Be One with Three

Early this morning, October 28, 2022, I dreamt that I was with El Morya in the higher astral planes over Mt. Kilimanjaro and Lake Victoria/Afri-Ka. We were in a column of blue light, the inside of which was somewhat pink, with some gold in it also. The column or pillar looked like the blade of a downward pointing sword. El Morya was a foot or more taller than me. I was thrilled to be in his magnificent, powerful, loving presence.

Right next to and around us were numerous, brightly shining, tall, astral Africans, including Fish Eagle and Eagle Wings and their co-workers. Around them, slightly outside the column of light were others Africans who were not as tall as the ones inside the pillar/column/sword of light. Moreover, their skin color was not as dark, nor did they glow with as much spiritual light. Yet, they likewise were spiritually gifted souls who were doing their best to put their love in action.

Finally, in a third grouping were a large number of astral Africans, men and women, who were still shorter and less light-filled then the group that were outside the column; and whose skins were more so brown that black. All three groupings, which interchanged with each other, filled up my entire circular, third-eye vision; with there being hundreds, even thousands of them.

El Morya, as the leader of the astral light workers worldwide, was instructing me how to stay fully centered and balanced within the central column that is like the spinal column of our physical body. He was showing me how to be there, but not separate myself from others of lower levels. He was teaching me how I was to rightly and more powerfully wield the First Ray sword of truth. (See his picture to right.)

I then went back to sleep and dreamt this whole scenario a second time, which indicated that what previously was given to me in the dream/astral state was true.

First and Third Rays

Upon awakening, when going to the bathroom and eating a small breakfast, my neck and shoulders felt tight, like the muscles there were inflamed and cramped. The First Ray power of El Morya, Chohan of the First Ray of Faith, Will and Power, was difficult to hold and absorb. Power expresses via our throat chakra in our astral body and our vocal apparatus, muscles and limbs in our physical body. My neck/throat symptoms were physical evidence that indeed I had been, and still was, in communion with him; and that I was having trouble holding his forcefield.

In my following meditation, he hovered over me and especially surrounded my three upper chakras (crown, third-eye and throat) with his power-packed Presence. I felt his sword of truth come down through the upper part of me such that its pointed tip was in my throat chakra. He indicated that in my dream, I had visited the 7th, 6th and 5th astral planes, wherein souls are in varying grades of spiritual enlightenment and expression, with the 7th plane being the highest level of astral mastery, as demonstrated by Fish Eagle and Eagle Wings. As he began to explain this, I felt his exquisite Third Ray personal love for me, like a father with his beloved son. He epitomized the combination of First Ray will and power with Third Ray personal love and dedication to a higher cause.

He compared the three higher astral planes with the three peaks or volcanic cones that make up Mt. Kilimanjaro. These three are: 7) Mt. Kibo that is 19,341 feet tall, covered with ice and white snow, with white symbolizing the Seventh Ray of Peace and Love; 6) Mt. Mawenzi that is 16,893 feet in elevation, and not snow-capped; and 5) Mt. Shira that is 13,000 feet high and more broad based and spread out, rather than being shaped like a cone; like a high mountain plain. In most photographs of Mt. Kilimanjaro, only Mt. Kibo is shown. Only Mt. Kibo is somewhat active as a volcano, spewing out gases at times. Mawenzi and Shira are long since dormant.

(See image below of the three peaks, with clouds that look like white rays of light streaming down into Mt. Kibo; hence its being the center of Temple Eleven.)

He also compared the three higher astral planes with the three largest Great Lakes of Africa: 7) Lake Victoria on the northern boundary of Tanzania, the biggest lake in Africa; 6) Lake Tanganyika on its western boundary, the second largest lake; and 5) Lake Malawi/Nyasa on the south east boundary of Tanzania, the third largest lake. (See my previous blog.)

Seven Steps to Astral Christhood

In the highest or seventh astral plane, souls are about 90% in I Am, Abel, ascended light body consciousness. They focus on the right and masterful use of the Seven Rays powers or qualities via their seventh or ascended body. Only 10% of them is still in mortal, third-dimensional, selfish-tinged consciousness, like unto the Cains in the ancient days of Cains and Abels who were “golden giants” but still had sex with the Earthly daughters of men. Once fully purified in the seventh astral plane, having gradually removed and replaced the remaining 10% or so of mortal/soul consciousness, one ascends like Jesus did, into the lowest of three etheric planes.

Souls in the sixth astral plane are about 80% in I Am, Christ or Buddhic consciousness, but still 20% or so of them is in soul/mortal consciousness. Such souls employ the 12 Powers approach to their healing and transmutation, while being in their sixth or resurrected body. In the sixth astral plane, in addition to the Seven Rays, there are five subdivisions or expressions of these Rays, hence 7 + 5 = 12 powers. In our astral and physical bodies there are seven major chakras or seals or psychic power centers, but also five minor centers that relate symbolically to the five physical senses. There are many more light workers in the sixth astral plane than in the seventh astral plane, as shown in my dream.

In the fifth astral plane, souls are about 70% in transfigured light-body consciousness, hence in their fifth or light or electric body. When on Earth, such souls were spiritually awakened, but not fully aware of their akashic records. They may have practiced metaphysical truth principles but not seen their full applications. They may have known that they have a light body, but not have been fully aware of how it works, or even what it is. In the East, as well as in the West, they may have practiced yoga or basic Buddhist meditation techniques. Or, they may have known about and practiced the mystical traditions and teachings of all the world’s religions. There are many more souls in the fifth astral plane than in the sixth and seventh astral planes.

