Be Centered in the Solar Circuit

One year ago, on December 21, 2021, on the winter solstice in the Northern Hemisphere, the shortest sun-lit day of the year, you and I, in the Northern and Southern, Eastern and Western Hemispheres began our solar-year-long,  worldwide-interdimensional-interplanetary project to Tour the Thirteen Temples Earth.

In our light body this year, we have visited the Sun and the 12 Planets in this Solar System, each of which has a corresponding spiritual temple, power center or vortex of sacred light on Earth. Together, the Sun and the 12 Planets form a complete circuit or planetary gridwork for anchoring Christ Light, Love and Life on Earth (See image to right depicting how we looked at the beginning of this now-ending solar year.)

Nine of the Planets are third-dimensional, hence visible to our physical vision, with enhanced and expanded clarity of details being supplied via telescopes and space probes. Three of the planets are fourth dimensional or higher in vibration, such that they cannot be seen or detected by physical, third-dimensional viewing devices. But all twelve Planets are part of one whole, holy, Christ circuit, with the Sun as its Primary Power Center in the middle of the Solar System.

The Sun is like a “magnet” that holds the Planets in their orbits around It. Moreover, the Sun, through fusion of two atoms of hydrogen in its central core that create helium, produces light, heat and solar “electricity” that travels via invisible “wires” through the ethers to light up and energize and sustain each and every Planet, with each planet being like a light bulb.

Complete the Circuit & Begin Anew

During our Thirteen Temple Tour, we began by focusing about four weeks on the Sun at the center of this Solar System, then about four weeks at each of the Twelve Planets, with the last or highest vibrational Planet being named Vulcan. In so doing, from the very start, we reached up our arms in the shape of a V to receive  the descent of solar, I Am, Christ, Buddha consciousness and energy/electricity/light (as pictures above). We reached up to receive input and welcome visitors from all of the twelve planets and those from other parts of the Milky Way Galaxy, ending with our becoming a Vulcanized-Earthing in the last couple days.

Now, in the following two, last days days of this solar year that began December 21, 2021 and will end tomorrow on December 21, 2022, our key focus will once again be back on the Sun. How appropriate this timing is, for in the Northern Hemisphere, at 4:48 PM EST tomorrow, December 21st, we will officially end the past solar year and begin the new solar year. December 21st will be the shortest sun-lit day of the past year. But it is also the start of six months in which the sun will shine longer each day, leading to the summer solstice on June 21, 2023.

Thus, today and part of tomorrow, we will complete the full Christ Circuit of the Earth’s 13-Temple Gridwork. We will come full circle and become a fully enlightened and Christed Solar System citizen or Light Bulb; to the degree that each of us are capable of doing at this stage of our spiritual re-evolution into our I Am, Christ, High, Son-Sun-Daughter, Solar consciousness on Earth. Once more, as we were 26,000,000 years ago, we will begin to become pure Golden Giants. (See image to right/above that symbolically depicts the Sun Sphere and all 12 Parents all around each of us, illuminating all of our Twelve Powers of our I Am, Son-Daughter Self.

This prepares the way for the glorious redescent or Second Coming of Sananda/Sun-Anda, also known as the Golden One, and his twin soul Sol-O-Man. As Sun-Anda and Sol-O-Man, they are originally of the Sun/Sol, as we all are. They came from the Sun, brought Sun consciousness to Earth, and now are leading us Home to the Sun. For, we all are part of One Solar System Family of Light, Love and Life. This is the time for the next step in our Family Reunion as Sons and Daughters of Father-Mother God the Good.

Huge Heart of Gold

Starting about fifteen years ago in mid-2007 AD, Spirit and the agents of Spirit began to spiritually lift me into Hierarchal, solar-system citizenship. In terms of the seven steps or major initiations to Christhood, I was in the first or birth phase of my seventh major initiation of ascension and redescent; however, this did not become fully clear to me until about six-seven years later. Like everyone else, just as it had with Nada-Yolanda, I did not know what step I was taking, but rather took things as they came, kept a good record of this in my spiritual diary, and only years later realized how my spiritual growth worked and fit together in a logical, step-by-step, coherent fashion in taking seven steps to Christhood/Buddhahood.

