Be Blue

Two and one-half weeks ago, on January 7, 2023, the day after Epiphany, El Morya powerfully overshadowed me in my morning meditation. He was filled with, and surrounded by, etheric blue light of the First Ray of Will and Power; with its color (sky blue) being similar to the blue shirt he is wearing in his photo to the right from 1960.

El Morya is the Chohan of the First Ray of Will and Power. His name “Morya” is a scrambling of Om Ray. He is the Prince of Neptune, its co-leader with Glo-Ria, his twin soul. On Earth, the Temple of Neptune is located at Olkhon Island, Lake Baikal, Siberia, Russia.

El Morya now powerfully proclaimed to and through me to all light workers: Banishment Has Begun! I was stunned by this proclamation, as it was something that I never once had thought about in relation to this present time. I had thought such banishment would begin more so just before and after Sananda and Sol-O-Man had redescended in their light bodies to Earth.

El Morya, however, explained that as a whole, enough but not all current light workers had progressed sufficiently such that this banishment could now be initiated. Last year’s work on Touring the Thirteen Temples had anchored the unified, powerful, planetary gridwork of light, love, peace and power. Therefore, enough light workers will be able to stay steady and hold the fort (hold the line) as various individuals and groups in the astral and physical planes are be removed once and for all from this solar system.

Seventh Astral Plane

El Morya further explained that the banishment would begin with those in the seventh astral plane, who are about 90% in I Am consciousness and light-body expression, but still are about 10% or less in mortal-soul consciousness as expressed via the astral body. As such, these seventh-astral plane inhabitants are like unto the Cains in the days of the Cains and the Abels some 26 million years ago. They were mostly in their etheric or light bodies, but as given in the Holy Bible allegory, some of them descended to lesser, mortal consciousness and had sexual relations with the daughters of men.

As Nada-Yolanda received in her intunement in late 1966 (see our Mark-Age text Evolution of Man, pages 9-17), the Cains could travel interdimensionally and interplanetarily, could recall many of their past lives, and lived in their bodies for about 250 years. However, they mistook these talents and signs to indicate that they were superior to the fallen humans who had fully taken on animal/physical bodies. Instead of helping them to re-evolve to spiritual consciousness, the Cains treated them basically as slaves, as being only animals; when in fact the spark of God was still within them.

When Sananda as the leader of the Abels, who championed the fallen subrace and sought to uplift them back into I Am consciousness, went to Mt. Shasta to confront the arrogant Cains, who were in the majority of light workers in those days, the Cains overwhelmed him. They refused to follow the mantrum or divine law given to Sananda to Love God and Love One Another.

As a result, all of these Cains, the so-called golden giants, were banished to Venus, which is the planet that demonstrates and radiates the Third Ray of Personal Love, Feeling and Dedication to a High Cause for the whole Solar System. The Cain downfall had occurred primarily due to errors on the Third Ray, due to self-power, self-love and self-aggrandizement; hence all forms of selfishness. Therefore, on Venus they focused primarily on the Third Ray to transmute their past errors.

Hierarchal Plan

Now, history repeats itself. Only this time, after 26 million years of time, which has been more than sufficient for former Cains to repent and transmute their souls, such banishment will not be to Venus or another planet here in this solar system, for the whole system must evolve in consciousness. Rather, it will be to someplace outside this solar system. As now announced by El Morya, the process has already begun.

Such ongoing banishment, primarily of those in the vast lower astral planes, the first through four astral levels, had been planned by the Hierarchy from the beginning of this current 26,000 year cycle, now coming to completion. Only by such removal of the entrenched forces of darkness on and about the Earth can the planet be lifted fully from the third-to-the-fourth dimension, from mortal to immortal consciousness. What is new to my/our awareness is that such banishment also will include some of those in the three higher astral planes, the 5th and 6th and 7th planes, who stubbornly refuse to change, who will not give up their residual addiction to Cain consciousness.

Lord Michael & El Morya

Pondering this current announcement by El Morya, I initially  thought that such a monumental proclamation about the current banishment would come from Archangel Lord Michael of the First Ray and Lord Maitreya of the Seventh Ray, who are the Co-Titular Heads of the Hierarchy; for this new step affects the whole Solar System.

However, El Morya now explained that, as often given by Nada-Yolanda, Lord Michael is his master teacher, who is training him to one day take over his functions. Moreover, El Morya now is positioned in the highest astral planes and the overlapping lowest plane of the three etheric realms. Thus, he is the current leader of all inhabitants of the seven astral planes. Furthermore, El Morya is the conscious representative in the Mark-Age trinity of Sananda (superconscious), Nada (subconscious) and El Morya (conscious). Therefore, it is El Morya’s rightful role and function, as directed by Lord Michael, to consciously put this banishment process into action, and to alert us here on Earth about this.

