol-O-Man, and of El Morya and Nada, and other ascended masters. I Am, we are, born again. My heart and hers are healed to a whole new and higher level and degree.

I had no clue at the time, but Serena-Aleta and I as Soliel-Robert had become pregnant with the Christ child, which would be born 8-9 months later. Oh my, oh my, oh my!

Walk to the Promised Land

A little over two months later, on November 13, 2019, I dreamt that I was in my brand new house and then went to a nearby seven-story building. I took the elevator to the sixth or seventh floor, where I knocked on a door that seemed to open by itself. I went into the room, which was empty except for me. Once in the room, there was a door to an adjoining room, which opened and through it walked Serena-Aleta into my room. She smiled radiantly and very lovingly reached out her left hand and held my right hand in it.

Then she enthusiastically and joyfully said, “Let’s walk to the church that is just down the street.” Without any hesitation, I started to leave with her, but before we departed, I looked around the room and saw my Dad and brother sitting behind and watching us. I had the strong intuitive impression that in time they would join Serena-Aleta and me in the church that we were about to visit. And I awoke.

Heal the Family of Man

Interpretation: I am no longer in my childhood or soul home, but rather in a brand new house that symbolizes my light body. The seven-story building represents the seven major initiations and seven phases in each of them via which we ascend, like in a elevator, to the top floor. The sixth or seventh floor also represents the sixth and seventh astral planes. Therein, via my psychic senses or doorway between dimensions, I clairvoyantly see Serena/Aleta who comes into my conscious awareness.

She takes my hand and says let’s walk to the nearby church. Our two hands are symbolic and literal instruments of power, which she and I have refined in the last two months, such that we can walk hand-in-hand together (via the power of our legs), and do so interdimensionally.  I am the right hand or conscious, male polarity, and she is the left hand or subconscious/female polarity.

When one’s I Am ascended light body redescends, it travels first via the astral planes and our soul-astral body and subconscious into the physical level. So Serena in the dream, in the astral planes, is the one to first receive the etheric, superconscious guidance to go to church, and she leads me there. This is as it should be and is.

What does the church represent? It is the body of our spiritual thoughts, the congregation of our I Am thought forms. It is our fourth-dimensional light body in which with others of like mind we worship and Love God and Love One Another. In my childhood, following Mom’s depression and EST, our family basically stopped going to church, except for Christmas and Easter, and not always then.

Due to our trauma, our belief in God waned — how could He have allowed such a horrible thing to have happened with Rosalie’s death, Mom’s hospitalization, with the death of personal love in our whole family? That is the old karma going back eons to when we were insane, and blamed God for the problems that we created.

Now we go to worship and to learn in the church of divine light, the church of God, the fourth-dimensional kingdom and queendom of our Father-Mother Creator. And my Dad and my brother will follow Serena and me in the days and months to come. Our fourfold family will be fully healed. All fathers, mothers, sons and daughters on Earth and in the astral planes who chose to follow in our footsteps will be healed. We will walk together, hand in hand, into the Promised Land of peace and love, the land of healed hearts and souls. So be it!

Unto Us a Child is Born

About 8-9 months later, on May 9, 2020, I dreamt that I was in a new room that I never had seen before. In it, sitting in a high chair was a recently born baby, who however seemed to be 1-year old. This child was filled with light, smiling, happy, fully aware of his/her surroundings.

I was standing to the right and in front of this child, whereas Serena-Aleta stood behind and to the left of him-her; like in the previous dream, both of us looked to be about 40-50 years old. We were not the physical parents of this spiritual child, but we were to be his-her spiritual parents. The child seemed to be genderless or at least we could not discern whether he was a boy or she was a girl. This light-and-love-filled child had not eaten for one day, so our first task was to feed him/her. Serena-Aleta and I as Soliel-Robert felt honored, blessed and excited about being new parents.

InterpretationThe date, May 9th, is significant. It is just one day before Aleta had made her transition (died) on May 10, 1990 and been reborn in the astral planes; plus it is the day before May 10, 1974 when Sananda-Jesus first had channeled via Nada-Yolanda about birthing and establishing the I Am Nation on Earth.