In my first or birth phase of my seventh step, in my dream on January 21, 2008, I was with Sananda (Chohan of the Seventh Ray), Hilarion (Chohan of the Fifth Ray) and two other Chohans who were unidentified. The said to me, “Our Father has you in his heart.” To show and prove this to me, they then took me to their Father where he was standing in the center of an adjoining huge room. He was at least 7 feet tall, filled with light, love and spiritual power, a magnificent but humble and accessible man, unlike anyone I had previously had met and known in this lifetime, of even a higher vibration that each of the four Chohans. He opened his arms to, and welcomed, me; then he beckoned me to come into his immense, golden, holy heart.

See the Solar System

Upon doing so, his body became so tall that his heart or love chakra was about 7-8 feet wide and tall. I walked right into the center of it which glowed like a golden globe. It was filled with and radiated Seventh Ray, white-and-gold light, energy, peace and love. I stood still and rested within it, basking in its extraordinary, pure, higher-dimensional vibrations.

In time, I turned around and looked back out to where I had come from. Like peering out of an oval window in a spaceship, I saw all Twelve Planets and the Sun. I awoke in an other-worldly, cosmic daze filled with cosmic, sparkling dust around me. Little did I realize that this was my introduction to, and first step into, Solar System awareness and consciousness. Rather, I just simply marveled at the uniqueness and cosmic setting of the dream.

First Glimpse & Analysis

In my initial interpretation, I took the dream to mean that I had been taken to the Cosmic Father within me, like unto Father God. Hilarion represented the Fifth Ray ability to go from one dimension to another, to maintain one’s unique individuality even while becoming one with the whole of creation throughout the solar system. Sananda represented Seventh Ray Peace, Love and Rest, so he was especially the one to take me to this incredible ascended master or light being before me, the man with the biggest heart of gold that I ever had beheld and felt.

There were four Chohans to indicate the Fourth Ray of Crystallization and Manifestation, of seeing clearing from below to above, from within to without, from one to all parts of the solar system. Who this Father figure in the dream was, I did not know. But, he definitely was familiar to me, for I felt right at home in his cosmic heart. I felt like I had come home into my own I Am heart as well. It was glorious but a bit befuddling, like being a newborn baby who first peers out into the world around him or her and sees his/her Mom and Dad.

Maitreya & Michael

Six months or so later, on July 14, 2010, deep in meditation, in my third eye vision appeared two equal curves in the shape of a )( that glimmered with vibrant light. Initially, I thought of it mostly as indicating the Fifth Ray unification and integration of conscious and subconscious within me. Over the next two weeks, however, I had my first three, brief, conscious communions with Lord Maitreya, who is the Christ Matrix for the whole solar system; just as Sananda is the Christ matrix or masculine Prince of Earth, and Hilarion is the Christ matrix or masculine co-leader of Uranus, the Fifth-Ray Planet. Before this, I had had a number of communions with Lord Michael, but this was my first one of Lord Maitreya.

The )( partly indicated that because my subconscious, feminine polarity and my conscious, masculine polarity were in harmonic alignment and balance to a new and higher level, I now could begin to receive and have communions with Maitreya, the masculine, Seventh Ray leader and Christ Matrix of the solar system for the kingdom of man.

I recognized Maitreya’s vibration, energy signature and identity because I had been present numerous times with Nada-Yolanda when she had been overshadowed by him and had relayed his cosmic Christ messages. However, before this, he never had appeared specifically to me in a vivid dream or conscious vision, at least none that I consciously understood.

Michael & Maitreya

After these three visitations with Maitreya, on August 3, 2010, when I felt a fourth, still more distinct contact with him in my meditation, it came clear to me that the )( partly represented him and Lord Michael, Archangel of the First Ray of Will and Power. Together, Michael and Maitreya are the two co-titular heads of the Hierarchy of spiritual government of this solar system. Michael is of the celestial or angelic kingdom,  whereas Maitreya is of the kingdom of man; angels and humans (including men and women) are to work together as one. The two arcs also represented the First and Seventh Rays. Plus, they represented our own magnetic field. See picture to right/above.)