The seventh-plane astrals, although the most spiritually evolved of all the astral inhabitants, also have the greatest power to negatively influence all those in the astral planes below them. Any residue of Cain consciousness within them, unless corrected, reverberates to all those below them in the 6th, 5th, 4th, 3rd, 2nd and 1st astral levels. Unless those at the top of the “spiritual mountain” in the astral planes continue to purify themselves and transmute their often suppressed and denied Cain selfishness, smugness, superiority and self-righteousness, their negativity and self-deception ripple down to, and adversely influence, all below them. So, the banishment has to start with those in the seventh astral planes who refuse to cleanse their negative residues of Cain consciousness.

Moreover, the temptation in the seventh astral plane is to think that one has “arrived” in full Christ consciousness, when in fact one is still in the astral planes and not in the etheric realms. Time and again, when my ex-wife and I traveled around the world and projected love and light to the thirteen spiritual temples or power centers, the worst and most powerful “blowback” or negative reaction to our light emanations came from those in the seventh astral planes.

Personal and Planetary

The next morning, January 8th, I dreamt that I was in a brilliantly lit, higher dimension. Before me swirled twelve unique figures or images of various people. In the center of them was President Putin of Russia. Sol-O-Man was with me, guiding me in wisely understanding this panorama and cosmic drama. Then Nada joined her, with the two of them representing the soul of man.

However, it was Glo-Ria who mostly was helping and directing me to see the multiple levels of the truth of the imagery, and to wield the sword to rightly deal with it. Her presence was by far the most powerful of the feminine masters. Her aura and light form was a deep aqua in color, that of the First Ray and its power aspect (like that of this painting to the right of her by Vera Leeper in 1964).

Moreover, at one point as she talked, the tip of her sword (her powerful words) sunk deeply into the left side of my brain; its symbolic subconscious or feminine side. Not only was El Morya fully anchored in my cerebrum, but so was she in equal fashion; he to my right (conscious), she to my left (subconscious).

President Putin represented the power-mongers of the world, those that in a symbolic sense relate to the seventh astral plane. As President, he thinks he is the most highly evolved, intelligent and powerful of all Russians, who he thinks he is to lead and control. But he allows his past history and that of Russia to negatively influence him.

Multiple 12s

The twelve figures in the dream partly represent Putin’s 12 most powerful associates in government and the military. The 12 also represent 12 of Putin’s past lives, plus his past and current use of his twelve spiritual or I Am Powers, such as faith, strength, love, wisdom, etc. Furthermore, the 12 individuals also symbolize the 12 Apostles, as well as other light workers from twelve planets, who in the etheric planes are working with Putin and his associates, attempting to breathe the blue light of will and power into their minds and souls.

The setting of this night vision is Russia, probably Moscow, its capital and political and military power center. This city receives and reverberates to all that emanates from the Temple of Neptune at Olkhon Island, Lake Baikal (just north of Mongolia — see map to right).

President Putin responds to this both positively (he thinks he is helping his country) and negatively (he is trying to dominate and subjugate Ukraine and other nearby nations). His demonic war on Ukraine especially is the direct evidence of his negativity and misuse of the First Ray.

However, all political and military leaders worldwide likewise have responded both positively and negatively to last year’s re-opening of the Temple of Neptune. The whole world is in turmoil, fighting the battle between selflessness and selfishness, within and without. We as light workers are now to add our additional spiritual willpower and love to the power grid around the planet, so as to bring forth God’s divine will in all nations around the globe. We are to breathe in the sky blue will of God and breathe it out to one and all of our global, spiritual brothers and sisters.

Blue Sword of Truth

Glo-Ria explained to me that one cannot use just one’s conscious powers to transmute those of power-mongering consciousness, to lay down the law so to speak. Rather, one has to reach into the soul record of the individual leader and his country. In many ways, Putin is only acting out the negativity of Russia’s past. This does not mean that he is not personally responsible for his own actions, but that he is part of a greater whole. Moreover, it is the women of Russia who are to rise up, oppose him and bring forth peace and love; to use their feminine power that they have allowed Russian men to suppress. Glo-Ria leads the way in their enlightenment and empowerment.

Glo-Ria said that the blue sword of truth has to be inserted into the very depths of Putin’s and Russia’s soul to expose and cut out their errors. For if these leaders do not change their ways, they will be deported from the solar system. (In all my prior contacts with Glo-Ria over the years, this is the most powerful one to date; she was the essence of First Ray feminine power.)

El Morya now joined us in this extraordinary dream/night vision. He said and confirmed that I now was his clear spokesman on Earth, that I was his “right-hand man.” Glo-Ria then added that I was her “left hand.” This felt totally right and good in my heart-of-hearts, my place of spiritual evaluation and inner knowing. Upon awakening, I felt like all was in divine order, but truthfully the enormity, power and responsibility that had been conveyed to and through me shook me deeply. In a symbolic sense, I got done on my knees and humbled myself before Morya, Glo-Ria and Father-Mother God; pledged to do my best come hell or high water; and thanked Morya and Glo-Ria profusely for their ongoing power and help in doing the will of our Beloved Creator.