The extraordinary child is a Christ child, the I am light body born again in Serena-Aleta and me. This is not a physical but rather a spiritual birth — the child had redescended from the etheric realm, down through the astral planes (Serena’s home at present) and into this physical level (my home for now). He-she is genderless in the sense that he-she could be a son or a daughter of our one Father-Mother God. This child is 1 year old, hence 1 in the One, whole and holy, filled with peace, love, light, power and joy.

Serena-Aleta stands behind and to the left of this child, hence at the soul-subconscious-astral level, whereas I am to the right and in front, meaning on this Earth plane in my conscious awareness and functioning. This Christ child sits on his-her throne on Earth, in his “high” or high Self chair-throne. Serena and I are this child’s “parents” until she or he grows into maturity in full, ascended I Am consciousness — we are to attend lovingly to this rebirth in each of us, to feed it our love, protection and light.

Rebirth of Global Healers

This is not only the birth of our Christ Selves but it signifies a comparable rebirth in all mankind, which Serena and I represent, especially all healers. Unto this day, a Christ child is born and we call his name Emmanuel, which means “God is with us.”

This also is the rebirth of Serena-Aleta’s and Soliel-Robert’s twin soul relationship. We are two who are “married” as one, following in the footsteps of Sananda-Jesus and Sol-O-Man/Mary, of Hilarion-Charles Fillmore and Lady Master Meta, his twin soul, of El Morya and Nada; and other masters, all under the watchful guidance of our angelic guardians, especially Lord Michael, archangel of the First Ray and Lord Uriel, feminine archangel of the Seventh Ray.

Etheric, astral and physical realms are one, integrated whole; superconscious, subconscious and conscious are one in our mission to heal humanity. Amen! And Thank You!!!

(By the way, I posted this dream on my blog on June 11, 2020, which was the first such blog I had posted since December 13, 2018, a period of 18 months when I had been in the Emptiness and residual darkness in my soul. Now I could see that I had in a way been pregnant with my I Am Self during all that time. It was not just the dark night of my soul, but it also was the preparation period for the rebirth of the light within me.)

Son-Sun Sphere Reborn

About one month after the above dream, on June 3, 2020 at our weekly, Wednesday Hierarchal Board Meditation, I felt a tremendous influx of higher, etheric energy, whereupon I “went out” (I seemed to be asleep). 

When I came back to conscious awareness, before and above me was a brilliant, white-to-gold disc or sphere that was about 2-3 feet in diameter. This descended into and was anchored in my crown chakra/cerebrum, which lit up my whole being, mind, body and soul.

I had had a vision and implantation of a similar golden sphere multiple times in the past, starting in fall 2014, prior to the Mt. Shasta/Alaska Mission. It represents the rebirth my I Am Self, my I Am or solar identity as Soliel, which means one who shines like the sun, one who is a son of Sananda and Sol-O-Man. Soliel also means “I Am your friend” and like Sananda and Sol-O-Man I lay down my life for my friends.

In preparation for the current Second Coming program, I have trained not only on the sun but also on and about all the 12 planets of this solar system, 9 of which are physical and thus visible, and 3 of which are of a higher dimension, hence not noted by our telescopes and space probes.

This current son-sun implantation and anchoring, however, was the most vibrant, most powerful, most evidential one yet. It just about knocked me over!

Like the prior rebirthing dream, it represented my new birth in I Am consciousness, in being and becoming who I truly am as a beloved child of God. I was only vaguely aware, however, of the two sun beings who with Sananda and Sol-O-Man were engineering this implantation, whose names are Helios and Vesta, with whom I had communed in the past.

The Healing Waters of Life

About three weeks later, in my afternoon meditation on June 22, 2021, I “went out” and when I came back, I perceived a glorious image before me, on my third- or all-seeing-eye screen: A crystal clear river poured down from above through a circle of boulders around the perimeter of the top of my head, which stones had been moved outward and aside to produce a wider round opening.

The river of life descended into my crown chakra and cerebrum. What made this particularly remarkable and believable to me was that when I opened my eyes and looked in front of me physically, and then closed my eyes again, the vision was still there! And then this happened again. Marveling at this, I did not remember such an abiding image ever appearing in the past to me.