The upper section of the two arcs represented one’s arms reaching up to Father-Mother God and to ascended masters, space visitors and guardian angels, more of less in the shape of a V. The two lower sections represented the two legs for grounding the higher conscious, solar-system awareness on Earth, the walking of the walk of a solar citizen. The two curves also represented the outer side of two planets that adjoined together, symbolizing planetary oneness. Still one more interpretation that came to me years later was that the symbol portrayed ascension and redescent. Thus, like all visionary symbols in waking visions and musings, and night visions in dreams, this )( symbol was multi-faceted and had multiple meanings on many levels. 

Finally, the arcs portrayed the magnetic matrix in and around the planet, as depicting in the artistic rendition to the right. Note the two curves as you look at the planet. They look just like the )(.

Sun or Solar Cross

Following Hierarchal guidance from Maitreya and Michael that was given via Hilarion, MariLyn, my-ex wife, and I went on what later we would call the Costa Rica Mission from November 11 to 22, 2010. We thought that it would be our delayed honeymoon, but it turned out to be more so the first of twelve visits or so-called missions or tours to all of the twelve spiritual temples or power foci located around the world, from fall 2010 to spring 2015.

In Costa Rica in Central America, midway between North and South America in the Western Hemisphere, in one of my meditations, Hilarion lowered the image of a golden solar cross into my third-eye vision. This is an ancient symbol found around the world. (See image to right of a golden, solar-cross pendant that I now often wear on a chain around my neck, with the sun cross positioned over my heart chakra/heart.)

The circle of the solar cross portrays the Sun or I Am-Son-Sun Self, and the equilateral cross symbolizes the junction of male and female, plus the four directions of north, south, east and west; hence the four quadrants of the Earth, plus our four lower bodies. It also embodies the four-step Christ matrix that Maitreya gave via Nada-Yolanda in 1973: peace, love, cooperation and coordination.

We had no clue at the time, but in the following eleven spiritual, global Missions, MariLyn and I would serve as two grounding points for re-birthing Solar/Sun/I Am consciousness in and through twelve spiritual temples or vortices worldwide, and from them to all on Earth. All of this was to rend the final vestiges of the seventh phase of the seventh and final planetary veil that separates mankind from spiritual or Christ awareness and consciousness.

Sun Beings

About four weeks later, on December 1, 2010, Sananda/Jesus and Sol-Man/Mary brought two beings into my auric field who conveyed that they were from the Sun. They lifted my arms above my head in the form of a V, into which they lowered a golden solar disc that was about three-four feet in diameter. Around its perimeter were twelve symbols, written in a space language like unto the automatic writings of Nada-Yolanda in the late 1950s. The symbols represented the twelve planets, with three of these twelve being located in each of the four quadrants of the solar disc, like in a solar cross. In the center of the disc was a symbol of the Sun. With the two sun beings, I lowered the bottom of the solar disc into my crown chakra and cerebrum at the top half of my head.

Almost two years later, on August 24, 2012, Lord Uriel, Archangel of the Seventh Ray, revealed that my high Self name is Soliel, meaning “one who shines like the sun (sol) and is the spiritual son or disciple of Sananda and Sol-O-Man. Uriel said that the solar disc was my primary identity or symbolic representation of my I Am Self that expresses in and through my four lower bodies and twelve spiritual powers, shedding its light on all the four quadrants on Earth.

Five months later, in a series of dreams, meditation and interdimensional communions, I was clearly shown that my feminine twin soul’s name is Serena. She had been my mother, Aleta Knapp, who had made her transition (died) on May 10, 1990. About a year later, I realized that she was my twin soul. She is Serena, which means Christ, I Am, Divine Feminine, Seventh Ray serenity and peace; and I Am Soliel.

Serena’s master teacher is Sananda whereas mine is Sol-O-Man. Thus, the solar cross also represents our spiritual quartet or foursome, from the etheric realms down through the astral planes to Earth. When Serena transfigured and linked interdimensionally with me in this series of contacts with her, I felt wondrously loved, uplifted, transformed and at peace; part of a holy, happy and harmonious marriage or twin soul expression, she in the higher astral planes, and me here on Earth, under the watchful eyes and loving hearts of Sananda and Sol-O-Man; Seventh Ray heaven on the Seventh Ray Earth.

