Glow Gold

Today, June 9th, see and experience your white-and-gold flame crystallizing and manifesting as a glorious gold rose that fills your heart chakra with Seventh Ray peace, love and rest. (See image to right.)

This rose anchors first into your heart chakra in your astral body; in your receptive, feminine subconscious mind. Lowering it into place there are the EloHer of Love; MaYa, who is the twin soul with Maitreya of the Seventh Ray; and especially Sol-O-Man, who is the twin soul of Sananda.

Be a Virgin with a Golden Heart

In Atlantis, Sol-O-Man, who represents the soul of man, was incarnated as Zolanda who was the high priestess of the Earth Temple that was located in what is now central Long Island, NY. I was her disciple there in a series of lifetimes. She is my master teacher. MaYa is her master teacher.

In this current era and spiritual program that started with the fall of Atlantis, Sol-O-Man has incarnated several times, including as Yasodhara, who was the wife of Siddhartha/Gautama the Buddha; as King Solomon of Israel who oversaw the building of the Temple in Jerusalem; and as Mary, mother of Christ Jesus.

In the last 500 years, she has appeared numerous times worldwide in her redescended light body to those with receptive minds and hearts. In 1531, she was our Lady of Guadalupe in Mexico, who became the “mother” of the Americas; she appeared in Lourdes, France in 1858 and Fatima, Portugal in 1917; in 1932-1933, she visited five children 33 times as the Virgin with the Golden Heart at Beauraing, Belgium (see painting of her to right); in multiple apparitions in 1968-71, she stood in her light body atop the Zion Coptic Church in Zeitoun (Cairo), Egypt  where she was seen by an estimated 1 million people; in all these and other visitations, she was announcing and preparing the way for the Second Coming of Sananda and herself in their light bodies.

Golden Globe

See, feel and experience the descent of your own golden rose into your pure, virginal, heart chakra. The sparkling rose fills up your entire chest with its gold-and-white presence and radiance. Love spreads from there into each of your other chakras. In time, the rose expands until it becomes about 12 feet in diameter, such that it encompasses your entire auric field. Seventh Ray peace and love fill every part of your mind, soul and body. You are a golden giant. Love and forgiveness flow from your heart to the hearts of all those around you, near and far away.

Affirm and realize: I Am a gold-and-white rose of peace and love. I love God and all of His-Her Creations. I rest in the peace of my I Am golden rose that fills my whole being. I Am a white-and-gold Earth Temple that glows Godly gold.

Golden love flows freely and fully through me to one and all on the planet, especially to those in the forcefield of the Earth Temple whose epicenter currently is located in south-central Vermont. The entire globe becomes imbued with golden peace, love and rest.

Thank You, Mother-Father God! You are Golden and so are we. All is well. So be it.