The downward-flowing river reminded me of one of my favorite passages in the Book of Revelation, which contains John the Beloved’s vision when he was taken up in the spirit (ascended) on the Isle of Patmos. This entry is in Chapter 22, Verses 1-5:

“(1) And he showed me a pure river of water of life, clear as crystal, gushing out of the throne of God and of the Lamb [Sananda-Jesus]. (2) In the midst of the great street of the city [the New Jerusalem — see the previous chapter], and on either side of the river, was the tree of life, which bore twelve kind of fruits, and each month it yielded one of its fruits; and the leaves of the trees were for the healing of the people.”

The New Jerusalem is the church that Serena and I attended in a prior dream, the place of peace and love. The crystal-clear water of life is the Life Force or Creative Energy of our Father-Mother God that is ever pouring out upon us when we open our mind to It, when Spirit and the angels roll back the stone from the front of our tomb and we come out and into the resurrected light of a new day. It is these light-filled waters that heal us.

The tree of life is our spinal column and nerves. The 12 fruits are the 12 powers of the Christed man or woman. We build them into our mind, body and soul, 1 power per month. The green leaves represent all the physical healing methods that assist this process, from herbs to vitamins, fruit juices to nuts, medication and surgery when needed and appropriate. All are gifts of God!

Needless to say, with this vision I was born yet again. I resurrected from out my  tomb-womb of darkness into the light of a new creation. Shortly thereafter, I started posting blogs covering one of the 12 powers for each week. And when this was finished, my subject changed to the Seven Rays of Life and where they are centered throughout the solar system, such as the First Ray of Will and Power being primarily demonstrated on Neptune, and the Third Ray of Transmutation via Personal Love that radiates from Venus to the whole solar system.

And this led to focusing throughout 2021, right up to now, one month at a time on our indwelling 12 Christ or I Am powers: faith, strength, love, wisdom, etc. And then this coming year, we will begin anew in 2022 and welcome visitors from all 12 planets to our Earthly abode, which is to be the Seventh Ray planet of Peace and Love.

In 2002, we will spend four weeks going to, and returning from the sun and each of the 12 planets. We will project to each of the 13 temples or power centers or vortices around the planet, one for the sun and one for each of the twelve planets. We will meet, welcome and hug and dance with the Princes of each planet, and with their solar, feminine, counterparts. We will start in the first four weeks, beginning December 21, the winter solstice, the shortest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere (the summer solstice in the South Hemisphere), by communing with Helios and Vesta of the sun, they who are our very best friends.

So even as you now focus on the seeming still darkness of cleansing and transmutation and elimination, when you are currently dealing with the residue of the muck and mire of your soul past, please look forward to the light at the end of the tunnel. Get ready to come out of the tomb into the light. Get ready for blast off!

Be ye healed!

For my next and and last personal sharing (I hope!) of my story, my focus will be the ongoing healing of my heart. Despite all my progress as noted above, my heart still is in atrial fibrillation. I still have a ways to go. God is not finished with me yet!

So, see you in about a week, after I share on Monday, 11/22/2022 a second blog about the power of elimination-renunciation-denial.

Steady as she goes! Please enjoy your dance. And, as you feel guided, please share your story with me and/or others.

  *    *    *    *    *

Here are some of my baby pictures as a 1 year old. Enjoy!

To the left, this is baby Bobby (me) at age 10 months, sitting in my rocker, not a high chair. Hey, I was going to be a rocker, a rock-and-roll dancer, when I was a teenager. Got to start somewhere. Ha!

My Momma noted in her diary that she kept about me that I was a happy, cheerful, calm baby, which she partly attributed to her breast feeding me — I can accept that. But then when I turned one, I entered into my terrible 2s (Even then, I wanted to get ahead, quick.) I developed quite the temper, yelled and screamed when I did not get my way; and when that didn’t work I got down on the floor and pounded my head on it. Oy vey!


Ah yes, my first birthday cake, my first candle. And I think I was sitting on my throne, my high chair by this time, with the little table or ledge in front of me. And just look at me — I am smiling away!

Happy days are here again!

Happy birthday, Bobby.



And here I Am/am, four months later, already walking the walk and dancing the divine dance (I know, I know, I actually am just standing there, but I was getting ready to dance. Honest. I remember. Ha!)

And look at that long hair sticking out on both sides of my head. It also appears that I have food in my hands. But you notice my hands and arms are upraised and out to the side. I’m already adding some arm movements to my leg movements, becoming the dancing delight that I am.

The Christ child in me salutes the Christ child in you. I Am your friend and you are mine. May I have this dance?


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