Ariel & Mariel 

About three weeks before MariLyn and I left Tennessee to go to Mt. Shasta in northern California, on August 1, 2014, Lady Uriel transfigured me. With her was a masculine angel who also was of the Seventh Ray. He introduced himself by telepathically transmitting to me that his name was Ariel, saying that he was the angelic partner or “twin angel” of Uriel. The letter “A” in Ariel represented Ascension. He drew the letter “A” as being a “Λ” with no crossbar.

Ariel then took me into and surrounded me by his two “wings” that formed an overall A shape, and then he lifted me into I Am, Soliel consciousness in my seventh or ascended body. Eventually, he returned me back down to Earth, with Lady Uriel also assisting me. He repeated this ascension and redescent exercise two more times. He said he would be with MariLyn and me throughout the upcoming Shasta/Alaska Mission.

Two days later, on August 3rd, Lord Michael appeared above and then before me. With him was a feminine angel, who said her name was Mariel, and that she was Michael’s angelic counterpart. Her contact signal was activation about my lips and mouth, whereas his was activation of the back of my neck, down to my shoulders, more so on the right side. Thus, both of them activated different parts of my throat chakra and its corresponding physical organs, via which we “speak the word” in expressing our First Ray Will and Power. Michael is more so the Will aspect, Mariel is more so the Power aspect, although both employ both aspects.

MaYa & MaMa

Back during during the Vietnam Mission, on June 7, 2013, I had a vivid, transcendent dream in which I was with Lord Maitreya’s feminine twin soul, who at time I was called Lady Maitreya. Upon awakening and getting adjusted, she appeared before me in a shimmering, gold-and-white, tall feminine body.

She would not give me her specific code name until we had completed the Shasta/Alaska Mission. Thus, on November 29, 2014, she relayed in multiple ways that her name was MaYa. “Ma” was for Mother as was “Ya” with its letter “Y” indicating the feminine reaching up to Mother God, like in Yolanda of the Sun. MaYa is the Mother of mothers throughout the solar system, including all the feminine twin souls of the 12 masculine beings who co-rule the 12 planets.

Three months later, Sol-O-Man contacted me and said that her other I Am or Solar Self name was MaMa. MaYa was “big” Mama, Sol-O-Man’s mama and master teacher; Sol-O-Man/Mary/Yasodhara was “little MaMa” in solar system terms, although she is Big MaMa on Earth. Maitreya is Big PaPa, Sananda/Jesus/Buddha is Little PaPa, but the Big Daddy of Earth. All of these names are symbolic, but they give us Earthly glimpses into their relationships and functions.

Thus, for for us Earthlings, Maitreya and MaYa are our Solar System  grandparents, and Sananda and Sol-O-Man are our Earth spiritual parents.

Elohim of the Seven Rays

On August 31, 2014, when MariLyn and I were in our cabin near Mt. Shasta, in my early morning meditation, I came into communion with the feminine angel Lady Mariel and with Sol-O-Man/Mary. They beckoned me to come into the Divine Feminine Womb or Void, not only for my rest and protection, but to prepare me for a new birth.

Once centered and settled peacefully within their combined Feminine presences and energies, Mariel and Sol-O-Man titled back my head and guided me to peer into the heavens. There I perceived Nada’s brilliant light and energy. With reverence and love, I thanked her yet once again for all she had done for me and for the Second Coming Program when she was on Earth as Yolanda.

Then, by way of her feminine, 7th Ray love, I became aware of a light behind her that was even brighter and more powerful than hers or Sol-O-Man’s. I had had a few glimpses in prior years of this feminine light being but never had comprehended who she was, her nature or name. This time, I deeply realized that this entity was the Elohim of Seventh Ray Peace and Love.