(Please note that the above percentages for the three higher astral planes are not precise in Earthly, third-dimensional, scientific terms, but rather are as much symbolic as literal. Therefore, do not try to make too much of them. Rather these percentages are presented in this way mostly to indicate in numerical fashion the overall gradations of the three higher, spiritual, astral planes. Moreover, there are gradations in each of the three higher astral planes, and all three such planes are interconnected in a continuum, much like what was shown symbolically to me in my above dream.)

Below the fifth astral plane are the fourth and the third astral planes, populated by those who were basically good, honest, caring people on Earth but who had not awakened spiritually. In the last, lowest two astral planes are those who are the most selfish, disturbed, power-mongering, sexually addicted souls in the astral planes, whose negative influence over souls on Earth is expressed via obsession and possession. Most of the negativity on Earth comes from the pervasive negative influence of the hordes of souls in the lowest two astral planes. Still, no matter how negative a soul currently may be, the spark of God is still within him or her. That is what we mostly keep our focus on, even as we work with spiritual protection from such negative ones.

Stay In Your Power

El Morya and I being positioned in a Christ column or in the blade of a sword of truth represents his instructions to me and all in the astral planes and on Earth that we are to stay centered in our First Ray will and power, even as we love and serve others with Third Ray thoughts, feelings and actions. Our first, key focus is upward and downward in straight fashion, our will aligned with God’s will, Whose Power flows into and through us when we are centered.

If we focus primarily or just on the Third Ray, the temptation is to get out in front of ourselves, to try to do too much to help people, to want others to love us because of the loving service we try to give them. Thus, in quiet and active times, the goal is to stay straight, to stay centered, to not try to “lord it over” others or to allow them to impose their will upon us. Stay straight. Stay in the consciousness of as above, so below; as within, so without.

In the higher astral planes as well on Earth, all light workers are of different levels of purification, with some degree of mortal, selfish, Cain consciousness in them. By staying centered, looking forward and backward, and to both sides of us, we can rightly see who are our teachers and who are our students, as well as who are our equals and are our friends and co-workers. We can see our own selfishness and how to correct it.

Only by staying in our central core can we receive higher plane guidance and input in as pure a fashion as possible. It comes down from heaven, from the etheric planes, from the superconscious Self level. When we get out of our center, we do not receive as clearly or as powerfully. We are more likely to try to dominate others or to let them impose their will on us. Our major temptations typically are of the misapplications of the Third Ray, because it was such Third Ray selfishness that got us into physical bodies in the first place.

As Nada-Yolanda received when in her seventh major initiation of ascension and redescent, we are not to fully trust any earthling or any astral being, but rather only to trust God and those who are one with God, like unto El Morya, Glo-Ria, Sananda, Sol-O-Man, Lanto and Anna. Trusting God, having the faith of our own I Am or God Self is the prerequisite to rightly loving one another. The First Ray and the Third Ray work together, leading eventually to the Seventh Ray. This is what Temple 11 portrays, the right interactions and expressions of these three rays; being 1-3-7 in action, whether we are currently in the astral planes or on Earth.

First Things First

In your meditations, ponderings and projections today, be centered inside your own Christ column of blue light, with some pink and gold light also being in there.

Be lifted up and come into communion with El Morya, or his twin soul, Glo-Ria, who has come to mentor and serve you. (See the painting of her to the right.) The tip of El Morya’s or Glo-Ria’s sword comes down first into the top center of your head, then descends to your third-eye, and finally to your throat chakra. Feel this. Affirm this. Be powered up!

Ask one or both of them to show you what you still need to transmute in regards to aligning your will with God’s will and to doing what He-She asks and helps you to do. See anew any tendency you still have to impose your superior will on others. Perceive in some deeper way how you feel inferior and thereby allow others to lord it over or ride herd on you. Realize anew who is your loving friend and who is your jealous, competitive enemy; who is your teacher and who is your student; who your true friends are and how you can be a better Third Ray friend to them and to all others.

Speak the word via your throat chakra and vocal apparatus. Become better at speaking up when the occasion calls for this, and keeping quiet when it is best to pull back, to listen, but not to be bullied verbally.

Be one with Kil-I-Man and Afri-Ka, and with Fish Eagle and Eagle Wings. Be one with El Morya and Glo-Ria. Be your Self and put your First Ray power and Third Ray personal love into action. Heal your soul and the soul of man.

Remember that your function is to be here on Earth, not up there in the astral planes. Astral souls have their own sets of teachers and co-workers. Let them do their work, even as you focus primarily on Earth; even as you radiate love to your astral co-workers in the light.

Be the sword of truth with its two sharp edges. Be aware of any blowback that comes to you from your projections or actions. In a sense, these lesser thoughts and feelings come into you from your “back” side, your subconscious, from the darkest parts of the lower astral planes. Such blowback comes from those who are jealous, who think they are superior to you, who feel threatened, who talk out of both sides of their mouths, who appear to be friends but act as enemies. Use the sword to cut the psychic chords to such people. Speak the word to correct and help them, without goring them. El Morya and Glo-Ria will help you to do so. These two masters have your back and your front!

Speak it. Walk it. Be 1-3-7 in action! Be the Eleventh Temple that you are. Be a vital, powerful force in the re-opening and re-birthing of Temple Eleven on Earth. Om. Om. Om.