Be Blue

Surround yourself in a Christ column that is at least ten-to-twelve feet in diameter. It reaches down into the earth below you, and up and through the seven astral planes into the etheric and celestial realms. Protected in this cosmic tube of light and energy, be at one with your own indwelling I Am or spiritual or Christ Self.

Envision the column or pillar being filled with electric, etheric blue light, that of the First Ray of Will and Power. At first, the hue may be sky blue, which is the easiest to visualize because you see it in the sky every time the sky is cloudless and clear. Breathe in this blue light that comes down the tube, into your crown chakra/cerebrum, then down into each lower chakra. Especially see and feel it being in your throat chakra, and its corresponding lungs and vocal apparatus. Breathe it in slowly and deeply into the the very bottom of your two lungs. At times, however, the color may be more so aqua or royal blue, or any of numerous other shades of blue.

Affirm: I align my will with God’s good will; I do the will of God with His-Her power; I Am blue, through and through; I choose to be love in action; I love God and all of His-Her creations in all kingdoms.

Take your time in doing this, until you fill that you are filled to your capacity to take in and absorb the higher First Ray frequencies. It usually takes takes about five -to-fifteen minutes to occur, but it may be your focus for your entire meditation. However long it takes is the right time for you. Whatever color you see is the right color for you. If you are not visually oriented, be comfortable and confident that you affirmations and decrees are sufficient, just right for you in your unique expression of God’s will and power.

Breath In, Breathe Out

Even as you do this, be aware that you might see and feel something in your thoughts, emotions and memories that now needs to be banished, once and for all, from your mortal-soul consciousness. The blue light you take in exposes such negative, Cain residue, which we all have as long as we are in physical bodies on Earth. Maybe you have been working on this remnant of Cain craziness for the last couple weeks, even as you rested in the peace of the Womb of our Mother God.

Rather than be dismayed, welcome this remembrance and experience, this one step back. Bless it and give thanks to Spirit that you now can banish something that you may have been denying, suppressing, avoiding and hoping that would just go away; something that until now you have allowed to have power over you; for example your feelings of superiority or inferiority, or your desire for revenge or to be loved by others.

Call upon El Morya and Glo-Ria to help you to wield the sword to cut out this Cain, mortal, selfish stuff. Inside your Christ column of light, see and feel El Morya to your right and Glo-Ria to your left. In front of you, envision Archangel Lord Michael; behind you feel the presence and power of his feminine counterpart, Lady Mariel. Know, too, that the EloHim and EloHer of the First Ray are watching over and assisting you, as are Galactic visitors and emissaries from the planet Neptune.

What a team! With them helping you, it is easy to let go of those “sticky” memories of past mistakes and misperceptions, to breathe in blue light and to breathe out the residual darkness of selfishness and self-deception in your mind, heart and soul. Send the darkness back into the Cosmic Void wherein it is dispersed, dissolved and disappears once and for all. Give thanks unto Spirit for this blue banishment. God is Good!

All Is Blue

Newly imbued with blueness, ask Spirit to show you where or with whom you now are to focus. It may be President Putin and his 12 cronies in craziness. It may be Lake Baikal, wherein during past projections we envisioned a huge, blue sapphire (see to right) to anchor in and radiate the First Ray Will and Power. It may be to China or North Korea, to Syria or Iran, to any place where power-mongering now presides in its worst forms.

On the other hand, you may be guided to breathe blue light to uplift and purify a nearby friend, a foe, a fellow traveler on the Way; to focus on a politician or a healer; to concentrate on anyone that Spirit brings to your attention, near or far away.

Although you wisely see the darkness and selfishness in such individuals and places, place your attention primarily on their refinement and upliftment, on their indwelling I Am Selves, on the devas and elementals under angelic direction who are uplifting one’s body or the body of the Earth itself.

Remember, always, as Lord Michael told us via Nada-Yolanda, way back on August 7, 1964: “Divine power is a handmaiden, a servant, not a weapon.” Thus, we are never to use willpower to hurt or to harm, to control or dominate; but rather we always wield the sword (words of truth) to separate the wheat from the chaff, to heal and uplift, to harmonize and make whole.

See the Earth surrounded anew in blue light that anchors especially in the Temple of Neptune at Lake Baikal, but which radiates from there to all the other planetary temples worldwide. Baikal is blue. The oceans are blue. The atmosphere is imbued with blue. You and I and all on Earth are blue. Blue now banishes darkness from the planet. I Am/We Are Blue.

God’s will be done with His-Her divine power. So blue and be it.