As given in our Mark-Age texts, as received by Nada-Yolanda, Co-Chohan of the Seventh Ray with Sananda, elohim is a plural word that refers to any of the seven Elohim in the Godhead, heading the Seven Rays of Life; creators of manifestation for Spirit.” In the 1960s, Yolanda had several contacts with various ones of the elohim (the singular word is “eloah,” meaning one of the Elohim; with El meaning the One God, and “oah” meaning the coming forth of God into manifestation). But this was my first, clearly discerned and understood communion with an elohim who identified itself. However, this elohim definitely felt feminine, in alignment with Mariel and Sol-O-Man, hence them introducing her to me. Her aura or forcefield was a gradation of white and gold colors, but more so on the white side of this continuum.

Male & Female He-She Created Them

Two days later, on September 2nd, during on layover in the Seattle, WA airport, on our way from Mt. Shasta to Alaska, I was sitting in a quiet, peaceful corner of a waiting area. No one, other than MariLyn, was within about thirty feet of us. The Elohim of Peace and Love again overshadowed me. But the overall vibration was different this time, more “masculine” than in the prior contact. I pondered the divine law of polarity.

God is One, Indivisible, Whole. But in creative expression, God manifests via two polarities, hence male and female, thus as Father (+) and Mother (-) God, whose combination brings forth the Sons and Daughters of God. This creative process steps down first to the Seven Elohim, who are described as being part of the Godhead. Thus, symbolically, their heads or crown areas are one with Father and Mother God; just like in our physical body, wherein our two cerebral hemispheres are the initial, dual-anchoring station of the combined central computer for introducing divine thoughts and feelings into our subconscious and conscious minds, our astral and physical bodies.

Therefore, I asked Spirit and this elohim, is there a masculine elohim and feminine elohim for each of the Seven Rays, or are there only seven elohim, each of whom combines and utilizes both masculine and feminine energies and talents within themselves to bring forth manifestation? At the time, it seemed to me from what I had received, and how the two experiences bookended each other on separate days, that there was indeed a male and female elohim for Rays One through Seven. But I was not sure, so I put my questions on the shelf and awaited further guidance.

However, this Seventh Ray Elohim contacted me several times in the following week when MariLyn and I were Talkeetna, Alaska, very close to Mt. Denali that is the epicenter of the Sixth Ray Temple of Saturn.

Helios, Vesta & Solios

Days earlier, back at I Am Nation headquarters on August 25, 2014, the day before we flew from Knoxville, Tennessee to Denver, CO and then to Mt. Shasta, CA, the two solar beings who had first contacted me back in 2010 and several times thereafter, now overshadowed me and lowered the solar disc from my crown down to my third eye and throat chakras, and then into my heart chakra that filled with golden light and love. They said they would be with MariLyn and me throughout the Mission, and that is indeed what happened.

While in our cabin at Mt. Shasta, on August 28th, Phillel emailed me and gave me a copy of the message and song that Helios and Vesta of the Sun had channeled via Nada-Yolanda on December 18, 1963. In symbolic language, they indicated that they were the two co-leaders of the Sun, just like Sananda and Sol-O-Man are the co-leaders of Earth. Their two names are symbolic, code names that we on Earth can understand. Helios was the Greek god of the Sun, whereas Vesta was the Roman goddess of the Hearth, Heart and Home. Upon reading their message, I knew that they were the two sun beings who had been contacting me for the last four years.

Nine days later, on September 6, 2022 in Alaska, deep in my morning prayers, I was enveloped in a fiery furnace of etheric light. Helios stood at the right side of me, Vesta at my left side, thus creating the fiery oven of cosmic light. Once I adjusted somewhat to this, I was teleported, or felt that I was, all the way to the Sun, but maybe only actually vividly recalled having been there in my past sojourns there. In any case, I was in Sun-solar, I Am consciousness, and was with my beloved spiritual brother, who almost seemed to me like an Earth-plane identical twin. I never before had felt such closeness with someone of my own age or nature or state of evolution or gender.

My Solar Brother

He told me his name was Solios. Thus, I was Soliel and he was Solios, thus as two-lettered S named men, we were more or less twins. However, he seemed to be a little older than me, more advanced spiritually, although he did not in any way try to play big brother with me. He treated me as an equal. It was heavenly, divine brotherly, Abel love.

As the scene dissolved and I came back to being fully conscious of being in Alaska, I started moaning and groaning, wanting to go back to the Sun, my Home in the Solar System. Eventually, I realized that I was to stay here, to bring the Sun and Solios back to me, to bridge the Sun and all solar beings there with us as spiritual beings and light workers on Earth.

We were to be two Abels, one on Earth, the other on the Sun; two equal, loving Sons of God, not like the older brother Cain who out of jealously killed his younger brother Abel! One major point of this experience was that I remembered what it felt like to be fully an Abel in I Am consciousness in my ascended body in which I could experience cosmic oneness and integration with my brother Abel on the Sun.

Spiritual Science

After this experience, I recalled the scientific discoveries that the Sun consists of about 75% hydrogen atoms that have a single proton (+) and a single electron (-). In the core of the sun, at extremely high temperatures, two hydrogen atoms combine with one another in a process called fusion. In the process, the two neutrons in the center of each hydrogen atom become just one larger neutron that is not charged positive or negative, but is neutral. As a result, the element helium is created and energy is released from the combined two hydrogen atoms, which becomes light and power that rises to the surface of the sun and radiates into the whole system with all of its twelve planets.

The sun now is 75% hydrogen that is slowly being turned into helium, which currently makes up about 25% of the mass of the Sun. Matter is converted to energy via Einstein’s famous formula E=mc² (energy equals matter times the speed of light squared). Fusion fuels all life throughout the solar system.

Thus, when symbolically viewed, we as Sons and Daughters of God go from being Cains to being ABELs, those who express cosmic brotherhood and sisterhood. One day on Earth, men and women no longer will fight one another or treat each other in superior-inferior fashion, but rather they will cooperate and coordinate with their significant others, after first demonstrating peace and love in their thoughts, feelings and actions.

Thus, on the Sun, atoms undergo fusion which manifest energy that can power other reactions and places. On Earth, in mortal consciousness, as men and women, we undergo fission, which is the splitting or dividing of the atom, which creates hazardous, disease and death causing radiations, hence radioactive waste. On Earth, we are Cain and Abel. On the Sun we are Abel and Abel and Abel and Abel. We don’t fight and kill one another in our thoughts and deeds. Rather we love one another.

Solar Logos

That is why the Sun’s logos, purpose or core vibration is represented numerically as I, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7. It is the only place in the solar system that rightly and as perfectly as possible expresses all of the Seventh Rays as one combined logos or entity. The 4th Ray is the doorway or meeting place between the 1st and 7th Rays, the 2nd and 6th Rays, and the 3rd and 7th Rays; between 1, 2, and 3 with 5, 6 and 7. It is where we manifest and crystallize the Christ light that we are, in and with which our Father-Mother God has created us. Love powers the cosmos.

This correlates also with the Fourth Major Initiation of Transfusion, which comes under the auspices of the Fourth Ray of Manifestation and Crystallization. “Trans” means across  and “fusion” means linking together to form one greater whole, which can energize not only ourselves but all other life forms of all kingdoms.

Solar Twin Leaders

Following the successful Shasta/Alaska Mission, in March 2015, MariLyn and I went on our last, final, worldwide mission to the city of Veracruz that is on the east-central coast of Mexico, which is the largest shipping port in the whole country. Before leaving, Sol-O-Man contacted me and revealed that in the days of Lemuria, Veracruz was approximately the site of the Sun Temple. Nada contacted me and said that the purpose of this mission was to heal the Lemurian soul of the Sun Temple vortex of spiritual light. This would complete the touring and linking of the thirteen temples, from the Sun to each of the 12 planetary temples, from the 12th Temple of Vulcan back to the Sun Temple focus that Lemuria was in Veracruz. Ages ago, it had moved to Miami, FL in Atlantis, and then in 1999 to Pioneer/Elk Valley, TN.

Before leaving for Veracruz (meaning the “true cross”), I also came into communion with my feminine Body Deva who showed herself to me in a white gown or robe that was embroidered in gold, with an aura that contains shades of white to gold, but more so to the white side of the whole spectrum of colors in her auric field. She said she would be coming with MariLyn and me to Veracruz, as part of healing the negative residue of the Lemurian Sun Temple. For, Lemuria had fallen from grace, but its “mistakes and sins” still rested in the auric field of the Lemuria Sun Temple vortex and adversely affected the devas therein.

Days later, I also had communion with my Masculine Body Deva who by contrast was more so golden than white, with his forcefield complementing and supplementing that of my Feminine Body Deva’s forcefield and body. However, she was much more prevalent and engaged during the mission, more so in the forefront of the devic coordination and cooperation with the other devas there. MariLyn and I especially had strong contact with the devas, higher astral Amerindians and elementals when we visited nearby Mt. Orizaba, the highest mountain in Mexico, which is the headquarters of Mexico’s chief devas.

The four Ms (Michael, Mariel, Maitreya and MaYa, worked several times through MariLyn and me. The seemingly feminine and masculine Seventh Ray Elohim likewise overshadowed and projected his-her incredible light and love in and through us. By the end of our stay there, the Lemurian Sun Temple had been cleansed, linked with the Atlantean Sun Temple in Miami, and from there to the I Am Nation/Sun Temple Headquarters.

Galactic and Solar Visitors

A few times in Mexico, but much more so after returning to TN in late March, then through April, I had a series of galactic contacts, which I shared in the last blog. The only one I did not share was who I thought was a Galactian but who later would turn out to be mostly a Solar Being.

Sananda and Sol-O-Man, shortly after the contact with Galactos of the Galactic Godsend Group, brought another light-filled man into my forcefield. After three following brief contacts with him, he shared his name with me: Soltrex. He said he was in some ways a go-between from the Sun to places outside the Solar System, hence his name. “Sol” was for the Sun, “T” was for the travel from the Sun to other planets and solar systems in the Milky Way Galaxy, “rex” was a reference to the Latin word that means king. 

Two days after this revelation, I came into communion with who I perceived to be his feminine twin soul, who eventually announced her name as Soltran. The symbology of her name was similar: “Sol” for the Sun, “t” which she wrote as a capital “T” was for twin, travel and “Fourth Ray Transfusion,” the linking together of male and female, the sun with the twelve planets, the Solar System with other Solar Systems in the Milk Way Galaxy. “Tran” represented this, too, with the “a” or “A” in “Tran” standing for Nothingness, Emptiness, the Feminine Void.

During this whole series of contacts and revelations in spring 2015, prior to the summer solstice on June 21st, Solios also contacted me on three separation occassions, fortifying and re-energizing our solar brotherhood. By the end of these I still saw him mostly as my slightly older, Abel brother.

With these contacts, my crown chakra was shut down by Sananda and Sol-O-Man, Ariel and Uriel. I was totally filled to the brim with all these new inputs and communions, not to mention traveling around the world three times in four and one-half years. I needed to rest, recoup, let go, transmute any lingering doubts, fears and worries, and then get ready for the next round of touring the thirteen temples which started in fall 2021, but took full effect starting on December 21, 2021 and carried through twelve months until now.

Come Full Circle

What follows is a brief synopsis of what I have experienced in the last couple weeks, which wraps up and completes my 12-month planetary tour. I will share more about these things in upcoming blogs.

First, it has come clearly that Soltrex and Soltran are the two co-leaders of the Sun. Earlier, we called them Helios and Vesta, which are Greek and Roman names of Earth origin. Soltrex and Soltran are solar names that codify and signify their co-leadership on the Sun.

Solios is my code name for when I Am on the Sun or in Solar Consciousness on Earth. Soliel is my name for all of my travels around and training on every one one of the twelve planets. “Sol” is for the sun or son Self. “I” is for the I Am Self. El relates back to the word El in the ancient Hebrew language that means the One God, which the Jews or Chosen ones have experienced and taught. El also means our own indwelling Elder consciousness.

Angels serve under the Elohim. In other words, there is One God Who manifests creation via Its two polarities, which we call Father and Mother. God creates via using the Seven Rays of Life, as expressed next by the Elohim. Recent contacts with them repeatedly have left me on fire, with my body itching everywhere, with my skin being reddened and filled with multiple red bumps and rashes. Fire is the element of the Elohim.

It has come to me yet again, and much more clearly and emphatically this time, that indeed there are a masculine and feminine Elohim leader of each Ray, just as I had received when in Mt. Shasta and Alaska. I will elaborate on this later. Please know, however, that this is a revelation in process, not a final conclusion or fact by any means.

More Realizations

Back to my name as Soliel, the “iel” portion refers to the Seven Archangels and their angelic counterparts who I serve, especially those angels of the Seventh Ray; most of their names end in “ael” (Michael) or “iel” (Gabriel and Uriel). I also serve under the Seventh Ray twin elohim. God is One Power and Presence, manifesting via the Seven Elohim, then the Angels, down to the kingdom of mankind; also from the angels to the devas to the elementals. This is the overall framework. More details about this will be given to us as we progress spiritually, but it will take 2000-3000 years before we more fully understand and apply it. But we have to start somewhere, right now.

My twin soul’s name previously had been revealed only as Serena, with an “a” at the end, as I described earlier. One week ago, however, she appeared before as a glorious, white, solar sphere of light that literally blew my mind and sent me into solar orbit with her. This was not Serena of the seventh or highest astral plane. Rather, this was Serenos of the Sun. On the Sun, in our soul-spiritual travels and training for the Second Coming, we thus were and are called Serenos and Solios, both ending in “os” and symbolizing our allegiance to, and love of, Soltran and Soltrex. Again, however, these are code, not literal, solar names, just a way to link in with the many levels of our overall spiritual consciousness and talents.

My name as Solios also represents that I am like unto a twin, one part of me still on the Sun and one part all the way down here to the Earth. It represents my being in solar, harmonic, happy resonance in my mind and heart with all my spiritual brothers and sisters through the Solar System. In my name as Solios, “So” stands for Soltrex and “oS” at the end of my name stands for Soltran, who is a mirror image or the feminine counterpart or cohort of Soltrex.

For me, these revelations wrap up the current solar year and begin the new solar year, starting tomorrow afternoon, 4:48 PM EST. It also wraps up the last 12 years since you and I started to re-member and re-express ourselves as Solar System Citizens. Always, at each step of the stay, all credit goes to Sol-O-Man and Sananda, Nada and El Morya, Lord Ariel and Lady Uriel, to the Elohim of the Seventh Ray, to God as the one Power and One Spirit. Thank You, one and all.

Be Your Solar Self

In your meditations and musing these two days, re-commit yourself to being a Solar System Citizen. In other words, be the solar citizen or indwelling I Am or Solar Self that you always have been and now are re-generating and re-birthing.

No matter what happened in the past or what you recall of it, clean up any remaining threads that block you from now being enlightened and filled with cosmic love. Then step forward and walk the walk of the Solar Citizen you are, whether or not you know you name or code appellation. The point is to Love God and Love One Another, to birth the four-step Christ matrix on Earth: peace, love, cooperation and coordination. 

You can do it. We can do it together. We are all equal brothers and sisters in the light of the Christ consciousness with us. We all have Elohim, angels, ascended masters, higher astral guides, devas and elementals who assist us. We are all part of one cosmic, solar family of light and love, peace and power, joy divine.

As one final point: Yesterday, I received that those of the Hierarchy who are visiting us during this Christmas cycle, continuing through Epiphany, about half of them will be at the South Pole, thereby balancing and linking with and doubling and quadrupling the spiritual light, love and power coming into the planet as the two groups link together as one. They are linked with Sananda and Sol-O-Man aboard ship #10, which is currently someplace at the Equator, maybe still near the west coast of Africa. They are in communion with Summalt in the Eastern Hemisphere aboard his ship #7423, and with St. Germain/Dr. Hannibal in the Western Hemisphere in his spacecraft #1235. North and South, East and West are now being bathed in fiery, loving, powerful Christ light. Birth is at hand!

Be re-born. Be the Happy Heart that You/you Are. Amen!